The fascist philosopher behind Vladimir Putin’s information warfare

The fascist philosopher behind Vladimir Putin’s information warfare

Ivan Ilyin was a fascist philosopher of the
’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, but he’s probably the most important example of how old ideas
can be brought back in the 21st century or in a postmodern context. Ilyin had three very important ideas. The first was that social advancement was
impossible because the political system, the social system, is like a body. So you’re a cell, you’re an embryo, you’re
an organ, you have a place in this larger body, and freedom means knowing your place. That’s what freedom means. A second idea that he had is that democracy
is a ritual. So we can vote, but we only vote in order
to affirm our collective support for a leader. The leader is not legitimated by our votes
or chosen by our votes, the voting is just a ritual by which we collectively, every couple
of years, endorse a leader who has emerged from some other place, from some—in fascism,
a leader is some kind of hero who emerges from fiction, who emerges from myth. The third idea Ilyin had, which is very useful,
is that the factual world doesn’t count. It’s not real. Ilyin says that God created the world, but
that was a mistake. The world was a kind of aborted process. The world is a horrifying thing because it’s
full of this and that and the other thing, what we call facts, and those facts can’t
be unified into some kind of larger whole so the world is actually horrifying, and those
facts are disgusting and of no value whatsoever. So, if you were Vladimir Putin and you’re
governing as the head of an oligarchical clan it’s very comfortable to be able to say,
“Well, look, freedom consists in knowing your place in society. There’s no possibility for social advance.” If you’re Vladimir Putin and you don’t
have serious democracy or you don’t want to have it, it’s very comfortable to do,
as he, in fact, has done, it’s very comfortable to transform elections into a kind of ritual. And, likewise, if you can’t have the rule
of law and if Russians are basically stuck in a certain place economically and politically,
the idea that the world is not factual, that the world is just subjective, that it’s
just a matter of this opinion, that opinion and the other opinion, is very comfortable. And Ilyin adds the even more comfortable conclusion
that the only true thing is Russian nationalism. The only hope to bring the whole world together
is that somehow Russia—which is an innocent victim of the rest of the world—will somehow
restore itself in some totalitarian form and then bring order back to the world. So interestingly—it’s not the only thing
which is going on—but interestingly these kinds of ideas help Mr. Putin as he consolidates
a certain kind of authoritarianism by spectacle at home and also help him as he broadcasts
it abroad. The fundamental way that Russia works in American
politics is by transmitting the idea that’s nothing is real. So it’s true that the Russians did support
Trump. It’s true that there were all kinds of very
specific interventions in the election of 2016. But the fundamental idea is to take new technology
and transmit this old idea that we can’t really trust ourselves, that there aren’t
really facts out there in the world, that the only thing that really matters is our
preferences, or really our biases, or really our hatreds. And this was so manifest in 2016 because it’s
important that the Russians persuaded us in various things that weren’t true, but what’s
more important is that we never thought that this could be happening as a result of action
by some other country. We were entirely caught in our own little
subjective American reality of “us and them”, where the friends and the enemies were all
Americans; we couldn’t break out into any kind of larger world of factuality. The Russians precisely helped hem us in to
a little, national, emotional world to the point where we couldn’t even see what was
happening—and a lot of us are still having a lot of trouble seeing what was happening. The interesting marriage, for me, is old ideas—fascist
ideas, in fact—in a new world, a new world where it’s not that Mr. Putin or for that
matter Mr. Trump wants us all to wear uniforms and march in the streets or even to have large-scale
wars for territory, that’s not what’s going on. But what the fascist ideas do with the new
technology is they drive us into a situation where we think the real stakes of politics
are all emotional and all about enemies, usually enemies at home, where we get ourselves all
worked up about things, whether we like the government or not, but somehow we never leave
our couch while we’re doing it, where we leave all of our energy right in front of
the screen, basically, and don’t actually get out and vote or organize or think creatively
about what policy might look like. And the result is that we end up consolidating
this kind of oligarchy with some racial overtones, which is what America and Russia currently
have in common.

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  1. Not one word from the esteemed professor at Yale about the fact that Fascism is Right-wing socialism, and how Putin's Russian nationalism is so similar to Fascist national-socialist ideology. Nor does he ever mention the fact that Fascism was created by Benito Mussolini, the former president of the Left-wing Italian Socialist Party. And in asserting how Russia interfered in the U.S. 2016 elections, not one word from the esteemed professor about the many times the United States interfered in the democratic elections of other countries, even to the point of staging coups removing democratically elected governments. Finally, in attempting to make us believe Putin is following Fascist Ideology when interfering in the U.S. 2016 elections, the esteemed professor never mentions Mrs. Clinton's 2014 trip to the Ukraine with her daughter, where she supported anti-Russian (anti-Putin) Ukrainian women candidates in their 2014 national elections. Putin's interference in the 2016 U.S. election is not about adopting Fascist ideology (it is most definitely NOT a philosophy); it's about payback for the Clinton's interference in electing anti-Putin, anti-Russian candidates in the 2014 Ukrainian elections. The esteemed professor apparently doesn't know the difference between ideology and philosophy, which may explain why he leaves so many pertinent facts out of this 'Big Think' video.

  2. A misleading title. The philosopher was conservative, he supported the provisional government and February revolution but denounced the bolshrvik October revolution. He was strongly against Hitler and Stalin alike. You don't have to say more… All you need to say is FACIST and win 😉

  3. Soooo…Trump…won….because of the influence of ….Russian elitist fascist post-modernists…..and we're now living in the new Russian empire ?

  4. Fucking hell, Big Think just gets worse and worse. Complete neocon propaganda from an uninformed dolt. He does not provide any argument as to how exactly Ilyin is a fascist (hint: he was a monarchist). He also doesn't do anything to refute Ilyin's arguments laid out in his many books. In addition, its all about how big bad Russia is trying to undermine 'murica, which is of course innocent of everything XD

    Basically, he is saying 'Russian psyops' are responsible for why Trump voters hate Hillary supporters…. except of course it's not an explanation of why people like this clown hate Trump voters. No, only works one way.

  5. Very abstract. Does he bother to actually prove any of this in a longer presentation/book somewhere, or does he personally not believe in facts himself?

  6. What really matters to that social/economic lieing crony putin is ignorance, witch is usually pushed by religion and anti intellectual stupidity for control, but is now trying to corrupt information along lines of communication within our gov institutions, over those self worshipers who think their superior of class and race like that rat faced putin, of social/income inequality, but are just stank lieing pos kleptocratic oligarch self centered THINK THEIR SMART ANTI DEMOCRATIC FILTHY WORTHLES CRONY REGRESSIVE FLAMING ASSHOLES, who’s cloaked in lies, who are and will be revealed, for the worthless cronys that they are. Always knew he was a nazi, like hitler who adopted the america first racial nationalism and racial segregation out of admiration & targeted it at the jews, in starting where he left off towards reaching out to the far right & attacking the nation through it, at targeting its democracy with disinformation warfare, as an attack on this nation and all that it stands for, with the aid of the far right and this #NotMyPresident pos traitor in the oval office, on an attack on its citizens, WHERE RUSSIA & PUTIN IS OUR ENEMY, WHO THINKS HE CAN GET AWAY WITH USING THE SAME ANTI DEMOCRATIC KLEPTOCRATIC TACTIC OF BAGGING THIS NATION, LIKE HE DID HIS, IN ROBBING US OF OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOM!

  7. Whether democracy is a spectacle, a ritual in the service of oligarchy.. I big-remember there was a study at Princeton published as an academic paper a few years ago, which argued and demonstrated beyond doubt precisely that — through the analysis of the major policy decisions in the United States… "Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens." By Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page

  8. Ivan Ilyin wasn't an authoritarian, he was similar to a constitutional monarchist in that he wanted to limit the despotism of monarchy, but retain the unity in culture and ideals that it sometimes does well. And also to limit the chaotic factors of liberalism where people don't view each other as a national "family." His views are similar to many Western philosophers of conservatism.

  9. People who are saying the U.S. is fascist is mistaking rampant individualism and a fucked up form of liberalism that sometimes promotes greed and economic disparity with fascism. No matter what party you are in, everyone in the U.S. is some form of liberal. Whether it's individual rights for guns or gender identity or capitalism those are all liberal individualist values that a fascist would scoff at. Fascism above all values order and this means knowing you place and following the national narrative. The U.S. is the opposite, you do what the fuck you want, be any culture you want.

  10. I'm not saying being a patriot is bad, by all means have pride in your country. But do NOT forget the bad things because they make you feel uncomfortable. If you have to make up history (and I'm afraid almost everyone does it) then you should be skeptical of people promising "the one solution" because it's always just "one key step" but it's never to do with more research or education…

  11. Has Mr. Snyder been to Russia recently? Apparently not, 'economically stagnating', cmon, there are good reasons for Russians to support Putin!

  12. Big Think, you can do better than this anti-Putin propaganda. Putin is actually one of the greatest leaders of our time. You don't know Putin or his influences, stop talking rubbish! I can't believe how stupid this so called Professor is. I follow Russian politics closely and the west are the ones doing what you are accusing Putin of doing. He has constantly tried to reach out to the west but the west is arrogantly pursuing a failed policy of trying to contain the Russian bear.

  13. Putin is such a badass. I shall read this gnostic philosopher boy immediately so I can be one with the Force. The Force is Putin. Bless you, mr. Broadcasts it Abroad (brilliant!).

  14. Here is a collection of lies in this clip. 1: Ilyin was NOT a fascist pholosopher. 2: Putin never expressed any affiliation with Ilyin or his ideas.

    This despicable creature creates a fake monster, and then smears Putin with the crap he just created.

    You must be totally sick to listen to this nonsense seriously.

  15. Russian hit piece before the World Cup , sour grapes , Russia is gona be on the world stage in a few days time , and if its one thing football fans do not care about is politics , this WC Will change Russia in many ways esp the way we view the country

  16. The child, upon seeing a flea circus, exclaims, “Look! They can get out any time they want!”
    To which the old man says: “You might think so, but they just don’t jump that high…”
    Russia should rid its self of the tyranny of the oligarchs.

  17. it is easy for one who has reached the top (an illusion) to come up with the notion that freedom is knowing your place"" Where did Putin "come from" what was his beginning.

  18. Big Think has just become bad western propaganda. Snyder is not a historian, he's a political hack, and has been told this by several critics of his latest 'history' book, an exercise in pure chauvinism and conspiracy theory.

    Notice he doesn't actually quote ANYTHING Ilyin said. Why? Well, because this philosopher is not well attended or written on in the west, and so he can basically make up anything he wants. Philip T. Grier is the Ilyin scholar you want to go and read. He actually… you know, read the books Ilyin wrote. The fact is, Ilyin was a right-Hegelian who detested the Bolshevik satanization of his country, made a strong moral case for resistance against the Soviet Union, and believed that Russia was inherently monarchical in its spirit, thus would return to a traditional autocratic system after the USSR collapsed. But this wasn't even Ilyin's primary focus of thought. He was most interested in how legal consciousness works in societies, and felt that a lack of it had driven Russia towards revolution.

    That's right, Ilyin did not believe (as Fascist theory holds) that law is stable if asserted through unrelenting terror and violence, but that solidarity in a state could only exist if the people recognized and accepted the laws. In short, Ilyin was an articulate advocate for the RULE OF LAW in Russia. His monarchism, his Christian justification for violence, his belief in the importance of religion in society, his constructive critiques of where Fascism had gone wrong, and his conviction that people's say in their country should be conditioned on the basis of their education and their legal consciousness, these of course run counter to the thought of men like Snyder, but by attacking Ilyin in such an ad hominem manner, Snyder proves that he cannot actually argue with a man who had far more intelligence than he does (note: Ilyin's thesis on Hegel is today considered one of the essential works the world over for understanding the German philosopher. Snyder has never produced anything nearly as academically important and never will).

  19. I can certainly appreciate why so many on the Left hate this guy. He's now more of a Capitalist than most Americans, especially the Barry Obama lovers, and as for his being a Fascist… That is a label the average Communist has used against everyone they hate (read every non-communist) for the past 100 years. By the way, that's the label they've used against every so-called Fascist they've killed off in the 20th Century, i.e., every America friendly "dictator," every 'denier of human rights," i.e., every politician apposed to Communist infiltration, media manipulation and your basic leftist/revolutionary-type anarchist on the planet. So, maybe, being a Fascist isn't so bad–compared to dictators like Barry Obama, dictator wanna-be's like Hillary and all their, now US citizens (and were former Soviet Hard-Liners), that Putin kicked out of the Russian Republic and who now enjoy our sunny shores–along with the Billions of Rubles they brought with them.

  20. Fascinating how such meaningless , totally lacking any basis in reality speach does not strike people with simple question "what the hell this fck is even talking about"? Unbelievable ….

  21. Mr. Snyder. I have watched many of your video's and interviews. They r very insightful but often the interviews when replayed does not have sufficient sound value to actually hear all the details. For example, in the beginning u reference a facist philosophy, but his name is not clear. To do my own research after hearing one of your talks, the sound and/or articulation must be clearer. Despite this problem, I am trying to get our local library to host playing your video's along with facilitated discussions. Turn Up the Sound….I have mine as high as it can go.

  22. Mr. Snyder. We have been conditioned to be polarized by the mercer efforts, the NRA which uses same propaganda techniques. Then there is how we elect politicians based on one-sided ads and rallies. The russian's just copied what was already there.

  23. Superb analysis by the Professor. Putler and his acolytes are trampling over all western values, trying to weaken and undermine our society. Russia is the real enemy. That Dugin guy is also a fascist pseudo-philosopher behind Putler. Russia should have been dismantles in 1998 when it was on its knees in a state of pathetic decay.

  24. Ilyin is an incredible Christian Monarchist and Christian philosopher. His writing is beautiful and his ideas are exactly what America needs today to revitalize the moral people in this country.
    I am translating a number of his works for mass consumption.
    Snyder can hate him if he likes, but who cares what a dummy like Snyder thinks?

  25. At 3:24 love is hate and hate is love.

    As soon as we arbitrarily define what "love" is, by default, we create "hate".

    Our behavior is predominantly a product of our perception of reality.

    Our perception of reality dictates our possible psychological states of which more directly affect our behavior.

    The majority you don't want to accept that they don't know what they are so they "self affirm". This becomes a psychological security blanket so they don't have to face the insurmountable fear of the level of awareness we are victims of.

    Once that solidifies, it's easy to use it as leverage to control behavior.

    Mental prisons and the war for our "minds".

  26. It's not about territory? Sounds like a diarrhea of the mouth opinion to me.

    Course it's about territory. Primitive behavior. Fighting. It's about money and power to control everything because when biology is at this level of awareness and feels like it can control the environment then it can predict what will happen and therefore feel safe..

    Again, insurmountable unknown is terrifying. We are victims of this level of awareness and we are all victims of biology.

    The war for our minds is a physical one and the territory is neurological synaptic cascade. That is where it is physically taking place.

    If we could take all the neurons of all the so-called human brains involved in the displayed ponderance, I wonder how many times that would cover the surface of the world? Or would it? #vsauce ?

  27. i never understood, can you explain? how, exactly, did russia interfere with our elections? just the chat bots? anything else? because, considering russia is not the only interest with bots, that doesn't really seem that different than rt, and they're allowed to have that here

  28. Хахаха, что за глупое видео. Funny. Propaganda leftist still sad little hillary didnt win? Sucker

  29. If anyone here in the comment section is triggered by this .. there just not getting what's happening .. we are all becoming mindless pawns in a sick game for the wealthy and powerful and what he is saying is that we are as American becoming indoctrinated into Putin's and other rich and powerful oligarchy

  30. Why is this man waving his hands in our face ? Is he trying to hypnotize us with his hands and low key and paced voice ?

  31. I dont know all these PUTIN supprters how dumb they are,,, they see some videos from the government sponsored channels{all other channels are banned in russia}, in which PUTIN is kissing a ailing child, He is Killing bears, singing songs, etc etc, The russia has become a fascist state. Putin is not what he is portrayed as. America is very very very very very very vry heavily underestimated by the PUTIN BOOTLICKERS. You may think, US is stupid just like D Trump. But believe me, The US is not run by the president, it is run by some BUREOCRATS, WHOS SOCIAL IDENTITY IS HIDDEN TILL DEATH. president is just a face. Do you think RUSSIA has pwerful military? you think an icy cold region can develop and frighten the World? get a life dudes, BECUZ THE US IS THE BEST. AND IT HAS ONE POLICY, NEVER FIGHT THE ENEMIES ON YOUR SOIL, DESTROY them before they are being raised,

  32. This professor has diverged a bit too far from the path of reality himself. The things he explains could apply to all governments in the world.

  33. It is a very simple struggle between the masses and corporations. And when you have someone on the side of the masses like Putin or the Communist Party of China then it's a problem for corporations around the world. And then the stories begin saying that Putin is a fascist Communists in China are dictators and so on. Simply because they are fighting for the good of their people and thus becoming competitors of the oligarchs from the Western world. It is so simple and true that they are working at all costs to make it complicated. The proof is undeniable Russia in 1999 had a gross national income per capita of about $ 6000 and today it is $ 27900. The dictatorial regime of the People's Republic of China has managed to take out more than 700 million people from severe poverty in less than 40 years. All this at the same time as the American people and Western European people were becoming poorer and corporations and some individuals were becoming richer. Stop it once, the world needs people like Putin and XI Jinping. Common respect and care for mankind. For all people until the last of the world there is no left behind and forgotten. We need that. And not have to work 60-70 hours a week so I can send the kids to college. Or if I get sick or someone from my family and by some strange logic my insurance does not cover it. And I need to take a new mortgage or even worse selling the house and becoming a homeless person because I'm sick

  34. The Ultimate choice, Ilyin says, is between a shameful life and an honorable death. The first is weakness and the second is strentgh. The choice was forced upon people in the SSSR. The choice is coming rapidly to force for all in the West now.

  35. by off shoot its 2/28/2019 this vid is 100% psyop prop. too many fallacies too explain holy jebus. WAKE UP MURICA!!!!!

  36. According to Galup, 82% of the Crimeans support reunification of Crimea with Russia.

    But I guess that democracy is when you ignore the free will of the 82% of Crimeans!!! And when you suggest that the Crimean bridge should be bombed by the Ukrainian air force. That's democracy in the best NATO manner. And fascism is when you respect the will of 82% of the people.

    Even if (and when) Putin leaves power, even if Navalny or Medvedev come to power, you will still hate Russia. You will find a lot of excuses to sanitize Russia.

  37. Biggest Facsist is Benjamin Netanyahu and His finaciers who owns CNN, NBC, federal reserve, bank of Engalnd etc…. Facists= Jewish bankers!

  38. the key to this nonsense is thre i no option between clinton or trump
    both are more or less not acceptable the usa lost it
    common sense is abolished and the dumbest is elected president
    you do not deserve better with you curend setup

  39. Google irrussianality (it is a blog by an international relations professor and Russia expert) plus Timothy Snyder to learn how poorly researched this presentation by Snyder is. This isn't scholarship, it is sophistry and cherry picking to prove pet points.

  40. One has to be impressed with the level of Timothy Snyder's delusion. Russia intervene in the US elections to help Trump??? That Illyan's idea of democracy as a spectacle is something that happens in ONLY Russia but not in the western world!?! It doesn't matter whether one votes on the left or the right in so called western democracies, the leaders serve the establishment. That is why people across the world especially in the west are trying to elect anybody but establishment figures. The difference in Russia is Putin took a country that was in the process of being raped off all of its wealth by the west in collusion with western favoured oligarchs like khodorkovsky and transformed it into an independent strong nation capable of standing up to the US. THAT'S WHY THE RUSSIAN POPULATION SUPPORTS PUTIN. The Russian people see very clearly the people who would sell them out to the west. It is rather obvious by the ones who the west tries to support like Navalny. Does this mean that Russia doesn't have problems of corruption like ALL OF THE WESTERN COUNTRIES ESPECIALLY THE US? No. It has similar problems. But each country needs to deal with this problem in their own way. Far be it for the west, when central banks have stolen more of $21 trillion dollars of the public's wealth to give to their wealthy bank friends and multinational corporations in order to bail them out and keep them afloat to be lecturing others on how to deal with corruption. We have not even dealt with our own problem of corruption!!!

  41. I liked Snyder's comment about not leaving all our energy in front of our TV or computer screen,
    It's time to get organized and out on the streets [ the real world] to defeat fascism.

  42. Let's assume that this guy is summarizing Ilyin's thoughts accurately. Doesn't the notion that facts don't matter, that everything boils down to personal preference, sound remarkably post-modern? Our generation didn't need Ilyin or Putin to tell us to think and behave this way. It springs from natural, sinful impulses, from the satanic principle, 'I WILL'. By contrast Jesus prayed to His Heavenly Father, 'Thy will be done.' And 'I WILL' is the principle which inspires and sustains tyrannical dictators. It tears society apart.

  43. This guy speaks as though 'democracy' were a normative model of human government, which it clearly isn't, if one looks at history as a whole. And while I don't take Ilyin's other ALLEGED points seriously at all, I do AGREE that elections are a ritual. They give citizens the ILLUSION of participation in processes which really do not include them, for most decisions are taken behind closed doors (how could it be otherwise?). Elections may cement people's loyalty to the regime TYPE, if not to the administration itself. But after all the point of government is to govern; the point is not representation for its own sake, is it?

    Scripture describes the proper role of rulers as 'servants of God', but puts forward no political ideology.

  44. Furthermore, they have a special philosophical doctrine called "Eurasianism". This doctrine is close to the fascist ideology. The primary value of Eurasianism is war also. They even have special (_probably_ semi-occult) contacts with DRPK (North Korea) in order to learn some "red"(left-feudal) aspects of the Juche regime and incorporate them into the present Russian fascist state. Most of the people(s) are nothing but a plastic material for the "true" and only creators (aka gods) and their young generation in Kremlin. Saw one of them in a Thelemic (mostly liberal) chat. The prison of nations.
    Now I understand which forces are behind the ethnic, social, economic and psychological demolition of my Pomor ethnos at the White Sea (the former Novgorod Republic + Karelians).

  45. What did the russians convince us what not true? This is bulshit and that pee tape stuff has no basis in fact and i dont even like trump. Clinton lost because off nafta and tpp. Its simple she wad not a popular person and would be nothing without dominating the dnc

  46. Mr.Timothy Snyder, you are one heck of a warmonger. Philosopher Ivan Ilyin wasn't a fascist. He was a russian pholosopher, a very bright thinker, who was forced to leave the country because of the communists' ideology. He moved to Germany and, yes, – unfortunately, at first was fascinated by Hitler's thoughts about the state. But only at first, because he changed his opinion quite promptly after realising what was going on. But you don't care about these facts, you don't care about his life or his philosophical works. A shame, that you're just here to preach the hate towards the russians. I'm from Russia, so I know what I'm talking about. Ilyin's not a fascist philosopher, but you're ranting about the reasons of Putin's actions by saying the word "fascist", like Ilyin's worldview was a fascist one. And that's a lie.
    Furthermore, there's isn't any direct correlation between Putin and Ilyin's philosophy. I'm not implying that he hasn't read Ilyin's works (I don't know about that), maybe he even likes Ilyin, but he has also read works of other philosophers as well. So why did you choose specifically Ilyin as Putin's inspiration? That's a rhetorical question, of course.

  47. Your vote virtually is a survey. Libertarian Fascism is what most Americans engage in to acquire wealth.

    Bourgeois Democracy is what those who acquire that wealth engage in to suppress the vote 🗳 and make sure social programs like the New Deal which never benefited Blacks and almost got FDR taken out in a coup, will never get implemented again. It has been a gradual erosion of rights and appointing fascist judges and government positions to suppress the proletariat votes. (It has always been a class struggle)(Some want to make it a race)

    The proletariat is us who want change and understand that Affirmative Action was White and the Irish Became White by making blacks characterized as vagrants and contagions of wealth.

    They hate a successful Denmark Vessey style uprising. They hate a smart Frederick Douglass type brother. They hate black that thinks collectively, instead individuals competing to curry favors from rich, smart, but most importantly stable whites. Blacks need therapy. We have such a low expectation and view of ourselves. Slavery, history, and negative stereotypes/troupes have made blacks hate themselves. It’s almost impossible to find a self confident black person. We need healing beyond normal methods.

    The bailout king Obama is a corporate fascist sellout that hurt many black families.

    The stereotype of low IQ, low competency, lazy, and poor morality makes us the easiest targets of there eugenics agendas. Blue Dog Dems are the worst Libertarian Fascist.

    We are waking up and intellectually will be self sufficient people.

  48. I hate how the MSM and even some serious people in the US tend to support the idea that Putin is a generic evil villain "addicted to power", MSM left and right wing commentators and "experts" tend to fantasy about Putin, the right thinks he's just the savior of the west, the left thinks he's as bad as the US government and is actually behind US policies. Too bad there's very few people talking about reality and the good AND bad things about Putin. I was baffled by amount of disinformation in US media about Russia (even historical facts).

  49. Trump is a far from fasiscm as you can get. Idiot. Hitler reegulated, directed companies, squashed free speech, confiscated weapons, had brigades on the street beating up dissenters ( like antifa), was an animal rights activist and anti meat.consumption, was anti Semitic and pro islam. Think the greens wordwide, and several dems.

  50. This is mere mere cold-war anti-Russian, baseless propaganda. It quotes no books, it has no sources, discusses no philosophical issue – only cold-war propaganda.

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