The data revolution: privacy, politics and predictive policing | The Economist

The data revolution: privacy, politics and predictive policing | The Economist

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  1. 我是中国人,说实话,我周围很少有失信的,如果有失信记录,说明这个人在银行或者借贷方面有严重失信行为,我们的这个制度还是很公正的

  2. Apple doesn't have heart rate tracking AirPods yet, so that is not something being collected from consumers.Did not seem like a great example.

  3. Interview the other 1.3bn Chinese who are happy with not having to suffer criminals/morons on public transport/ in public space, thanks to the social credit system. Why does BBC always have to pick the negative angle?

  4. I'm a UK midlands smalltown (CV??) Targetted Individual. This Voice to Skull (V2K), Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) system is real, and world wide. It's everywhere, so it NWO inspired/sponsored?

    By using RNM and V2K technologies, my perpetrators can read, monitor and modify thoughts, monitor and modify perceived hearing and vision, and mess with any other body parts or function in any way they please. They also cause intense pain, cripple and even kill. I was recently thrown headlong into retail shelving, busting my head and glasses, leading to a four hour, five stitch spell in A&E. They have yet to kill me ;), but this has been threatened/promised. Also, I've been told to kill myself: jump off a carpark, fall under a train. Sleep control and deprivation is a huge part of their game.

    My perps, who claim to be British police, do this and more to me on a 24/7 basis. Also they seem to fuck with my internet access to wind me up, prevent research and block or tamper with communication. I'll be amazed if this message loads without interference of some kind.

    Now add Artificial Intelligence to the picture. There's easily enough computing power to control every single person on the planet by applying this technology (think mobile phones). This is clearly where it's heading. Indeed DAVOS has already hinted at this (see my references below). What the open minded, free thinking amongst us can see is staggering, frightening. The blind acceptance and ignoring of it by the closed minded, short sighted 'sheeple' amongst us is equally staggering, equally frightening.

    They claim to be police: strange thing is I live within 500 metres of the principal district police station, so why do they not just pop round and see me? I have even called in on numerous occasions to enquire, receiving only negative and curious responses: they always say they don't want me at all! Last time I called they chucked me in an ambulance and sent me to a shrink.

    Britain beware! A burgeoning Orwellian police state now exists in your country. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    Why target me?

    This is the one that I and, I suspect, most, if not all, TIs simply cannot answer.

    Now you try and answer this one.

    Have you considered the huge moral, ethical issues involved in this? For instance, have you asked yourself the question: "When, if ever, is it right to anonymously practise mind reading, mind control and gang stalking?" Now crank it up a bit and consider: "When, if ever, is it right to anonymously trash peoples lives by mind reading, mind control and gang stalking?" Or this: "When, if ever, is it right to anonymously trash peoples lives by mind reading, mind control, gang stalking and random use of directed energy weapons?" Please bear in mind that many victims are driven to suicide without ever knowing why they are targetted, or by whom they are targetted.

    This technology is destroying humanity itself. You would not know if your mind was being got at unless the perpetrators wanted you to know, as it can run totally undetected by the target. You yourself could be an active target right now. You would not know.

    Remember: First they came for the Socialists….

    If you are targetted:

    Do not stay in. You must not lose your social circle. If your friends don't believe you, don't bring the subject up. Once you become isolated, you are finished. It's tough, but you must fight.

    So you know, I'm getting V2K 24/7, with DEW assaults at least twice a day. My perpetrators claim to be police, but they don't want to know.

    Stay strong, you are not alone.

    PS For further reading and viewing, search for 'Richard Diell' Makes you aware just how far these bastards will go!?

    Also watch If this fails, search "Davos Elite" on the 'Truthstream Media' Youtube channel.

  5. In predictive policing do they incorporate data from those who caused the global financial crisis? Those are the pope that are likely to re-offed. Those are the real criminals: shell companies, etc…

  6. They are not presumed guilty. They are presumed to be presumed to be guilty. Different. Going easy on ethnic crime is racial discrimination.

  7. I am a Chinese, I don't agree with what he said, China Social Credit Score System just score depends on what you do, if a person have a dishonest recording. For instance, someone buys a house by loan, but he didn't pay money by month, then he would get a dishonest recording. At least, I didn't heard my friends or families had a dishonest recording, so its the false of himself, not the system.

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