assalamu alaikum so what's up guys Ramadan Kareem hope you guys are having a beautiful Ramadan this month I just wanted to say guys I've got a special video for you today today's video is going to be an interview with Somaliland life makers what is someone in line life makers you're probably thinking well smilin life makers are really what the name says they help all the people in need all the poor people with charity from food to donation to helping out building and things like that they make the life of the needy Somalis here in Somaliland especially in her Gaza so I've got special exclusive interview with two amazing volunteers part of smilin life makers named Yousef and joy alright we're gonna go check out the vlog this is the first time I'm doing a sit-down vlog alright guys so let me know how it is you know me I like to move about you can see all my hand actions okay but let's go check out the interview it's a long one you guys wanted long ones so here it is peace what's up guys so as I said I'm gonna meet the Somaliland life makers I'm gonna interview to two of the volunteers so they're gonna introduce themself first of all we're gonna start ladies first so what's your name I know as Joyce's are like Lucifer I thought Lisa was telling me and uh I told that go introduce that I'll tell the same whatever caused me tell me Farha right yeah yeah for how we were gonna meet for how we're gonna interview with her and everything I'm like like Joyce ah okay never knows Joyce but uh I don't know what do you like more for Howard Joyce the name when I was acquitted like it there's no any misspelling for the name but when I moved back everyone say Africa and from here so it made a lot of okay now where did joy come from Georgia happy okay alright that's nice and this is the door is just hot it's fine I know okay okay but uh so like I was telling you guys Mullen and life makers I'm gonna get them to say more but it's amazing organization which I wanted to shed a bit of light on so it's going to be like the hot seat who can say or the red seats or have you call it so you can take an turn speaking or you so what is someone in line like makers quickly I want both of you to say so hopefully you don't say everything and then she's like he said it all so let's start with a choice was that so what is Somaliland life makers to you I noticed someone and unlike makers nice short okay because for me it's life-changing but that gets air back in 2003 so when we started life because it was 2012 and since I started somewhere I left because my life changed and my let's say my circle the people I know how is it like it's the first choice for me or two to stay here so it really changed my life I met a lot of good people now they are a part of my life like for good all the life makers and all the people who started life because till now we are best friends we know each other we know each other families friends relatives and like we became very very close come on Africa's it's a very big family we don't have let's say you know protocols when you want to join just come and say I want to volunteer and you will be part of the family forever so this is how some other life records for us when it comes as a and volunteer organization we started back in 2012 as I said we started in the project since then we do like monetary or charity activities or programs let's say we do their time especially which we distribute it coatings for orphanage or kids who from needy families also we did but donation campaign and cleaning campaigns we did free health check you guys gave it or more likely from a collaborator known otherwise medical organization oh ho ho ho so we did a lot of things I can't remember but we have a YouTube channel you can see the things we did there it's some elephants also we have the social media accounts from and Facebook Twitter it's really about family it's like having you have your home a biological family and now we have a big family consisting of really really good people decent people hard-working people people who want to have a difference in this community people who want to give more than take like it's very stressful what you do is really yes you promise people something and then you have to fulfill it and so it's it's really hard but you know end of the day you sleep well you sleep happy and you feel a lot like added value to the life of so many people so I'm very under that's good what's your next plan for small and light makers what's next now this year we are doing the well-known of Carson campaign and kiss retreat which is person is basically hoping the staff to the needy and Christine is giving it close to the nest and this question it kills Russian orphans etcetera so this is our eighth year inshallah who ate just two more years together by all right yeah yeah tell your salvation last year we gave iftar to six thousand and five people in her pizza and six that's what Allah when did you go bottom oh he huh but we have a team all's gonna say I was like I was never invited to burn oh my god that's good very beautiful team from most of them I think we are the students in America students so they do medical studies and also a lot of times what I see if medic students have time you've got time trust me no excuse no they are so delicate it's never easy to be a medical student and then find time to volunteer of Julie global on the door we actually what the work starts from for me it starts from 11:00 till 5:00 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. it's all about delivering we stuff the service of the carafe the khakha reduce the water the tumor to the location then preparing the venue delivering the service and everything then packing the packing takes most of the time it starts from 130 till 3 as a prayer then after that in Ukraine then we divide mutants of the city and already which we will be sending the our share of also so you're doing the work here and then deliver oh yeah just send invitations and they do all the packing over there and the okay sir listen okay okay I thought you would exact all the work here that's what you see so why don't you just come from 1:30 or 2:00 to 5:00 but as we can well of course it is the tea master now our question why only Bournemouth we still have chefs and maybe it's very quiet city water was actually better we're always big lisanna is far yeah I think is when it comes to bottom up and we didn't starve in this initiative we didn't tell them ok let's do a team they the one who called us and said let's do you want to do the same as you do so can we do it receptor of course you can it's not something that we applied for yeah yeah because when it comes to volunteering it should come from you you're not supposed to you know push also to do it so they can't tell us on this said I don't want to so yeah I wanted to do it so if there is a team in that but I want to do it of course we go to there is a team but all there has to be a team of gorillas has to be last it's just all right guys so let's get involved if you're in these places that's I know Buddha all better Oh other cities so that is the Ramadan so the packing and everything and then eat you mention clothes so so where'd you get the clothes from like where like it's a wholesale like how do you have the people donate clothes yeah no clothes they donate what for money okay first of all throughout the eighties first before asking people we collect donations of our self because of you clothes wise oh no hang on Oh many many ways okay we you know some some have jobs somehow doesn't have some have high pace some doesn't happen but at the end of the day we could as well contribute something yes and then after that we posts social media then likewise with me eat closely we start by collecting money and money for yourselves then as after that we go all the way to watch other we eat clothes be for sale we buy it because it should be chilled by writer and then we really what do we hit start dividing it into eight groups because we can't have across fits in the size of each beat so we need to go off first but except on the target group for example last year we went to be disabilities accessibility we go to them each house and we hung the edges and then we try to collects each age group into one dozen of clothes for example and based on this data we go and buy the clothes in what Charlotte redo all the way here and then before tonight during the night we again divide them into the groups we get the eight groups that we already specified it's really just like maybe 25 kit that we gave I was there why why is there no donation that know money wise you know that that's not a mutt not money-wise like the food donation I know back in like you care like most of the countries volunteers like this with any charity and they give like cancer can't beat canned tuna the need to milk you know like things that are long lasting life that's more question and then the next is i close yeah so why don't you have this because and then they as well to have to think about environment now when we when we spend money that's paper if you're using paper or killing trees you know you know and then and then they just gonna throw their clothes away where do they throw their clothes away on the streets so that in Somalia and unfortunately really back to know and it wrote on the streets it's not like the whole coach is full of but you know I mean like it was somewhere that is not useful in you know so so maybe you can answer why don't we have a donation in close where people can donate the clothes I also when it comes to eat you know the kids and Magnus a they prefer it is kind of a right for them to wear something new because it's if all the kids are wearing things are you so for me to give them something is a secondhand or someone used it they can use it indeed alive no problem I can't donate that when it comes to aid it's supposed to be just like me I want them to feel the way I felt when I was a kid and then you close that you should everything so that's why it comes to children we can if there is a possibility that people want to donate for kids basically you guys are the that's why I want it to be the last one it's not you guys flexible lot comes to helping me it's if you have an idea that you want to share with us specialists like clothes and second apples let's say you know they don't like from years of it it well very guys have a suggestion of how to connect activities a new idea something that can help us do more what we are so now so we know what life smiling and life makers about you guys are gonna follow them in the social media I'll link them down below and I'll put it over here in Charlotte as well but now we mentioned some ways they can help you but there must be other ways people can help you instead of just physical help there might be technology help sharing there might be yeah like sharing or someone makes your website or you know this loads of other ways people can um like there's Somalis that living or people who are living abroad Australia America that want to help but you know calm because they don't travel here but by the way what's all my other videos you should come here but yeah but I wanna see we have open to all ideas and my delicious you can donate an idea for us give us a new idea a new activity that we do at the past either because lack of funds or that of time where we were busy doing another activity so let's say I want exactly we want our website we want what do you guys want like if someone could help with what you guys want we can this now Christmas but let's compute it in one thing if you have a talented something and you want to help us the reason why I love bowling I've been volunteering my whole life here's why I love volunteering it's because I learn I get experience and experience you know so yeah even this I'm volunteering or like you know talking about someone that like makers because I'm really we're doing I don't normally do this yes I don't like sitting down I'm like so this is tired I'm tired you can't see it we're gonna sign out because like it's overtime now people are calling me so I probably a long one you guys wanted long you were like oh logs and stuff so this is the first time I'm doing if you guys liked this kind of sit down and talk to people I love talking but uh you know I didn't know it was gonna be good for the vlogs or for the YouTube so let me know comment down below if you like to comment capo social media smilin life makers would be on there I also put these two you can put your personal ones no you're gonna get millions of people follow thanks welcome to put his of the J but I'll put their personal ones as well and I think I want to follow them other there's so many so if you guys want to find out come along come to this Ramadan what's the start date depends on it's usually the second day but to follow where can they find out Twitter and you're gonna put it everywhere they say these are the ones where you're gonna find the best information YouTube is it going to find some content I'm gonna link at the end of this video make sure you watch it the video I did last Ramadan so yeah watch it and hope you guys enjoyed it remember guys hit that subscribe button hit that like button hit that share button and follow these guys we're going peace blessings ski ski


  1. Hey, I am a fresh graduate with a public health degree, in the UK. Can you please tell me how I can contact them to discuss job opportunities in Hargeisa

  2. MASHALAH YOU guys are doing amazing job may Allah be with you guys. Oh and you Khalid out of all countries why are you promoting that apartheid blood sucking country.

  3. Somaliland Life maker (VOLUNTEERING) are amazing, so we need too how they work too how they give Food to poor
    but long Video is nice, make more about Somaliland

  4. Couldn’t be more prouder ❤️ Kudos to my second family LifeMakers SL🌿 Thank you Khalid for the Amazing interview (Video) You are the best👏👏👏

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