41 thoughts on “The Chinese Style Social Credit Nightmare Is Already Here

  1. So who's up for creating a new separate grid, a new free-banking system dealing only in hard cash and possibly the bartering of precious materials. Time to unplug and go back the slightly older ways of doing things. I'm on a flip phone, bout to start some pigeon carriers and hoarding physical copies of all conservative media and factual resources not influenced by agenda driven gate-keeping and only quality control. Gonna keep interacting with the modern world, but I want to preserve America somehow.

  2. the only thing left when you get there. is lead steel and iron bring lots of it and spines to boot. only when the left is dead will we be safe.

  3. The idea of social credit has always existed. What do you call being exiled? or Ostracized? Even in smaller scales we do that, let’s say you’re a child in kindergarten and you refuse to play the mainstream game of hide and seek. If you rock the boat to much and press others, they will start to push you away. Removing you from their circle of friends further affects your likelihood of finding other friends. Freedom is the actual anomaly in our history, sadly.

  4. My wife is absolutely convinced that Trump is potentially a very dangerous person, but she doesn't pay nearly as much attention to the news as I do.
    Trump and the GOP isn't pushing for these things to happen, its the insane far left that is desperately trying to destroy liberty. They can go somewhere where this shit is already acceptable. I don't want it, and i'm willing to bet a lot of people are with me.

  5. Prohabition of Alcohol and Pornography exists in Darwin and the rest of the Northern Territory of Australia. All citizens must produce government ID to buy liquor. If they are on the Banned Drinkers Register they are turned away and police are called. This has created a black market for alcohol where a $10 cask of wine costs upwards of $30 and a $40 carton of beer is sold for $100. This is the 'foot on the door's that government in 'The Territory' us using to implement this system. This is what anomalous behaviour is pertaining to. The truth is stranger than fiction.

  6. There HAS to be some way to fight & destroy this BS.

    Maybe we should start at home by forcing "Private Corporations" to honor & obey the constitution, instead of fire & forget unpersoning of ALL citizens, especially conservatives!

  7. No Tim, all trains are under government control in China. There are no private train companies.

    Even though there are several airline companies in China, they all answer to the Communist Party.

  8. Won't happen here. If the current companies go too far, some conservative will just create an alternate service, with millions of ready customers waiting impatiently to join. Because, unlike China, we have free capitalism.

  9. With the recent election of Australia's new PMI really don't think they will risk this type of infrastructure with all of its backlash

  10. The only thing missing?
    The armband/patch with some sort of symbol that indicates what kind of "Untermensch" you are……..
    (Tim would, traditionally, get an upside down red triangle with a red bar above it: "repeat political enemy")

  11. Laolai – China
    Burakumin – Japan
    Untouchable – India
    Cagots – France
    Baekjeong – Korea
    Non-party member – U.S.S.R.
    Non-party member – Nazi Germany
    Non-party member – U.S.A……………..?

  12. "We can see how terrifying it is"
    – excuse me?
    why are you presuming to know what I think about it and what exactly do you find "terrifying"?

  13. You best believe Agenda 21 is a part of this social credit system. Once you can't buy or grow food on your own land, they lay claim to the rest of the land as federal property or foreign owned. They've already started this in state and national parks. You can't fish or hunt without a license, which is issued by the same state that is banning you. They want you to commit crimes so they have a "legit" reason for imprisonment of the masses. It's coming, and hell will come with it…

  14. wel time to end humanity or at the very least take over the least powerfull countery, so that all that don't want a pc and servailance country still have a place. or just start ww3 already and put an end to it all

  15. Just a little bit of Critique:
    Title: "It's here!"
    Video: "It's coming, it's right around the doorstep!"
    You could also tell people that encrypting your data adds a timestamp on it, it may not be much but it's a start.

  16. Tim – It is already here. A website called “MyLife.com” calculates a reputation score (out of 5 a la Black Mirror) and publishes a searchable database where you can find out loads of personal information about Americans. It’s frightening. There were too many Tim Pools to know which one was you.

  17. You realize that once they begin imposing these policies with force there is nothing we can do. Either we utilize the second amendment or we allow the country to lapse into tyranny.

  18. PJW doesn't have bad opinions. He just calls the BS for what it is. That's why I'm for Trump 2020 and 2024, keep working on tearing the media establishment down.

  19. China: we created ahhhhh system to watch peoporrlll!

    US: we want to get that same system for Globalist reasons…

    Australia (Darwin): Hold me Fosters, mate!


    "In Darwin, they’ve already constructed “poles, fitted with speakers, cameras and Wi-Fi,” according to NT News, to monitor people, their movements around the city, the websites they visit, and what apps they use. The monitoring will be done mainly by artificial intelligence, but will alert authorities based on set triggers."

    "The system is being promoted as mostly benign. Sattler said it will tell the government “where people are using Wi-Fi, what they’re using Wi-Fi for, are they watching YouTube, etc. All these bits of information we can share with businesses. … We can let businesses know, ‘Hey, 80 percent of people actually use Instagram within this area of the city, between these hours.’”

    Fuck you Australian government!

  20. china is behind the worlds most destructive engineering projects ever. all of them meant to poison and destroy human life and the earth itself. in kenya in etheopia they built a dam while hundreds of thousands protested. they gave one black women a peace award for stopping it while behind is back they betrayed her and did it anyway. it diverted a million year olf aftican river delta nature system a million years old displaceing and destroying it. but why? because if you complain they say go talk to china but since it is a secretive communist society who do you go to, nobody is who. a brick wall, oh yes china is home to- the dragon bloodline family's all a part of the world forces of evil. the illuminati and others. they are a part of it yet separate. in the eighty's they rounded up all esp ability kids. they have not been heard of since. a hundred thousand telepathic like kids. and who is china's masters. which off world entity is operating out of china. it would be perfect for off worlders. oh yes. CHINA IMPLIMENTED A MASSIVE 5G EXPERMENT . ALL IT'S CITIZENS HAVE BEEN IMPLANTED WITH EXTREMELY ADVANCED NANO-PARTICLES. IT WOULD SEEM THE EXPERMENT TO CONTROL A WHOLE COUNTRY WAS SUCCSSESFUL..

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