The fractured politics of a browning America

The fractured politics of a browning America

45 thoughts on “The fractured politics of a browning America

  1. Ezra Klein and Jennifer Richeson discuss white threat and American politics in a recent episode of the Ezra Klein Show. Listen to the full episode here and subscribe to our new channel:

  2. Me, as a white male from african descent i find this very confusing lol im half white half black and i love both colors

  3. Look at what happened to South African white people. I don't want this to happen to white Americans.

  4. Americans are fearful of the dirty D word, #DIVERSITY.

    Then vote #Conservative 🗳

    Sorry to share FEAR won't change the OUTCOME

  5. Try to contain your excitement better about white death and infertility. Could the most important change be the decreasing testosterone of mincing weirdos like this who somehow run the media?

  6. White people dying out does not equal the end of the United States, just the white supremacist racist terrorist side, of the United States. God is good and merciful, for letting whites people die out.

  7. is called xenophobia… if you believe in white supremacy,hegemony…. FEAR of loosing what you stole in the first place.

  8. What a rascist video. What they dont realize is that illegal immigrants of all colors are fleeing the United States in droves. Thanks to Trump, this issue is going to solve itself…

  9. All this and Vox still supports "identity politics" , "white privilege" , "affirmative action" ect. ect. ect. I can assure you no republican cares about what color their neighbors are. They only care about equality of opportunity and everything the left has been doing does not give you equality of opportunity.

  10. Just like in Western Europe, it's going to lead to a civil war. And just like Europe, it is mass illegal immigration that's driving the demographic change. Also, the black population is not actually increasing. It's remaining, and projected to remain, stagnant at 13%.

  11. I'm not very educated but isn't a Mexican a HYBRID of Native American and Western European???? This world is … (guess words can't explain)

  12. Wow. Your founders of our country did a great job. They made immigration possible so that the poor and destitute could come here to try to live comfortably. The constitution provides for immigration of all people..not just white people. Just because your forefathers built this country does not make it a white country. Blacks helped build this country as well as Chinese working on the railroad. Should we blacks expect for Africans to immigrate here over European descendants..after all this is just as much my country as it is yours. Am I not correct? If not please correct me like i will correct you. Fastforward to 2019 and white people have this complex that "brown" people are taking over. Brown people was always here. Maybe not in your neighborhood. Or did you move your neighborhood here from Europe? Brown people is what people associate with the real America. America is north and south America. As a matter of fact..are you even American? I have native ancestry as i more American than you? Now do you see where this is going? This is not a white America nor a "brown" America. This is one US of America not 2 or 3. This country was set up exactly how the forefathers set it regardless of what race you are we enjoy the same liberties an wlll continue to do so whle accepting the "brown" immigrants. It is not a browning of America it is a browning of the world. In 2040 blacks will be 39% of the world. You will not lose the USA you just simply will be old. Without the immigrants whose going to do the service jobs? Be careful how you treat "brown" people those same "brown" people may have to change your bedpan. And the last question you would want to hear at age 90 is "were you against immigration? Should i treat you human and change your bedpan or let you squirm in the excrement that you made.?
    Make your choice today. Service or excrement.

  13. These fake “a-and”/“wha-what”/“bu-but” stutterings at the beginning of his sentences in order to sound casual are super annoying IMO.

  14. Vox, I don't care if people of a certain skin color are becoming bigger or smaller in numbers. The reason people start becoming republicans, is because the republican party doesn't care about the skin color of a person. It's democrats like you guys, who praise it. Let me tell you. People of a certain race becoming more represented, is not a good, or bad thing. Good day.

  15. As a hispanic the Browning is going to cause a lot of problems.YOU CANT DENY that diversity causes problems as people want to represent their group which causes a boiling pit of races.Im not saying any race is bad but having one race be the majority helps a country be stable.Look,most of the world's wars can be attributed to diversity just look at south Sudan.Minorities should remain minorities

  16. I think the US should break apart into separate nations. We are no longer a unified people. Multiculturalism and multi-racialism has failed.

  17. Ezra Klein is a major douche. I listened to him and Sam Harris discussion on Sam’s podcast. Ezra is delusional.

  18. Sorry, but it’s not politics to tell people they are becoming a minority to manipulate them to vote Republican, when the Census Data is quite clear about this demografic changes.

  19. Year 2045
    Latinos: now you're the minority
    Whites: sorry forgot to mention this, but you guys are white
    Latinos: wait what
    Whites yeah must have slipped my mind, you guys are white
    Italians, Irish, Jewish: welcome to the club my latino friends
    Whites: minority status averted, phew!!!!!

  20. America will only be disunited, prone to violent conflict, and ultimately a shadow of its former self if the demographics are allowed to shift this way.

    People seem to forget what happened in other countries who have tried having multi-ethnic and multi-racial countries. Yugoslavia and Northern Ireland come to mind

  21. Spanish will be always spoken in the US, like it or not, you can't tell people what language they supposed to be talking, it's a birth right, you people don't even speak English properly.

  22. When Trump got elected, he had up to 30% of the Latino vote. Its not about race, its about money. The Establishment has plenty of lobbying behind both republicans and democrats. (((They))) believe in diversification, both racially and financially.

  23. There's a name for this. Does white genocide ring a bell?

    Vox, Buzzfeed, alJazeera and so many other mainstream content channels are created and financed to put out these chewed up perspectives. Ask yourselves, by whom, and why?

  24. What are some examples of conservatives making explicit references to race?
    It's all coming from the identitarian-Left so far as I can see.
    Why is every other culture and people encouraged to cherish their culture and ancestry but whites are denigrated and forced to subsidize other people on the basis of race/ ethnicity?
    Why is it SO HORRIBLE to judge people based on genetic characteristics like skin color, but it's perfectly acceptable to judge people based on genetic characteristics like tendency toward individualism and conservatism? White Europeans are individualist and conservative by nature and we are being attacked and eradicated because of it

  25. just make America extremely English speaking and convert every one to christianity so there won't be any race or religion problem

  26. Hispanics are more white than those commie, smug Atheist and Islamic Western Europeans. I would rather have 100 Guatemalan immigrants than 1 Swedish immigrant. I would rather my country turn into a Christian Guatemala than an Atheist and Muslim infested Sweden every single time.

    If you think that Catholics are not Christians then I only need to remind you of the Crusades and the Inquisition. They are better at killing Muslims than any of us Protestants.

  27. 5:31 Of course they wouldn’t have been on board with that in the 90’s, because ICE didn’t exist yet.

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