The Crew reacts to Kawhi Leonard says he doesn't use social media | Speak For Yourself

The Crew reacts to Kawhi Leonard says he doesn't use social media | Speak For Yourself

I think the trying to wrap their fans you know I have social media so I'm not able to put out a no paragraph or whatever but we see a lot of modernize please kid destroyed to my social media so I'm gonna ask you guys it's not having it actually an advantage I really do believe it's an advantage but I think that's why Kauai is able to walk through the beat of his own drum that's why I think it's a true advantage he doesn't get distracted by the noise or social media not just an advantage for the modern athlete but the modern human I mean just hear real there's a balancing act that you have to pull off between living your life and showing your life to your followers and I've been guilty to being out of tilt at times you know oh yeah you do something with your little man and you like all that I was crazy let me show you in that two minutes three minutes little man still doing something special but I'm over here trying to make sure y'all caught witness of it and it is a balanced man and sometimes I want to tap out I'm not gonna lie but you know when you're in a public life sometimes you feel that obligation but I respect guys like this it's definitely an advantage I'm reveal something I'm not I mean I'm ashamed to say this but I'm gonna go ahead and do I go on Twitter search put my name in there and see what's going on see what the streets are talking about you could be in a good mood you could be in a good mood and you can see about eight nine ten said chris is doing this thing blah blah blah blah blah blah in that one who's that bum Chris hands you know it's really just and who you are one right and how you handle it right and I'm guilty as well because sometimes I'm in thrall did something like what am i doing what are you doing but be connected to your family be connected to your people right like I always I always tell my kids they're looking at that I'm like or people you don't know doing I told my son when my son was a you know my son played in big leagues for four years I I said no I refuse you can't get it too I told him you can't get it Twitter because you can't handle it you're gonna you're gonna be blowing people you're gonna be hey oh you know you'll be get right so there you gotta know who you are and he eat one thing he heeded my advice on he didn't get one did it for him ah are you sticking with the Clippers Lakers nation has been going wild on Twitter for this LA and Paul George like to say during this press conference check this out I grew up a Clippers fan I love the Clippers as a kid fans dig up this throwback of P gene a little league records RZ I'm gonna tweet their rent Lakers all day Marcellus are you buying @pz really grew up a Clippers fan nah hell nah I ain't going no damn clip a fan oh I must say this this is a tough one because I've seen even more evidence that he was all into them Lakers but I think it was his Kobe fascination and he used to always talk about is there's some clips of him saying I used to dream of putting on that Lakers Jersey but it was really a connection to Kobe more so than the team but that's it I disagree he's a he's a clipper fan like I'm a Raiders fan I love the Raiders house 11 and 1 against their punk asses he loved the Clippers because of what the Lakers were doing to the Gunners I mean it's weird that we try to bring smoke to this cuz I grew up I was a Denver Broncos fan play for the Chargers didn't think twice about it but it's weird like with this la robbery going over I have a problem we got receipt I think he could have liked the Clippers a little bit he just like the Lakers more all right moving on to NFL last week we had Josh Norman on our show he defended this viral video of him running with running of the bull saying that all his life he lived on the edge and that jumping over the bull was just that another three or four well it sounds like Norman's head coach Jay Gruden had zero concerns about situation take a listen Josh Norman jumped over a bull your thoughts on that yeah well I knew the ball wouldn't hit him he's he avoids contact just kidding Josh just kidding no with every Joe we know there's always a little bit of truth behind it should normally be soggy about this now he did something silly and Jay Gruden said something exactly funny man but I love Jay Gruden couldn't pull the joke off as even good great joke Josh take it as a joke move fools I should be relieved that his coaches even taking it free oh yeah what are you going something over a bull don't come on now I'll watch the game against him and the Giants with Odell Beckham jr. back in the day right right weren't they they were thrown fists yeah yes the human he wasn't afraid to throw the fist right yeah he's afraid of cars all right Todd now for Darnell's question of the day Darnell take it away I purchased it out a tweet last night saying that current NBA analyst Mark Jackson is getting blackballed from another head coaching gig because of his Christianity we know his foreign player Andre Iguodala has something similar say about this a few weeks ago as well so I want to ask you guys if you think there's any truth to this I do I think that Mark Jackson particularly taking a job in with Golden State that was the wrong area for him that's a very secular community a secular culture and he got caught up in that back draft being a very devout Christian and his name's been dirtied up and I do believe his faith plays a role in that you know the world is going very secular and men that are devout Christian so some agree have to hide that a little bit to protect themselves in the workplace exactly I do certainly believe there's a large degree of this influencing management to say should we or should we not take a chance from our Janet Jackson not even getting a chance for the interview in part because it is we've all played been around people in the workplace in the locker room a lot of men of faith a little different when it's a man of his convictions because then it starts to have action it starts to have sentiment with it and maybe that is the difference how its acted out around others and maybe he was a little more overt and it ruffled some feathers it sounds like that I wasn't up there none of us were but at the same time it seems like that's it I was there his name his name is Ben buddy his name is Ben buddy that his faith his views is definitely a sticking point on with people but you know there was criticism with Mark Jackson as far as his relationships and he wasn't communicated with everybody whatever the guy produced on the court did he was the reason why they were able to get to a certain level of Steve Kerr obviously took it to another but now there there's there's truth behind I stick with / / saying some wild stuff on Twitter some wild stuff he's valid in this one he's on point the interesting thing is you look at the success they've had obviously winning the championships that they've won under Steve Kerr and the bathe base of faith that he is instilled in that team is something that has galvanized them that brought them together in something they all lean on in that locker room you know they're they're very vocal about it so listen it may be holding back some but it certainly has had an impact on that my ISO follow-up yeah you played for Joe Gibbs and I wonder if Joe Gibbs of Vince Lombardi a lot – Tom Landy Eliza my old school traditional coach's faith was a big part of their coaching sort of or do you think it would play now could they be the same way now absolutely joke is wood wood I mean right now he wouldn't change he's winning championships in that same vein in style in NASCAR yeah so I mean it plays the bottom line though couldn't play in the Bay Area but when it comes to well it can play if you're really showing from a faith that the Bible talks about being a sweet fragrance of Christ if you're really loving people and you're really you're really reaching out to people and you're accepting people regardless of where they are right then it becomes a very powerful statement now if you're excluding people and you're not and you're not going about it the right way biblically then yeah it can have an adverse effect so for Joe Gibbs I mean Joe Gibbs we had all kinds of guys the first meeting I was ever part of Joe Gibbs said the most important thing in your life should be your priorities for life should be your relationship with Christ Jesus your relationship with your family and then football and you can't have the best football career you can have unless you are the two priorities are in line and in a story and then we moved on and it wasn't preaching it's just like this is my belief this is my system and this was you know we had guys that weren't Christians on our team mmm but the majority of guys were Creek were Christian and we're connected and still are I'm still connect but there's no know we're out of time but you know there are people who feel like just because you don't believe in their lifestyle that you're against them already even though you have but even though you haven't excluded them the fact that they know that you believe that the way I walk yeah it's not the right way yeah you have a problem and you need to be dealt with I think that's it thank you all right coming up I get it that Prescott is looking for a big new contract but he needs to hear what I have to say before he signs on the dotted line that's

28 thoughts on “The Crew reacts to Kawhi Leonard says he doesn't use social media | Speak For Yourself

  1. Yall crazy if yall think sports isnt full of religious ppl. Maybe they display their belief like its says to in Matthew chapter 6 verse 5-6

  2. Not too long ago social media was looked at as something teenagers and females used, now it's a shocker if you are not on it.
    Congrats to Kawhi for being a man & not an attention whore who is online like a female or teenager.

  3. People always lie about the most trivial shit they do not need to lie about. You have lost a lot of credibility, PG.

  4. Marc Jackson isnt getting black balled because he's christian
    He's getting black balled because of his homophobia

  5. PG: lemme explain my decision by telling a bald faced lie…it works with the females, so here goes…

  6. I only use my Facebook and Instagram to look up "tits and ass" models pages. No other social media shenanigans for me. Just those two.

  7. From Paul George birth to the year he entered the league, the Lakers won 5 chips, not 5 playoff appearances, 5 chips…despite the pic of him in a lakers uniform as a youngin screaming lakers all day…He grew up a clippers fan

  8. From the time PG was born, until he entered the league, clips made playoffs 5 times and won 2 first round series…That's it that's all!!!Over a 20+ yrs period.. But he grew up a clippers fan!!!

  9. Pg like 30, so when the lakers 3peated from 2000-2002, george was like 11-13, but he was rolling with the bum ass clippers…damn that's sway…

  10. Everybody up there use social media, but talking about how great it is not to, shut ya face, already!

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