The Champions On America’s Got Talent 2019 | WEEK 6 | Got Talent Global

The Champions On America’s Got Talent 2019 | WEEK 6 | Got Talent Global

Under the very words I turned my face Night sky and I’m not afraid This Are you feeling about this kechi? there’s always one word that comes back to me to describe you and that is inspiration You are one of my favorite contestants the champions finally would not have been complete without you. That’s all I can say You know what You just make my heart burst, and I love looking at your mom’s face While you’re on stage and watch her heart burst, and I think you do that to all of America You are a champion inside and out yellow Well, I do think you have become one of America’s Favorite acts and with witness your voice mature into a beautiful sounding voice having said that Probably looking lightly, but I don’t go that this song for me. We lost you a little bit I feel that we did enjoy it. I don’t think you’re booing What do you feel about what melb says I always appreciate honest feedback regardless of what it’s like or how it sounds I think that that’s the best way to Golde someone saw me I should take caution when it comes to I was candy Oh my gosh Angelica you’re living up to your name of being an angel the song lives up to its name, you know impossible You’re only 11 years old. I don’t know The 50 states can choose a winner I Have to say that was such an obvious improvement since we last saw you And I could see how committed you were and then how relieved you were at the end that you got everything, right? It was absolutely brilliant I’ve said this to you and a lot of other people who’ve come back and compete again to me You deserve so much respect just for doing that because it showed me how much you really really wanted this Angelica Howie yes take one of these cards show it to the camera in the camera. Yeah out of the car Can you open the market write your name right over How I stand up You can sit back there. Thank you that’s their car Take one of these cards Out of the car, can you open up the market your name? They’re good show the camera Man Even better Where’s the cart? Okay. Well a lot of people do ask that sorry how it can you try opening their cup just open it up? Are you know Unreal paui Listen, we were there. What do you think of that? I had so much to say but now I realize I’m holding cards that were in your mouth Why would you do that Of course I was impressed I mean Shin you did it yet again, you know another jaw-dropping performance Simon the great Schindler I Don’t think many people having won the show Would have had the guts to come back again this year and do what you’ve done and to that you have my utmost respect Thank you, sir It is the best of the best and still within that context you were amazing literally amazing Thank you so much not do that sober that’s crazy Yes, I’m excited man, I don’t know I do most things so I don’t really drink I don’t like the way out the hall it tastes Everybody no alcohol nasty. I know this because I’ve never seen anybody take a shot and not slap a table. That’s how I know You see someone’s face when they take a shot they just It just makes you dizzy like if you can’t afford alcohol just start spinning in circles, that’s all you need to do What you doing, girl? You know, I don’t get paid till Friday. I’m Stand-up comedy’s pretty cool One of the only jobs you can drink and and work my last job I could do that as well My laughs I was great. I made a lot of money. I got to choose my hours. Who’s a great job It’s pros and cons of drug dealing but for the most part my god, I just so well, you know, I just did great The job before that I used to work at a gym, you know It’s funny when you work at a gym you notice things right like you notice that men that go to gym men only work out Their upper body rack. It’s a dump like good world homeowner kiss bus like that’s cool breath, but leg day, right? Got all these men walking around body shaped like the letter T like you look dumb You belong on Sesame Street. That’s where you belong Today’s word is testosterone who are both that’s where You belong Women do the exact opposite cuz women want a big booty, but they don’t want to get buff, right? so you got all these women walking around body shaped like a t-rex thinking they fine like No Look like a really attractive ostrich right now. That’s what you neglect. We’re not so afraid of getting buck They are so afraid you know You got men in the gym trying so hard to get buff and they can’t they can’t get bigger women think they just gonna pick up one dumbbell Just one like hey What this dumbbell – hmm I Just want to pick it up and see what it does Okay. I just want to pick it up and see what it does not I want to do. Okay. I just want to Catrina man Right y’all better laughs let’s go get customer six nine and five man, my name is pretty losses. Thank you so much Why are you coming to me first? You know that I’m a fan of yours you are just funny Just no matter what you say how you say you can be seen anything and I’d be laughing and screaming with happiness Enjoying or good the next person I felt tonight. I wasn’t looking at a Competition. I felt genuinely I was just watching a star Everything to follow you has got better and that is what he got bad news How You give us everything, you know, there are funny physical comedians. They’re funny verbal comedians. There’s great storytellers You are all those in one and that’s why we love you And I think the people that represent each of the 50 states are talking about you right now And I’m so proud that a comedian has made it this far. Yeah Rip it off your clothes. Ah, it was worth. Yes I just want this so I did my homework. That’s all I know you do It’s all my carrots all my carrots what look at all these people Petunia what are you gonna sing today? Well, I want to see Italian opera Fryman Wow Wow. Well, duh see we believe This for so many reasons is your best ever performance you’d ever given Your age to sing opera, but you’re doing it through a rabbit’s I Think you may win tonight Mel B. Do you agree? Oh my gosh, of course, I agree I mean just your delivery and your confidence because you are Self-taught and you’ve worked so hard to get this far. You deserve everything and much much more How what do you think about this performance? It was truly amazing because we didn’t know you sing opera You’ve gone through a whole season of AGT and you still surprised. I think he’s right I think you got a shot at this tonight best of luck a lady With I dreamed a dream in time gone And I was living I dream that I prayed that God would be there When I was young and on a Dreams are made and use and wasted That was awesome Tasted Tiny’s Boys assault as they tell you Turn your dreams, too I dream Maybe you soo Classy and elegant and effortless. I mean if I don’t know the golden buzzer I press it again and again and again for you. You’re just brilliant You know the word champion isn’t even enough to describe who and how you Perform, you are more than a champion. So good luck to our super fans Is Everything I mean gives me goose pimples and I just loved it Was amazing. It was absolutely amazing. Thank you Do you have these temples above Simon? I have goose bumps on my goose bumps Oh my god, Susan that really really took me back all those years. I can remember vividly how Disgusting I was on the day before you sang and Then what you did and what happened afterwards and to end the show has been an amazing I mean seriously was fantastic your champion Did you please tell us what it’s like to be back on the Got Talent stage Enjoy every second and I’ve totally enjoyed being in America. Thank you all so much It is good to be on the wild card baby, it’s time to have some fun you tell you Alright here’s the deal I got four chalkboards. They’re numbered one, two, three and four now Simon Heidi Mel Howie You guys are gonna choose what chalkboard is gonna represent you guys. So hey, you don’t know what’s behind there I’ve drawn something and I’ve written some stuff on each one. We’re gonna get to it a little bit So Simon, well you want to say number one. Okay. Number one it is Simon number one Heidi guess what same thing do you want to? Do number two it is You guys are making this easy on me. That’ll be three or four. I will go for the number three threes it is Mel B. Oh I know what I want to be Hallie Come on, man. Number four Now you guys had a free choice This is what I love about this show. This show changed my life Howie. You’ve toured the country man You’ve toured the world. You’ve sold out venues all over the place, right? And I want to be just like you so I actually got cities off of your tour schedule So here’s a bunch of cities and states of places that you perform that I want to perform one day Okay, so we’re gonna pick one right now when I riffle say stop. Are you ready? Yes, say stop Stop riffling you want to keep the owner you want though? I want to stop. Are you sure I really need to stop. Okay. Hey There you go. Don’t look at it. Okay, slide it out. Put it right there. All right I started a GT doing a card trick. So Mel B. We’re gonna do just that I’m gonna do a card trick I’m gonna make it really simple on you. All you’re gonna do is that’s a riffle through here All you do is say stop. Are you ready? So just say stop stop Right here Watch carefully. I’m gonna rip a corner like so Queen Arts. Hold on the Queen mil Heidi. Let me see your hand It’s when you take the corner that that corner disappears just like that gone now There’s a stack of pictures that have been sitting right here. I haven’t touched them. I haven’t come close to them Why don’t we pick up all those pictures and see if there’s something underneath right there pick up everything pick them all up You’re gonna find one thing there’s a corner Right there now. Hold on. I’ll be take that corner. Make sure it fits perfect right there I don’t get it just got nails Howie to the rescue. Yeah, there we go Make sure it fits perfect right there. And that is in fact the corner now Heidi I Love this Heidi your whole career. You’ve done outrageous. What is this? And Halloween you go over-the-top, but these are pictures of you whether it’s Halloween whether it’s red carpets It’s just all the cool events that you’ve been able to go to. Yeah, and guess what? You’re gonna do the same thing how we did All you’re gonna do as I riffle is just say stuff just like my in in it if whatever you want I’m ready when you are Well, okay don’t look at it slide it over just like this Simon I got a deck of cards here. All you got to do is just touch one Just touch it. Now. Look hold on. I’m gonna give you the opportunity Do you want to keep this one or do you want to change your mind? I’ll keep it. Are you sure? Yeah, remember this moment. I’m giving you a chance to change your mind. No, I’m gonna keep it. Here it is Take it and look at it if you want Howie what did you pick? But it’s turning over show everybody what it is you and I are going somewhere buddy And where is it Tulsa, Oklahoma there it is late. Let me see it Tulsa Oklahoma the Judges had a free choice of whatever chalkboard they wanted. Hey Terry. Can you do me a favor? There’s a chalkboard with Howie’s face on there Once you go ahead and turn that chalkboard around for me man, because I drew something on that chalkboard How you and I are going to talk You could have selected any card you wanted to you chose the Queen of Hearts Terry spin that thing around for me I had a premonition that not only would she choose that chalkboard, but you were going to pick a queen arts You’ve done a lot of cool things in your career, what did you do today with that picture? That’s a butterfly here that’s amazing you chose number two Terry do me a favor turnover number two I made a prediction and drew a picture before the show that you were going to be a butterfly We got one left Simon I told you there was a defining moment when you could have changed your mind and you said no You picked apart. I did. What do you got? Real clubs you had the first choice. You could have chosen any chalkboard You wanted one two, three or four my man went with number one I wrote a card down on the back of that chalkboard Terry. Let me see if I man Howie in the quarter finals of America’s Got Talent, I had a huge map on that stage roll that clip. No Just like that Howie in season 11 you chose just like today You chose any card you wanted to and you chose a heart Hearts follow you everywhere you go because in the first round of America’s Got Talent the champions I Asked the audience to write words of what described a champion you could have chosen any words you wanted to you selected Whatever words you wanted and lo and behold the words you chose heart Predicted back then Now Heidi I believe it was the Semi-final Season eleven I sat up here and I had all you guys think of whatever you wanted and you could draw whatever You want and in season 11? I made a prediction that today you’d go back to that Halloween party has a butterfly right there you drive Hold on The moment it comes down to I wanted to end my journey the same way I started Because in season 11 when he just thought of any card, he wanted to mom and Simon picked it three of clubs right there Just like he picked today Thank you guys my man Wow Harley your thoughts. I mean you are multi-talented you really really are I mean you speak from the heart and your boost our spirit every time when you come onto the stage You’ve come back and just blown the roof off with what I’ve just seen yes. I mean genuinely, I’m not just saying that junk We’re not those season the 50 states of voting You have a shot How are your thoughts oh my gosh, I’m like just stunned I really am there are only two words to describe what you did tonight and that is wild card About John being a wild card tonight. How do you feel about coming down? We’d say I’m gonna share something with you guys for the first time because my wife and I haven’t told anybody before the show a few days ago magic happened We got a bun in the oven and this guy right here is about to be a dad My wife’s out there, baby Around here, so take cover Thank you, please give it up for John I’m Ha That’s Not about me Oh That’s I love Thank you Palli what do you think about this performance? I Loved it. I mean, I’m not an opera fan. I am appalled pots fan. I love what you do You couldn’t have done any more to make it any better. It was perfection Mel B I mean you stand there and you deliver such a stellar Killer performance and then you just go. Yeah, that’s what I did nailed it Like it’s just nothing. I feel so honored and so lucky to be sitting in the best seat in the house I can’t praise you any more. That’s it. It’s amazing. You’re amazing Simon will you move? More than moved the underdog who was written off by the music business won the first season of Britain’s Got Talent And you got the career you wanted that is why you are on the final of champions because you are a champion I have a feeling you have a really good chance of winning tonight after that. It was brilliant I understand you have someone very special you’d like to dedicate your performance to tonight there is America’s Got Talent winner day isn’t here tonight Neely Boyd yeah like me he came on as an underdog he gave his all he won and one thing you can never take away Is the fact that he is a champion? He is a winner Oh I Knew You were gonna turn into this crazy broad chick. I still didn’t expect it. Oh my god She’s so Angelica opera and then this wild side comes out of you and that combo is just Achilles. Brilliant There was another wild performance wah, wah-wah-wah-wah, I mean it’s like their notes in there. I don’t think I’ve ever heard before it’s like It’s like a wild animal on the stage. I love it You know Tonight it’s going to be impossible. You just set a bar. You opened up a show amongst winners you’re already a superstar and thank you for gracing our World-renowned stage. Thank you so much Riley I’ve got a city that vocal was insanely good and you know what my biggest buzz is the time I witness a star for the first time And you may have just thrown this whole show up in the air because anything could happen after that I think by discovering Everyone’s really giving it more than they’re all I mean what you crammed into such a short amount of time was a proper Full-on not just story. It was a whole series of books It was like you left everything right there on the sand and I really do. Hope the super families vote for you tonight. Well done Hi, I mean you really are a true artist and it’s so amazing to sit here and watch you do this life in front of Our very eyes because you’re so in it, you know, I can see you know, he got mad when the war started you’re like Wow, I mean, it was really truly amazing to watch this. I loved it really good I never thought I would be saying on a show I understand the power of sand But this was one of the most beautiful creative things I have ever seen It stays a Cadillac fierce woman And you Pour the showers of sparks Never enough Wow, maybe that was You know what I like about you is you take us somewhere and you start off smaller than you get big That is how you do a proper slam dunk in my opinion Try me what do you think about this performance you’ve come back and prove to point to us that you are a champion? I believe this performance may change your life Ryan what do you think about what the judges had to say about your performance tonight? I just I respect you all so much and this has been such a long journey for me from the time I first stepped onto this exact stage to now and I thank you all so much for this opportunity and I’m so grateful to all of you and I Just say my heart is very full right now We We are not done yet Judges please bring those balloons with you and join me on the stage Wait, we are not done yet judges. Join me on the stage Each of the judges Will be hold a line of balloons and I’ll shoot all the balloons with my crossbow Keep your still jugs. Are you ready? To thing down Hey, you didn’t thought that was about to do that, right? We can’t do that not without Terry come on join us Right now do not move please stay on your positions. I want to go home Let’s get serious. Oh This needs to be the most precise shot of my career Here we go Please put your hands together for demos changes Hi, I mean, can we talk about my sweaty armpits with Wow, I mean that was so scary But now I feel like you know, we got a little closer and we experience this together and I kind of loved it Did get a bit worried because During your act there was one or two things that I know I didn’t go as planned Then when you access the corn stage, I was like holding a minute. What’s gonna happen here? but I actually think that worked in your favor cuz the sticks were raised even higher and you carried on I’m just happy to be alive Primer You got through tonight as a champion genuinely because I think under the danger act category This is the best I think in the world. Really I Really? You

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