The Elite Of Society Not So "Elite" at Avoiding Crime! Let's Talk About It!

The Elite Of Society Not So "Elite" at Avoiding Crime! Let's Talk About It!

good day crime talk aficionados we have a lot of stuff on the dock of the day first I want to thank you for 58 thousand subscribers couldn't have been done without you second on the docket Epstein his life is never gonna be the same again next up on the docket let's topic our Kelly it's always about the money and when we start talking about all these sexual perverts and privilege that they've received it brings us right to Harvey Weinstein me too let's talk about it good day crime talk aficionados this is Scott rice of crime talk and we have a busy docket today it is jam-packed because we were traveling all over the state of Colorado and down to the Las Cruces city limits right next to the United States Mexican border for a sentencing in a federal racketeering case but I am back to bring you your crime talk updates the doc it's so thick today I'm definitely glad I have my crime talk mug so as not to get too parched while I'm talking to you all so the first thing on the docket was a big thank you we're at fifty eight thousand subscribers thank you thank you thank you if you have not subscribed please subscribe if you like the content that we put out give it that thumbs up and hit that notification bell so that you receive notice of when we put out new videos or go live we do thank you it couldn't be possible without you next thing on the docket Jeffrey Epstein for those of you who haven't heard of Jeffrey Epstein he is a finance guy and I use that in air quotes because no one's really sure exactly how he was making his money but he's wealthy and back in 2002 he pled guilty to some prostitution charges it required him to register as a sex offender but everybody kind of knew the case was involving underage children but he got a pretty good sweetheart deal now whether that had to do with the fact that truly the United States Attorney at the time didn't think he could prove his case or whether he received favoritism because of mr. Epstein's political and social connections we may never know for sure the reality of it is that's done mr. Epstein got a roughly a two-year a little less than that county jail sentence where he was allowed work release he'd go to his office six days a week he got a smoking deal and then when he gets out it and has his little celebration party you have celebrities like Katie Couric Katie Couric showing up along with other political connected people and famous people ask forward to 2019 mr. Epstein gets charged by the US attorney in the Southern District of New York for child exploitation charges going back to the same time period a legend the mr. Epstein was engaging in unlawful sexual contact with underage girls in Miami in New York in his residence in New Mexico as well as his private island in the Caribbean so when mr. Epstein's 77 million-dollar townhouse was raided they apparently found quite a treasure trove of for mr. Epstein that is of underage girls neatly categorized and indexed classic sign of someone who is in fact into child pornography as often times they have these detailed inventory of their collection so to speak so that doesn't surprise me based upon what we've heard from mr. Epstein now mr. Epstein has a lot of money he's hired some very good and expensive lawyers and they tried to get mr. Epstein out on bond and they failed they're appealing that to a higher court to see if they can have mr. Epstein released don't think that's going to happen the two major things that any judge is going to look at when they grant bond other than the charge itself is are you a fail are you a flight risk and are you a danger to the community what judge is gonna let mr. Epstein who has the resources to disappear be that guy that judge let him go away if he is ultimately found not guilty at trial obviously mr. Epstein has given the presumption of innocence let the chips fall with them eh but no judge wants to be that guy that lets that guy get away and not face trial face potential justice in this particular case support mr. Epstein was found yesterday morning apparently in the fetal position in his cell with some marks around his neck and semi-conscious several theories floating around out there one is the mr. Epstein tried to commit suicide second is that he faked being injured or attacked so that he could be transferred to little nicer facilities at the hospital and third mr. Epstein apparently had a cellmate or someone who had access to his cell the inmate who is in the cell apparently with mr. Epstein is Nicolas TARTA Bologna I probably mispronounced that mr. tardy cologne is a former police officer he's 49 years old and he's charged with killing drug dealers and burying them in his front yard this man is going to prison and I know we've talked about this before but people accused there is a hierarchy in the jail system and there's a hierarchy in the prison system child molesters are at the bottom of that rung they are the lowest of the low scum of the earth only thing above them are people accused and/or convicted of rape they have a very tough time in custody they literally will be beat upon for the fun of it mr. tardy go Leone is his roommate my guess is think she's probably going to prison for the better part of his life and if he could harm mr. Epstein then he can maybe take some benefit of that and mr. tardy glowny apparently had no idea how mr. Epstein wound up with the bruises or scars on his neck I've seen this before as well I've seen cases where two inmates were in a Cell one inmate asked the other to stop snoring and that he should leave the cell or he was gonna have to check out go into solitary confinement he refused to do so when they locked the doors at night when they woke up in the morning only one person woke up that's the way it is in prison people will kill you for the slightest reason they don't care okay that's the way it is a lot of people they're serving life sentence what are you gonna do give them another life sentence ooh it doesn't matter they're probably not gonna go the death penalty unless the inmate kills a police officer or correctional facility personnel they don't it's just not gonna happen okay so I'm gonna bet mate I could be wrong but my humble opinion is that the inmate in the cell mr. tard Eagle Oni may have hurt the good mr. Epstein we will see now mr. Epstein has some big problems this island down in the Baja Bahamas where all this hedonistic sexual exploitation of girls was taking place apparently has a room it's like a temple it's got hidden doors they've recently found hidden doors there's been some drone footage there's also been some security cameras to show people that are in that little room and it's just weird and creepy mr. Epstein he probably is going to hope that someone takes him out for his sake hopefully for his sake it'll be painless but my guess is someone's gonna make it very painful for him now certainly we're not advocating for that but I'm telling you sexual offenders particularly that on children are the lowest of the low in the prison system though next on the docket are Kelly it's always about the money I did a video it's called the defense attorneys twelve undeniable truths and I can't remember exactly what number it is but maybe we could put a link to that video below and it says it's always about the money okay just about everything in life is about the money and when they say it's not about the money it's always about the money then you know for certain and in our Kelley's case he has paid witnesses to disappear not to cooperate to make cases go away and it is alleged that there are some videos out there of r.kelly engaging in inappropriate unlawful alleged sexual misconduct with young girls he has apparently paid according to some sources close to two million dollars to hush this witness up now since the money has dried up that victim is now willing to talk to the FBI my guess is probably our Kelly has breached his agreement to continue to pay this young lady and her family but those of you who don't recall our Kelly has had legal issues civil criminally and he's always pretty much got walked away unscathed but now in Chicago when he was facing state charges he got hit with federal charges and once again the federal system has kept mr. Kelly in custody in the state court system and I don't want to get too much I'm on a tangent here but in the state court system just about everybody gets a bond assuming you are not charged with murder and then they can hold you no bond but everybody was getting bond in today's world with all the criminal justice reform they give personal recognizance bonds which are bonds where you simply just promised to appear and you go away okay the federal system is not like that the magistrate judges that here the cases hold the detention hearings take their responsibilities very seriously and just given the consequences that you're facing in the federal system most people are potential flight risks so they remain in custody and on federal drug cases you are presumed in most cases to be a there's a rebuttable presumption that the person is the dangers of community a flight risk so it's presumed that they're going to leave and they should be held without bond happens all the time our Kelly I don't think he will ever get to wear a fancy attire that he's ever worn just like mr. Epstein after his trial is done but we'll see he's given the presumption of innocence we'll see how things shake out an interesting issue comes up when we talk about the Epstein's the our Kelly's Lori Loughlin where it really makes you wonder if the elite the wealthiest have a different set of rules that everybody plays by and is it some sort of narcissistic thing that they have or is it because everybody has told them they're so great that they think that they can do whatever the hell they want and then when they ultimately get hot they act surprised and shocked and said everything I just don't understand okay and whether it's Lori Loughlin the Epstein's of the world Harvey Weinstein who's facing not only civil suits all over the place but criminal charges in New York just a couple weeks ago he got rid of his attorney trying to bring in a new firm or trying to bring in a new set of attorneys to represent him whether there's a delay tactic or he has irreconcilable differences with his attorney it certainly doesn't play well with the court because either a it's games or two he has irreconcilable differences because he doesn't like what his attorneys are telling him and so he's gonna hire people it'll tell him what he wants to hear my guess is the district attorney is not making any kind of offer for mr. Weinstein other than going to prison so he is inclined to fight these cases to the bitter end Harvey Weinstein case brings us to even a bigger subject we've never talked about it here on crime talk but hey we've had a lot of stuff on our mind we've been traveling with a lot of time to think about things and that's the whole meat to movement that really really got going because of the Harvey Weinstein case because people got tired of it they got tired of these people getting away with things that they know is wrongful to take an advantage of their position as an employer trying to use their position to get somebody ahead if you engage in sexual relations with mr. Weinstein and here's the thing right I don't believe that the me2 movement is about somebody asking another person out for a date okay the me2 movement is talking about the pig okay there's a everybody knows who that pig is he's the guy that talks inappropriately about women he's telling about their sexual exploits he's just he's a pig and everybody knows it he's the guy that when everybody shows up says don't get you know warn the interns don't get on the elevator with that guy well first of all that guy needs to go away and actually here in Colorado we had a state legislator who is a female that was sexually assaulting or sexually harassing other females and she has since resigned so if you're that girl or that guy you need to go if you're the boss trying to have intimate relations with the employees you need to go it doesn't work that way okay the Vice clients advised business owners listen if you find the love of your life that's great you should marry her if you found her at the office or him at the office but guess what one of you should probably leave and I know people say there's exceptions to all those rules but it just creates issues okay don't do it if you're an official decision of authority that's higher than the person you're dating there's going to be problems at work all right the next thing about me – how many people is this taken down okay probably not enough that's what it amounts to but we here at crime talk have done a little research and we've heard about the Matt Lauer's the bill o'reilly there's this miniseries now on i think show time where it talks about the head of Fox and what a pig he was Roger Ailes who has since passed away but there were repeated repeated allegations and let's face it there's rumors people and yes people should not be convicted or required to be terminated based upon rumors but if there are enough people saying it that have never met it's same situation over and over again it's more than likely going to be true we're not talking about proof beyond a reasonable doubt is more of a preponderance of the evidence more likely than not so you've had the business leaders TV personalities why because all these people think that they're so great and that they can get away with anything also going back to the twelve undeniable truths there's two types of people in the world those that are humble and those that are about to be you heard it from Scott rice I've seen it too many times over and over again everybody who thinks that they are too great can get away with everything everybody needs to pander to them and tell them they're fabulous anything that rises super fast like that usually comes down twice as fast but then the next question is what about the politicians well the crime talk staff has done our homework today so we looked at politicians and obviously we're not going to go into the numerous allegations of the president people can decide on that on their own we also have the allegations of former vice-president I think they call them creepy Joe and he likes to touch people grab people a little weird let's face it senator Al Franken resigned based upon allegations then we're basically substantiated one was there's a photo of him grabbing a sleeping woman's breast on a flight on a USO trip and since the me2 movement has taken place there have been ten congressional members in the House of Representatives who have resigned and for those keeping score at home it's pretty evenly split it's been five Republicans and five Democrats then if you look at the states since the me2 movement has really taken stride there have been 61 elected state representatives whom have resigned because of allegations and some of them are really good where they denied any sexual contact whatsoever and then BAM they have a child in DNA and suddenly they said oh I guess I'm gonna resign some of these stories are absolutely crazy but these are people to think that they're entitled they think they're above the law which for public servants who are supposed to be writing the laws need to be doing it better and cleaner than everybody else and if they can't they should resign on their own and get the hell out of there and if they can't keep their hands to themselves and act like proper ladies and gentlemen then they need to get the hell out of there as well now in Indiana the Attorney General refuses to resign even though there are credible allegations after an investigation that he inappropriately conducted himself and an amount of – sexual harassment he needs to go in Tennessee the Speaker of the House resigned and I guess they're picking a new one because his text messages came out of all his sexual exploits to his chief of staff who was also bragging about doing cocaine in the Capitol where in the hell do they find these people and what arrogance is it that they think that they can get away with that they need to go people need to hold their elected officials to a higher standard and that the Attorney General in Indiana is Attorney General Curtis Hill he was accused by multiple women of inappropriate sexual behavior March of 2018 four women have accused him of groping them during a party at a bar on the last night of the Indiana General Assembly session and if anyone's ever been around it's a big deal when the legislature ends all the staff the parties get together they have joined parties they have parties and it's a party everybody gets drunk and so many of these allegations come from the end of the legislative session once again you got a bunch of grown men who are acting like they're a bunch of fourteen-year-old boys away for the weekend away from mom and dad and of the four women of accusing Attorney General Curtis one is a state representative and two were legislative staffers saying that he's was inappropriate and they basically been substantially but he refuses to go ala for Nia not surprisingly obviously a much larger state has the most state representatives that have had to resign and in that particular situation there have been six Democrats and one Republican because I didn't know if there were any Republicans left in California in New York seven Democrats resigned to Republicans since the me to move in has taken place so many more that we could probably talk about from Oregon that of harass people that have drinking problems but you know we're not going to get into that but then we have one particular case we can definitely talk about and that was a state senator Jeff Cruz a Republican and once again everybody knew that the good senator had a quote chronic problem of behaving himself and that's the problem ladies and gentlemen everybody knows who's doing it everybody knows who the troublemakers are and we're acting inappropriately and if the people in charge or the other people allow this conduct to take place then they are just as guilty as the people that are doing it it's called leadership stepping in to do what's right even in the face of knowing that it's going to be difficult and so many politicians won't do it and so many politicians completely lack ethical and moral compass to do the right things they're they're doing the people's work and yet they act like they can do whatever they want wrong hey we're all hypocrites it's just a matter of degree but guess what if you're a public official you're held to a higher standard bottom line I can tell you when I was in the military what an enlisted person were get in trouble for would be a simple office hours an officer did it his career was ruined that's the way it was you were in charge you were held to a higher standard and these public officials that can't live up to that standard need to go

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  1. If Mr. Epstein’s cellmate did end up killing him I strongly suspect he would be viewed as a hero to the general public. Child molesters are lower than low.

  2. Each party enters a relationship with a currency. In Weinstein case the currency exchange may have been career advancements for sexual favors. If the exchange was made neither party should claim victim hood.

  3. Couldnt a victim just take "hush" money and then go to the police? Would contracts actually hold up if you have evidence that this person is a rapist? Idk… that's what I'd do.

  4. Scott, I'd love to know if you think Nicholas godejohn could of recieved a much better defense? I watched the trial and it appears his attorneys didn’t give him much of a defense…..

  5. Maybe Jeffrey Epstein was raped ? can imagine if his ex police officer cell mate hates drug dealers, omg he will want to teach Jeffrey or Jennifer Epstein as he will be known now if raped a lesson !

  6. It's highly likey, that people with too much money and power are thinking, they can get away with almost everything.
    Just bc it worked for them pretty well for way too long and this of course made them delusional in their heads.

  7. Please don't stop talking about the Chris Watts case. You and other channels have been kind to the Rzucek family. I believe there is more to be told and can be done so respectfully.

  8. Clearly all these dirty creeps don't have enough work to do! It's concerning how much of this seems to be going on. Thanks Scott for calling it what it is.

  9. No thanks necessary your content is professional and “fact driven”! Thank you for bringing us knowledge in the way you do!

  10. Hi Scott love your content so much. Very informative, and yes these people who think they above the law certainly should go. Mr Epstein is in the right place and should take what he gets, he obviously didn't worry about those poor girls. Thanks again Scott love your channel.

  11. the democrats support all of these rapist pedos streep gave a standing ovation for Roman Polanski who raped a 14 yr old

  12. The way I see it, the chickens come home to roost on these people sooner or later. Like Bernie Madoff investment scandal, outside people were raising red flags for decades and he almost got caught two years before the scam was ultimately exposed in 2008. So these serial 'elite' criminals know subconsciously they're going to get caught sooner or later, but they just push that out of their minds and kind of live in the moment, I believe. Sort of like professional gamblers.

  13. When you are saying you need multi victims to listen to victims…No you are saying one victims voice is not enough. Not all predators have millions of victims. Bad message. I'm a victim of over 1k assaults. Huge portion came from my job. Because its systemic. Le ok'd and local ok'd it. So that occurred. It's everyone.

  14. Not true about the asking on a date. Sexual harassment and mostly from cops on duty as they are plotting to rape or arrest women. So not a great statement. I'm a victim in that thing.

  15. Hi, Scott! Love your channel! Just curious- I would like to know why you took down the video of you going to interview Kessinger at her apt that day? When she wasn’t home, you said you would go back every day until you were able to talk with her. Then you deleted the video all together and never followed up or said another word about it? I’ve wondered since you aired that video as I was anxiously awaiting the next one! Thanks so much and have a great day! Hopefully you will see this comment 😊

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  17. One of your big fans here from South Africa 🇿🇦 Always have awesome and interesting content. May your subscribers keep growing. 👌

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    Amy – Greenville, SC

  19. Keep the videos coming 😍. I look forward to your show. So glad you make time for your YouTube channel. Thanks again for your factual and entertaining show.

  20. What judge?
    The judge who’s been threatened/pressured by the most powerful people on planet earth. Or the judge with compromised goods being held by powerful people. Epstein was a tool of the elite. He set up compromising situations of judges/pols/top cops/gov agents/etc with drugs and children; videotape & pix. The ultimate control for the global elite.

    Epstein’s case will never make it to trial. No way in hell. Too many will go down. He’ll either suicide, get suicided or be made to look dead to the masses and disappear forever in exile. I believe the latter will happen. He has THAT much money, power and goods on people.
    The public will be told he was killed. Some other poor schlep’s body will get rolled out of the jail and he’ll drive out in someone’s backseat in disguise.

    This case will be forgotten in the media forever

  21. Just love your videos. Couldn't agree more with everything that you have said. I am from Chicago and believe me we all knew about R. Kelly and his lifestyle for years. He paid off everyone and has gotten away with it for years. How many young girls lives has he ruined? He doesn't give two cents for what he has done and never will. All of these people are souless.

  22. Hi Scott 🙋I have a question. First of all, I am not blaming anyone. I am curious as to where were the parents or guardians of these girls? Were these girls all runaways? It seems to me, if these girls were supposedly promised modeling jobs, or whatever, an adult would have accompanied them to his home or office? Also, how could he supposedly fly these underage age girls to his island? I know he paid for people's silence, but didn't other people find this suspicious? I may sound naive here, but this has bothered me from the beginning. There are way too many victims involved for someone somewhere not to have noticed. Thanks for reading this, & congratulations on reaching 58 thousand! 🎉🎊🎈😃👍

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