23 thoughts on “The CURE for SOCIAL ANXIETY

  1. What is Atoractove Secrets and how does it work? I hear many people completely eliminated their social anxiety problem with this popular anxiety method.

  2. This is weird but i think my brain is looking at everyone more than myself if that makes sense. Like when im doing my work in school but i look at my surroundings more/ppl in it than focusing on whats more important. I cant even walk behind someone cause they always look back cause i guess i look at them unintentionally cause i care so much about what theyll think of me… Ive never experienced what it feels like to look at the board in school without feeling tons weight on myself and without making everyone else uncomfortable. Ive never really lived life in conclusion. Since ive recalled old memories of me acting this way all the way back to the 4th grade. Ive never felt what its like to be a ‘normal human’…and i dont think ill ever will. Im going to high school this year..online schooling looks more promising 😞future me, i hope you wont be like this forever. I commented because i dont know..not like anyone would listen anyway.

  3. I was such a social child and really didnt care what others Thought of me

    As I’m growing up everything is changing,I hate socializing.i spend most of my days in the internet which actually makes me feel just right in comfort zone

  4. Honestly , i don't think i'll ever leave my social anxiety but i'm on medicine,
    BUT again, i let it take control of me due to social-phobia that i also have- which i'm fine with tbh uvu

  5. belive me guys just stop porn and masturbation and you'll see all of the anxiety is gone…for further info you can search for nofap benifits….

  6. But what about driving lessons, the instructor HAS to observe your every action and fault? Thats why I’m here

  7. Anyone who says, just don't think like that, obviously doesn't understand the disorder. WE KNOW that it's irrational, but we can't control the thoughts that follow us everywhere! it's not something we need to realize, then poof! it's gone!
    That's not how it works!
    It took me developing SAD to understand that I didn't know better than everyone else what it was.

  8. i am afraid of people not bein nice to me, or making mistakes, I dont find your tip particularly helpful at least in my case, but thanks i guess

  9. they always make an example about walking through a party…i have social anxiety and parties dont trigger me, to me is worse to be in a conversation one to one, than surrounded by people because then i dont need to be on spot. What scares me is going to work and make mistakes, asking for things, not understanding somehting, that people make me do stuff, the bosses, etc. Going to work is hell, but parties , i dont give a fk

  10. This is helpful advice but definitely not a cure for social anxiety especially those with severe social anxiety disorder.

  11. This is wrong.

    So we're going to be doing the opposite (thinking about others). That just makes me think that they're doing that themselves…

    So what you're telling to the people with anxiety, is to be like what they feel anxious about in the first place (the fear in how other people see them).


  12. the issue with this is that it works for certain people only. Im the type of person that takes this technique too far ( like im sure some others do as well) by too far i mean i would end up shutting myself out of the social encounters and becoming a spectator becoming hypersensitive to the actions and reactions of the people around me, causing me to miss the social cues to interact with others. In my case what should i do since this technique actually worsens my social anxiety and make me even more of an outcast since others become aware and confused with my lack of social interaction

  13. Because of my social anxiety my friends keep saying I’m rude since I don’t talk to their moms but like I just can’t and also I really want to overcome that

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