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  1. Insightful discussion about the nature of working together with others, and the opportunities to learn and grow. It's true that our work yields experience yields knowledge, and our networks contribute to our growth. The distinction between the politics of a healthy organization vs a toxic was very interesting; having seen, and been a part of both in my career. Healthy organizations are political but the goals of the individuals working together are aligned with that of the company, and thus leadership empowers the contributors. Contrast this with toxic, self interest where non-leaders manage up well. In those environments you have to stay out of the way. Like it or not working professionals have to find a way to navigate these dynamics. Insights in discussions like this are helpful for reflecting on success, and failures, and strategizing for the future. Great discussion.

  2. 11:00 total professor speak. you need to understand and know how other people 'feel' about you. Jobs come and go nowadays, don't sweat it. Otherwise you will keep yourself up at nights worrying. Just go in and do your best, you can't change how people 'feel' about you, there can be an endless list of things outside your control as to why someone doesn't like you. Its not worth time investing in. if you are in management already then you have some power, that's a bit different, but even they have to deal with cases where a new employee is hired above them, and they just don't mesh. All of the stuff they are talking about is a theoretical framework, that's all it is.

  3. Their body language ( holding their own hands throughout, sitting too close to each other) was telling of their defensiveness and discomfort. Their totally memorized intellectual response showed zero passion, no enthusiasm, nor any obvious interest even. Poor showing for Harvardites. And a leader doesn't get their confidence by being sociable to others but by already knowing their competence. Competence gets some results and results DO speak for themselves. So they are both real wrong. WOW!

  4. Office politics is inherent and the main part of the challenge in any work environment…. there will always be people above you that you will not agree with and there will be always be conflict and disorder. It how we manage through this that separates us. Mostly you will find that people above you aren’t going to like you vice versa and building relationships with people that you don’t like is not always easy. It’s sometimes impossible….that’s when one decides to move on….
    Linda you need to have more air in between words and try to act more human…too robotic.

  5. The mistake I made was talking about MSNBCannibals among us .. I tried to warn them and they rejected me

  6. "Who you know determines what you get to do. And what you get to do determines what you get to know."
    Hill is a genius.

  7. You mentioned competent jerks what about incompetent jerks? People who lie to get the job that are incompetent and act like jerks because they don't want people to know or think that we haven't figured out that they're incompetent.

  8. I've been in the business world for a lot of years and politicking is synonymous with butt kissing and it is not becoming at all because the butt kissers are barely competent they're just there to feed the egos of the managers in the supervisors.

  9. These kinds of political games are played by those who have no talent. When you have talent, you don't have to use this kind of manipulation.

  10. Thank you for the video. I think an interesting topic to explore is when people work remotely together, and have never met in person. I have noticed that some people are not as respectful and forthright as they should be, until they meet their team mate in person.

  11. From a professional managerial perspective that is absolutely correct , from a social perspective that's polishing the butter 😀 that's why it important for a manager not let his career take over his personal life , but the ideological common background was a very powerful point indeed

  12. This is a very eye opening video! Guys I know a Clinical Psychology graduate, Certified NLP and hypnotherapist, Certified in business, public speaker, copywriter, ghost writer, OD Consultant and has been promoted to a COO position from rank and file in just 1 year and some months. He will be launching his book about self confidence this september and will launch a free webinar about the book. So even just by being online we can learn from him. If you’re interested to be notified about it, he’s planning to invite via Facebook, you can just leave your email address here so once I saw his update I’ll send you an email so we can learn together from him. I like to have classmates during the webinat that’s why I’m invitingg others.

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  13. Hey folks, you need to read a piece titled The Hatchet Man's Playbook. It's all about office bullies and how to sink them before they sink you. Can't recommend it highly enough.

  14. While we all get trained on some or other skills either technical or softskills, there is no organization ,I presume, which trains people on "Office Politics", So it is important to be cautious and keep your eyes and ears open to deal with office politics.

  15. Office politics exists because of insecurity or lack of ability/confidence to do the delegated tasks

  16. i get the sense that it comes down to thinking like a sociopath, figuring out who will best serve you to get what you want from the job. If you dont play that game, youre shunned.

  17. Eye-opening stuff! This is definitely a shock when you first leave uni and enter the world of work. There needs to be more education on this – they both speak a lot of sense!

  18. BE KIND, don't isolate, be open to new opportunities.  I'm still working on these but being kind has helped me so fucking much!

  19. I have been a victim of office politics in three big organizations. I grew with values in a male dominated society. After coming to usa i thought i was going to breathe some fresh air, which i did when i was in entry level position
    But started facing lots of issues as o grow by my own country males due to this so called internal network.why u want to recommend the same? We are suffering

  20. Unfortunately, corporate chicanery and backstabbing are as pervasive as they are destructive.   That’s why Ford, GM, Chrysler, Bear-Sterns, Bethlehem Steel, and a whole host of other industry giants ALL came to within a hair’s breadth of bankruptcy or else went completely over the falls –  and that despite having had virtually every technical and financial advantage imaginable at their disposal.  To prevent  your career or company from being victimized by such predators, check out a piece titled The Hatchet Man’s Playbook.  It just may save your job.

  21. Great video 👍 Thanks for not sugarcoating office politics. A harsh game indeed but one you have to play whether you like it or not.

  22. Office politics is all BS.  People with agendas.  Can't people just be fair and honest in a polite way and do their jobs?  Why does there hve to be games?  People with agendas and manipulation are dishonest and no matter what your video says, it's dishonest.  AT THE CORE OF OFFICE POLITICS ARE NARCISSISTS WITH EGOS AND THAT'S THE CORE OF WHAT IT IS.  THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN AS LEADERS INT HE FIRST PLACE AND THAT'S THE CORE OF WHAT IT IS.  NARCISSISTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN AS LEADERS IN THE FIRST PLACE.  ALL NARCISSISTS ARE BULLIES AS WELL AS PSYCHOPATHS IN THE WORK PLACE.  This also destroys productivity.  Bullies at the core destroy and bring down productivity on every single level and affect the entire organization.  Discrimination, favoritism, sticking to unproductive projects to not ruffle feathers. narcissists and psychopaths. those that played by the rules, especially the best, hardest workers, fairest, supportive team players smartest and most creative, the narcissists are jealous of them.

  23. In most large companies office politics is completely out of hand. The downturn in 2008 meant that some of the people kept were scum sucking dirt bags who will smile at your face with stabbing you in the back.
    Thankfully I met a very successful individual who kept spreadsheets on everyone he worked with. He always went to happy hour and started out the night with a Tom Collins and then would switch to straight tonic water for the rest of the night. While everyone else was getting drunk, he was pumping them for info. Never underestimate the power of oppo research, if hand shaking and butt kissing doesn't work – everyone has something to hide.
    Gone are the heady days where simply doing a competent job was all it took and people wonder why productivity is not increasing at a faster pace.

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