5 thoughts on “The Best of Social Media Platforms Combined = YEN.io! – The Crypto Bully – The Bull Pen Podcast

  1. I cant wait for yen I'm an artist/songwriter and I plan on fusing that with my art and connect with people 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Thank's for the talk guy's. Talk's like these make me feel like I made some good move's over the past couple year's. I just love the Yen.io community hand's down!

  3. If someone ever asked what would be an example of two grown men having a loving, soulful and intellectual conversation; I will have them sit down and listen to this episode! The respect for one another came across crystal clear in this guys. Great job to the both if you. You both will deserve to be searched out in the future for guidance in the cryptospace when the masses look for whom to trust.

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