6 thoughts on “The Foreign Policy Legacy of the Obama Administration

  1. These people totally ignore the fact that the US kicked of the new cold war by overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine in 2014. Yet they blame Russia for reacting to this covert act of aggression. Pathetic and rather embarassing behavior on part of the presenters. They seem to be ideallogues.

  2. The Foreign Policy Legacy of the Obama Administration: A Disaster. Attacking Lybia, Syria, overthrowing the government of Ukraine, etc. Thousands died as a result of the Obama foreign policy.

  3. Funny the west attack Putin for taking back a piece of Ukraine While israel has been salami slicing Palestine for 5 or 6 decades

  4. Great discussion. However I do think interventionism was downplayed and I'm a bit disappointed with the response to the nuclear arms race question. Still, very interesting. Let's see if we'll be evacuating New York City by 2050 due to a lack of climate change policy and implementation. Good luck humans! Fingers crossed.

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