31 thoughts on “The Dark Art of Political Intimidation

  1. They also Splamm people. A childish Leftist Lib did this to me. One day I opened my email box and had hundreds of unsolicited emails from every entity you could imagine. They took my email address and put it on every email list they could think of. I have had this email address for decades and now, it is virtually useless because of the amount of spam. I hate Democrats. They are what's ruining the country.

  2. Conservatives are gullible and scare very easily… Obama was right, clinging to their guns and religion

  3. The part of the video where we want to know who is influencing our politicians get the green check mark and the red x on targeting and punishing Americans. That is important since my view about transparency is for us to be in the know about who is putting cash on political campaigns, but not private organizations.

  4. So a CEO of Mozilla Firefox was targeted by the left. The websites moto is we do not track you which makes the website an ally of Liberalism. It is worth noting that Leftism includes Liberalism, Communism and Moderate Socialism. Not everyone on the left checks all of these boxes. Just like all people on the right do not hold Conservative, Reactionary Positions, Facist or Moderate Capitalist opinions. Though it is a common mistake to separate Liberalism from Leftism.

  5. Liberals love slaughtered babies, racism, oppression, corruption, hipocracy, lies, and soooooo much more garbage. Prove me wrong.

  6. They are Democrats because they are demons! And they are Left because they are not right in everything moral.

  7. The left is never in short supply of warped ideas.
    If you go against these looney libs they categorize you as sexist, racist, xenophobe, islamaphobe, etc, etc, etc…

  8. Blood-4-blood… Hoah! Deus Vult… Silence the Demon-rats, the coven of witches in white, in the US Senate, and throughout the US!

    Expose the Communist China hand in their political MACHINATIONS for the past 20 years!

  9. Sometimes I consider putting some of my more practical skills to use, renouncing citizenship and taking to International waters, trading with various countries and maybe finding a more permanent place to stay along the way. Then I realize its still just a little too comfy here to move on to a way of life that, although would be much harder, would be much freer, albeit shorter. In the end, I just decided to stop being an activist. It was stressful. I was going grey in my 20s! Now, I just mind my own business, say less and have a few options prepared in case I need to either defend my life against a mob of violent criminals, or get out of Dodge if shit hits the fan. Sometimes you gotta stop trying to fix a country full of people who want to see it not only stay broken, but deteriorate further. Sometimes you gotta focus on yourself and what really matters in your own life. That said, if I ever get a big platform, I'd come back with a vengeance! Unlikely, but a guy can dream…

  10. The left is attacking America faster than Islam trying to take over America. (That was only a joke don't get your panties in a wad)

  11. Fear and intimidation are used by both left and right , hypocrisy is the common denominator of the political class

  12. Corn pone opinions by Mark Twain sums it up –tell me where a person's corn comes from and I'll tell you where their opinions come from. Government bureaucrats were bought by Barack Obama (while putting the taxpayer in 2 trillion dollars in debt) and so the bureaucrats are doing Obama's bidding by attacking and prosecuting conservatives. Look at the DOJ and Trump /Clinton double -standard. This government is EVIL

  13. It should be pointed out that while its true that left wing politicians supported and encouraged the targeting of conservative groups you know who else did?
    John McCain.

  14. 2 years after this video, there was the deplatforming of conservatives across; youtube, patrion, facebook, apple, Spotify, Mailchimp, and instagram.

  15. I have a solution to the non-profit status problem. Get rid of the class warfare-based socialist income tax. Then it doesn't matter if you are for profit or non profit. There are no jack-booted Gestapo-esque thugs to enforce the anti-American income tax laws. Problem solved.

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