16 thoughts on “The Era of Corporate Social Responsibility is Ending | Rachel Hutchisson | TEDxWilmington

  1. I'm not sure if she understood what corporate social responsibility stands for. She's the VP of Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy. Those two things are very very much outdated to count as CSR.
    From someone who has more than a decade of experience in that field it's not a good TED talk.

  2. Corporate social responsibility is actually ending because the large corporations have so much money, and have bought off so many political parties, and have stacked so many major courts, that they don't have to be responsible any more. We have no power left. Every agreement you sign now has a forced arbitration clause, and class action lawsuits are soon to be made illegal. The ONLY power we have is to stop buying what they are selling.

  3. Her confession was a statement.
    I like the way she "plugs" in her Prius.

    CSR is being abused and manipulative towards profits.
    I need an extra 15.00 a week for cashiers asking for a dollar for this and that fundraiser.
    Also puts an unethical pressure on all the cashiers who don't have the time to explain the purpose. It's driven with speed and guilt. That's unethical… that's not good for everyone.

  4. 'Good is for everyone' lol. A wonderful lie the middle class tell themselves. If single parenting, drug addiction, homelessness and being marginalized effected the middle to upper classes things would change overnight…but sadly it doesn't, and this women is selling a lie.

  5. Is it ethical for managers of a company who want to give to a charity using the money of their shareholders instead of their own money. How about letting the shareholders get their dividends back and give to charities of their choosing? Some of these corporations give to' charities' that some of their shareholders would consider quite loathsome like the Southern Poverty Law Center or Planned Parenthood.

    If an initiative is good for the shareholders, helps grow the brand for example, helps grow an industry that the company is a part of, or if it is a way of making restitution for company operations that have harmed the public in some way, it makes sense. Contributions up to the extent they can be deducted from corporate taxes makes sense in countries that allow this, provided these are charities that shareholders can agree on.

    CSR can actually be unethical. It's easy to give other people's money away. I saw a news program in which a man who stole credit card numbers made a donation to poor starving children. The difference is he outright stole the credit card number as opposed to using a position as a steward to give away other people's money.

  6. I call BS. Corporations and their puppets are masters at the game of presenting their problems as yours. đŸ˜‰

  7. Its a partnership that we have to move to.. Those on the ground have a better idea of what's happening.. People-Planet-Product

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