The financial brain of the London City – Docu – 2013

The financial brain of the London City – Docu – 2013

25 thoughts on “The financial brain of the London City – Docu – 2013

  1. Hello everyone, We hope you are enjoying tonight’s documentary and that you make good use of the subtitles (click on the captions button for the subtitles to show).
    We are curious what your thoughts are about these masters of the financial world: tell us everything!
     Next Sunday, we will publish a documentary called: The objectivity of the Arab media. What is the role of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya news broadcasters in recent revolutions in the Arab world? And how independent is their coverage actually, given their funders?
    Hope to see you Sunday for more VPRO Backlight

  2. PILL-GRAMS! PILL-GRAMS! PILL-GRAMS! Owns World Pharma (and far more) and steals limitless grams of precious metals from the world, banning sound money from "common Crown serfs."

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  4. Excellent. The biological and neurological explanations of irrational risk-taking make sense. The addictive qualities of greed, like any other sin, lead to a lot of pain for the individual and those they harm . So much of this socially destructive behavior is because the players risk other people's money…lots of private profits if they win, big social losses on others if they lose. Their minor consequence is to lose their job. Very thorough and well-done. My suggestion to editors: lose the buzzing sound when interviewees' names come up with the orange rectangle. It's annoying. Otherwise, very well done.

  5. Like your documentaries, but how will you garner a global audience if you don't put English subtitles?

  6. I switched off when it said "the financial heart of ghe world economy, based in London" yeah right Britts keep dreaming

  7. So glad I found this channel, I've watched 3 of your docs so far and they are FANTASTIC! Please keep 'em coming.

  8. One of my mates who worked in the city, never took drugs, but inhaled girls farts directly from there bum hole……………He got addicted and killed himself. NO JOKE.

  9. Google seems to be limiting the reading of the full comments on this very thorough and brilliant documentary

  10. Warren Buffet is one to speak. Insider trading and ruthless. He crushes his competition by buying politicians to change laws. See Solar City Nevada project demise.

  11. A very long time ago I resorted to changing the word bankers to wankers. Thanks for a thought provoking documentary

  12. Btw that guy talking about testosterone was full of crap. Non of those bloated pasty fat men in suits had any high testosterone levels…they were all betas.

  13. Please expand who is stealing from pension funds and how are they doing it? That part was interesting. The part of the documentary where a math nerd and a trading programmer are basking in their greatness made the doc boring and didn't show us anything new.
    Get into what caused the flash crash. Was it a deliberate attack?

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