The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Cartoon

The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Cartoon

Seven young Bosnian Serbs, who were part of the nationalist “Black Hand”, planned to assassinate Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. The first attempt failed when a bomb was thrown in his car. He missed and the conspirator was arrested. As the car carrying the Archduke went down an alternate route, Gavrilo Princip happened to be there. He shot and killed both Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. This caused a crisis where Austria declared war on Serbia and in response, Russia declared war on Austria. Other nations obliged by their alliances joined in, bringing the outbreak of The First World War.

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  1. The assassination did not CAUSE the war. Austria-Hungary and Germany made plans for an aggression on Serbia already in 1912. Furthermore, Serbia informed Austrian authorities in April 1914 that there may be an attempt on Ferdinand's life if he visits Sarajevo on June 28, 1914. This was ignored.

    The assassination was used as an excuse for a war on Serbia, despite Serbian government's accepting all but one demands in the ultimatum Austria-Hungary issued. As the plans and desire for the destruction of Serbia had been in place long before the assassination, Ferdinand (who was hated by the Vienna court as too eager to satisfy demands of the unhappy Slavic subjects in the oppressive empire) was sent to a visit to Sarajevo exactly on Saint Vitus Day (Vidovdan), the most fateful day for the Serbian nation, that lost its state and freedom to the Ottomans on this very day in the famous Battle of Kosovo in 1389.

  2. Lol this was between Austria and Serbia, yet the nations we hear the most about in WW1 are England, France, Germany, and, near the end, America. Of course, the first three did most of the fighting, but still. It wasn't even their fight.

  3. basically Serbia started WW1, so in turn the tripple entaunt started the war, pinned it on Germany even though it was austria that made the first declaration.

  4. Through the modern lens, this appears to have been an act of terror, and not something that the government of Serbia should have been held responsible for.

  5. Just think….
    If Archduke Ferdinand was never assassinated then WORLD WAR I and WORLD WAR 2 would've never happened and The RUSSIAN REVOLUTION WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED and the 20th AND the 21ST CENTURIES would've LOOKED TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

    What if……..???????

    we'll never know.
    Amazing how just 1 gunman changed the entirety of history.


  6. You've failed to mention the many attempts to stop war inbetween, after all the escalation of an assassination by 19 yr old nationalists are not controlled by the Serbian govt, and how it ended up in war

  7. I wonder if Doc Brownd would have a problem if someone went back in time and stopped this becuase one horrible incident like this started lots of horror then

  8. Good but Gavilo only fired two shots and cars went much slower then. Gavilo was also outside a sandwich shop. He also visited the troops and then decided to visit the injured before he went.

  9. I will say this in the least mean way possible when he shot at the archduke only Sophie was killed but the archduke was injured so they rushed to the hospital where he later died

  10. Russia did not declare war – they began to mobilize their armies – which was pretty much the same thing back then. Too simple?

  11. -And the duke went into hiding, stopping world war one and getting forever world peace!

    But NO! He kept out of hiding.

  12. Some Serbian boi named Gavrillo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovnia.(June 28, 1914 colorized)

  13. YouTube, no one needs your Encyclopedia Britannica interference input on these videos. Stop making 1984 reality.

  14. What is really ironic about this assassination, is that though princip was trying to be nationalist and a hero for his country. Instead It led to the invasion of serbia, killed much of serbia population, and devastated their army. Soooooo. Yeah.

  15. Franz firdenaned: lets go!!! Group of teens: hey lets asasinate franz man: throws bomb miss police: your under arrest for killing people man: aggggghhh i failed boy: i failed welp gotta eat a sandwhitch then eats sees him* its my tim eto kill him,*gun shots* police: cuffs* starst first world war

  16. I wonder why there isn't a DLC minigame/bonus mission of this event for Battlefield 1? Or, is there?

  17. Little more research next time. Young men that killed Franc were not part of Black Hand, they were part of Young Bosnia and they weren't all Serbs.

  18. It was a pretty dump move, considering that Franz Ferdinand was the one who urged autonomy to other regions too.

  19. The Central Powers were on the right side it was Gavrilo Princip who triggered the War the Central Powers were not devilish the Allies were who supported Serbia and that Angels at Mons that's just a propaganda to show that Allies were on the right path.

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