The Dead Bones Of The Future Are Coming To Life!

The Dead Bones Of The Future Are Coming To Life!

on today’s prophetic rewind I refuse to
see this nation as a nation that is ended and destroyed
I believe in prophesy to the dead bones of this present hour I lift my voice
today were those two people and we breathe life of America life over this
nation eyes that look are common but eyes that see or ear
surely the Lord does nothing unless he reveals his secret to his servants the
prophets I carry the future I breathed the air of inspiration and I am
nourished by the spirit of the future I am unquestionably controversial and
sometimes my hostility is unpardonable I am forthright outright but I claim no
birthright the villain of today and the euro of tomorrow violated as a prophet
but vindicated by history I rejected Lisi as tickle favors and during that
time and for a season I must be a voice crying in the wilderness at night the
future comes to my door and knocks and I refused to let it walk away sighing I am
a unique copy of an ancient gift a unique reverberation of an ancient
manuscript I am what can you hear in the midst of
ravenous wolves in the midst of deception and lies
what can you hear what is it that you have heard that
draws you into a deep dark place and what is it that you hear that can draw
you into a light far beyond anything you have ever seen that light is the light
of tomorrow that light is the light of the glory of the future can you draw a
glimpse from it and find some solace in that which he has kept in the secret
place of the Most High God in that which he has kept covered for this day
Lord we refuse to succumb to the present what are we looking for are we looking
for the living in the present than the dead in the future or they’re dead in
the present and the living in the future whatever is dead in this present moment
could come to life for the future I refuse to see this nation as a nation
that is ended and destroyed I believe in prophesy to the dead bones
of this present hour I lift my voice today were thousands of people and we
breathe life of America life over this nation Oh
to and as we join sound of life sound of sound sounder sound of home in the sounds at stop no dictation nothing just lets it
is flow you know in this world that we live in
there’s so much tempo there’s so much beat very seldom do we stop to breathe
and just let it come out of us the way it’s supposed to we wake up we have to
get to school on time we got to get a work on time we’re late for this and we
late for that we early never happens but early and we have these time zones that
we have to we are restricted by but in the kingdom of God there is no such
thing in the kingdom of light sometimes it is necessary just to close eyes and
go and rest in him like sound of sound sound again sound sound could you hear it sound of distressed in him he does everything in his time
everything in its time is beautiful close your eyes everybody watching all
over the earth and hear that one note that I play and fathers we have now laid aside laid
aside the cares of this world the rush the fear the expectation of deal we
stand on a boat and our master is asleep why do we fear why stir him and wake him
for a storm that will pass so Lord we take that faith and that hope that is
granted to us by your generous hand and we receive it and we thank you for
healing and for touching lives all over the world today in the name of Yeshua
amen it’s beautiful all of you did
wonderfully you know the most important thing to do in this life is to draw
close to God he now easy it is to want to lay aside that which is precious to
him because we don’t feel good you know I’ve been waking up at 3:45 every
morning and I really got irritated with it because first of all it’s not
pleasant to wake up early you know and then at three or three there’s nobody
around you know emails coming in there no texts coming in no phone calls and no
one to talk to and I found myself in a little bit of despair because it was
dark outside there was no Sun there was no light and it’s not the time to go out
and pray in a garden that is dark and yet you know when I put my shoes on and
I dragged myself out at 4 o’clock in the morning and used my little iPhone torch
or flashlight to get out into the garden area which was dark and all kinds of
sounds and put my fire on inside my garden I found myself completely taken
out of time the limitations of space and he was pleased I didn’t look at good I
didn’t feel that good that I can imagine how God must have felt that somebody
took the time when he couldn’t sleep instead of going and watching a show on
her on iTunes or reading something went out to raise his hands I’m not trying to
praise myself I’m trying to say something yeah and give him the time you
know the next thing I realized it was 6:15 and the Sun was coming up and I
thought about what David said when he said my heart is fixed oh god my heart
is fixed I will sing praise do you know when he said that he was actually being aimed at my soul a king who hated him
and thousands of soldiers scattered around that cave that he was hiding him
and yet he could say my heart is steadfast
how can your heart be steadfast when you have an entire monarchy with his entire
army to kill you because you are the next chosen king the difference was that
David carried the Christ inside of him and that’s who Satan wanted to kill
because without David there was no Yeshua without David there was no Jesus
but David said these words my heart is fixed at steadfast I’m not moved just a
few hundred feet away was Saul the king who could kill him in a second and then
David said these words be exalted O God above the heavens and literal goodness
fill the earth we find bad all the time but have you ever thought of praying
display your goodness in the presence of evil and then he said these words he
said awake David spoke to himself and said awake my glory there is a glory
inside of you that the enemy likes to destroy to hide he said awake my lie
awake awake my heart my musical instrument and then he said these words
I will awaken the dawn and I saw the Sun the light coming and I was able to
identify as David it stood probably the early hours the morning and said I will
awaken the dawn was my praise knowing that he would have to face days and
weeks of a vicious raging king that wanted to kill him that’s how you
overcome the despair of your present moment
try it sometime when you cannot sleep next thing I found with some was shining
and there we were still in that garden three hours later but many of you
watching me are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety and Jesus is aroused and
comes up and system he rebukes the unbelief and the lack of faith and
rebukes the storm jesus never rebuked anything that God did and that’s what
I’m I wrote you today and I’m gonna read to you what I heard from the Lord this
morning when I was praying you don’t mind me waffling onto you okay thanks
Johnny you’ve always been there for me in mark by the way I’ve one of my
closest friends yeah Bob catheters thank you for being in your is that your
future son-in-law okay welcome to the den and he because of bob i have charlie
you are actually to blame for charlie being with me for how long now charlie
20 years 21 years but you know i want to share this with you before prepare so
far come up here this is what it says and you know I was
up fairly early this morning after I dropped matter if I came and I said Lord
what was the reason for you waking or me being awakened the 3:45 for three weeks
in a row losing sleep and being burdened from the nation until prophet Netanyahu
stood been for Congress and gave the word of the Lord don’t mess with Iran and once he spoke something lifted and
the Lord said this to me and it may maybe you will identify with us to today
before I do anything else because it’s such a beautiful spirit that is here the
Spirit of Christ and the Lord said to me he didn’t didn’t say anything I’m sorry
he didn’t he led me I just took the body were done that you just take the Bible
you open you say lord please speak to me and then it says and he went and killed
himself but but have you ever done that we just take the Bible and you open it
and you just think well I did that and I know it’s a very very bad poor thing to
do but I did it and he did speak to me and this is where I open it listen now
in the mark chapter 1 verse 35 now in the morning having risen a long while
before daylight Jesus went out and departed to a solitary place and he
prayed and I said okay so what he said first of
all you’re in good company but I want you to notice him what happened after
Jesus went up three o’clock in the morning by himself his disciples are
worried about him as staff and team tend to get and family
and they asked him what have you been doing everyone’s looking for you Jesus
doesn’t say sorry for inconveniencing you
he doesn’t give a reason why he was there but he has a focus and a
transmutation that is about to take place where he’s going to leave
something behind and move into something brand-new but it took that separation
you know we imagine the Son of God just knowing exactly what’s gonna happen next
he was a man like you and I and I’m gonna show you today
being led by the Spirit is not always Oh God just told me that I’m going to do it
no your circumstances guide you there Jesus goes early hours of the morning
praise comes back and he doesn’t answer them but with these words let us go into
the next towns that I may also minister they because for this purpose I came for
he has the issue they were getting pretty darn comfortable where they were
and the frustration of that drove Jesus to a place of isolation to where he knew
it’s time to get out of this place some of you know that it’s time to get out of
this place some of you know that the frustration that you’ve had in what
you’ve been doing that that has driven you to a prey of a solitary place to a
place where you’re alone and you’re in the dark
it is not dawn there’s no light but you know that if you seek that you will find
and Jesus knew it’s over it’s time to may go to the next few towns
and when he went to the next few towns a leper came to him I’ll tell you why I’m
telling of this because he spoke to me and said I need you to go to some places
all over the earth that you’ve never been to not all the time we’re not
attend rippln histories anymore but God said that’s why I’m giving you something
fresh something new new areas you’re going to go into many of you are
identifying with us right now but as Jesus made that choice a leper came down
imploring him kneeling down to him and saying if you are willing you can make
me clean are you willing and then Jesus moved
with compassion does something that breaks every Levitical law you are not
allowed to touch a leper in fact you had to be so many feet away from a leper
that was the Levitical law which he was still under then and jesus instead of
speaking listen I’m going to show you something beautiful he goes to the leper
and he as the lepers kneeling Jesus muth of compassion stretched out stretched
out his hand and touched him Jesus touches a leper first of all he’s broken
his ceremonial laws mocked broken Levitical law firstly secondly what
about the contagiousness of leprosy Jesus touches it he didn’t have to touch
him because I’ll show you what happened he touched him and said I am willing I
want everybody watching you all over the world to say God is always willing see
that’s a problem we have this question well I’m so bad and I do this wrong and
do that what should stop that because it stops you getting to God you know Bob
toward a series on righteousness consciousness righteous that’s what does
it righteousness conscious were you conscious of righteous not not conscious
of your bad and your sin all the time or your weaknesses whatever they are
the problem is we don’t think God is willing and I want you all to say it
wherever you have excuse my passion but I know how what has kept me back from
God is the very thought that he is not willing to invade my world God is always
willing if you were just ask him leprosy was a huge disease could not be cleansed
by anybody Jesus goes to him and touches him because he knew that one day that
leprosy would come upon him on a cross of Calvary he was not afraid to take the
leprosy because he knew he would take it on the cross what we don’t understand is
every thing took place at the cross for you and I and so Jesus touches him and
then he says I am willing be cleansed he’s saying to you today I am willing be
cleansed as soon as you notice in verse 4 did everybody look at this as soon as
Jesus had spoken immediately the leprosy left Hall a second does that say as soon
as he touched him no it says as soon as he spoke the leprosy left and I realized
that he had no reason to touch him except for what I’ve just explained to
you and then also to show them that one day you would not have to live under
this law and under this bondage maybe many of you watching is saying I have a
leprosy what is leprosy depict today we don’t
have lepers anymore we have maybe 300 lepers in the world and this cures for
them leprosy always speaks about us a sin it typifies a sin
some kind of deep-rooted sin and the other thing is the reason that
lepers would go blind and I feel I’m ministering to a lot of people now so
please forgive me if I’m but the reason that lepers go blind that’s the first
thing that happens with a leper most people don’t know this is because the
eyes are no longer able to close and open and so there’s no moisture and
eventually it goes dry and they die and it spoke to me about lie excuse me
motion in out hi how literacy basically paralyzes the eye so it can’t shut you
you think about from there trying open your eyes leave it open for an hour you
can’t do it but if you held it you now dry you I would be that’s how the
blindness came in and I’m just telling you this because it speaks of a sin that
removes your sight first of all so that you cannot see and what I do yet the
Damned is to make you understand that we want to give you sight and light and I
want you to know today that he is willing now let’s pray for everybody
watching me all over the world that are you’ve being touched right now very
deeply and I’m ministering to you because I love you and I don’t I don’t
see you naturally like I see people here but I can feel you and I love you and we
care for you and so I’m gonna pray now and I want you to raise your hands and I
want you to receive because there’s a miracle that God wants to give you right
now you may not believe it but you can send something even now as you raise
your hands you are sensing something it’s not nothing it’s the presence of
God and that presence can change everything in your life maybe he’s at a
distance for you but if you just ran towards him and said lord if you are
willing and he would say to you I am willing if you prepare to do that you
won’t only hear his word but you are feel ease touch there is a
beautiful touch of God that is present now now wherever you are watching me you
want to be free from a leprosy which is some kind of sin that is blinding you
lift up your hands right now of this very minute lift your hands up and say
these words lord I know that you are willing I just heard that would you
touch me now where I stand where I’m kneeling and remove this leprosy from me
say these words to me Lord say these words be cleansed as God speaks those
words I pray that the power of leprosy would be broken right now and that Lord
you took it on your body 2,000 years ago on the cross called Calvary so we no
longer have to be that anymore many of you are being touched deeply
right now and I’m just doing this because I’m feel the Spirit of God is
Hannah and ran and everybody sang these beautiful songs
I suddenly realized there is a sound that we not hearing keep your hands
raised keep your hands raised many of you are saying I came I I want to be led
by the spirit I want to be able to have a smile on my face I don’t they have to
think of my darkness and my sin I don’t have to think about the fear that is
being portrayed by all the news media I don’t want that anymore I tell you what
there is a secret place and you are coming to it right now Lord I’m praying
that you would remove the fear I pray you’d remove the anxiety I pray that
you’d remove the stress I pray that they would understand that God has a plan for
this nation and God has a plan for their family and so as you touch them now
I pray remove that that they may rejoice and tell the world of your beauty and
your the name of Jesus come on see it wasn’t too bad people give him
the presence of God they get awful but you know I did you know what this is
what this is about you know when I was we were I was
playing the piano and we were we had the not the drums because that sounds like
Steel’s doing something wrong who we had the tempo and it was like something said
to me stop there must be no dictation because the spirit world and of course
there’s order but they must be that freedom to breathe can everybody
watching me just take a breath close your eyes go do it again now the third
time that you do that I’m gonna pray that the Holy Spirit breathed into you
don’t do it yet please I’m gonna pray that the Holy Spirit breathes into you
Jesus stood with his disciples and breathed upon them and said receive the
spirit I’m asking God to give you the spirit now doesn’t matter where you are
with you in this building or outside whether you in England or whether you’re
Russia wherever you are watching me there’s a third press we’re gonna take
and as you take that breath I’m praying that God would breathe spiritual breathe
in you let’s go take the breath now breathing them freezing them now Lord
breathing each person now breathes in each person now take another
breath another one another one now receive the spirit some of you are receiving beautiful
things right now I just want to take a quick moment and I won’t take too long
but I just wanted to interject here and thank all of you for supporting
prophetic rewind you have no idea how much it helps me with continuing the
legacy of my father because as many of you know his prophecies are still coming
to pass and what God did in my father was not confined to one human life it
was what God was doing and that’s why prophetic rewind is so important because
there are vital and essential things for the body of Christ that could only come
from a true prophet of God and that’s what prophetic rewind is all about and
so when you support prophetic rewind you are supporting me continuing that legacy
not only of my father but what God was doing through my father and that’s gonna
help me do so many things there are albums books of his prophecies and so
many so many other things that I’m working on and when you support
prophetic rewind when you give an offering to that you are still giving to
the Prophet and to what God was doing through him so I won’t take any more of
your time because we’re gonna go right back in there but thank you again and
let’s go why do I enjoy them because it’s one of
my favorite of course my favorite books in the Bible and it’s filled with
prophecy most of the Messianic prophecies are written during David’s
and the various writers during their praise it was written by one of my
favorite authors characters in the Bible which is David to his usamos the beloved
psalmist of Israel bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His
Holy Name bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits who forgives
all your iniquities who heals all your diseases who redeems your life from
destruction who crowns you with loving-kindness and tender mercies who
satisfies your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the
Eagles the Lord executes righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed he
made known his ways to Moses his acts to the children of Israel the Lord is
merciful and gracious slow to anger and abounding in mercy he will not always
strive with us nor will he keep his anger forever he has not dealt with us according to
our sins nor punished us according to our iniquities for as the heavens are
high above the earth so great is his mercy toward those who fear him as far
as the east is from the west so far has he removed our transgressions from us as
a father pities his children so the Lord pities those who fear him for he knows
our frame he remembers that we are dust anybody can read a psalm and can relate
to it because there’s pain passion repentance fear joy jubilant that’s just
so delightful that’s why I like the people to year at being read from
somebody who is experienced these Psalms not only in his life but also in the
songs that we write s for man these days are like grass as a flower of the field
so he flourishes for the wind passes over it and it is gone and its place
remembers it no more but the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to
everlasting on those who fear him and his righteousness to children’s children
to such as keep his covenant and to those who remember his Commandments to
do them the Lord has established his throne in heaven and his kingdom rules
over all bless the Lord you his angels who excel
in strength who do his word heeding the voice of his word bless the Lord all you
his hosts you ministers of his who do his pleasure bless the Lord all his
works in all places of his Dominion bless the Lord O my soul facing me light
up there in the gallery overlooking all of us in this August chamber is the
image of Moses Moses led our people from slavery to the gates of the promised
land and before the people of Israel entered the Land of Israel Moses gave us
a message that is steeled our resolve for thousands of years I leave you with
his message today his Co vm su Alta who the Alta soon upon ahem be strong and
resolute neither fear nor dread them my friends may Israel in America always
stand together strong and resolute may we neither fear nor dread the challenges
ahead may we face the future with confidence strength and ho
may God bless the State of Israel and may God bless the United States of
America you know what I love about the prophetic is it gets so close to the
heart of God you hear his mind his thoughts what he plans to do you know
you need this on a regular basis and there are millions of viewers will love
the world that experiences twice a week sometimes even more at my den you can
experience it as well I would love to have you there
all you got to do is go to Kim TV we have so much we have worship we have
songs that come from the heart of God prophetic words about things that have
not happened yet that’s all we we say to the people welcome to the future and I
want you to experience that I look forward to seeing you there you

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