The Future of America

The Future of America

The United States is going through two big
demographic transformations: our population is becoming non-white, and it’s aging in
record numbers. This is a profile of Future America, based
on the most comprehensive survey ever of its kind by the Pew Research Center. This is America’s age pyramid. That bulge
getting older is the baby boom generation, like my parents — and probably yours too
— born in the prosperous economic time period after the allied victory in WWII. For the
first time in history, a society’s age pyramid will turn into a rectangle. Living longer
and having less kids are the ingredients for an older population. Other highly developed
countries are also entering this uncharted territory in human history when there’ll
be almost as many of us over 85 as there are under 5. One major consequence, there’ll
be a lot less people working to support a lot more retirees, which means we’ll have
to work more efficiently. The good news is that we’re already well on our way to making
that transition. But with 10,000 baby boomers a day turning
65 between now and the year 2030, that change is happening fast. When Social Security began,
there were 42 workers for every person receiving benefits. Today, that ratio is 3-1 and it
will be just 2 workers to every 1 beneficiary soon enough. Another piece of good news though is that
the percentage of Americans who think this creates a strong conflict between the different
generations is relatively low. Here is how the four current adult generations
feel about a few key topics. Millennials and Gen-Xers are much more politically
liberal, as seen in our support for President Obama, our strong support of marijuana legalization,
and same-sex marriage. As recently as 2000 though, there wasn’t much difference in
the way young and old voted. But after Bush and the rise of Obama, the difference between
the parties has never been clearer. When it comes to religion, nearly twice as
many Millennials as their parents say they have no affiliation. Many of these trends are being driven by the
Internet, and the fact that we Millennials are the final generation that will remember
life without the online world. Today’s young people are digital natives. The other factor that’s driving our open-mindedness
is our diversity, which gets us to the other big transformation happening now in America.,
one that’s like watching a black and white painting turn into a multi-colored rainbow. In 2010, 64% of Americans identified as white,
down 21% from 50 years earlier, and projected to be just 43% in 2060, with the country becoming
less than half white around 2045. Immigration is driving this. A century ago, 9 in 10 immigrants
were from Europe. Now, 8 in 10 are either Hispanic or Asian. And since immigrants tend
to have a lot more kids than the rest of us, by 2050, 37% of Americans will either be direct,
first-generation immigrants, or the children of immigrants–the highest number in modern
American history. The other brush painting this rainbow is interracial
relationships. In 1960, 2.4% of marriages were interracial, a practice that was actually
illegal in a third of the states then. Today, more than 15% of us are marrying across racial
lines. For the results, look no further than our
current President, along with many of our most well-known celebrities. Looking forward, as America continues to become
more diverse and accepting of the differences among us, that’ll hopefully help us gain
a greater ability to join the rest of the world in confronting the biggest challenges
left to us to solve over the next 50 years. Battles like climate change, poverty, hunger,
disease, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and cyber crime, are all issues that transcend
international borders, requiring cooperation between many different kinds of people. Thanks for watching. If you liked this video,
share it to help it spread. The information was provided by the Pew Research Center, link
in description below. Brendan Plank put together the visual side of the presentation. For The
Daily Conversation, I’m Bryce Plank.

100 thoughts on “The Future of America

  1. To all the racist whitey here, YOU will become a minority, your political and economical power will decrease, u better be nice to your new overlords, Latinos and Muslims

  2. The sad part is alot of blacks are in here laughing but at the end of the day this new race will STILL HAVE WHITE DNA!!! I bet half of yall fools have white DNA now! Somebody white grandpappy got someone black mema pregnant 🤣

  3. Wow! I'm interracial and these comments make me feel self-conscious! Do people really think I'm "The end of the U.S.A." like they say here? I never felt this uncomfortable in my brown skin!

  4. What those afraid of difference do not get is that diversity improves us. Consider the difference in a simple melody and a song sung in harmony with at least 4 voices. The latter is richer, has more of an impact and soars, whereas a simple melody cannot do any of those things. Consider works of art what if they were all white? Blank canvases? It is the different colors as conceived by the artist which make the photo, oil painting or watercolor actual art. Yoga comes from Hinduism. Mindfulness comes from Buddhism. Do you know any Christian who bows to the floor five times a day for prayer? Consider an orchestra, rock band or bluegrass music. The beauty and the attraction comes from the difference in the instruments. If they all sounded the same, we would be bored. What if the entire country looked like NYC? Would we travel there every year for vacation? No, it is the difference in the geography of our very land which draws us. Difference is richness. Food-would we eat exactly the same white foods every day? Even nutritionists tell us white food is bad for us. So we know difference is good for us. We are simply lazy. We don't go to the trouble of learning from those who are different from us. There is so much to learn and celebrate.

  5. This comment section fills me with joy, people are gonna be crying in 2045 and I’ll be there taking pictures of their tears lmao

  6. From what I'm reading in this comments it sounds like a few white men are having some anxiety oh no I can't believe it the master race what are they going to do ? Before any of this happens Donald Trump will take care of it haha haha

  7. White American aren’t going to like this, I hope they don’t get mad and start purging everybody. America should build a border between the south eastern states and the rest of the US

  8. You know I can guarantee that if the Caucasian people were to all immigrate to Japan, the Japanese would be pissed that they would be forced to learn English, and they would be forced to focus on athletics instead of education!!!! They would have to change just to appease us….

  9. Ya better think about where your souls is going to spend eternity. This is social enginerring propaganda to pit black against white. Don't take the bait. Racism,racism,racism– shut the hell up.

  10. 🤔😊😂😂 Y'all took the battery out of his TI-85 I see?….he's not touching those numbers ever though

  11. How ridiculous how they start the video by saying America is not white anymore America was never White America has always been Brown my Native Americans were here before anybody else this is our land white people came from Europe they should go back to Europe This should never been a white to start with bunch of immigrants get back on your ships leave my land

  12. Even I know that’s NOT the flag of the USA 🇺🇸!! WTF is this video spreading too??

  13. More NWO bullocks to make it seem normal and somehow good that we are stupidly giving up the Right to a Home and Country and Language and Borders and Sovereignty and Culture and Living of our Very Own! Media is from Satan the Devil pushing this Antichrist Error Tyranny Globalism Lawlessness Evil Progressive Liberal Pinko Satanic Oppressive Occultic Witchcraft Paganism Masonry Socialism Islam and Communism!! Where the Government Banks Corporations own and run everything through evil enslaving Mark of the 666 Beast Technology and by their strong arm: the courts, the antifa blm- racist anarchist criminal brown shirts, and the pagan islam terrorists!! Media is Treasonous Seditious Lying Whitewashing Image of the Beast!!

  14. 2 mistakes in this video: 1)America is a continent not a country, the name of the country is US 2)There are not races, only one human kind

  15. The biggest problem we have is immigrants from good countries aren’t coming to America like UK, Japan, France, Norway, Sweden, etc. immigrants from bad countries are coming to America and make our country looks more third world every day like Mexico, India, Guatemala, and Philippines. USA is doomed. It’s also worth noticing that the fastest growing religion in the US is not Catholic or Christianity, it’s actually Islam.

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  17. I don’t care what color people are. I am concerned that the poorest and dumbest people always seem to have the most children.

  18. But nowadays there's a increase in European immigration and permanent settlement in USA…..

    This may help white population to sustain

  19. Don't confuse percentages and numbers:

    The percentage of whites might shrink in comparison with others but the numbers of whites will continue to rise just like everyone else, perhaps just slower.

    This is because people usually marry their own race/culture. This won't change.

    Eventually an equilibrium will be reached with Hispanics as a highest percentage in the US.

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  21. LIES — Blacks are already 14.5 in 2020. they will be 27% in 2060.

    blacks and muslims are exploding. hipanic are being imported a million per year..

  22. The average immigrant from South America has a 2nd grade education and doesn’t have the skills to survive off of welfare. The US will be even more bankrupt than it already is and taxation will be over 50% to pay for the very large welfare state.

  23. So you look through the comments, a lot of alt right, white nationalist, nazis, unironically drawn to a video which predicts their own demise, I dont blame them for being upset, yet they ignore the major growing population is Hispanic which range from white to brown to black, divide that up, the demographics dont change that much, and this is assuming the population trends remain the same, also many of the blacks and Hispanics have European ancestry because of interracial marriages

  24. America will not exist as we know it in 50 years…too many nationalities…if we go to china we find chineese…if we go to japan, we find japaneese…if we go to mexico we find mexicans…come to north america and we find the whole world

  25. I would not be worried as much, when the colored people start to harras whites because of their skin color (which is allready present in some campuses)
    I think a race war will start and in the end the whites will win.
    That is coming from a none white btw.

  26. My girlfriend is an American Irish who grew up in the southern states, im a Mexican American and we love each other. Never thought i would end up loving a white woman so much.


  28. The END of the USA, as we know it ! In less than 30 years, the USA will cease to be the Superpower, that it is today(fewer WHITE MALES = fewer STEM graduates = decreased Science (TECHNOLOGY/Future INVENTIONS)!

  29. Who will completely ruin America?

    British? Mexican? Black? Spanish? German? Japanese? Russian? Muslim? Chinese?

    Probably the real answer is … Americans themselves

  30. I for one prefer the company of my own heritage and culture, but its hard. Let the polarization begin.

    We can try to slow down the inevitable. But not a whole lot can be done. There are advantages and dis advantages to every change. The country will still be number 1, yet full of mediocre people as it is today. We re all gonna have to have a certain respect and love for one another and the friendlibess of the human spirit. Things wil be fine.

  31. The Immigration Act of 1965 was the biggest mistake in the history of the USA. White people, we need to up our birthrates. 5 kids minimum. No mix racing.

  32. In 2060, White is 43%. This is definitely USA like Brazil. However, it is wonderful that the number of invaders is reduced. Perhaps in Europe, the number of whites will decrease.

  33. So sad about this future prediction, we really need a white majority in America since they will govern a less corrupt country. If Hispanic become majority it will become a Mexico or any other corrupt Hispanics country, this is so sad. After all, we will be speaking Spanish and English will become the second language of America. America will become a non-developed country from a once world developed superpower country. Drug wars, crime rate, inequality and corruption will highly increase, so sad.

  34. I live in Europe, Belgium, Flanders, Our Far-Right Political Party: Flemish Interests is the Biggest party with 25% of the votes. Our Country, Our Europe is becoming Islamic… In Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Danmark, France, Netherlands, … The Far-Right party's are the largest. We, The White Population of Europe, resists against the Massive Immigration. I hope that the United States does the same. Trump must win the 2020 presidental election!

  35. Future of America? Well, hopefully I get my cards in line and find another country that's half way livable. Im only 32, I got way too much more life ahead of me to stay here and watch it free fall into a race baited, divided, poverty stricken, violent, morally bankrupt hellhole its become. unfucking believable what this place was like in the 90s, and how much it went down the tubes in only 20 years. Hard not to believe it was not all planned. Like 9/11, if you care to research the details of that event there is compelling evidence the US government helped orchestrate the events of that day. My new motto in life is work out, eat healthy, meditate, be very careful what you watch or people you talk to. You got to consciously make efforts to maintain yourself in this matrix we live in.

  36. White americans need to become all muslims that's the only way they can save their race. In islam women are worth less than man so if usa implemented islamic laws like saudi arabia crying liberal.feminists will be jailed and beheaded at this rate I am convinced only islam can save white americans

  37. I'm not white but I'll be damned if they become a minority. Whites have built the west and democracy and their decline also signals the decline of democracy and freedom. So marry your own race and have tons of kids


  39. I disagree with this video you're leaving out one of the biggest contributors to this problem and that's homosexuality every single white controlled or white majority country on the planet accept homosexuality as a lifestyle, this is a fact in all of those homosexual Nations the white population which day count as a whole is decreasing this is anothe fact, you may never have known this because white people hide your problems until Donald Trump game input opioid Addiction on the map so whites aren't dying as much as before. Africa is the largest continent that doesn't agree with homosexual lifestyle and they also happen to have the largest youth population on the planet comment do you see how that works. The video is correct when they say it's the younger generation that supports the older generation and it's also the younger generation that built the nation. so basically white folks are dying out due to homosexuality, interracial dating seeing they have the weakest DNA of all groups and the prophecy of the Bible. the world is changing as far as demographics but this video has it wrong what you think is going to be on top actually isn't in America a lot of things are happening under the table behind closed doors. You will be surprised

  40. Bryce, your open mindedness of current millenials is wrong, progressive demorats are promising free education so they can manipulate the minds of American children in their views, that does not indicate open minds, actually we hope colleges increase tuitions so to stop too many of our children from attending liberal thinking, a young open minded person should attend trade schools rather than liberal colleges, chew on that

  41. I was born and live in the great state of Texas. It's already 2045 here lol, the white population here is 41 percent.

  42. The only real question regarding this "population replacement" you've outlined very clearly (a replacement which the MSM even now attempts to dismiss as fiction) is precisely the one you did not address. That is…will the rise of the immigrant or non-white population in the US be a benefit? When you look at crime rates, IQ levels, high culture, Western values, etc….the answer is an emphatic NO. The US (and other white Western countries) will be diminished by this continued replacement. Indeed, it is becoming more clear that a violent upheaval across our societies is inevitable.

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