“The F– Word” – the history of Fascism, Donald Trump and the Far Right

“The F– Word” – the history of Fascism, Donald Trump and the Far Right

Oh hey there, so you clicked on me. Nice. You’re here because you want to talk about
the F— Word right? Right? You know which F– Word I’m talking about,
don’t you? Yeah you do…. Fascism. What’d you think I was talking about? I mean if you haven’t been living under a
rock then you’ve probably heard this term “Fascism” being thrown around a lot lately. But what is Fascism and why are we are we
hearing the term so much now? Fascism is a term that originated in post
World War One Italy. 17 million people had died after the Great
War and just about every country was left with a crippled economy and failing infrastructure. In Italy a young Benito Mussolini and his
new party the Fascists rose to power promoting a message of Nationalism and Nativism. Likewise in 1920s Germany, Adolf Hitler and
the NAZIs rose to power promoting a similar message. Both of these leaders where able to tap into
the populist resentment and anger felt in their countries in order to propel themselves
to supreme leadership through the cult of their personalities. Fascism harkened back to ancient lineages
like the Aryans or the Romans in order to “re-generate” the decadence of modern society
and it’s ills. They both claimed that their countries had
lost their inherent greatness and that it was their duty to reclaim it. They used a rhetoric of pests and vermin to
describe their enemies. And both know what happened after they came
to power. Does anyone else see some similarities? Aghhhhhh!! In 1944 at the height of the Second World
War George Orwell wrote an essay entitled, “What is Fascism?” – deeming this to be the most important question of the time. He concludes that the term is too
broad – encompasses too many things – to have a clearly defined universal definition. He also states that any modern British person,
he was British, would agree that the term “Fascist” is synonymous with the word bully – and that’s
the definition he agrees with. Does a bully sound like anyone around today? Regardless of what we might call fascist,
one thing is for sure – popularity of Fascistic thinking seems to arise during economic contractions
and recessions. Blame for economic crises are then put on
cultural groups, oftentimes marginalized and vulnerable populations. And we see the same thing unfolding today. As the cliché goes that those who fail to
learn from history are condemned to repeat it. But in a world of nuclear weapons, climate chaos and endless wars, if we don’t learn from history today there
might be no history tomorrow.

11 thoughts on ““The F– Word” – the history of Fascism, Donald Trump and the Far Right

  1. wow! Your presentation was very entertaining and informative. I don't think I'll ever forget the history of Fascism. Thanks!

  2. Hey, I've worked with Alexa in the past. Good job on the video, girl. Kudos to the whole team. If only more Americans realized the danger that Trump poses before they voted for him.

  3. couldn't listen to more than 10 seconds with that horrible vocal fry. also if you had intelligence, you wouldn't need to use sexuality to attract viewers

  4. Gotta love the beautiful Aryan talking about fascism. Protect your people and pray for a rise of a new national socialism and end to cultural Marxism

  5. Score for good looks: 9. Score for historical accuracy: 2. Both Mussolini and Hitler had roots in Marxist ideology. Just like your LEFT side. Mussolini: COMMUNIST. Hitler: SOCIALIST (Where do you think the NAZI acronym derives?). Obama, Sanders, Clinton are all socialists. Their Brown/Black Shirts are ANTIFA. ANTIFA employs Communist/Fascist tactics. All three wanted extreme government control of all aspects of life. When this happens, life becomes devalued. Please read history. Otherwise, as you stated…. it will repeat.

    America voted. Americans spoke. Real Americans do not want socialism or communism. After all, look what it did to our 20th Century.

  6. Dam it….. was waiting for her to jam a buttplug in….. get nasty with working her little man on the boat….. this video failed….

  7. You're a fucking idiot. You do realize Reagans Campaign Slogan was also "Make America Great Again". Guess, what? The economy became almost supernatural in it's power and strength for everyone. Actually do research instead of Trying to repeat the messages you hear on TV.

  8. Conservatism (fascism)= business + religion with military backing to control society. They cannibalize the weaker(minority)citizenry. They target minorities in their midst such as people of different religions, different ethnic origins and sexual orientation.

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