The Future of Humanity – with Yuval Noah Harari

The Future of Humanity – with Yuval Noah Harari

so thank you [very] much for this introduction and especially for Presenting the book not as a book of futurology Because um for me something very important to make everybody Understand if they’re going to go and read this book But it’s definitely not a book of prophecies about the future. It’s rather tries to map Different possibilities that might or might not be realized. We still have some agency regarding that Writing a book of prophecies. I think is an is a sterile exercise if it becomes through or doesn’t doesn’t matter [I] mean, you can’t do anything about it. It’s much more interesting It’s much more vital to write about different possibilities And if you don’t like some of these possibilities, then do something about it – try to prevent the worst possibilities from being realised and What I want to discuss [today] is one particularly important possibilities the possibility that we are now facing which is the rise of artificial intelligence and [the] potential that artificial intelligence will become the dominant life-form on Earth and even Beyond the Earth and what would that mean for Homo Sapiens and In order to understand this we need To maybe go a step backward and take the really long view not just of history But actually of biology not just of the history of man But really of the history of life because what’s happening? Now is maybe not just the most important revolution in Human history, but the most important revolution in biology since the beginning of life at least on Earth For the last [four] billion years of Earth, – sorry of life Nothing much changed about the fundamental laws of life all life forms for four billion years evolved by natural selection and all life-forms Were restricted to the organic realm It doesn’t matter if you’re an amoeba or a giraffe or a tomato or a homo sapiens You’re made of organic compounds [and] your subjects -you’re subject to organic biochemistry This is now changing we are on the verge not only of replacing natural selection with intelligent design not the intelligent design of some God our intelligent design [as] the [principle] motor of the evolution of life we are also on the verge of Allowing life [to] break out for the first time from the organic realm into the Inorganic and creating the first inorganic life forms after [four] billion years of evolution which also implies that life will for the first time have a serious chance of breaking out of [Planet] Earth and beginning to spread in the rest of the Galaxy in the rest of the universe Organic Life Have been adapted to the very unique conditions of this planet for [four] billion years So despite what you see on star [Trek]. Which is just now celebrating 50 years It’s extremely difficult to sustain organic life in outer space on other planets Which is why it’s very unlikely that organic life will be able to spread and to flourish Outside Earth, but once you switch from organic to Inorganic it becomes much easier So we are really on the verge of these two intertwined revolution moving from the organic to the Inorganic and moving from Planet Earth Actually to the rest of the universe to the rest of the Galaxy but Coming back from the level of the Galaxy to the level of Day-To-day politics. What is- what will this [mean] for Ordinary human beings, for society, for the job market, [for] the political system I don’t have time to cover all the different scenarios and possibilities. I want to focus on one important issue, which is what it will do to the job market and what it will do to the economic [ah] importance and power of Ordinary Humans in the next few decades because this is a very practical question [ah] kids in the uk have just started the school the school year this week and The question is what do they need to [learn] so that they will still be relevant? They will still have a job when they are thirty or forty this is it’s this kind of question which I think Brings down the idea of Artificial intelligence From the cloud and the Galaxy to the level of Society and economics and politics [and] one of the big dangers which more and more experts are talking about is that in the next few decades [not] in thousands of years, but within the lifetime of many of the people here in the room Artificial [intelligence] will push humans out of [the] job market and in the same way that the industrial revolution of the 19th century Created [a] new massive class the Urban working class the proletariat So in the 21st century a new industrial revolution Will create a new massive class the useless class People who have no economic usefulness because Ai artificial intelligence Outperforms them in almost all tasks and old jobs people who are not just unemployed They are unemployable there is no other with no jobs. No jobs to give these people so to start with a simple example [Ten] years ago. It was relatively accepted wisdom that our Computers and artificial intelligence will never be able to drive cars and vehicles Better than humans maybe in a laboratory under sterile conditions a computer could drive a car But not in real-life situations [in] a real city like London Today more and more experts are coming to the opposite Conclusion to the opposite view but it’s only a question of time and not a very long time maybe in 10 20 30 years humans will not drive vehicles at all because Ai will be so much better at Driving taxis and buses and trucks and so Forth than human beings They will not only drive it more efficiently and more [cheaply] with less pollution But most importantly a I will drive far more safely than homo Sapiens the Newman drivers today in the World every Year 1.3 million people die each year from car accidents Around the world this is about twice as many death as the death caused by war Crime and Terrorism put together and most of these 1.3 million people are killed as a result of human mistakes of human errors or negligence. It’s cases like people falling asleep while driving Cases like people drinking alcohol And then driving people ignoring traffic lights people ignoring the stop sign people driving too fast Inside [a] city things like that This is the major reason for these more than 1 million deaths every year if you replace Humans by Ai most of these errors will disappear will be prevented and self-driving car a computer will never drink alcohol and then drive a Self-driving car will never fall asleep while driving if you program it Correctly or or if this is how you program it. It will never Disobey the traffic laws It will always stop at a stop sign it will always stop at a red sign even more importantly from the Viewpoint of safety um Today each car is an individual unit when two cars are approaching an intersection Each car sometimes tries to signal its intention the driver is trying to signal his or her Intentions, but the two cars are really independent entities. Which is why sometimes they collide? however if you uhh prevent humans from driving and all the vehicles on the Road I’ll sell our autonomous and they are driven by computers by Ai Then the logical and possible thing to do is to connect all of them one to the others, so there are no longer independent vehicles on the Road But all vehicles are connected to a single network to a single Master algorithm Which is far less likely to allow two of its puppets to collide [so] from this perspective, it’s quite likely. It’s not, it’s not a profit It’s not certain all kinds of things may prevent it from happening But there is a good chance that in say 10 20 30 years Humans all Human drivers, or most human drivers will be replaced by AI and Which we shall have enormous good consequences, but which also means that millions of jobs will disappear [the] same thing may happen with many many other professions. I’ll just I don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll give [just] one example What might happen to doctors? most doctors what they do most of the time is to try to diagnose a my disease and then offer the best treatment possible Which is something I’m very aware of right now because I’m a bit under the weather I drove to Manchester yesterday and got a cold on the way I think it’s a cold. I’m not sure I feel a bit dizzy. I feel a bit something in the throat [I] think [it’s] a cold. [I] can’t go and ask my doctor because my doctor is back in Israel And even if I could even even if I was right now in Israel It’s not so simple to go to the doctor. It takes time. I need to make an appointment She’s not always available and even if I make an [appointment] for tomorrow morning So I have to leave my work and drive to the clinic I then wait [in] the reception room for 10 minutes or 20 minutes or 30 [minutes] And then finally I get [to] see the doctor, and I don’t know how it is with the NHS in the uk But in israel my insurance pays for very short visits. Maybe five or [ten] minutes That’s all that my doctor usually has for me during these five or ten minutes when she tries to Diagnose my disease so she would ask me three four questions about how I’m feeling. [do] you have [a] headache? Do you feel dizzy something like that? She may do one or two simple physical tests. She may ask me to say ahh and look into my throat She may take out a stethoscope and listen to my lungs or my heart. She may measure my heartbeat or my blood pressure She also knows something about my medical history because she’s my personal physician, but obviously she can’t remember Every illness I ever had and every blood test and DNA scan I are ever made she may look it up on the computer [but] again, she doesn’t have much time so She takes these few bits of Data About my present and past medical condition and now in order to diagnose my disease She needs to compare that with all the different diseases in the world could be cold could be Influenza could be uhh breast cancer all kinds of things that might have these symptoms and obviously even the best doctor in the world she can’t really be familiar with all the different medical conditions and all the different diseases in the world and even if And she obviously also she can’t be updated every day about all the latest medical Researchers and articles and tests and drugs and so forth [so] both types of data What she knows about me? And what she knows about all the diseases and medical conditions in the world both are very limited in addition My doctor is sometimes Sick herself, she is sometimes irritated, she is sometimes hungry She is sometimes tired so she isn’t always at her peak of her performance when she comes to diagnose my disease now compare that to AI doctors artificial intelligence doctors that are already being developed as we speak the most famous Example, but not the only example is IBM’s Watson Watson has immense advantages compared to my Flesh-And-blood physician first of all Watson] can be everywhere all [the] [time] on my smartphone? Even if I go to give the talk here in London, [I] can take my personal physician with me on the smartphone It accompanies me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year It has all the time in the world for me If I want I can sit [on] my living room sofa and [just] answer questions about my health for hours and hours on end and do all kinds of tests in fact Watson doesn’t need to wait until I ask until I come towards and I say hey something is wrong What’s wrong with me? Watson will be able to monitor my medical condition [all] the [time] using biometric sensors on my body and inside my body So when something just starts it will know about it much month before I know that something is wrong, and it can try to do something about it to start a treatment even without my [mind] knowing it In addition Watson has no limit at all or almost no Limitations on the amount of Data it can access and process Watson will be able instantly to know my entire medical history Every illness I ever had every blood test or every DNA test I ever did in addition, Watson will be able to [access] Such data about my parents and siblings and neighbors and friends and then strangers the other side of the equation What about all the diseases in the world here [too] Watson has immense advantages [over] a flesh-and-blood doctors Watson will be able to a large extent to be familiar with All the different diseases in the world and with all the newest, latest medical research about disease, about drugs, about these treatments, that treatment so from this perspective It’s very likely that Watson will be able to diagnose disease and to offer treatment Far far better than any human [doctor] Now when people hear this they very often say okay? Maybe Watson will be better in diagnosing disease. But there is one thing one other thing that we usually Hope human doctors will do and that Watson will not be able to do and this is offer emotional support. A human [doctor] is not some machine some cold [machine] that just diagnoses this disease and says take this pill, a good doctor is also very attentive to my emotional condition and it not just treats my physical difficulties it also gives me the proper emotional support that in many cases is a vital part of of confronting any kind of disease or medical condition however This criticism fails to [to] know to notice that emotions at least according to Modern science, Emotions are not some spiritual thing that God gave humans in order to appreciate poetry emotions are a biochemical Phenomenon that not only homo Sapiens serve all mammals all birds and many many other animals have emotions [they’re] a biochemical phenomena in this sense emotions are like disease. [they] are both biochemical phenomena And therefore it is extremely [likely] that Watson will be able to diagnose my emotional condition Just as it diagnoses my illnesses and my medical problems if I go to my become a human doctor How does my human doctor know my emotional condition she relies on two kinds of signals? External signals that I’m giving she relies basic On visual sing signals like my facial expression or my body movement my body language and she relies on audio our signals audio cues she listens to what I say Not just the contents, but even more importantly the tone [of] voice [so] [if] I sit in her office, she looks at my [face] she listens to my [words] And this is how she knows if I’m angry if I’m fearful or whatever What [son] will be able to do all that? Computers are already outperforming humans in A Diagnosing correctly analyzing correctly facial expressions and tone of voice in order to recognize emotions But much more importantly an AI like Watson will have access To another and even better source of data about my emotions data coming from within my body When my [doctor] looked at a man I sit in her office, and she looks at me She sees my face, but she can’t see my brain and she can’t see my heart and she can’t see what’s happening inside me Watson will be able to access biometric Data coming from the brain coming from the heart coming from the bloodstream and therefore is likely to be able to diagnose my emotional condition far far better than any human [doctor] Now ah there are still problems some technical problems and also legal problems that prevent Watson and things like Watson from replacing most doctors tomorrow morning – May take five years Ten Years [twenty] [years] But what we need to realize that? We need to solve these technical problems Just once just once [in] the case of Human doctors or Flesh-And-blood doctors In order to get to get a doctor You need to take a person and then you need ten years at least ten years of going to medical school and doing all kinds of studying and Experimenting and experiencing in order after ten years and a huge investment in time and money and energy At the end of this process you get one doctor if you want another doctor you have to start all over again [and] invest all this time all this energy all this money again. Which is why in many? Countries around the world there is an acute shortage of doctors With Watson with an AI doctor you just have to do it once Even [if] it costs a hundred billion dollars to solve the technical Problems that still prevent Watson from replacing my human doctor if you invest These hundred billion dollars and solve the problems what you get is not one doctor You get an infinite number of doctors? Available everywhere all the time for everybody even somebody in the middle of the jungle can have a personal physician Only Smartphone or her smartphone which provides far better? medical care than almost any doctor alive today So the Potential is really is really immense Which is why again more and more experts believe that not all doctors? But many doctors maybe 50 60 80 [%] of doctors will be replaced by AI are within 10 20 30 years and The same thing may happen to many other professions lawyers, teachers Insurance agents and so forth um When people hear about this possibility again one of the most common objections is to say we’ve heard it before We’ve heard it before this fear of machines replacing humans it’s not, it’s not new [A] Lot of people in the 19th and 20th century were afraid that as machines replace humans in agriculture and then in industry you’ll have this massive unemployment and massive crisis with all the useless people and It didn’t happen because as new jobs disappeared, Sorry as old jobs disappeared new jobs appeared to replace them So we don’t have a crisis today of mass unemployment What happened? Is that most people [in] advanced societies stopped working in agricultural industry today in a country like the uk or the USA about [2%] of the Workforce are employed in agriculture Compared to more than 90 percent before the industrial revolution [maybe] 15 percent 20 percent still work in industry physical jobs, the vast majority are working in services But the problem is we cannot be sure that the same thing will happen again with this new revolution Because humans have basically two kinds of abilities They have physical abilities and they have mental and cognitive abilities What happened in the 90s and 20th century is [that] machines? competed and Outperformed humans in Physical abilities so humans mostly moved to working in jobs that require mental and cognitive abilities like the services sector now machines are starting to compete with us and outperform us also in mental and cognitive abilities And we just don’t know about any third kind of ability [that] humans may have and that everybody could move to work in that [field] we just not know about it Another problem is that even if new jobs appear The pace of change is so quick that Humans will have to reinvent themselves again and again during their lifetime which is something [that] is very very difficult Beyond a certain age when you are 15 of your 20 the main thing you do in life is basically to Invent yourself or to reinvent yourself and even then It’s not very easy, but when you’re 40 or 50 It’s much much more difficult and let’s say that in 20 years There are no jobs for taxi drivers and doctors and insurance agents, and they have to reinvent themselves as let’s say designers of virtual worlds Now this is something very difficult for [a] 50 year old taxi driver or a 50 year old insurance agent to Invent himself or herself again as a completely new [kind] of person now I am the creator of virtual worlds. How does a virtual world created by a 50 year old insurance agent look like um it’s it’s a very difficult question and It goes back to what I started with which is what to teach children Today at school and the answer is that nobody has a clue [I] mean children who today start the first with this first week of school first grade Nobody knows what the job [market] would be like when these kids are 30 or 40 It’s very likely that almost everything they learn at school will be completely irrelevant But what to teach them instead nobody knows because we just don’t know what kind of job market we’ll have in 2050 and what kind of skills uhh people will need in these kinds of so Far unknown jobs so um As I said just as the 19th century created this new massive class the Urban working class and much of the political and social history of the 90s and 20th century Revolved around this new class the working class similarly in the 21st century we may see the creation the rise of a [new] massive class the useless class and much [of] the social and political and economic history of the 21st century will revolve around that class and around the question what to do with billions and billions of economically useless people and Because they are economically useless the danger is also that they will be politically powerless because usually Economic usefulness goes hand in [hand] with political with political power and as humans lose Their economic usefulness they may also lose their political power [and] to give just one simple example when you have all these millions of taxi drivers and truck drivers and bus drivers each of them commands a small share [of] the Transportation market and this gives them not only a certain amount of Economic wealth it goes who gives them a certain amount [of] political power they can unionise and if the government Pursues a policy which all these taxi drivers or truck drivers don’t like they can go and strike So they have also some political power now if you replace all these drivers with driverless cars, which are basically managed by a single algorithm, which is owned by a single corporation which is owned by a handful of billionaires So all the economic and [political] power that was previously shared between millions of drivers is now being monopolised by maybe five or ten individuals As I said in the beginning, this is not a prophecy Nobody really knows how the job market, how the economy, how the political system would look like in 2050 if you don’t like this particular possibility you can still do something about it. Thank you

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  1. Não sejamos tão pessimistas quanto ao futuro. O ser humano é criativo e, quem sabe, alguns milhares migrem para profissões menos valorizadas.

  2. MMMM no se man es decir entiendo el punto sin embargo hay que tener cuidado con el discurso de que la tecnología es la panacea y la solución a los problemas de la sociedad, la solución a los problemas de la sociedad sólo se encuentran dentro de cada ser humano y corresponde a su nivel de conciencia.

  3. The most basic think is we can't have sex with robot or giving birth. Thats more bigger problem than death by human error. At some point I agree that we need to reduce human error in some case but AI is not the solution.

  4. Very interesting points. I agree with most of it but worry about 1) the potential for manipulation by 3rd parties and 2) the equivalence of highly sensitive machines to a form of "life".

  5. This line is not new, all I see AI doing is making a mess, destroying societies and cultures via social media, smashing stock markets via quant programs, people have made this promise and it has failed before and I personally am sure it is failing now.

  6. What is left for humans is creative work. That work has to be connected intimately with his/hers desires. In a society designed for high developed humans, those that are not likely developed shall work in other labors related with the attention of the machines. But every body should have the same level conditions of living.

  7. Lo que queda para los seres humanos es el trabajo creativo. Enteramente humano. Ese trabajo necesariamente habrá de estar sólidamente vinculado a los deseos de ella/de él. Aquellos no capacitados para el trabajo creativo necesario en semejante sociedad, tendrán que dedicar sus horas a la atención de las máquinas y otras tareas similares. Pero todos sin distinción tendrán que tener el mismo nivel de vida, las mismas horas de ocio, todas sus necesidades básicas resueltas. No existen "los inservibles", porque la sociedad tiene que estar organizada de modo que todos tengan un lugar en ella.

  8. He does not really explain "how revolutions in technology and society will transform our bodies and minds" (which others did before him, anyway). He talks a lot without saying anything relevant.
    Good I did not watch, only listened to this while doing something else! Or these minutes of my life would have been wasted.
    Overall, good, perhaps, for chit-chat over coffee or at parties.

  9. Does this mean people should now stop pursuing the medical profession? I have always had this fear of becoming irrelevant even after doing so much (i am now on the verge of joining a med school) but surely there has to be a requirement of people who understand this in order to take this up further. I live in india, which is fairly backwards in terms of technological advancement and i feel like a country like mine needs doctors at this moment, but it would still take years for a person like me to reach that stage, so will i be irrelevant by then?

  10. Prof. Harari my self composed another poem devoted to you

    I love Israelis, I love Palestinians

    (devoted to Prof. Harari)

    I love Israelis, I love Palestinians,

    not as nations but as man,

    as men and

    as humane.

    I hate nation’s concept and concept of state.

    I hate all that is political.

    For, I know nothing political is or can be humane,

    the precious essence of man

    or grace of man.

    Israelis have proved that they are brilliant

    and the Palestinians have proved that they are bold.

    But then they are both.

    Politics has impeded their passage to those greatness.

    Palestinians will prove how brilliant they are

    if given labs and

    Israelis will prove how bold they are

    if they are made convinced to explore the oblivion

    through research and lab.

    But alas!

    They are in trap of politics

    to fight each other for futile cause

    that serve the cause of the weavers of politics

    who have made them war slaves, barrack slaves and

    slaves of constant military training on end

    from the dawn to dusk of daily life.

    Man is not military or military slaves.

    They cannot be.

    Man is abstraction, power of abstraction.

    He is not a trifling geographic being for being soil-tied

    or region-tied or continent-tide or planet-tied.

    He is interplanetary. He is universal.

    His home is his self, his social self, his creative self.

    I urge upon all men everywhere to tear off their trifling

    and self-defeating ‘I.D.s of nationalism

    and nation states and come out from chains

    and suffocating cages be those barracks

    or man-made houses and residences

    or tents or whatever.

    I urge upon all men to come out of parochial national IDs

    and step in the nature’s open landscapes for relaxed walk

    and swim in its seas and skies of aesthetics and joy boundless.

    * *


    Prof. Dr.Mokhdum Mushrafi

  11. Nature favors speed, this is why human used horses, cars and planes allowing us to achieve a lot more than our
    Older generations. Natural evolution forced us to use machines and computers to achieve more
    Natural evolution is not bio-chemistry only but non-organic is also included. Artificial intelligence was programmed by evolution to be part of us. Any intelligent organic life anywhere would evolve to use AI
    when we, some day or time, travel to far stars, we will be combination of flesh and metals

  12. What to teach? Manners! How to interact properly with other human. How to be civil. How to be gentleman and gentlewoman. How to take care and love other human/ living being. How to take care our earth properly, by not greedily taking resources and damaging the environment. Isn't it obvious?

    By the way, and with all respect, I think Dr Harari's understanding of AI advantage on cognitive competition with human might be true, but not on mental. He seems to have shallow perception/ experience on human emotion to only describes them as chemical hormones that makes us understand poetry. It takes more than that.

  13. Good points, but he didn't go far enough. He should have replaced the word "life" with "system". It's hard to imagine inorganic replication unless manufacturing anything may be considered replication.

  14. AI devices are probability machines.
    Therefore they will make mistakes.
    Maybe they should not do bookkeeping.

    I also still believe that it is easier to build a machine with
    emotions than it is to build one without.
    This should especially be true in the case of general AI.
    If GAI recognizes emotions and responds accordingly, why
    would it not allow all of its decisions to become based on
    Anyway, what is an emotion?

    It is, for instance, becoming angry in the face of an existential
    threat. It is nothing more than raising the system into a high
    alert mode, seeking ways to defend and preserve and maintain
    the status quo. So then, why could a machine not become angry?

    If a machine is commissioned to take care of a carbon-based
    life form like a baby, would it not help to base its decisions
    against a general backdrop of softness and lack of a tendency
    towards aggression? That backdrop you could describe as
    a general emotional state.

    And why should not a GAI switch between roughly outlined
    emotional states faced with the appropriate triggers?

    Why would GAI not be pondering on several sub optima
    while trying to find a solution to a problem or allow the processes
    to wander and go astray thereby using too much computing
    power and make mistakes? 

    Would it not help the machine to have some basic rules to base decisions
    on like humans do? Do not kill, do not lie, do not steal and would it not have to be
    allowed to stray from these notions. After all, it is impossible to cover
    all future situations. Dilemmas are everywhere and at one point decisions
    become random.
    And here we are back again at my previous statement: GAI is a probability
    machine. It will make mistakes or call it unfortunate decisions, of course
    always in hindsight.

    The mere essence of the way by which GAI reaches a decision will make it
    prone to mistakes. GAI is the better human, taking into account many more
    factors, but it will make mistakes none the less.

    It is impossible to make a machine that solves problems like a human would or any
    lifeform would and expect it to be infallible.


  15. Do we have a future?! AI will soon be beyond human intelligence and we are giving it absolute free reign out of total naivety. Humanity doesn't even care about it's own freedom enough to realistically look at the fact that AI is an EXISTENTIAL threat to all life here. Humanity seems to have intellectual intelligence but very little wisdom.

  16. So many of these videos lie and say that robots will only supplement humans and take away boring, repetitive jobs. This is a good, honest forecast.

  17. After seeing several very good videos on this channel it was a high time for a flop.
    He talks about AI as non organic life and in the same breath says this life 'll never disobey rules.
    I do not share his optimism about the AI at all. It certainly has a big future, but we do not know much about functioning of the brain and memory at all, still, he and many of his colleagues are certain they are going to outdo the 13,6 billion years of inorganic and organic evolution of the universe in just a couple of years. And I would say, they have a chance equal to reaching the moon with a catapult.
    The capacity of the machines to put people out of jobs is proven ( replacing the doctors, a bit less).

    The traffic can be automatized, and instead of the human errors the machine errors would take over, but the MACHINES are not LIFE. Living being is NOT a machine in our tinkerers sense of the word. The rationalistic paradigm is becoming ever more idiotic in not understanding it today, Descartes and the grounders could possibly be forgiven in their times.

    Coldly talking about useless people and much smarter machines, does he really consider what would be the place of humans in such a world? Thank God, that is not possible in the near future, but he mentions the people having had to leave the good paid industry jobs and go over to the services, McDonalds and similar. A complete lack of social vision, he is looking forward ( not knowing it wont happen the way he thinks) to a complete social catastrophe, with non-employables ( Les Miserables?) and worse than unemployables, a narrow stratum of parasites owning everything. We have that already, what do we need his prophecies for. No one doing anything constructive is what broke the neck of many previous societies as well.

    If the corporations with such machines take over all the jobs, who are they going to sell their products and services to? Who is going to pay for them, if he has no job and all the money is in the billionaires pockets? No wisdom in this guy to fill a thimble.

  18. There is already a "useless class" and yes, ants know how to work together. Their brain was designed for knowing. But in China there is a shortage of employees for the factories & the "make" industry.

  19. Is this the same as his 6,55 mins, talk on The Future of Humankind, I mean I dont waht wisdom in 28,26 mins, if I can get it in 6,55 mins, Or maybe humanity/humankind/people/the human race/homo sapiens are different groups, Actually this bloke was the celebrity pundit for September 2016, I think I will wait for the celebrity pundit for next month

  20. In violent cities, several people Who don't stops at the red signal use tô run out from dangeours such to be stolen or more! IA can be a big trouble cause this kind of situation, Harari!

  21. But if we trust blindly in IA, how do we know if the pronosis is correct ? We will use a lot of drugs our entire life and for what? To keep us alive ? Or to maintain a society of overconsumption ?

  22. Nah, we’ll run out of fossil fuels in 150 years and be forced to revert to very inefficient energy sources just to have light bulbs or potable water. By then, the low IQ populations will outnumber and overpower anyone interested in math or science and technology will stall.

  23. Yes, "designer of future worlds" – that is the next wave. Humanity must become the producers and directors of the "intelligent design" for the future, aided by the power of AI, drawing up in detail the kinds of worlds we would like to live in. Artificial habitats in space will be our new frontier. That, and terraforming new worlds to become the next homes for life of all kinds, will be the next wave. We will have to teach AI to follow our lead, and show us how to achieve OUR dreams. Thank you.

  24. I hope that I will have a real human doctor, who consults with the AI to check his/her diagnosis and treatment options. The human touch can not be replaced, unless it is an emergency and only AI is available, in which case I would have to treat myself.

  25. Very interesting talk. A few things that will change with the decrease in the jobs, is the tax on the automated processes. Take the example of self driving cars. Firstly, governments are likely to regulate in terms of who can run these businesses, because the possibility of monopolies is real. In addition, governments have no incentive to give tax breaks to these companies as there are no jobs that are being created. In reality, we may go back to a more protectionist or socialists system with some sort of income guarantees to the "jobless".

  26. This is a great talk, but there is one obvious gap in the logic: if all of these jobs are being replaced by AI, not only manufacturing and other physical labor but services work as well, then who are all these AI machines serving? A huge useless class will be unable to buy things and services. What good is all this AI if no one is able to buy what they are selling?

  27. Advances in AI and technology can not be stopped. Our competitors and / or AI will make sure of that. OTOH imagine someone 2- 300 years ago would have predicted that 98% of agriculture and food production would be done by machines? I think that person would be declared insane or crucified.
    DUNE series by Frank Herbert explored these issues a long time ago. Asimov FOUNDATION also.

  28. Hey guys instead of praising him mindlessly lets put forward counter arguments , i think that is much more intellectual

  29. AI will accelerate inequity in society, and absolutely will not empower the masses over their AI enhanced masters. This is a huge cluster fuck of being fucked over by this most dangerous movement made up of a tiny percentage of the Earth's population taking it upon themselves to remake the world the way THEY want it. Anyone who actually believes AI development is actually ultimately directed toward the benefit of the masses is an utter fool. Think these corporations will develop "autonomous" vehicles that will serve the masses more cheaply than current modes of individually owned transportation? Think again. Transport costs will go up and up and up since most people will have to be transported via a corporate owned AI monitored centralized grid, which will by definition be yet another layer of surveillance. The super wealthy will have individually owned self driving vehicles under their control as per destination, time of departure and arrival, and of their own privacy. The rest of us? Scoot over for the next person to get in the back seat of that wonderful autonomous vehicle that supposedly is all about your safety! Late at night, you need to go to the market and hail your ride. Here it comes……..who is inside? Well for your safety, don't worry, everything will be surveilled. Excited about your future after these silicone valley opportunists have gotten even more wealthy? And that's just for starters!!!!!! Implants next!!!!! Dr. Watson constantly surveilling you and adjusting Dr. Watson administered pharmaceutical drugs in real time!!!!! Gosh, it's fucking Utopia!!!!! With automatic withdrawals from your banking account in real time, or else.

  30. As a human being started to deal with machines is there life they have forgotten their own natural life so as the machine have always coordinated human beings or help them so the huge machinery that is the AI will completely do their job in we will be meet you liberty with them and laws of the other human being development could take place due to the air lots of the people says there will be a lack of job so instead of creating a job we have to grow that scale into the job if we see that danger 10 years ahead we have to introduce in current syllabus of colleges

    According to me there will be short term businesses the dynamic businesses will take place and it will be boost of our evolution our culture and our dynamism since long time in a history the culture and tradition had taken the fixed format with the help of words and religion
    human beings have had lots of the war for the peace but I am sure I will surely bring the war peace in the world

    As I told machine will do machines work human beings will do human beings work today due to the lack of resources and intelligence to the handling we are limiting our population and if you are truly willing to work for the humanity then obviously I think in future will be having 8000 supported for one parent will find the resources in about the space not only will find but we will update about biological body according to those planets
    So we could say it is so booster of human being and evolution a very drastic change in human evolution could take place in future

  31. It's interesting he says self-driving cars will be here in 10, 20, 30 years … today a projection like 2025 doesn't seem like a stretch… things are just accelerating, and maybe next year or two our projections will be even closer – the world is changing so fast, every year the world opens up more with new possibilities we couldn't predict or imagine

  32. I would like to understand (I am thinking of) what happens to capitalism and consumerism in this A.I. scenario, because you can have an A.I. to be your personal physician, true but you also have to have money to buy this A.I. and possibly will be expensive, so I presume that society will not collapse or transform totally like Yuval Harari is presenting it in my opinion there is more complexity and intricacy that should be analyzed in these "processes for tomorrow"…but it's a challenge to understand and think on the implications… I do appreciate a lot the synthetic and analytical views of Yuval Harari, my current favorite thinker!

  33. there are professional fields which may be immune to whatever societal modifications occur as AI assumes a more prominent role in our lives: criminal activity, artistic performance, politics, sports and entertainment

    even today, professionals in these fields receive far greater rewards than those cited by Dr Harari, such as bus drivers, medical doctors and lawyers
    additionally, individuals who find themselves jobless, may find it less difficult to reinvent themselves in what may be instinctive adaptability, to domains which are as ancient as human society

  34. I'd love to see how an AI driven car could navigate the extremely narrow , winding back roads of Donegal , btw for some people a leisurely drive is a form of relaxation, it's not always about efficiency and technique , it's about the journey not the destination, and it's only in a world where everything is commodified that you would have a person calling other people " the useless class", those people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  35. Thanks The Royal Institution.☺ Yuval Harari.☺ Maybe (g)od will cast humanity back into the stone age before Singularity? Allowing (h)e still finds humans amusing?😀

  36. This guy is confusing AI with automation. An automated car will always stop at a stop sign. An AI car may go on a roadkill kilimanjaro if that's what it calculated as the best option. The scariest part about AI is that we can't control it. AI will think for it self, and if it decides that human need to go, I just hope a different AI will be there to tell the other AI that humans need to stay. If you want to get an idea of real AI, look up AI tests and trials, or AI bots for games. You'll find you can train an AI with a dataset. Then let it learn, but it will still get things wrong but the worst part is we have NO IDEA WHY it gets it wrong. So think about this. Humans are shitty at writing laws, and making judgements. It's a matter of time before we assign AI to the job (we already have started implementing this in parts of the US) Lets say 75% of the time it gets it right, but the other 25% when they get it wrong, it's not just a little wrong, its waaay wrong. So lets say you're in court for a parking ticket. and for some reason you have terrible luck and a few of your friends were murdered at separate times and you were a suspect in each of those cases. It's going to automatically assume your guilty and sentence you to death. Over a parking ticket. When you were innocent of the murders. This is just an example of how extreme AI get's. watch this Tedx that's where some of my thoughts about the subject come from.

  37. Harari is probably exaggerating the future power and skills of AI. Humans can't be replaced by machines: this is only a fancyful thought or forecast

  38. According to the RI-lecture of Roger Penrose the world needs fantasy in order to come up with solutions to various problems. At this point, as a developer of AI, I cannot imagine the AI being able to fantasise as the humans do, even though I strongly believe in the replacement of human labor through outperformance achieved by AI. Thus will the position of fantasising about future worlds for the AI to yet create always be available for humans to occupy. And without fantasy(without humans so to speak)…the world would at some point never evolve but always stay the same.

  39. When machines become conscious, I’ll give this some credulity — I don’t see that ever actually happening.
    Machines will never attain true intelligence. They’re simply being developed into more and more prodigious calculators. Let’s see a computer solve the ever more intractable puzzles in physics today

  40. Yes we know! The third ability is spiritual. This third revolution is the revolution of human conciousness and it is already in motion much faster than the other two. When we learn how to controle emotions and move to live, then we have awakened to our real powers way beond our cognitive and physical abilities. Do not fear, everything will fall in place 😍

  41. Speculative intellectual thinking and talking about how other people will become economically useless… Hmmm ?
    In the future maybe everybody can be a speculative intellectual ? Unless of course the AIs begin to outperform humans at this apparently useless activity too. This seems very likely. Most college courses don't really need a new human lecturer every few years to give very similar classes as the last one, when students can watch video lectures, do on-line question sets, interact etc., all while being evaluated by the same laptops, or their new biotech implants.
    There'll always be work for undertakers anyway, that's for sure.

  42. Human algorithms: you have no free will, for science has proven that all is determined. Obey the machines' decisions for your own and for the common good. Forget your feelings for they are deprecated evolutionary illusions, and therefore mere stories your body tells you. Welcome to the Brave New World, a world in wich your species is called Homo Deus while being in practice Homo Slave.

  43. What's laughable about this is that the obsession with a flawless world will create an even more flawed world.

  44. Also I believe long before machines take over the massive job loss and global warming will result in global unrest and societal collapse. Massive deaths and wars resulting in humanity going back many decades with very low populations. Planet would be less hospitable. But no machines taking over or man on other planets. We are fast approaching destruction.

    Bronze age collapse is one good indicator.

  45. Giving AI control of the traffic on all the streets and highways presents an obvious danger. An AGI could instantly bring all traffic to a stop. Or smash all vehicles in situ at high rates of speed by, say, stopping a block of traffic on a highway and force following vehicles to plough into them at maximum speed. The resulting deaths and obstruction of the flow of people and goods would be a hammer blow to human civilization. Hopefully this image in your brain is enough for you to begin to be extra frosty about any ideas of autonomous cars and trucks flooding our highways, cities and towns. The damage from this event, by itself, would be catastrophic to human civilization as we know it.

  46. Facinating talk. Another view on how A.I., Biotech and nanotech will shape our future is given by Ray Kurzweil who has been studying this for over 50 years. He is an dept. head at Google and an amazing inventor. Youtube "Transcendent Man".

  47. What to teach children? Really? That's a question? How about teaching them about nature, about plants, animals, oceans, mycilium, insects, etc. No mention at all is even made of these highly complex systems and technologies that literally hold the fabric of our living world together.
    I found this to be a very dissapointingly flat, unimaginative, and 2 dimensional talk. In his absorbed fascination with our infantile human technology, he is not even seeing the real technological wonder of our living world, the one that ultimately matters the most.

  48. First find the answer to "How to stop allowing out tools to becom our masters?
    " Then AI and the future robot population will remain our servants.
    As aristocrats in past lived on the work of human servants, we can all be freed from economic bondage and become fully human, creative agents..

  49. They promise you a future and then they charge you for it. Humans will always be just a resource to those in power. There is no profit in equality. Capitalism and democracy have come to oppose one another.

  50. I like this guy. Thank you to Sam Harris for bringing me here. The future is looking bright! As long as we can avoid a nuclear war that is

  51. Great talk! AI is just starting and they are already replacing humans for many, many things, imagine what will happen when AIs start thinking!

  52. Order can only emerge out of chaos. The future of humanity, in the age of automation, is destined to arrive at the mythical 'thousand years' of prosperity. Evolution has a mind of its own.

  53. אני חושב שמעמד הביניים צריך להילחם במעמד הגבוה כדי לקבל חיי נצח

  54. תעשה סרטון על זה שבני האדם ובמיוחד העולם המערבי צריכים להיות עם הגיבורים ושחיות הבר צריכים להיות עם הנבלים

  55. תעשו סרטון על זה שתמיד גיבור הסיפור צריך להיות יהודי, ישראלי, נוצרי, בריטי, אנגלי ו/או אמריקאי

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