35 thoughts on “"The Case for White Nationalism" – A Discussion with Millennial Woes

  1. It's been 3 years since this video and we're not really any closer to having Islam reform are we?

  2. Now MW is not a very good debater, but this debate he still won by a landslide. Sargon made many logical fallacies here.

  3. Great conversation. Woes definitely took this one. Id like to see them do it again. I think it might be different, since Sargon has changed a few of his positions.

  4. The problems facing our modern culture are much more rooted in corruption, greed, and self serving. Most, "minorities," dont want to fight you, and judging by many of the comments here, I'd guess that many of you dont interact with them personally on a regular basis. I'm of half German and half African heritage, and I'm extremely proud of both, but what I'm most proud of is to be American. The solution to our problem lies in the proper education of our civilians. I'm not talking about political indoctrination, which both sides fight for in our education system. I'm talking about real classical education. To suggest that someone is incapable of understanding socioeconomic structures set up by white people because they aren't of the same culture holds about the same weight in reality as phrenology does. That being said, I understand where most of you are coming from. Shaming white people and telling people that they're racist because they're proud to be white is extremely detrimental to the fabric of our society, especially considering that white people hold most of the positions of power. It creates an inherent divide that makes discourse and compromise, the cornerstones of representative democracy, impossible. However, if both sides continue down this foolish road of bipartisan politics and continue to entrench themselves more and more against their opposition, then we will only find ourselves in a conflict so unimagitively horrible itll destroy everything humans of been striving towards since the classical era. It's an objectively bad idea.

  5. The Roman Empire fell due to incessant greed, corruption, and infighting just like most other empires, not because of immigrants. Did immigrants cause The Crisis of The Third Century? Did they cause the year of the five emperors? Did they cause the year of the six emperors? No. Rome weakened itself with infighting born out of their own greed, and put itself in a position to be toppled and taken advantage of. The Germanic tribes simply did what the Romans taught them. They took advantage of a people in crisis. It never would have worked in the days of Marcus Aurelius, Vespasian, Trajan, or Hadrian. To argue anything else discounts the enormity of socioeconomic situations that were present and allows pseudo-intellectuals to propagate half truths that support their ideologies.

  6. Genes don't matter … it's the only thing that does matters … the whole of life as we know it Jim …strives to carry their strings of DNA on into infinity … ask the Jews if their genes matters … they're the only religion that shows in a DNA test! … indigenous peoples, and indigenous lands that grew it's indigenous peoples through hundred thousand years and created their cultures matters …!

  7. your video is targetted on No Platform For Fascism Tool Kit that means that

    it can deleted for some leftists be careful

  8. there is no problem with lower birth rates, less population means more rescources and less problems with environment……. but it needs to happen with all peoples in uk

  9. MW doesn’t realize that America is not just a country for Whites! Blacks and whites came here around the same time, and both blacks and whites fought in the revolutionary, Spanish American, war of 1812, Mexican American, civil war etc etc this is their country too!

  10. These misconceptions of historical events are quite alarming, as well as a glaring misunderstanding of the world outside of a parochial, white bubble.

  11. Sargon was insufferable. I wonder if his opinions have changed. And on the point of innate altruism amongst whites, there is evidence as discussed by Carl Jung. The collective unconscious which has also been called blood memory is shared amongst racial groups. It is the adoption of Christian values which has corrupted and turned against us the long-standing practice of hospitality to strangers.

  12. 27:50
    Nobody owes you an action that will end up with result you want. It's not a direct harm, therefore you have no right to force or demand more kids from said woman.

  13. Millenial Woes is such a loser. The guy lives in a basement, doesn't have a job, no girlfriend as far as we know, nothing to show for himself, no college degree, who lives off government benefits and viewer donations, and yet the Alt-Right hails this total loser as somebody who is speaking truth. If this is the best the Alt-Right has to offer, then I think the West is going to be okay from this loser movement.

  14. It's embarrassing listening to Sargon he can not admit that the problems between whites and non whites is not due to culture but it is due actually to race.

  15. Heard this live two years ago. Firmly against alt right, agreed with Sargon wholeheartedly. Think I actually laughed at woes. Back now, and I’ve totally swapped sides.

  16. Thought it have a listen to this before Sargon jumps on the millennial woes fart sucking bad wagon and offers zero criticism. He's a piece of shit. He literally things Sargon is a mongrel and shpild be in britian 😂

  17. Sargon is unable to view the world through a collectivist lense. What is bad for the individual within the collective is most likely also bad for the collective. Thus collectivizing is the only solution because an individuals power is nothing compared to a collective. Thus when we go by Carls ideology we will perish because while we squabble between one another debating our ideologies our enemies are on a crusade and their crusade will only end when we are no more, only then will they squabble.

  18. I'm only 7 mins in at the time of this comment, but this seems like a very open, refreshing conversation. But in response to sargons question of whether the hypothetical genocide is intentional, seems pretty arbitrary imo. Nature is indifferent to genocide, even extinction, but, the nihilist in me says morality is defined by us, humans. If my race (I'm white) is endangered, intentionally or not, we are inevitably and justifiably to take preventative action. In England where I live, I believe whites should remain the majority and that should be enforced by law, this seems controversial even to myself and this position of mine is in its infancy. Do you agree? And if so how would we ethically enforce such a policy?

  19. Tnx for exposer to differing opinions. Its so hard to find anything that isn't immigration, feminazi's, communists, or race baiting. Wait….. Fucking white race baiters? I don't want to live on this world any more

  20. I see both points and I think the argument for white nationalism is not well thought out.

    I agree that if some black people feel oppressed or feel inclined to stick with their own as a out group, then I think Africa is a great option.

    Purification of white people is a terrible idea, unless you want a bunch of inbred cleft lip retarded people running around being a burden on society. You need diversity of genetics to prevent people from being born with serious genetic disorders.

    I think people from America and Europe should infact spread out and migrate to places like Africa. Pooling people of higher intelligence in a single area creates a waste of opportunity and ultimately causes a stagnation of ability within the area.

    I think people no matter what skin color that demonstrate consistent criminal behavior should be relocated to an area designated for only criminals. (Prisons are expensive, send them to a place like an island or something. They will be free to act out the hunger games or whatever. They don't need to be a burden to our society anymore.)

  21. This is a warning, This video has shown up on Antifa's Deplatforming/Mass Flagging tool. Be careful and stay on guard!

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