The Foreign Policy Dance Review U.S. Foreign Policy Review

The Foreign Policy Dance Review U.S. Foreign Policy Review

29 thoughts on “The Foreign Policy Dance Review U.S. Foreign Policy Review

  1. dont forget enter the "Crotch Grab" era.
    next is Circle-Jerk paradise.
    entertainment of ur motherfcking american pigs are epic.

  2. I have an exam tomorrow and you just made my life easier. Thank you very much. Big appreciation all the way from Algeria ❤.

  3. the pushin dance of containment should be changed to Salt N Peppa's Push It. And if a new dance is needed for post dog piss pre belly rubbin period of roosevelt corollary land protection, go with Ray Lewis, LB of Baltimore coming out on the football field mimicking clothing designer, Under Armor, who's slogan is We Must Protect this House.

    In fact, if you make a video of doing the Ray Lewis dance, I will donate $10 to charity of your choice.


  5. Привет народ очень хорошее видео. Если интересен обзор города Москва прошу на свой канал)))))))))))))))))))))
    Всем Спасибо)

  6. You rock you have helped me through more than 1 paper this semester!! Your approach makes history/government so much more fun! Thank you so much, I just shared your channel with my professor!

  7. I love this guy, I go to his videos when my college class doesn't explain it well enough. THANK YOU …

  8. Love your dance moves 🙂 Great memorization technique. Thank you.  My short term memory, well, has been short term memory.  These associations should burn this history in for a little longer!

  9. School of the Americas…what dance for that? How do you dance assassination of foreign leaders starting w/ Mosedek(sp?).

  10. what if i left the thematic essay in blank like i just did the introduction because i was out of time!!? i still pass?

  11. Because of all of my great dance moves, right? Im hoping to get cast for the new version of Saturday Night Fever. I want to be Danny.

  12. i REALLY want to see the step for the Bush Doctrine. i suppose it would be like the Dog Piss, but when you put your foot down it lands in a pile of s***.

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