The Charlottesville Lie

The Charlottesville Lie

Politicians lie. We all know that. That is not an indictment of all politicians—it’s
simply part of the game. It’s our job, as informed citizens, to figure
out the truth. And that’s where journalists and the media
come in. They are supposed to help us ferret out fact
from fiction. So when they get a fact wrong, that’s bad. When they get a fact wrong, know it’s wrong,
and don’t correct it, that’s worse. That’s not getting a fact wrong; that’s
a lie. And that’s journalistic malfeasance. The best (or maybe worst) example of this
followed a presidential press conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday, August 15, 2017. You remember what happened that previous weekend:
A group of white supremacists held a “white pride” rally in Charlottesville,
Virginia. The ostensible reason was to protest the removal
of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. An Antifa group showed up to counter-protest. The mayor and the police were totally unprepared
to deal with the violence that ensued. Tragically, a young woman, Heather Heyer,
was run over and killed by a neo-Nazi. The press conference itself was raucous. The media was antagonistic. The president was combative. Out of it all, one phrase eclipsed the thousands
of words exchanged: The media reported that President Trump described neo-Nazis as “very
fine people.” Only, he didn’t. In fact, he didn’t even hint at it. Just the opposite: he condemned the neo-Nazis
in no uncertain terms. So then, who were the “fine people” he
mentioned? The answer: He was referring to another group
of Charlottesville demonstrators who came out that weekend—protestors who wanted the
Robert E. Lee statue removed and protestors who wanted to keep the statue and restore
the park’s original name. This is what President Trump said about those
peaceful protestors: “You also had some very fine people on both sides. . . . You had people in that group that were
there to protest the taking down of—to them—a very, very important statue and the renaming
of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name.” A few moments later, in case there would be
any misunderstanding, he makes his meaning even more explicit. “…I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis
and the white nationalists. They should be condemned totally.” Lest you have any doubts that good people
were in Charlottesville to protest the removal of the
Robert E Lee statue, the New York Times confirmed it in a story they published the next day,
August 16. “’Good people can go to Charlottesville,’
said Michelle Piercy, a night shift worker at a Wichita, Kansas retirement home, who
drove all night with a conservative group that opposed the planned removal of a statue
of the Confederate general Robert E. Lee. After listening to Mr. Trump on Tuesday, she
said it was as if he had channeled her and her friends… who had no interest in standing
with Nazis or white supremacists…” There’s another simple test that we can
employ to prove that the president was not referring to the neo-Nazis as “fine people.” It’s so obvious, it’s painful to mention:
The president’s daughter and son-in-law are Orthodox Jews. His grandchildren are Jewish. And if that is still not enough to convince
you, how about this: Does anyone believe that Donald Trump thinks there are “good” Antifa,
the leftist thugs who were counter-protesting the neo-Nazi thugs? After all, if those two groups were the only
ones involved, and there were “fine people on both sides,” that means the president
believed that there were fine Antifa people. Even MSNBC should have found that hard to
swallow. Again, the “very fine people on both sides”
President Trump described at the press conference were the people who wanted to remove the Robert
E. Lee statue and the people who wanted to keep it. Both of these groups were non-violent protesters—fine
people with very different ideological views. The scandal of Charlottesville is not what
President Trump said about neo-Nazis. It’s what the media said President Trump
said about neo-Nazis. It’s a scandal because news reporting is
supposed to be about gathering facts, not promoting an agenda. In Charlottesville, they got it exactly backwards. We have been living with the consequences
ever since. Plainly put: ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, the New York
Times, the Washington Post and the others spread a malicious lie that has poisoned our
national dialogue. They should apologize to the American people
for what they have done. Don’t hold your breath. Actually, I have a better idea. Let out a big sigh of relief. Because now you know the truth. I’m Steve Cortes, CNN political commentator
and columnist for Real Clear Politics, for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “The Charlottesville Lie

  1. when people march with nazi flags, they are Nazis. When people attack Synagogues and kill my family members, they are nazis. When people spread the propaganda which riles the most ignorant and vulnerable minds to commit horrible actions against the Jewish people, or any other of the Lord's children, they are nazis. When someone willfully associates with or supports any of the above nazis, they are nazis. You have already proven you fall into at least the two latter categories, and therefore you are a nazi, so do not speak to me, as the only response I have for a nazi will end your life.

  2. when people march with nazi flags, they are Nazis. When people attack Synagogues and kill my family members, they are nazis. When people spread the propaganda which riles the most ignorant and vulnerable minds to commit horrible actions against the Jewish people, or any other of the Lord's children, they are nazis. When someone willfully associates with or supports any of the above nazis, they are nazis. You have already proven you fall into at least the two latter categories, and therefore you are a nazi, so do not speak to me, as the only response I have for a nazi will end your life.

  3. when people march with nazi flags, they are Nazis. When people attack Synagogues and kill my family members, they are nazis. When people spread the propaganda which riles the most ignorant and vulnerable minds to commit horrible actions against the Jewish people, or any other of the Lord's children, they are nazis. When someone willfully associates with or supports any of the above nazis, they are nazis. You have already proven you fall into at least the two latter categories, and therefore you are a nazi, so do not speak to me, as the only response I have for a nazi will end your life.

  4. Here's the Debunk:

    It shows where mainstream media outlets DID accurately quote the POTUS when he condemned NAZIs. Alss, it demonstrates that Prager U conveniently ignored the first time POTUS commented on Charlottesville when he presented his false equivalence.

  5. He did describe people who marched with White Supremacists as “very fine people”. They stood and went there at the “Unite the Right” rally. The union was between the alt-right (fascists) with the more main stream right wing in the US.

    To me if you stand with Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, and other fascist and white supremacist organizations, even for an activity you view as benign, you are not a “very fine” person.

  6. I like the cut of this fellow's jib. Could we look at Fox News' reporting with this same kind of scrutiny?

    Also, is it possible the people most mistaken by this media (news on Trump) are the white nationalist? I have yet to hear a race motivated mass shooter quote other presidents.

  7. People hear what they want them hear. Remember the tale where several people sit around in a circle and the first leads off with a story. Then the second person tells the same story in their own words. Then the story makes its way around to the 5,6 and 7th. The fourth person missed a few details or went to wee wee returning to the tail end. They explain the tale, or what they thought they heard. Ends up being nothing like the story began. People will swear the God’s honest truth, that’s what was heard. The mind! A powerful tool. A worst enemy. Yours is better than mine. Well educated gentleman, not a lick of common sense. The media…largest destroyer of humanity, God, Jesus, science. Biggest sinner – the squawk box.

  8. More malfeasance here! The ones with the torches were in no way white supremacists as a whole group, they were mostly good people. Antifa were the neo-nazis basically.

  9. Ahhh… So that's why he didn't include CNN in the list of liars.

    That's so hypocritical to have a guy working for CNN calling out everyone BUT CNN.
    Should have gotten someone else to do this video.

  10. The problem is that ALL the democrat candidates are still spreading the same lie and no matter how many times Trump condemns Neo Nazis and White Nationalists they still repeat and repeat that he supports them.

  11. Holy shit. This is the biggest propaganda lie I've ever seen. You can't accuse the msm of lying and then do it yourself.

  12. Im in Australia and our main stream media lie to the masses aswel . The masses are then indoctrinated because the news was trusted as gospal words . You can research the truth but the masses dont .

  13. If you guys are interested in a different perspective watch this video by Shaun 🙂

  14. They leave out so many details and lie about everything. Why though? On something that happen about 2 years ago?

  15. neo nazis had a peaceful rally til the real nazi george soros paid antifa members and blm to start getting violent and blame it on skinheads

  16. This video is literally nothing but lies. The reason they're making this video now, is because it's been long enough that they can completely misrepresent what actually happened.

    This video is talking about Trump's statement on August 15th, but Trump's first statement was on August 12th. It was there that he claimed that there were "egregious displays of hatred…on many sides." During this first press conference, he went to great lengths to avoid condemning Neo-Nazi's and white supremacy. And that's what he was being criticized for. His prepared speech finally condemning Neo-Nazis came 2 days after on August 14th following heavy backlash from both Democrats and Republicans alike. Finally on August 15th, he defended his previous comments by saying there's "blame on both sides", which was seen as a backpedal.

    PragerU's omission of those earlier statements are absolutely disgusting, and a classic example of historical revisionism to suit their narrative. What's even more disturbing is how President Trump is promoting this. "We must call evil by it's name", Mr. President. Your consistent hesitation to condemn white supremacy will not be forgotten.

  17. The Left is the Enemy.

    We have always been at war with Eastasia The Left.

    The past is alterable.

    The past never had been altered.

    Trump's Statements on August 12th never happened.

  18. So, let me see if I have this correct:

    Amid the litany of irrelevant information you’re giving here (in an obvious effort to obfuscate both the point and the actual truth) what you’re saying is that the “very fine people on both sides” pertains to… people who were there to protest the removal of a statue honoring a traitor to the United States and a champion for the cause of a slavery-based economy?

    [eyes narrowing]

    Is that what you want to go with? People whose position was “don’t tear down our monument to the pro-slavery successionists” = “very fine people”?

    Let me know if I have this wrong. Eagerly awaiting what I’m sure will be a brilliant response.

  19. I like how he tries to explain trump actions.
    Not that I have anything against it but looking at the overall situation.Trump has not helped those who need help the most,he exacerbated their situation leading them to more suppression e.g muslim,womenkind,Lgbt ,immigrants be they Christians or not, because his words were hurtful pointing people and herding the white Nationalist groups and giving them ammunitions though he didn't put the guns and such but he has given them a cause calling immigrants Invaders.Terming black and brown and those of color as them living in shitholes,their places infested with "…….."
    Well you can get the !jiest!(how you spell this..,)
    Of it.
    He didn't give them weapons but he gave a cause to white extremists.
    It doesn't help when he says such about minority groups that do not have the capability to help themselves.This is not being a good Christian or a good neighbor or a leader helping his people.
    He has even alienated the European allies, as they aren't sure anymore about the actions of Trump Administration, As you have seen the Ambassador of Britain(U.K.) how he saw the nature and work of Trump Administration.That is the honest opinion of An ambassador to Washington.

  20. This is not biased but this exoneration of Trump doesn't tell us his other exacerbating of situations.This is only telling one side of the story.
    So it actually doesn't help everyone to see the situation clearly only a few people who want to stand and believe in trumps unification of whole America which only includes a select few.
    If this isn't so how do you expect to place and convince The indian Americans brothers as they were the ones to arrive in the American continent first or if you get to decide such based on the number of people.
    America is a diverse community and let us keep it that way and no more of caging of immigrants saying there is not enough land and resources for them to explain their caging and their inhumane treatment of children sitting on their faeces"shit"
    Where it is hard to move about including to relieve oneself and how do you deal with those who need medicine and those with physiological problems.

    First by making the prisons you put them in is so small why,well it is not that there isn't enough space that is just wanting to chase them away in a humiliating way,This isn't a diverse and multicultured America rhat is shown on The (Tv.s).
    Or does America only want the Talented people but not their families and their helpless relatives….,

  21. I'm not saying Trump says what he didn't say or what he wanted to say.
    The situation in America is a humanitarian crisis caused by Trump Administration.

    If you are not convinced or/and opposed then tell me whether what I said is wrong and point out my problems to convince me otherwise…,

  22. Now you know ……"…."
    All the info then it is time for you to side to ….,
    Or not, (you can just be an observer too)

  23. The Clinton news network (CNN) and the British Broadcasting Caliphate (BBC) are two of the most dishonest and pernicious networks out of the whole MSM grotesque situation!

  24. But in media's eyes anyone who opposes them and their leftist tactics is a white nationalist. Just look at what the squad said about Pelosi.

  25. Even PragerU is putting out disinfo;HEATHER weighed almost 400lbs and had a massive heart attack!!You guys need to look at autopsy reports and other things not reported,what about the helicopter that went down that day???Do you know what really happened their??I love you people but I think you owe us an apology!!!#WWG1WGA

  26. What about the other hundreds of times Trump has lied or done other out right deplorable things??? 🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡

  27. I knew the truth ,unfortunatle nobody on the left will ever hear it .They have been shunned away from all sources of truth by the leftist machine .

  28. Fact is that even the "neo nazis" were not there to commit violence. They actually had a peaceful march on the friday with no issue. It blew up when Antifa showed up. The incident with the car ramming was completely taken out of context. That car drove down that street full of ppl on both sidewalks. The car was originally travelling less than 15 miles per/hr down that road until antifa garbage took a wack at the car with a bat. thats when the car took off and slammed into the two cars blocking the road. the vehicle was then attacked again smashing out the back window and it reversed taking ppl with it. if the driver wanted to kill ppl in a "racist rage" like we are told, then he would have mowed ppl down from the top of the packed street all the way to the bottom. In the end a white woman dies and its called a racist attack. I dont get it. plus Neo Nazis are an American pop culture invention who have ZERO in common with the brown shirts in terms of values or beliefs (Nothing).

    finally Trumps daughter is a convert to Judaism, and will never be a real Jewess. She is not a decendant from the bloodline of any of the 13 tribes and is not of the Jewish race, therefore she'll never really be a Jew in the eyes of real bloodline Jews. Just another convert.

  29. I don’t understand this Cortez guy fails to mention that MS NBC and his own CNN spread the same lies for an entire year now. Yet he lists other fake news outlets.

  30. This video is nonsense. It's debunked here:

    Anyone who cares about the truth, should check it out.

  31. The truth shouldn’t be so difficult to attain. Everybody should want the truth, not everybody wants to hear it. Even worse there will always be something people who won’t speak it.

  32. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. Shit 4 Brains Blue Left r Building Great Red Wise Strength of Americans, True Americans. MAGA

  33. i am far left, CNN is a joke and Fox is a joke, we all know this, stay informed and find the real news! lets find compromise and work together to make this country great. I dont hate the right and know I am wrong at times…. the "fake news" is these news agencies driving us apart, for God sake people on the left and right call each other "Evil". Its gone too far!!! rally America! come together! having differences is good!!!

  34. Equating "Antifa Thugs" to "Neo-Nazi killers" is psychotic, and frightening to see the mitigation of the word "NAZI" .. GTFOH .. Erin Burnett already blasted you on this … "Blame on both sides" – POTUS ..smh .. bye bye CNN – hello FOX to Steve Cortes .. thank you, much appreciated …just us here…

  35. The radical left (i.e. the media) = Power by any means.
    I actually feel sorry for the ignorant dupes that believe them. It must be difficult to go thru life wearing blinders.

  36. And traditional media wonders why they are lumped with "used car salesman" for ethics. When you spin the news instead of reporting it, you lose respect; regardless of whether you spin right or left.

  37. What baffles my mind is that the left says Trump lies all the time. He lies and lies and lies. Yet, when he says…as they believe he did…that "neo-nazis are fine people", oh they believe that. Well, why isn't that a lie, too? I thought he lied all the time?

  38. At first I was annoyed at how slow this guy was speaking. But then I realized that speaking slowly and using illustrations is the ONLY way to explain to mouth breathing CNN watching morons the way the incident really went down. Great job.

  39. Reason news medias tell lies and deceit because they're financed by the globalist and the elitist those outside of America wishing to undermine the Constitution of America and the abolition of government across America these are the newspapers protein the lies that is seed and the anti-christian and the auntie Jo

  40. The neo Nazi group had filed for a permit to hold their rally! Antifa did not from what I understand! So who is breaking the law? I'm no neo Nazi I'm no white supremacists but I am a white Caucasian citizen ..1 of 220,000,0000 in this Country and we shouldn't have to apologise or bow or put up with this racism and bull💩 from ANYONE!!!! WE ARE THE MAJORITY AND WHEN YOU GET RIGHT DOWN TO IT WE ARE SUPREME!!!!!

  41. The media keep saying that fascists are rightwing when it is leftwing

  42. And the worst part about this is that the news media didn't learn a damn thing as they later smeared two innocent kids from the Covington catholic school.

  43. I watched that entire press conference and heard everything he said then immediately saw everybody including Ben Shapiro go full-blown lefty on him and omit 70% of what he said. I wanted to reach through my phone and strangle people. You have to be one special moron to hear him outright say both sides were despicable, but there were other people there, and immediately equate that to "the right-wing extremists were fine people". Basically every time where Trump has gotten attacked for his words, they have had to deliberately leave off entire sentences and very important adjectives in order to make their case.

  44. Charlottesville was a set up from the beginning. Once they knew they were applying for a permit to hold said rally it was denied and while they went to court to confer their legal rights to hold said rally it gave time for the governor and his side kick to work together with CIA and/ or FBI  to create the events as they wanted them to appear. There was hired actors who were paid to mingle dressed as neo-Nazis to ratchet up the event. Also the crash was faked, multiple cameras editing and staging. he kid drove into said crowd was not a neo-Nazi. Look at he still photographs of the crash and tell me when was the last time you were able to get crystal clear pictures of a car crashing, it was a staged event with crises actors. Also, drone footage, ?? My question is how did the helicopter crash work into this?

  45. The neo-Nazi's Dodge struck a car which struck a van which was in neutral with no breaks and just a passenger in the passenger seat. It was the van that killed the young lady.

  46. What a bunch of crap. I don't know who is NOT racist and so foolish as to believe this junk. But if there are any, maybe try deprogramming yourself;

  47. Even though I do not support the neo Nazis, they were not the ones causing the trouble. Every time Antifa shows up (along with BLM) there is always violence!

  48. I used trust the media to tell me the truth but now I see all the pay off who do you trust when everyone’s a crook! (Queensryche the band in the 90s)

  49. Remove the statue, remove history how long before slavery never happened. Every one should read 1984 before removing symbols of history even if the history is bad.

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