27 thoughts on “The BATWOMAN Trailer is a nightmare of Social justice and virtue signaling

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  2. Remember when female superheroes had origins for their powers other than "a vagina"?

    That's why you're part of the problem, shitlord.

  3. The lack of realism is painful that my brain can't process the stupidity. We don't need a Wo in Batman smh.

  4. Its funny how they want her to be seen as a hero but made her look like a fame obsessed attention hog.

  5. 23:30 They've tried that as well, and that's where we got terrible comics like America, the Mexican bitch who goes to Sonya Sotomayor University. The problem is that all of these people are absolute narcissists and can't possibly consider the concept of nuance. If there's anything good in the opposition, then that means they themselves could be in the wrong, and that's impossible.
    And on the other hand there are people so brainwashed that to admit they were mistaken would upend and potentially destroy their entire lives, so instead of owning up to their mistakes they're determined to live a semi-comfortable lie and must destroy whatever might cause them to question.

  6. Movie looks like pure last Jedi bullshit, is ryan johnson and kathleen kennedy apart of this shit lol like wtf.

  7. It's the most accurate trailer ever.
    -Woman steals everything from a man
    -banks on his reputation, only success is from his image and achievements
    -bitches that men need to stop taking credit for women's achievements

  8. wait, so she beat the world record of figuring out Bruce was Batman held by Superman?! O.o?

    Edit: i wish "look, it's batman" becomes an ongoing joke in that show, it'll make it less horrendous xD

  9. The bat suit is perfection….

    It will be….when it has bondage gear straps, a face muzzle, a whip and six inch steel heels and I have the body of Pamela Anderson (as Barb Wire) when I wear it….and we rename the show Bat Slut. Fights crime by night, fucks anything that has less than five legs by day.

  10. Gundam and the Gundam community give me hope that maybe reason and common fucking sense will prevail.

  11. lets try like this,ask normal chick ,what she will prefferrerr,ripped sexy thor or lesbian serial killer?
    you will get the answer
    anyway rotten tommato is preres for shit storm*im amezing:)(()))papa if yoy read this im own you

    the suit is my small disc,ahahaha

  12. Ok, one gripe I have with movies and tv is when someone gets hit in the head with a blunt object they some how walk it off like it's nothing. In reality you would probably have brain damage, and a possible life threatening injury.

  13. The horrible looking batman suit is probably because they already had the batwoman suit designed, and then decided to have the thing about changing the batman suit into that suit. So they made a male version of the batwoman suit, instead of a female version of the batman suit.
    Which just shows how horribly designed the batwoman suit is.

  14. 99 billion James Bond type straight white males all sleeping around with dozens of women. Nobody bats an eye.

    1 strong woman and everyone loses their fucking minds. Then have the audacity to say "I'm not sexist!"

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