The best volunteering experience in Bali – أفضل تجربة في حياتي !

The best volunteering experience in Bali – أفضل تجربة في حياتي !

Oh – artists by edgemon in the Mahara hospital above the river in Demma no Sofia when demo if you do not encourage a miracle in demo netiquette belayer and Hanuman well is it indeed in demography talento might be quicker she Melissa in Dimona South perimeter and lab monitor is mahabhava to deliver when the monitor when a smiley of the net area Schmo so you're home for a week are we actually getting away Oh I am Devin from America that's gone me wrong China ha ha ha I need hi my name is Lisa I'm the coordinator in Greenland arena if anything everyone can always come to me for help or anything I'm also professional in killing spiders yes she's amazing and how long have you lived here already eight months this year and last year six months so she came here for volunteering and then she decided to work here yes that's so kind is there maybe one day I'll do it you're inspiring me that's what I want thank you you know breakfast it's our second date today good morning Nora how are you fine you [Applause] we just finished and having our breakfast is down she's my favorite you just get across in there PM urgent so we finished eating right hello during special dinner because it's our last day this is Aria he helped us in the kindergarten class and he's such a nice person and he's the one that told me about Paris on yeah you are police you're my friend okay guys welcome to our inner party especially we do this every Tuesday for say welcome the people that are around here and I think that the kids in general I think I've learned more me and than I ever imagined I've never met so I didn't decide to volunteer with the National I didn't decide to volunteer with the National Association because I wanted to eat people the people were mused the world one of the best experience I've ever had meeting you guys and having the most amazing I am thank you so much we're packing we're just about to the novena wagon ahead dissing our for a day because we have to capture the night someone to be close room we went to be closer to the airport besides getting a bit emotional I like the place to the kid we're really glad that I had this experience again and Bianca I could get here I just let the whole experience promised myself that I'll always try to do volunteering all around the world I felt it was a very good thing to give the kids and to be able to make people happy to go through this experience again and again but maybe next time I'll go to a different destination but I really love this place

16 thoughts on “The best volunteering experience in Bali – أفضل تجربة في حياتي !

  1. a biiiiiig thanks to you, i am an algerian ihave many Indonesian friends, honestly untill now i didn't find a kind of people like Indonesian, i really love them from my heart

  2. oh my god! i just want to tell you that you are such an inspiration to me. you have the most pure heart and such a beautiful character ")✨
    i just feel like i have known you my entire life!

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  4. You made me cry😭❤I looove this so soo much ,and I hope that one time I can go and have this beautiful experience .Noor you really inspired me 😞💗💗💗LOVE YOU💓.

  5. what is the camera that you're using for the vlog? the vlog is amazing and peaceful ❤️. Can't wait for your next vlog 😍👏

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