The Difference Between Socialism, Communism, and Marxism Explained by a Marxist

The Difference Between Socialism, Communism, and Marxism Explained by a Marxist

The difference between Socialism, Communism and Marxism and a whole lot more Explained by me, azureScapegoat There is a lot of confusion about these terms… Socialist, Communist… People are calling Obama a ‘Socialist Communist’ Without really having any proper idea of what those things mean. And this has pretty much always been a problem with Socialism and Communism It even says so in the preamble to the Communist Manifesto, written in 1848 So I’m here to tell you what all the different terms actually mean Most people in the western world, especially in America, have heard of Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders calls himself a Socialist, and talks a lot about Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark Praising them for a social welfare system which provides things like free education, healthcare and other benefits or security nets All paid for by the government. Scandinavia is, wrongly, even by a lot of people within Scandinavia itself I know because I lived there myself Called “Socialist” Bernie Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Primaries in 2016 He lost the Democratic nomination to Clinton Who went on to run against Donald Trump Donald Trump talks a lot about China Specifically, the People’s Republic of China Which calls itself ‘Socialist’ With Chinese characteristics, of course Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, now making him the 45th President of the United States of America Replacing the man who came before him, Barack Obama Obama talked on multiple occasions about Guantanamo Bay Which is a military facility on the island of Cuba But, belonging to nation of the USA Cuba says that the land where the Guantanamo Bay facility is located belongs to the Cuban State Which calls itself ‘Socialist’ Do you know who else called themselves ‘Socialist’? The Nazis. ‘Nazi’ is shorthand for ‘Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei Which translates to ‘The National-Socialist German Workers’ Party’ NSDAP So, what do Sweden, Bernie Sanders, China, Cuba and the Nazis have in common? Well… In practice… Nothing! Sweden, not entirely unlike China Is a country with a mainly Capitalistic free-market system But with some government intervention and social security Paid for by the raising of taxes on those who earn more. Cuba is what many in the world would call ‘Communist’ Choosing not to rely on a private free market, but rather a public planned economy Where elected representatives make decisions about the economy That would otherwise be made by private business owners. Like where to build new factories What they should produce What the wages should be And so on. And although many in the west call Cuba ‘Communist’, Cuba calls itself ‘Socialist’! Yes, they are led by the Communist Party But even THEY say that Cuba is Socialist Not Communist And Germany, when it was ruled by the Nazis, also called itself ‘Socialist’ And although the government was a totalitarian one which dictated many things about the private lives of citizens, The economy was largely still Capitalistic and had a free market Minus some Protectionism and sanctions or embargoes here and there So, what exactly does ‘Socialism’ mean? Well, long story short, it’s a pretty vague term. It could mean pretty much whatever you want it to mean The definition of ‘Socialism’ is: “A society in which the means of production, distribution and exchange are owned by the community as a whole, rather than private individuals.” Of the examples that I brought up (Scandinavia, Bernie Sanders, Cuba and the Nazis) The only one that really fits this definition is Cuba. Because the means of production, that is Factories and other workplaces, like farms for example The means of distribution and the means of exchange are owned by the state. That is, the community as a whole. And the state is democratic, as in run by the people that live in the nation And so the people indirectly, through the democratic government, Control the means of production Distribution and exchange. Sweden, Norway and Denmark owns some of the means of production Some of the means of distribution and exchange But, I would say over 90% of the means of production in Scandinavia Are privately owned. So, the community as a whole do not control the means of production, distribution or exchange In Scandinavia. And so, Scandinavia is, for the most part, and according to most definitions of Socialism Not Socialistic. They are Capitalistic Following an ideology called Social Democracy Which we’ll talk about in a minute. So, I’ve given you the definition of ‘Socialism’ Or more accurately, I’ve given you the definition of a ‘Socialist Society’ Socialism, the ideology, is trying to achieve that kind of society. It’s what’s called an ‘Umbrella term’ Encompassing multiple other terms within it, that branch away further. So, let’s create a nice little infographic thing. We have Socialism on the left, and then Capitalism on the right. Simple enough Under Socialism, we have Communism Now, Communism is an ideology that strives to establish Communist Society Which is stateless, moneyless and, most importantly, classless Think Star Trek (Picard): The economics of the future are somewhat different. You see, Money doesn’t exist in the 24th Century (Sloane): No money?! You mean you don’t get paid?! (Picard): The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives We work to better ourselves And the rest of humanity Now, Communist Society should be distinguished from the Western concept of a ‘Communist State’ The latter being a Socialist State Ruled by a Communist Party For example, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR The Soviet Union Was ruled by the Communist Party But the Communist Party didn’t say “Oh, the USSR is Communist” They said “The USSR is Socialist” Now, under Communism we have 2 other ideologies Anarchism and Classical Marxism I won’t talk that much about Anarchism in this video That’ll be for another time But, essentially, the difference between Marxism and Anarchism Is that Classical Marxism believes in a transition between Capitalism and Communism called ‘Socialism’ Whereas Anarchism seeks to establish Communism directly after the overthrow of Capitalism And not go through a transitionary period That said, Anarchists still count as Socialists Now, Classical Marxism splits even further Into Orthodox Marxism and Revisionist Marxism Orthodox Marxism is essentially a continuation of Classical Marxism But was developed after the death of Karl Marx Karl Marx, obviously, the founder of Classical Marxism Left a lot of his work unfinished And so Orthodox Marxists sort of picked up the torch when Marx died and continued his work and continued expanding his theories Revisionist Marxism, on the other hand, Is an umbrella term for forms of Marxism that have changed one or more fundamental parts of Marxism Social Democracy is a form of Revisionist Marxism That has changed Marxism so much that it is no longer Socialistic, but rather a ‘friendly’ version of Capitalism This is the ideology mainly followed by Scandinavia and some other European countries like France, for example There’s also Democratic Socialism Which is a term so vague that is could actually be either Orthodox and Communist, Revisionist and Communist or Revisionist and not Communist The definition of ‘Democratic Socialism’ is: An ideology which seeks to establish a society with a Socialist mode of production Alongside a democratic system As opposed to the Soviet, or Workers’ Council system of Marxism-Leninism Which Democratic Socialists generally deem undemocratic Now, some people will claim that Democratic Socialism means ‘Socialists who want to establish Socialism through Democratic means But this is not necessarily the case Yes, there are Democratic Socialists who aim to achieve their goals through elections But they can also be revolutionary Democratic Socialists Who reject participating in elections under Capitalism Because Capitalists elections are undemocratic in their eyes And they seek to establish ‘real democracy’ alongside Socialism through revolutionary means. Also note that Democratic Socialism is not the same as Social Democracy Social Democracy is pro-Capitalism Whereas Democratic Socialism is anti-Capitalism At least in theory, there are some Democratic Socialist Parties which are pretty much Social Democratic in theory But just call themselves something else Moving on, Under Orthodox Marxism, we have even more tendencies, like Luxemburgism, Leninism Trotskyism, Maoism and whole lot more These are actually not too different from eachother And so there differences are more complicated and take longer to explain So I won’t do that in this video, but perhaps at some other time. Now then, let’s recap. Socialism and Capitalism are two different things. Socialism is anti-Capitalistic, Capitalism is anti-Socialistic All Communists are Socialists, But not all Socialists are Communists Communists are either Anarchists or Marxists And some people have revised or changed Marxism into something barely even recognisable called Social Democracy Which has historical connections to Socialism and Socialist movements But is not actually Socialistic, even though it’s often called so Democratic Socialism is different from Social Democracy Because it’s actually anti-Capitalistic Which Social Democracy is not Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism and so forth are all based on Orthodox Marxism Which is a continuation of Classical Marxism Because Marx died, leaving a lot of his work unfinished, so other people picked up the torch for him Also, despite not agreeing on everything, Anarchists and Marxists, at least Orthodox Marxists, generally can get along and work together Toward a common goal. Which is Communism If you would like to learn more about Socialism and how it works Or how it could work Or if janitors are going to be paid the same as doctors Or if it goes against human nature Or any of the other frequently-used arguments Go to Which is a website that I created in order to answer common questions And hopefully make everyone a bit more educated about what Socialism actually is There will be a link in the description that you can click If I missed something in this video, or if I got something wrong, then do feel free to leave a comment down below And I’ll try to add annotations and such or perhaps even make a new video Uhh… Later down the line Explaining something that maybe I wasn’t clear about, or something of the sort I thank you very much for watching, and I will see you next time

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  1. Far left=everybody who disagrees with me is a fascist
    Far Right=everybody who disagrees with me is a communist
    Me=fuck, my cup noodles is ready

  2. I think the only error here is that Anarchism and Marxism can overlap, and they do quite often. Although, they would likely fall under "Unorthodox Marxism".

  3. Would you be willing to finally make a video on Anarchism and why is falls under socialism and/or communism?

  4. Nazi isn´t short for national socialist, it´s short for nationalist and older than the nsdap, used against mornachists in the weimar republic by socialists and social democrats.
    There are of course people who can make a sounding argument why most of the important means of production are in the hand of the chinese proletariat, i don´t belong to them…
    And Democratic socialism extends into anarchism.

  5. Marxist Socialism is Socialism; Democratic Socialism is also just Socialism. Many of America's Socialists do not know the difference between a country that is a Socialist Country, like Venezuela, & a Capitalist Country with some socialized programs, like Sweden, the USA, Australia, & a number of other nations.

  6. I’m not a Socialist myself or even agree with it, but thank you for making this video. It really helped me get a better understanding of Socialism, Communism, etc.

  7. Really could use some citations for the things you say as we have no assurance that azurescapegoat is an authoritative source

  8. Interesting video and informative but eluded to mention “ Cultural Marxism “ which for me is the biggest problem in the West these days.

  9. Communism and socialism are economic and political structures that promote equality and seek to eliminate social classes. Contributionism is a non political social system. It embodies the Philosophy of caring and sharing skills and resources. It requires no sacrifice, struggle or strife to achieve its aims of liberation from the burdens of debt, homelessness and poverty. You can view a Youtube video presentation called “ONE SMALL TOWN” (can change the world) – Best wishes

  10. Correction. The tax payer gets taxed to death then the government takes the money to pay for socialism communism and Marxism. And none of it works.

  11. A walking clusterfuck is an American christian. They hate socialism but the heaven they want to eventually go to isn't ran on currency or capitalism. Heaven by religious definition is a socialist/dictatorship in nature 🤫

  12. What a usefully well organised video. Where did the dislikes come from? I've rarely seen a more unbiased fact based video.

  13. Thank you for this video, this is what made me realize that I was a social democrat and what helped lead me to actual socialism.

  14. I have an head-ache listening to him, this proves again what a bunch intellectually mad people they are….

  15. Notice under a Socialist/Communist government , who rules . It's certainly not " WE THE PEOPLE " Why would anyone with any common horse-sense want someone over them , telling them when they could turn around in their tracts or not or all the neighbors spying on each other for their dictator rulers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America was purchased with the blood of patriots willing to sacrifice everything , even against the mightiest army of their time . When finished , we had freedom the rest of the world didn't have . Now , there are two enemies in America that want America's destruction . Socialists and Islam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put them out of this country or give them death . Do the same for everyone in Washington that's against our way of life . Thank God for President Trump and Vice-President Pence . I would say to President Trump . Never defend Homosexuals for they are an eternal threat to our families and children of every generation . I want my loved ones to go to Heaven , not Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!————————————————————————————————–Ernest E. Johnson

  16. The USSR was an authoritarian dictatorship or maybe an oligarchy but certainly not communist or socialist imo.

  17. I do NOT Like your politik view since i am a classical liberal but i realy Like you video

    I have try Many times to say to socialister that USSR and Cuba Were NOT Communist

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  20. Very good video. But I'm almost sure that Rosa Luxemburg was democratic socialist. I mean, she was in SPD which WAS democratic socialist until 1948. Greetings from Poland.

  21. Just want to thank you for making this video. This put me on track for becoming a Marxist. I feel more people would be socialist if they knew what socialism was.

  22. Technically, America encompasses all of those economic theories. People are under the false impression that America is some linear economic society which thrives solely under one economic theory. Capitalism, socialism, communism are terms used as divisive appellations to misguide people into socioeconomic belief systems for the purpose of control.

  23. Sadly you are wrong. Many use the movie schindlers list as an example for privately owned means of production but the production wasn't controlled by private individuals. By Hitlers own words they were expected to produce for the good of the race so for the people. That's exactly the opposite of them deciding what they do. As seen in the movie they have to build stuff for the army because the state controlled the industry

  24. Nazis werent just socialists, they were national socialists. In early years they liberalised economy to let some section of companys to develop themself in hard times, but later it changed into Command Economy, where State decided about market relations.

  25. You have not been paying attention to the Sanders campaign… And your confusion and comparison to the Nazis is plaid. It's common and boring.

  26. I would say that the USSR, China, Cuba and DPK are still capitalist. Capitalism is basically wage labour, something even Abe Lincoln despised as being slavery. They simply make you work for the state instead of a company and all the proceeds went to the state instead of a private capitalist (hence perhaps the corruption). The aforementioned countries took away the *free market*, not the principles of capitalism. People who want to know what capitalism is should read Das Kapital, if they have the stomach for it. What we have in the west is really something else – "Privatism" perhaps – or more accurately Socialist Privatism where the state intervenes and controls the free market (otherwise it would be like Mad Max out there). The only systems to not have Capitalism are Anarchism and Communism. Neither has really been tried in practice, although Lenin tried a bit and failed.

  27. I think this is why idiots always mix these up. It's easier to accuse any economic idealogy left of you as "communism" than to tackle the actual complexity of the situation.

  28. i dont think it counts as collective ownership of the means of production if a hierarchical body has to regulate it for it to work, also a comment on that endnote of yours you actually have to be a handicap or purposfully deceptive if you think that human nature isn't a killing argument against any form of socalism or communism.

  29. "socialist-pinko-communist-totalitarian-anarchist-muslim-Democrat-atheist-radical-antichrist!!!"
    -US Reactionaries on Obama and Bernie.

  30. Everyone has an opinion. The difference between communism, fascism, Naziism, etc. depends on who you talk to. Thank you for your opinion.

  31. Anarchists are NOT Communist. The Communist ideology includes an Authoritarian Government that owns the means of production, whereas the Anarchists believe in no Government whatsoever.

  32. Great video! I’m sick and tired of the US Republican strawman that progressive Democrats such as Sanders and Warren are “socialists” or “communists”. Here in the UK most moderate Democrats would be regarded as centre-right, and the Democrat/Republican divide would look like “moderate Conservative Party vs. UKIP/Brexit Party”

  33. Did I hear you say that in Cuba, the PEOPLE control the means of production, etc, because they ELECT representatives to make those decisions? Really?

  34. I hate Marxism more than Capitalism.
    The want destroy market economy even it’s like Titoism and Co-ops..
    Every country in world that socialist are had stagnation like India, China, Cuba, Vietman, etc. That’s why they implemented so sort of market economy.

  35. Communism and socialism work well on paper if you look at it from a humanitarian point but not in practice.

  36. While this video is very informative Sweden actually does not tax the people who make more. Sweden taxes lower earners at a 60% while only having a corporate tax rate of 21.4%, much lower than the US’s. Sweden arranges its taxes this way was because they discovered that when they taxed the rich at extremely high rates they’$ enter a recession due to crippling production and wealthier citizens leaving.

  37. Marx’s ideas and/or other socialists’ of complete equality sound great and are good in theory, but in implementation of said ideas causes extreme instability in the government leading to power hungry individuals in the state, leading to mass corruption as they spread their influence in the government, leading to them eventually taking power, leading to the destruction of the system entirely, and now it depends on that person and their further influence to stay together. Look at Venezuela where they said they were democratic socialist, but their state slowly deteriorated and now there are only poor people, the majority, and super rich people, the tiny tiny minority. There is no middle class because The super rich people took basically everything, causing the rest to be poor.

  38. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Get some some REAL education on this matter before you post these misleading stupidities

  39. I would count Luxemburgism as democratic socialism since Rosa Luxemburg was the founder of the communist party of Germany and although she took part in the November Revolution (and was eventually killed) she always said that the spartacus league would never seize power through undemocratic measures. therefore i would consider her a revolutionary democratic socialist within the communistic orthodox spectre…

  40. I'm definitely a capitalist but I really enjoyed this video calmly explaining what socialism and communism actually is. I think an important and often overlooked part of politics is learning about other perspectives and why people may disagree with your ideas. Gaining an understanding about each other is important in a democracy/republic where the common people vote.

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