27 thoughts on “The Difference between Accounting and Finance

  1. 01:44
    Accounting is HISTORICAL. Finance is FUTURISTIC.
    Brilliant, Zach. I like all your videos. But this one. Immaculate. What a perspective of differentiating between the two. God bless you!

  2. What to do if I’ve decided to narrow down my career options in the business field but I don’t know what major? I don’t know my talents and what talents are required for each field. What if I lack some skill? I’m an under average student but want to do business, can I make it or is it something that comes naturally

  3. I'm about to major in marketing and I know everything in marketing because its basically politics with business issues and the funny thing is that I thought accounting and finace were the same subject j

  4. Good intel for small and growing businesses. The differences between Accountant, Bookkeeper, CFO, Controller and CPA roles and when to enlist each in your business. Article (The A-B-Cs of accounting and finance): www.ingeniosolutions.com/jeans-tips/abc/

  5. Thank you very much for all the help and information about Finance. I will be taking Major in Finance in both BBA and MBA. What type of job would I need to take in the field of Finance? 😊

  6. Thank you. Why do you look broke And unhappy? Are you broke and unhappy? Be happy. Life is too short to be sad.

  7. I have done my graduation… Now I am going to pursue my PGDM and I going to choose finance and marketing as my specialisation. I have two questions
    1st is will accounting knowledge gonna help me in finance?
    2nd one is should I go for finance with marketing or finance with international business?
    Thanks for the video. You are doing great. All the best ahead.

  8. Accounting is about recording financial transactions, finance is about managing money and financial flows on the basis of accounting data

  9. Finishing before the summer my finance degree… I wish I found this channel when I started. It took me a while listening to teachers to get to proper difference between accounting and finance….

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