The “ethnic cleansing” of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, explained

The “ethnic cleansing” of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, explained

There are thousands of refugees entering
Bangladesh every day. They cross the border of Myanmar where the state
military has launched a violent offensive against an ethnic minority
group – the Rohingya. The UN reported that since August 2017 about 400,000
Rohingya men women and children have fled their homes in Myanmar’s Rakhine
State. Reports claimed that the military has been killing and raping the Rohingya
and has set their villages on fire. Satellite imagery showing burned
villages confirms those reports. Because Myanmar has refused access to human rights investigators, the current situation cannot yet be fully assessed
but the situation remains or seems a textbook example of ethnic
cleansing. The term ethnic cleansing has been reserved for some of the worst
atrocities in history. The UN defines it as a purposeful policy designed by one
ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror inspiring means the
civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic
areas. What makes Myanmar a textbook example is that the military has been launching attacks on the Rohingya – a Muslim
minority in a majority Buddhist country. Violent tactics have forced tens of
thousands of Rohingya to flee their homes. While many fled to Malaysia and
Thailand most ended up in Bangladesh. The recent wave of violence is the latest in a pattern of discrimination that started over 50 years ago. In 1962, Myanmar –
then called Burma – was taken over by the military in a coup. They got rid of the
country’s constitution and created a military junta. Like many dictatorships
they promoted fierce nationalism based on the country’s Buddhist identity and
when they needed a common enemy to help unite the population the Rohingya were
singled out as a threat. Tensions between the Burmese Buddhist population and the
Rohingya go back to the Second World War when each group supported opposing sides. The Rohingya sided with the British colonialists who ruled the country and
the Buddhists mostly sided with the Japanese invaders hoping they’d help end
the British rule after the war. But even in modern Myanmar the Rohingya
minority continued to be an easy target. Although their lineage can be traced
back to 15th century Burma, the government has been forcing them out
claiming their illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.
It started in 1978 after a massive crackdown called Operation Dragon King
forced about 200,000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh. The military reportedly used
violence and rape to drive them out. About a hundred and seventy thousand Rohingya reportedly returned to Burma. Then in 1982, the government passed the
Citizenship Act recognizing 135 ethnic groups. The Rohingya, with a population
of about 1 million, were not on the list and became a stateless people. In 1991,
Myanmar’s military launched another campaign literally called “Operation
clean and beautiful nation.” This time about 250,000 Rohingya fled to
Bangladesh. Tensions continued to build against the Rohingya in the 2000s. Violence broke out in 2012 when four Muslim men were accused of
raping and killing a buddhist woman in Rakhine. Buddhist nationalist backed by
security forces attacked Muslim neighborhoods, burned homes displacing
tens of thousands of Rohingya again. Human Rights Watch deemed it an ethnic
cleansing campaign. By this point the Rohingya were persecuted
disenfranchised and stateless. In 2016, a Rohingya militant group, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, emerged and coordinated small-scale attacks on
border police stations. An attack on August 25th 2017 left 12 police officers
dead and sparked the current crisis against Rohingya civilians. A brutal
retaliation by the state security forces has led to about 400 deaths and the mass
exodus of about 400,000 Rohingya to Bangladesh. Since the August attack 210
villages have been burned to the ground. The violent campaign has triggered the
fastest growing humanitarian crisis in recent years, but Myanmar’s de facto
leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Ky has barely acknowledged the attacks. More than 50% of the villages of Muslims
are intact they are as they were before the attacks took place. When she says
that, you know, 50% of the Muslim villages are still present in Rakhine State wel,l
I mean, what are we talking about? 50% are gone. 50% are burnt out. You know in any school I went to 50% is a failing grade. Recent
reports claimed that the military has planted landmines along the Bangladesh
border to prevent the Rohingya from returning. Myanmar’s government has systematically driven the Rohingya out of the country.
Over the last five decades it has stripped their citizenship, terrorized
them, and destroyed their homes, and now it wants to keep them from ever coming

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  1. It is wrong to paint this as religious sectarianism. The Burmese government simply doesn't recognise these people as being from Myanmar. There are other groups in Myanmar that are Muslim that are integrated well into Burmese society. This issue is distrust and violence on both sides of this conflict. Don't conflate the issue by bringing in religion.

  2. Actual its a racial conflict not a religious conflict
    The title gives the wrong informations
    There are also other muslim ethnic groups that lives peacefully with the burmes majority

  3. I am sorry but she just said Rohingya wrong, and considering she is supposed to be informing us, that is not the best mistake to make at the first hurdle.

  4. This is most horrible thing a Buddhist nation can do and the one who rules it is a noble peace prize winner.Did you change the states name into "Ironic union of Myanmar"? I think you should

  5. Afghan, Persia and early Pakistan wasn't even muslims countries till the caliphate invaded and cleanse their culture. Everyone has a Muslim invasion problem .

  6. Why is this minority group going through such difficult life!!!! So no country can accommodate them??? I used to love this Aung San suu madam president. I had no clue she was a monster!!!!!

  7. Bangladeshi Muslim need to control their population.. They spreading their peoples illegally to neighboring country….. These rohinguess speaks bangladeshi language

  8. This is partial news..look at the world.. Muslims are growing and growing their population and swallowing countries and their unique cultures… Look at how many countries have become Islamic states in the past 1000 years… They are a global threat… If they can't be tackled peacefully, they leave no choice… Muslim women face tremendous suppression among their own people.. It's a ghastly, evil sect… Dont pity them…
    Ofcourse I believe in human rights. Ofcourse I am absolutely against burning down villages, raping etc etc.. These are criminal offences… But I think political methods need to be implemented by all countries and all Islamic people should be banned from all non Islamic countries to ensure their survival..
    It's about preserving the beautiful diversity of the world, the different cultures, cuisine, religious traditions etc… Islam is destroying it all.. Oh God please save all the beautiful diverse cultures.. 🙏😢

  9. Rohingya is not allow to even live in Myanmar. They attack us first and we should drive them out before more tension.

  10. Put Myanmar into genocide if they kill the Rohingya ethnics…but that will break the human rights law but idc.

  11. You should be aware of what your ethnic group has done wrong when even the BUDDHISTS are mad at you. Hah. Muslims are always the victim of the world!

  12. If u have guts make video on kashmiri pandits, the Bengalis & Assamese of India who are becaming minority in their own land for uncontrollable bangladeshi immigration, if u have guts criticise the China who captured a whole country Tibbet & now torturing wighur muslims, why u don't make any video on china who suddenly attacked on India & captured a oprtion of j&k….bloody jokers.

  13. Rohingya Muslims are killing Rohingya Hindus in the same way although Rohingya Hindus are minority even in Rohingya community.

  14. good work Myanmar, India and Shri lanka also need these kind of operations on Muslims

    when Muslims in minority they are sweet but when they got magerity in area they want their one muslim Nation what happened with Indonesia Malaysia Afghanistan they are Buddhist and Hindu countries in past right now they are Muslims

  15. I am from Bangladesh and we actually dont accept the rohingays they are spreading violence in bangladesh
    they must go

  16. Make video on native Kashmiri Hindus ( Kashmiri pundits) . Rohingyas are terrorist. Their violent and attacked many Hindus in west Bengal and Myanmar.

  17. Muslims promulgate at every corner their being the large brotherhood, meanwhile their fellow Muslims are compelled to flee away and eat louse on their heads. No rich Muslim country such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Brunei invited them! Where is ye love and unity, blabbermouths?!

  18. These filthy people are now coming in India , but India is soon going to launch Citizenship act on border states and they will be deported back to bangladesh

  19. The worst part is that people have no idea mass crimes like this happen , such arrogant people even in ww2 times . Ignoring and turning a blind eye so the criminals are supported .
    Exploiting innocence for more so called peace, all people groups are malicious .

  20. the comment section is filled with muslims who believe in things they haven't seen in real life yet. They'd still try to refuse when you show them proof lol.

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  22. These Burmese are the worst cruel dogs on the face of the earth especially there monks.
    They burnt, cut and did (still doing) everything they can do to the poor innocent Muslims until the death.
    May God destroy them. Ameen.

  23. my question is, what did the muslim do to the buddhist community that makes even the peaceful kind of religion became a deadly lion?

  24. This Rohingya people are security threats to Myanmar and any country. They helped the British, betrayers. They are directly linked to militants and islamic terrorists.

  25. So where were you guys while there was Tamil cleansing in srilanka,hindu cleansing from Pakistan just asking 🤷🏽‍♂️

  26. Not only this.. this country has become the world largest meth supplier which is killing a lot of people around the world. Myanmar should be invaded then let the Rohingya people get to their motherland , also destroy the government over there the main culprit for all these mess.

  27. We are also having problems from Bangladeshi immigrant's they are taking away our tribal lands and breeding like rats in the state of Assam in India we are planning their ethnic Cleansing as well stealing our lands like this is completely unacceptable they have also started taking away our jobs and got themselves in civil services.

  28. There is no other way to chase the Muslim immigrants, so in a way Burma did the right thing in protecting themselves.

  29. British have a role here too. They have encouraged migration from the then Bengal province to work as low cost labour in the rich timber coastal areas of Burma back in 1800s .

  30. Love how they completely left out Rohingya mujaheddin that lasted a decade because they wanted autonomy and be annexed by Pakistan.

  31. Ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims is well engineered and planned designed and funded & implimented internationally.

  32. If this situation arose in any middle eastern oil rich country USA would back the rebel group and support them

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  34. UN is United States' base of operation to exert control on countries that have oil and simply keep statistics of human loss of countries that don't.

  35. Message to Indian muslims.
    Now that you saw how muslims are treated in Myanmar, you should be thankful that you are in India and secure enough.

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