The Fake Abortion Clinics Of America: Misconception

The Fake Abortion Clinics Of America: Misconception

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  1. I do not agree with deceit, but in our society today abortion is considered a right. But abortion and how it is portrayed is very deceitful. I had a abortion when I was 19 and it impacted my life very negatively because it is murder bottom line and I have to live with that decision. The women who are getting these “abortions” are not fully aware of the negative consequences it creates emotionally and spiritually. And what the true motive is. I wish I was tricked into NoT murdering my baby.

  2. 45 000 for baby delivery they need to do something with healthcare system then talk about taking away the option for woman's to choose if they want abortion or not…….

  3. “It’s not the easy thing that people make abortion out to be”. I want to know who’s running around claiming abortion was an easy choice? I think that because we struggle so deep with the decision is because we ALL know how important life is thus making us question if it’s right or not.

  4. God bless these people! Put a stop to the Kermit Gosnell BABY MURDERERS posing as physicians in the world…as well as his loyal subjects. Like many of you sick animals posting. You baby murdering animals! That’s what animals do!

  5. Ok, so really? "Organizations who lie" (what did she say?) "Who lie about health care decisions…" You mean like the FDA? CDC? How bout HHS? Who could be more dishonest then GOVERNMENT health care agencies. It's not like they're unbiased and don't make billions off a product. Trust planned parenthood who just got caught selling babies body pieces under cover to labs or scientists for large $$$. but not any agency that provides support and free services instead? Planned Parenthood lies a crap load but they don't say that in this documentary. Planned Parenthood leads women to believe they provide pregnancy care services that they don't; I know a volunteer and he is always saying this. They pressure for abortion than tell you it's not as far along as it is or that it's just an unfeeling clump of cells.

    According to the congresswoman interviewed, federal money should not be appropriated for any agency that lies or provides misinformation about health care and that should include planned Parenthood which is actually funded by our tax dollars while making big money selling fetal body parts. At least give the world ends a portion of the money you make on her fetus.

  6. If i needed to have an abortion there i would arrive with headphones and a good playlist so i won't be able to hear those stupid chants "lord have Mercy on her" its funny how a non existent entity can have mercy when does not exist?

  7. Thanks for helping kill innocent babies. No reason to execute an innocent child because women want to hoe around and that’s the case for 80% of people.
    Your undercover cameras are being DECEPTIVE by pretending to be something you’re not. KEEP STANDING UP FOR EVIL DUMMIES!!

  8. Gosnell: the abortion doctor who slit the necks of live born babies and killed an abortion patient. A government approved abortion clinic which had dead fetuses in trash bags all over the clinic, baby body parts in jars, and rats as well as as cats loose in the clinic.

  9. It was awful being told they would help you and your baby, because you’d rather just get an abortion because you don’t want to hear the other options that don’t result in your babies death. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be pregnant and not wanting to be but wouldn’t you want to hear another option where your baby can survive?

  10. The only thing I could think of while listening to “Donna” is

    Okay So is your baby alive or did you kill it?

    “I can explain why”


  11. -edit

    The footage at the pro-life abortion facility is nowhere near as bad as the undercover footage at planned parenthood facilities where they’re talking about selling baby body parts or Gosnell’s murder facility. Sickening that the narrator in this video would defend killing babies and the people in this comment section are doing the same. makes me wanna vomit.

  12. everybody here is acting like you can only protect either born babies or unborn but not both. like WHAT?! protect both! duh

  13. Everyone has the right to make they're own decision for there body but for both abortion and things like medication and a implant to prevent your body from its natural state has side effects on your body and mental state /I say mental state and body for the medication because it's chemistry and UNNATURAL chemicals placed in your body so of cause there will be a chemical imbalance apon the mind /body.
    And soul if you let your decisions weigh you down be that for making any decision you can not fix or take back. And staying on a contraceptive for lengthy periods of time definitely will change your natural self as long as women are aware of the REAL SIDE EFFECTS OF LONG TERM ANTI PREGNANCY MEDICATION OR IMPLANT there is no faults in anyone be that for or against have YOUR opinion BUT DONT SAY what HAS TO BE SAID AND DONE FOR ANYONE ELSE.


  14. In the Bible it says who should we follow God or men you decide do you think God would want a woman to murder the baby in her uterus

  15. I had a miscarriage but my insurance deductible was higher then an abortion. So I called around and got one of these clinics. They did a ultrasound ( me knowing there not heartbeat) the nurse said " o your baby so tiny that why we cant hear it" so they took me in a room I'm thinking I'm about to watch a video, a religious counselor walks and tell me all this stuff about god . I'm just sitting letting this women talk to me about keeping a baby that not here any more. I told them how misleading they were . What upset me was I really wanted my baby and they lied trying to make it like I was still carrying

  16. “It’s an awful feeling of being in that place and I don’t know why” no , the awful feeling comes from you knowing your going to kill your baby & someone is telling you you don’t have to and you know that’s true .. smh

  17. This makes me feel disgusted with humanity… How dare they pose as doctors and mislead scared women who need help?? These SICK SICK people… how can they be so blind and so cruel?? Brings tears to my eyes…

  18. 14:40 all.this stuff is true, GAPS WHAT SOME WOMEN REGRET ABORTION!! ….. wow people are stupid, please look up womens testimonies on Rachel's Vineyard and AndthenThereWereNone website to read womens stories which you wickedly call "lies" what bs

  19. Wow I’m from Detroit as well, that’s so misleading to bait women on Google tho! It’s a fraudulent practice to change a woman’s mind of right!

  20. The next logical step would be to have faith-based medical clinics where they diagnose your sickness and pray for you. Cause you know how concerned republiclowns are with the cost of health care and spreading their religious "values" to the rest of us.

  21. Do abortion doctors think about all if the lives they have deleted from the storyline Earth and what potential role they would have played here?

  22. Republicans are extremists just because there are millions of them we should stop pretending their point of view and politics are anything but pure extremist nonsense.

  23. Some ppl need to get it into their thick heads that not everyone follows the same religion as them.
    And I’m not talking about just christians because I know not all christians are like this. I’m talking about all ppl that use religion to justify something.

  24. Listening to these demons sacrificing 30 to 50 millions of babies in the USA a year in the name of compassion is horrific!!

  25. Crisis pregnancy centers could be good for people who want their baby but dont know how to or are unable to care for them. They shouldnt be made for deceit and bringing in unwanted children

  26. 1) if these law makers have their way….they are elected officials doing what they campaigned to do. Funny how liberals love the freedoms of our democracy until it goes against what they believe.
    2) why is it okay for planned parenthood and others to receive government funding but not the opposition. I don’t think either one of them needs our money
    3) if you think abortion is murdering babies then don’t have an abortion. Why do you have to be up in everyone else’s business. Why can’t everyone just take care of themselves and quit worrying about what someone else is doing

  27. I’m Buddhist but I can’t see why saving or trying to save children would be so painful to this woman, but killing a baby doesn’t upset her, the clinic is not being very Christian lying to women. They are going about this in a wrong way, Honesty is the only option, this clinic would scare anyone..

  28. Most of the time, women seeking an abortion only hear that it is a good thing to abort their baby, or that they are sinners. Planned Parenthood won’t let you see the sonogram because it might tip the scales for you to not abort. That is worse than what these crisis centers do.

  29. Don't appreciate the lack of sources on this video considering all the studies you referenced, but that's vice for ya

  30. Imagine trying to to get treatment for your genital warts and then a bunch of Karen’s ambush you calling you a “baby killer”

  31. They’re showing an old video on a VHS talking about depression after an abortion is a thing but have been proven that the 30 year old study was false.

  32. Don’t say it is “natural” for your body to keep the baby. Like WTF don’t you see you are alienating anyone who has ever had a miscarriage

  33. Oh pooooor me. I didn't take any personal responsibility. Now I'll blame it on pro lifers. Why aren't these women incarcerated????

  34. I can see and understand where they coming from (the fake clinic) they wanted to save unborn child's life but not in the right way, all fetus which got inside the ovarian already forming which make it human when you kill it means you murdered someone. To all the people that said "women are free to decide" "they should have their voice to decide an abortion and move on" I'm really glad your parents don't think the same. Facts having abortion means you kill someone. Like it or not. Its not even the fetus's fault, its completely the fault of the parents that having careless intercourse. Smh. If you make mistakes you take responsible

  35. People should have a say in keeping the baby or not. It’s their own child and their lives that will be changed,the baby’s don’t have lives yet. I’m not saying that those lives don’t matter it’s just that somebody’s life is already built and the baby should not ruin all that they have worked for just for a new life.

  36. Does Vice ever objectively report on these issues? Tax payers money goes to Planned Parenthood also, they talk about being fair, Vice should take their own advice. No such thing as 100% safe abortion, just like any other medical procedure

  37. The real issue os the planned Parenthood places that allow 9 month abortions then recessitate the baby and sell theit organs. That's WHAT THEY SHOULD BE RALLYING ABOUT

  38. Lot of Whataboutism in the comment section. Keep the discussion on abortion instead of shifting it to "what about children that are already born? Checkmate pro-lifers"

  39. This is so sad women should have this choice and it’s awful that they have to get led on by people like this

  40. So , killing a baby is the right thing to do ? I understand that if there's danger to the mother or child because of medical reasons , but should we take matters in our own hands , regarding life and death. Maybe , I am wrong but should we decide , who has the right to life ! What is with thinking before getting pregnant ? Just speaking my mind.

  41. "The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members"(Winston Churchill)…,aborting Down's Syndrome infants,euthanasia for the very old…,God have mercy on us!

  42. I went to planned parenthood once to get an abortion. I went so early there was no detectable heartbeat yet and it wasn't visible on the sonogram. They refused to do it because "they couldn't confirm it was a viable pregnancy". I'm like that's great, I caught it before there is a heartbeat. I didn't want to wait. They refused to give me the abortion until they could detect a heartbeat AND see it on a sonogram. I can back at the end of my 4th week. They tried to send me away again telling me I had to wait until 8 weeks. I became extremely upset and repeatedly insisted on doing it that day. They got what they wanted, a heartbeat and a barely visible speck on a sonogram yet still refusing me. Then they changed their tune and said the reson they aren't giving it to me is because I was upset. I said "well yeah! This isn't an easy thing in the first place and you're making it way harder than it needs to be." They said to me "we don't think you really want the abortion". I said "no one WANTS an abortion, no one goes and gets pregnant on purpose just so they can skip on in and get an abortion. I wanted it before there was a heartbeat. I came in the same week I missed my period. YOU PEOPLE are making me wait and pushing it out and now refusing to give me one at all!" They continued to refuse me. I told them "ok, since you're making me keep this baby, how do you plan to take care of it?" They said "we don't do that." "No shit! So you will make me keep a baby I can't care for and once it's born you skip away and I'm left with something I knew I could care for and that I tried to rectify before there was even a heartbeat." To which they replied if u didn't calm down they're calling the police. Are you fucking kidding me?! Luckily for me I called a doctor whom I saw regularly at a different women's clinic (in tears of course) and told her what was happening and that I didn't know what to do and that I thought she might have guidance. They said come right over so I did. I couldn't afford the abortions they offered there but because of my nightmare situation and current state they worked some magic and found a way to give me the abortion pill. Could have been off the books for all I know.

    So basically planned parenthood isn't what they seem. They may do some abortions for some people but I know they also talk a lot of people out of it/refuse them an abortion.

  43. What if a little girl was raped u rlly want that little girl to have a baby! Or any rapped victim.THINK PEOPLE THINK

  44. Good idea not doing anything wrong . Trying to prevent them from making the worst mistake in their life . Help the women. Like abortion clients to lie. Federal money help diapers nothing wrong with that . Federal money kill babies . Jealous because trump took your federal money away .

  45. The fact these people can trick people into thinking their health centers and spread such fake ass “facts” is DISGUSTING. BREAST CANCER IS NOT FUCKEN LINKED TO ABORTION YOU LYING WHORES

  46. These people are pro life until it comes to immigrant children and children in the system. Those kids they don’t bat an eye at

  47. Everyone who opposes abortion should be standing in line to adopt the babies who would otherwise be aborted…but we don't see that, do we? Why? Because people just like to stand on their soap box and wag their finger and act like their better than someone. None of them are actually stepping up to the plate yet feel it's ok and it's their place to force someone else to.

  48. I go to a catholic school and this week a group of students in our pro life club are going to the march for life in dc. I live in Nebraska and it is hefty trip.

  49. Huh, tricking pregnant women. Shaming them, and shoving God into their lives when it is clearly not right for their paths at that time.

    That sounds like a great business idea for any medical center 😒

    God, how could you support something like this.

  50. Just because a clinic doesn't do abortions, doesn't mean it's fake
    Also I call bs on that chicks story 🙄
    I think she's just pushing pro-choice propaganda 🙄

  51. In my country adultery is a crime and we have rules and dressing codes to avoid adultery and we don't have abortion cruelty

  52. Bro, I hate these people. Some women literally get raped, or get pregnant by accident, but can’t raise a child and know that there are already thousands and thousands of children waiting to be adopted, or are in horrible foster homes, so they don’t want to harm their kid and put them up for adoption. Don’t judge people for something that’s already hard for them to do. There are people who need ACTUAL help, like people who are abused, or that have a disability or illness, etc. Leave these poor women alone.

  53. I don't think it's right for anyone to be told what to do with their bodies… But people tend not to think of the circumstances of all women… Maybe a woman doesn't wanna keep her rapists baby… Maybe a teenager girl doesn't want to have a baby by her father or uncle… maybe a child bride doesn't want to be forced to have children at a very young age… Every women's circumstances are different… I do not agree with women that use abortion as birth control… That is wrong but a woman should decide what's best for her situation and I don't think a man should ever have a say in it because we can't make them get a vasectomy… And we can't make them stay around to help with the children… If a father leaves his child no one cares but if a mother does she's the a scum of the earth… I wish these same people would rally to make our laws better period… In some states you can get married when your 11, 12 or 13 years old when you can't even fully understand marriage and are more than likely being forced by an adult but this is law… A lot of these laws are for the men to stay in control of women.. IDC what anyone says…

  54. Abortions would still be a thing even if they were illegal, except they would be much more fatal, and not only would the baby die, but the mother as well. People don't realise that when someone is in a terrible position, they're likely to do anything to get out of it. Abortion Clinics offer a safer and more supportive alternative to coat hangers

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