The Financial Murder Of Mike Ruff

The Financial Murder Of Mike Ruff

it was the spring of 2017 I was deployed in the Middle East flying missions for the Air Force I remember one specific mission we landed on a dirt strip at night and it was blacked out so no lights I using night-vision goggles and there was ground fire on the way in and there was ground fire on the way out so we were set up for a very brief amount of time on the ground and because of some unrelated issues we ended up having to delay a few minutes so I had some spare time and I remember I got out of the seat and I went downstairs and I jumped off of the the ramp and I walked out to that right wing tip and I kneeled down and I scooped up some dirt and put it into a thermos and I looked back to my left at the at the engines and through the night-vision goggles the the engine exhausts are white-hot the infrared heat is coming out of them and the sound of the fan blades at idle reverse whizzing inside the casings and I looked up and I could see every star that's out there from Horizon to Horizon and I checked the time and I realized at that very moment my mother was in a court room on the other side of the planet desperately trying to ruin my life my name is Mark ruff and my mother sued me for fifty million dollars that never existed my name is Kelly ruff Fraser – my mom sued me for fifty million dollars which never existed my name is Tracey ruff bakshi and my mom sued me for fifty million dollars that never existed my name is Mike ruff and my mom sued me for fifty million dollars that never existed in 2011 my mother filed a lawsuit against my brother Mike my sister Tracy my sister Kelly and myself but she did not name my brother Matt in that lawsuit the main reason that she sued me is because she wants to hurt me because I sided with my brother Mike in a family dispute those are my words those are her words sue your son Mark ruff mark yes I don't know he's I guess he's part of the group part of what group my three children who are not Mike Tracy and Kellie and Mark and why do you put them together in a group because I don't know that's the way the lawsuit is going honey are you equippable why do you ask because you filed claims against him he has hired me to represent him oh and I'm trying to find out the basis for those claims why he has taken my left side but let me finish my question and I'll let you finish your answer okay why didn't you file claims against your son walk because he sided with and said ugly things and horrible lies about me with Tracy and Kelly and Mike okay I'm gonna break that down he sided with Mike and Tracy and Kelly and Tracy and Kelly and then you said that he said horrible thing said ugly and horrible lies about me was that right yes ma'am anything else no my father was a great man I'm so fortunate to have been born into the family that I was and you know he he served his country he didn't come from us he was a self-made man and he went off to Vietnam at a very young age and was a combat veteran two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for valor and came home and cleaned up his act and wanted to make something of his life he worked very hard for many years both with the city of Dallas and with the business community to raise money and have a Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial built very similarly to the way the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial is on the National Mall so it's made out of Texas pink granite and it's down at Fair Park and it was a big project it consumed a lot of his time and energy but it was a very worthwhile thing and I'm still proud of it to this day when I was 13 years old my father got some bad news he was diagnosed with a rare non-hodgkins lymphoma and he was told he had a few months to live due to the lack of medical care options at that time he fought it as hard as he could and did a bone marrow transplant did rounds of chemotherapy and it was the Long Goodbye it was a very ugly hard-fought battle that unfortunately he succumbed to but along the way he certainly taught myself and my siblings about courage about controlling the things that you can control and doing your best on the things you can't control as a family we stuck together through some very tough hard times and my father would get better for periods of time we'll be able to come home and and live with us I remember specifically not not too shortly before he passed on I remember waking up in the morning and before going to school going over to the bed where he my mom would stay in their room and I would climb in bed it would still be warm had to I remember it's just my dad and myself and his skin was stretched so much and he was had so many fluids in his body and lesions all over his skin that he would love getting a back rub so I would just scratch his back and he was wearing a robe but still underneath the covers so he had gotten up and then had come back to bed and he's lying and he's facing away from me and I'm just scratching on his back and I remember saying to him I don't know what we're gonna do without you and he rolled over and he looked at me and he said he said Martin you don't have a choice but I will always be in your heart and I will always be in your mind and if you take care of each other and you take care of your mother you're gonna be okay and a few weeks later he was gone so I've actually led a really blessed life I went to private school here in Dallas I was lucky enough to choose to go to Rice in Houston and while I was down there I actually was lucky enough to play football so I got kind of the best of both worlds in December of 1993 my freshman year my father was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma and so over Christmas break when I was back in town he said look this is something that I've got I don't know where I'm going but I'm gonna fight it as best I can and he and I spent about two weeks together that Christmas break and I made I made a really important decision and that was that I was going to graduate from Rice early I was going to come back up and I was gonna spend as much time with him as I could to learn the businesses and to learn from him and it was a huge career choice I was down at Rice I was pre-med I'd wanted to be a doctor my entire life and yet fate changed that based on his illness and so I switched majors I graduated with a degree in economics and finance and I came back up here early in December of 1995 to start working directly for him he really did know that he was at risk of dying and while he didn't want to and he fought as hard as he could especially in that last year of his life I recognized that he was really trying to make sure he was having substantial conversations with me about life about his faith and about what he wanted for our family if and when he did die and so in January of 1998 when he died it was this earthquake for the family but at least he had prepared me and had spent an enormous amount of time time that I didn't get before as a youngster but something had changed in him and so those were really two golden years that I wouldn't trade for anything because I got to spend so much time with a man that I truly loved and respected and it's those years that shaped me and prepared me for the business world for the next two decades I consider myself so so lucky to have had him as a father for 19 years I know some people never get the opportunity to you have such a compassionate and strong and funny dad who really you know above all else loved his kids and loved his family and I you know I think gratitude is the biggest emotion I feel towards him you know it's it's so heartbreaking to me that he you know didn't get much time at all I mean he was 53 and he had so much to give and you know was so impactful in my life in just 19 years and it it breaks my heart that now I've been alive longer without him than with him and that's a really terrible milestone and I you know I I miss him terribly I often fantasize about what life would be like if he were still alive and if he were with us when my father passed away he put in his will that the assets were supposed to go into a marital trust and spousal trust that was primarily to take care of my mother who really had never managed money you know had a checkbook didn't truly balance it if it ever went over more money came in she was the executive of the estate and chose not to fund the trust she chose to just keep the assets in her name and that was great for quite a while the oldest brother are the oldest boy my most immediate in age Mike was essentially the one who took care of all of her business managed everything did balance the checkbook the accounts and fortunately my dad was very successful there was a lot of money that he made over the years and that she was able to use unfortunately if she went through it very quickly in the beginning and there was concerned that it wasn't going to last at that time Mike and the rest of us felt that a corporate trustee was really needed because somebody had to tell her to stop responding in the 2011 lawsuit that we call PR 11 my mother claimed fraud the do she a breach of fiduciary duties it's several other things turn to the right way to say this but I don't have fifty million dollars my family never had fifty million dollars I don't have 1 million dollars let alone 50 whatever share of 50 million dollars I am being accused of having stolen so the way I know to describe it to people because I've had to tell this story so many times over the years because people go your mother a mother sued her child I have to explain yes yes she did the way that I explain it to people is in our civil court system the burden of proof the the requirements with which to pursue civil litigation against someone are much different from in the criminal world where charges get brought forward and someone's freedom is at stake so therefore the the bar is very high for getting past just an initial look by the court system well I'm just trying to distinguish there was a complete stranger that met you befriended you stole your money and you decided not to file a civil or criminal action against her and yet you've decided to sue three of your four children for reasons that I still don't entirely understand based on your testimony today I'm trying to understand the difference between the two if dependin dollars disappeared do you have any evidence as you sit here today that Tracy took any of that money I don't know do you have any evidence no there's no I'm gonna go NASA Mike took it there there's no documents so my mother first sued four of her children in 2011 and what she wanted to do was she wanted to change or amend the rough management trust so that she could then take all that money and give it to whomever she wanted during that process I actually filed for a simple arbitration I paid $2,000 for what's called a declaratory judgment action I wanted five documents declared valid and binding all five of which our mother had signed releases indemnification Zinn the trust agreement itself that was designed specifically to protect her and her assets from creditors so that she would be taken care of for the rest of her life so for $2,000 I pay a fee with something called the American Arbitration Association I thought it was going to be a three to four week process and we'd quickly be over with it instead it blows up into a multi-year absolute disaster that costs the rough family more than a million dollars being mired in an arbitration that actually ended up being completely fraudulent completely secret and didn't do justice for anyone except for the arbitrator's who paid themselves over $600,000 and for the plaintiffs attorneys who ended up with over four million dollars in fees again with no facts with no evidence and with no record so one of the amazing things about this case is that there has actually never been any evidence presented of any wrongdoing on my part or on the part of my siblings and even today in any court the Randall Mathis lawyers simply haven't produced it because it doesn't exist I didn't take any money from my mother I didn't defraud her of anything and neither did any of my siblings this is something that was concocted in a back room as some sort of retirement case for these guys it's a way for them to transfer wealth from the rough family from the rough management trust and into the pockets of corrupt plaintiffs attorneys one horrifying aspect of this botched arbitration is that now a legal document states that Mike ruff stole money from his mother and started CS C corporation but there's a problem c SC corporation was founded in 1899 by two lawyers in nevada mycroft had nothing to do with CS c corporation never has never will however all the mathis lawyers have to do is demand mycroft turn over CS c corporations tax documents and when Mycroft cannot produce any tax documents relating to CS C corporation they can cry foul and file a motion for a judge to hold Mike in contempt and send him to jail so the way I describe it is if it had been a a criminal matter if my mother had walked into the Dallas Police Department station and said I want four of my five kids arrested the police officer would say Wow okay let me get a pen why do you want them arrested she would say they stole my car and it was okay what kind of car let's just say a 2014 Ford Explorer okay what color was it Maria okay what was the license-plate number she would say I don't know okay how about the VIN number she don't have the VIN number it's okay you would have to have car insurance so we'll call the insurance company we'll get the VIN number or we'll look in the database we go type and type and look in the database no no Ford Explorer registered to Suzy Roth hmm and then the insurance company well we don't have an insurance policy on a on a Ford Explorer for Suzy Roth and right then and there the police officer would say mrs. Roth we'd love to arrest any of your children that you want us to but we're gonna need we're gonna need to know that something happened we need evidence so we need to know that one you had 2014 maroon for Explorer and to that it's been stolen and then three why you think your children stole it and then if we have evidence then we can then we can pursue this even further but in civil court she's never had to prove that she had 50 million dollars she's never had to prove that it got stolen and she's never had to prove that any of her children stole it and one of the big irony's is that the one child of hers that she's not suing went to federal prison for seven years for felony possession of child pornography now he lives with her now that he's out and so for whatever reason she's claiming that four of her five children stole imaginary money that never existed yet the the person with the criminal background he's innocent he's just a good kid he's just misunderstood and so right then and there the the depth the the damage that mental illness can do starts to become apparent the simple fact of the matter is is it the mental illness does run in my mother's side of the family her father and then obviously now now she suffers from it and people gloss over it so many times in life and it's just now coming to the forefront in our society how important mental health is and how damaging mental illness can be so so when I explain it to people I have to say that what what kept the wheels on for most of my life you know from the from the very beginning up until my father's passing was my father was such a strong figure and such a good leader and was able to manage in cope and help and more importantly stabilize my mother so the way I describe it as it's like a three-legged stool so for the years leading up it was stable and it was just fine but but when my my father passed on one leg of the stool got kicked out and so it was just a matter of time until it fell over was it gonna fall over this way the fall over this way that didn't know but it was gonna be one of them and unfortunately it has fallen over on a level that is just the destruction is it's truly awful it's hard to describe so when when people ask me about it I say no my mother suffers from mental illness they go yeah yeah sure mental illness I said no I mean she's been diagnosed with four different mental illnesses I'm gonna go okay sure I say bipolar disorder atypical depression somatoform disorder and borderline personality disorder and they go yeah sure mental illness I said no I don't think you understand several years ago my mother had my father's body exhumed against his wishes as a Christian as a devout Christian he wanted to be buried it's in his will because he believed his body would be his vessel when he is ultimately judged and that was very important to him and 15 years after his death she decides on her own to have his body exhumed and cremated against his wishes so that she can keep his remains in an urn away from the four of us kids so for me that is deeply disturbing on a number of levels the immediate one is that I have to think about money being spent for a stranger to remove his casket from the ground after 15 years take it to someplace where it gets open and his remains are removed and put into an oven and burned down to a crisp just so that my mother can have the headstone removed and keep him away from us that is that is deeply disturbing that is not what he wanted and when I explained that to people they are shocked and horrified and they go oh she has mental illness and that's when they start to understand the destruction that it can do to a family so after my father died my siblings and I did our best to make sure that our mom was taken care of we had a bunch of sympathy for her we tried to do what we could to keep her from hurting herself but because of her multiple mental illnesses that really worked against her that caused her to think things that weren't happening to cause her to create a reality that didn't exist it became harder and harder to manage her and then on June 17th my sister Kelly's birthday in 2008 a bomb was dropped on our family and that's when six Dallas police officers showed up at my mother's house with a search warrant for child pornography that my brother Matt had been downloading in huge amounts the family was devastated my mother was devastated there were 26 videos more than five minutes long of children under six years old being raped my brother is a sociopath he's a pedophile he's a child pornographer he has a violent past he's choked my mother he's attempted to kill her he's threatened to kill my brother mark he stalked my wife and my children and so when this happened in 2008 that's what started the family coming apart of the seams and ever since that day in June that those officers showed up my mother has been unable to face the reality that one of her children is this sociopath that is a horrible person and who does terrible things and has put all of us at risk psychiatric illness is so difficult in medicine there are some things that are absolutely straightforward what's your blood pressure do you have high blood pressure you take a measurement you either have it or you don't psychiatric illnesses are largely a spectrum personality disorders are a spectrum so what makes them disorders are that they negatively impact a person's ability to manage their life properly everyone's brain is different everyone views things differently and if your perception is so skewed you can absolutely be taken advantage of by corrupt individuals this case is interesting very early on one of the attorneys one of moms attorneys emailed a psychiatrist that is used for many years in his legal work a consulting psychiatrist that she may have a dependent personality and wanted her evaluated he called her I think in Eris I wanted her evaluated to be sure that she was competent and that he could represent her and get her to do what he wanted but maintain competency so that his legal agreement would be valid I'd like to direct your attention to the second paragraph that starts we would like to see Kelly Tracy and Mark out of the lawsuit it was never intended that they be in the lawsuit and we don't want to fight with them who do you see that yes I do is stop right there when it says it was never intended that they be in the lawsuit did you intend to have them in the lawsuit I don't get that no I honestly don't you know what do your lawyers not do what you asked them to do yes but I asked in generalities so your testimony is that you're not driving the boat in this litigation well I mean I I yes I you know I'm not driving it but I'm sure signing and I'm sure in the boat yeah you don't think that if he went to mr. Mathis tomorrow and said I would like to dismiss Tracie mark and Kelly out of this litigation you don't think he would say okay I understand why would I even do that when I don't know enough about all of it to think that so my mom is actually vulnerable based on her diagnosed borderline personality disorder atypical depression somatoform disorder and bipolar disorder that makes her very vulnerable to exploitation by anyone around her and so for the last four years there's been a systematic elder exploitation by Randall Mathis by my brother Matt rough by a paralegal named Lynn vu and others working in concert her identity's been stolen she's had more than two million dollars taken from her my siblings and I have all written to the court begging for somebody to help her and yet nothing happens one of the harder things to watch happen in the courtroom and outside the courtroom is to see a big banks lawyers working in conjunction with plaintiffs lawyers who are taking advantage of my mother who are exploiting her in conspiracy with each other working together laughing about this all the while taking property that doesn't belong to them but using a system and using their law licenses to convert property that my father spent his lifetime building put into a trust that was for my mother's benefit and for her family's benefit and instead these lawyers get together and figure out ways that they can take that property and make it their own improper ways and yet using the system to steal and to take what's not theirs and to line their own pockets so once my mother threatened Tracy Kelly and Mark that if they didn't resign as trustee she was going to sue them we interviewed and we found Frost Bank because frost Bank had told us they had experience in working with beneficiaries that had psychiatric illnesses and so it seemed like a good fit and so the trust protectors of the trust appointed frost on a revocable basis and when frost took over there was more than seven million dollars in the rough management trust that was on March 1st of 2010 here nine years later there's less than 2.7 million dollars in the trust instead of growing during that time the trust should have grown from seven million to over 15 million dollars instead over six million dollars was distributed to impermissible parties to lawyers to big banks to big banks lawyers to plaintiffs lawyers and stolen by my brother Matt more than half a million dollars in a prison scam for sending United States Postal Service money orders to maja peak New York to other places supposedly for medical journals supposedly for courses for him to learn in prison it turns out there is no prison facility in mohabbat New York it was another scam that was perpetrated by Matt ruff and by other members of Randall Mathis joint venture team so the really scary thing for my mom right now is the trust has less than a hundred and seventy thousand dollars in liquid assets at the current burn rate that's gonna be in less than a year she's gonna have no money to take care of herself this is when frost Bank took over there was over five and a half million dollars in assets that were meant specifically to take care of my mother's needs to take care of her health to take care of her sustenance to have a home for her and that's all been frittered away by a big bank who instead of looking out for her best interests took more than a million and a half dollars out of the trust and paid their own lawyers while at the same time paying my mother's lawyers to sue the trust it's this crazy circle you start the fire you pay to start the fire and you pay to put the fire out as this 289 thousand dollar IRS tax levy shows along with over half a million dollar lawsuit filed by Lubbock National Bank against the Mathis lawyers for defaulting on a five hundred and forty thousand dollar loan the desperation amounts and in this exchange between Randall Mathis and Bill Compton he clearly states what's happening Wednesday is too late the damage will be done and it will be big damage I don't particularly like lawyers that write demanding letters but I want to be clear there's going to be hell to pay if what we have been clearly led to expect does not happen by Monday what we will have to do will do Wharf any theoretical little claim James Bowen thinks the children might have we will lose our firm we will lose our personal assets and everything with bad bank debt mountain with an IRS tax levy in place the desperation builds for the Mathis lawyers dear bill as we discussed we have to have the $250,000 to Susy early tomorrow at the latest to remain financially in business the bank has put a drop-dead deadline on us tomorrow we were expecting the check today as a view into a guilty life Randall Mathis continues further into the email I do not understand James Bowen asserting that the remainder beneficiaries would have to be given immediate notice of the $250,000 today they'll get noticed with the regular statement it's a typical undermining of everything we do over and over we need the $250,000 tomorrow but if he screws up the rest of the distribution the harm will be equally bad because I have to deal with the IRS right after the bank please get the $250,000 but do not let beau and notify anyone as if the elder exploitation weren't clear enough when Frost Bank decided to use ruff family money to bail out the desperate plaintiffs attorneys Randall Mathis drove his elderly mentally ill fixed-income client to the bank to remove what amounted to 70% of the revenue producing portion of what was left in the trust later in a Texas Bar Association investigation Randal map has produced a one-page $800,000 note with is your percent interest rate no repayment schedule and with no collateral that Suze ruff did not sign basically this whole agreement is not commercially viable where did the approximately five million dollars go well mostly to lawyers and their agents let's break it down and follow the money nearly half a million dollars was stolen by Matt ruff in a prison scam using US Postal Service money orders 1.3 million dollars was stolen by Brad cos I as paralegal named Lynn vu eight hundred thousand dollars has been used to pay the IRS tax levies and bad bank debts of the mathis lawyers one point six million dollars was paid to james Bowens law firm to fight the fire that the bank started six hundred thousand dollars to lawyers acting as arbitrators one of which worked for frost bank a party to the very arbitration in which they were the arbitrator that produced this wild 67 million dollar award and three hundred thousand dollars in management fees for clearly mismanaging the trust the the crimes committed are astounding and now we're at over where we'll right at five million dollars that has left the rough management trust and where has it gone it has gone to lawyers for the trust lawyers for the bank lawyers for my mother their paralegal a prison scam it has gone to the most inappropriate uses this is a criminal enterprise where you scratch my back I scratch your back we take millions of dollars that is not ours and we make it ours it is astounding and it is it is offensive because the whole purpose of a trust is is to carry out into the future to protect so that others can be provided for what if you what if I have a child that has special needs in the future well my father had wanted all of his hard work the risks he took the the dedication he had to the business and to his employees and the people that that made it what it was he wanted that to be a force for good in our future for for the bad times to survive the tough yes the illnesses that's that's what that is for that not not to line the pockets of dallas-based you know plaintiffs attorneys who get in trouble for providing false evidence in a case who provided false evidence in this case that's that's not what he wanted that's not what the law supports that's not that's not what the rule support and that's not what's right I grew up believing in the laws of the United States believing in Texas believing that property rights meant something and instead what's happened based on a fraud a fraud perpetrated by Randall Mathis taking advantage of exploiting a woman with psychiatric illness who will do anything that those lawyers say obtained a judgment and secret with no evidence and again remember I didn't take anything from my mother I haven't taken a dime I've never received a dime from the rough management trust and yet this judgment is out there and they're using it to pummel my wife my family and to try and steal their property it's a complete perversion of the law and a complete perversion of the system and it needs to be stopped because if it could happen to us it can happen to anybody and that's not what the laws in the United States are all about and that's not what property rights in Texas are all about and that's why we're looking to put a stop to it now and to raise the issue how is it that well-funded plaintiffs attorneys can go take a fraud perpetrated on the court and end up with a piece of paper that says they get to come steal 67 million dollars from a family that never had that money it's stunning it's almost unreal it's hard to process it but I soldier on because of the support of a loving wife because of the support of my siblings mark Tracy and Kelly I've got I've been so blessed by this tremendous support system that actually is in place because of the things that my father talked about when we were young because of the fact that he gave us a chance to choose our own faith I'm a Lutheran I'm a Christian and I understand that no matter what that Christ saved me and so that's one of the ways that I'm able to keep going forward and again I feel mostly for my wife I feel for Mark Tracy and Kelly I feel for the collateral damage that's caused by this my mom in conjunction with plaintiffs attorneys has truly become a destroyer she's destroyed wealth she's destroyed the family she's destroyed hope she's taken away so many things that my father worked so hard to build and it's really sad to see when it's something that was so important to him and yet the family's been decimated by it but that's not what's gonna define us what defines us is the fact that I'm loved I'm loved by a wife who has been through hell because of this I'm loved by siblings who have been through so much because of this and that they show up every day and they support me because they know what's right they believe in what's right in sometimes you don't give up you don't walk away from a fight you do what's right and you fight for justice until the fights over and this fights not over yet and we're not gonna let a fraudulent judgement stand and we're not just going to sit and turn things over to the mathis lawyers just because they were able to convince three arbitrators in a sham arbitration in secret just because they were able to pull the wool over the courts eyes using fancy language breaking the rules lying all the time painting the rough children into something that we are not but I believe that in the end we will be vindicated and what's going to be left is a family that truly loves each other that builds a new foundation that builds a new future and that puts all of this behind us in the early 1990s when my father got that diagnosis and he he learned that he didn't have much time left he was very aware of his mortality he had survived the Vietnam War he had been injured twice and he always I think felt like he was living on borrowed time and that's why he he lived an incredible life it was a full life it was it was busy from the minute he woke up to the minute he went to bed and it was he invested in good things he invested in and his children he invested in his marriage he invested in his relationships in business and any invested in and good works in charities and the Boys and Girls Club he he did so many things that were such positives for everyone else around him and when he when he got the diagnosis it was a combination of his spirit of his courage of his his will to live that allowed him to stick around for just a few extra years before before he had to go and again as a deeply religious man he was never he wasn't afraid of those things he embraced the opportunity of knowing that he had a little bit of time left versus versus the sadness of not having set things up and and and going immediately so that's part of the legacy that we have today is as a family we're doing exactly what he would want us to do in this situation we're sticking together we're supporting each other you know it appears to outsiders this is a dispute about money it's not this is a dispute about family about our futures so for us the challenge is how do we navigate that how do we stay intact as a family how do we fight for what we think it is right how do we compromise when we only when we have to but but don't compromise when you don't have to someday I maybe I'll get to tell my kids about this and you know maybe that's why this this means so much to me of telling our story because it's it's a unique story but it's also very common with so many households in America and maybe there's something we can all learn from it maybe maybe our system will get better maybe a mental health will be addressed more appropriately in this country for what it is for the crisis that we're in but until that day we have to stick together we have to do it think what we think is right I have to follow my heart and my heart tells me that some good will come from this I don't know when and I don't know where but some good will come from this I'm closer now to my sisters than I've ever been I'm closer now to my brother Mike than I've ever been numb so if we can get through this if we can stay intact as a family if we can go go pursue the the best life that we can live to help others then we'll be successes as individuals then we'll be successes as as couples as parents and we'll be a success as a family you you

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  1. We really hope that something is done in a positive manner soon. This is awful and the lawyer is responsible for taking advantage of a person with mental illness and the lawyers must be held accountable. Kudos to the siblings for having the courage to face this travesty brought on by their own mother.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. This is heartbreaking and appalling and just plain wrong – on so many levels. There is no justice here, only despicable abuse of power and exploitation. All families deserve far better from our legal system.

  3. What happened to this family absolutely defies logic, but I guess it's true that unscrupulous people will do just about anything for money. What can be done to correct this corrupt system? Keep the faith, Mr. Ruff. I'll be praying for you and your family.

  4. Mark, thank you for sharing this with us. Our hearts are moved for the plight of you and your siblings. It's unreasonable and unjust that our court system is allowing a cohort of predators to take advantage of someone in clear mental distress. We will share widely and keep all of you in our prayers. God bless!

  5. Mark, tough not to get emotional watching this as you and your siblings had to watch both your Dad suffer the physical deterioration of the body but also your Mom’s mental state – just know you’ve got a ton of people in your corner and I’m thinking about more SLU alums in DFW that I know in the legal community that would fight for you rather than defraud a family that has had pillars firmly entrenched in Dallas for years. Good will come out of this, Mark! Praying for you and your family!

  6. What an absolute travesty of justice to happen to your family. I have seen so much strength come from you all throughout this ordeal. Keep close and continue to be strong. Big hugs.

  7. Mark, I just watched this in its entirety. I knew most of the story from our conversations over the years, but this really put it into perspective. My two thoughts are 1) Tough times never last. And 2) Good things happen to good people. I’ve always admired your perspective on life and it’s a big reason why I cherish our friendship and am so glad/proud that we’ve kept in touch. We are lucky indeed that we have our families and I will continue to pray that you, Mike, Tracy, and Kelly find the peace that you so rightfully deserve. 🙏🏼

  8. It is disgusting to see a mentally ill woman being manipulated by a money hungry lawyer in order to fill up his own pockets. Why aren’t courts stopping this? How can awards be given without any evidence of wrong doing? This is really scary !

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