The Aryan Debate : 200 Years Old Question

The Aryan Debate : 200 Years Old Question

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to
thank particularly geneticists Steven Oppenheimer
and Premanand Priyadarshi for suggesting this approach. I will begin by saying that
the Aryan debate exists no more. Please look at the second
part of the 200 year question. Because there are
two points we’ve to worry about. First, why should
we know these things? First, especially to young people.. I will tell you,
you have been totally misled as I was misled for several decades. Probably centuries,
atleast as long as I can remember, that our origin, both as humans and
the origins of our civilizations goes back to
Central Asia and Europe. What science tells us today
is the exact opposite of that! So the first part
of the observation is that what these
supposedly linguistic and.. literary studies
have been telling us makes us and our languages
and culture move in one direction and what science tells us makes it move
in the opposite direction from India outwards,
not outwards to India. So origin and
spread of Indian civilization 60,000 to 3000
Before the Common Era. That’s the title of my talk. So let me begin by looking
at what is the Aryan debate. I will call it a non-debate.
There is no debate anymore. Okay? People will keep
talking about it because they’ve been
doing it for years and You know, you cannot
teach an old dog new tricks. They’ve to keep saying
things that they were doing. The Aryan myth doesn’t
need a debate anymore. What the Aryan myth
needs today is a burial! People will not let it go. Simply because there
are too many people involved with the interested
parties involved in that. Aryan in Sanskrit is an adjective,
it does not refer to a people.‘Maha-kula, kulina,
arya sajjana sabhya sadhavah’
This is what Amar Kosha says,
which is the authoritative thing and contrary to what you people
and I have been told for decades, the Arya concept was not very
important in the Vedic literature. It is simply
a polite form of address. In the Vedic literature,
the Rig Veda- When I say Vedic literature,
to me, Rig Veda is the most foundational work
and the most important. There are ten books and
more than ten thousand mantras, the wordArya
appears exactly 38 times. If you pick up
Hitler’sMein Kampf, you may see.. ..the wordArya
38 times in a single page. So it’s a European obsession
and not an Indian obsession. Ok, please understand. It is neither a race. Race is
not a scientific concept anymore. For example, if I take
the genome of some person and give it to somebody and find out whether he is
an Aryan or Dravidian or somebody, no scientist can tell you.
Science cannot tell you that. Ok. It is not a language,
it is not a nation. And I will suggest
some modifications to the way we look at the people of India. After two centuries, methods based on
linguistics are giving way to science. Because they discovered similarities between Indian
and European languages, they took those similarities
and tried to find out where the movement was
and because they were in Europe and they were European scholars, they said the movement
came from Europe to India. What I have done,
is to reverse this. Now we’ve the scientific evidence. Genetics, fossil evidence and also the evidence of animals
and all those kinds of things, which allows us to
trace the movement of people. So once we have
the movement of people we can say that languages
also went in the same direction. Since the Pilgrim Fathers in England went from England to America it is very easy to explain,
why English came to America. Americans speak English.
The same is true of Australia. Why did English come to India?
Because the Englishmen came here and ruled for 200 years. Even then,
a very small proportion uses it. So what has allowed us
to achieve this breakthrough, again I have to thank
Stephen Oppenheimer of Oxford for bringing it to my attention. There were two major
discoveries in natural history. One natural and
the other relating to humans. This has allowed us to push
the origins of human civilization, of Indian civilization in particular by more than 50,000 years. If you look at the standard textbooks, they will tell you
Rig Veda is 1200 years old, 1200 BC, something like that. What we are saying is that the origin should go back
at least 50,000 years more. This has scientific basis, I’m not making it up. I mean,
it’s not based on superficial things. Human advance is
a gene mutation, 80,000 years ago, allowed humans
to become a speaking species. Another was a natural disaster,
a natural event a super volcanic eruption
73,000 – 74,000 years ago nearly wiped out all the humans. In fact it wiped out
all the humans in the world who were not our ancestors. That is, who were not
Homo Sapiens Sapiens. There were many other species. I mean there were
several other species of humans. Neanderthals were one
but then Neanderthals survived. We don’t know if they spoke or not. So the message is
that history follows nature. So, human history is the record of the human response to changes in natural history. And natural history
changes tend to be both catastrophic and continual. Ok? And then another.. The first one was what
is known as a transcription gene, FoxP2 about 80,000 years or more.
The exact date doesn’t matter. We’re looking at
a very big time span, if you miss it
by one or 5000 years, doesn’t make
a whole lot of difference. Another was the Toba explosion. A small group
of our African ancestors migrated to settle
in South Asia coast, including a few who were in Arabia,
we don’t know if they survived. But they definitely did survive
in South Asia, that is, in India, the Indian subcontinent. This is the key finding
of the last 30 years of human population
genetics research. All non-African humans
in the world today Europeans, Australians,
Native Americans, all these are descended from
this group of humans in India, who survived here
for 50,000 and more years here. This is the evidence of science.
That has to be the starting point. You can disagree with other things. I mean, even here,
you can disagree in details and we may have to change
if we have more data available. On the basis of all
the data available today this is what we can
say with fair confidence. And the work is
mainly due to geneticists. So first, I will spend
about five minutes, pointing out, how we happen to get into this mess of this false history being taught
about Aryans, Dravidians and all that. So, why.. Of course, after William Jones
supposedly discovered ..Sanskrit in 1786.. Please understand the
relationship or the similarities between Indian
and European languages were known at least 200 years before William Jones. It was known to Steve Thompson. Another was Phillipo Asseti. These people had noted the same thing.
They were in Goa as traders and priests. The Aryan myth and the Aryan invasion
both have been demolished by science, but the search for the ancestor of Sanskrit, Greek and so on,
it remains a challenge. That is the real 200 years old question. Two things,
one of course, German nationalism and another was
the British colonial interest, to create an Indian elite that
would identify with the British masters so they gave
the Indian subjects an identity saying that you belong to
the same branch that we do. We are the same
long separated brothers. It is supported mainly by.. today, by academics with vested interests in the methodology
and teaching the subjects. Those departments are also closing. They’re worried about
careers and reputations and of course,
Dravidian politicians. The Politics of Aryan Theory..
I’ll take just 2 minutes because I have more important
and interesting things to talk about. But I want people
to have a very clear idea that this was
purely a political creation. Some of them believe it;
that does not make it any different. A lot of people
believe in the flat earth that doesn’t make the earth flat. German nationalism
and British imperial interest. German nationalism is not relevant here. In Europe,
Aryais a dirty word, unfortunately,
likeSwastika. We had nothing to do
with it, but it happened. German nationalism is not pertinent
to what we are talking about. So, let us look at
a very interesting statement. I wrote this as a part
of a press statement in England sometime back,
which came on the BBC. The Aryan Invasion Theory
gave a historical precedent to justify the role and
status of the British Raj, who couldn’t argue that they
were transforming India for the better, in the same way that the Aryans
had done thousands of years earlier. So the British were a new
and improved brand of Aryans, of the Vedic people, who were here to improve
and to civilize India. And this was.. This was stated by the British
Prime Minster Stanley Baldwin in the Parliament, that is
the House of Commons, in 1959.Now, after ages,
the two branches of the great
Aryan ancestry have again been
brought together by providence.
By establishing British rule in India,God said to the British, I have
brought you and the Indians together
after a long separation.It is your duty to raise them to their own levelas quickly as possible,
brothers as you are.
So the older brother
must lift the younger brother. I mean, all this has
been available, 1929.. What are Indian historians
been doing all these years? I mean, I’m an outsider.
I’m primarily a mathematical physicist. If I could find out,
why couldn’t they do it? Why’re they writing those textbooks? And why are they
still using those textbooks? So the academic agenda today is, As well as that of
the DMK politicians, is to keep Harappan archaeology separated
from Vedic literature and ideas. Harappan archaeology
should have alerted them that their theory was wrong. I’ll show you in one minute, why it is so. So.. They are supposed to have overcome the Dravidian identity
of the Harappans but Dravidian
is not merely Dravidian, it is non-Aryan. So, what the case is now.. You see, they’ve been
paying some Western scholars. They paid one million to Asko Parpola
of Finland, who claimed that.. who has been saying
that it is a version of Tamil. If it is Tamil then
why can’t they read it? Even I read Tamil, so it’s.. So this is now the agenda. to keep the North
and South separated by claiming that
the Harappan archaeology is, you know, represents Dravidian. I mean, to further
that they spent one million. If you pay somebody
100 million they will say that Punjabis built Mahabalipuram
or something of that kind or they built the Egyptian pyramids. So this kind of scholarship
should not be there. But Harappans were Vedic. It’s very clear, the Vedic
influence on the Harappans. All you have to do is to
look at some of those icons. What are these? These are VedicYogasanas. And this is the famous Pashupati seal, which is in.. I am not a practitioner of yoga.
A yoga expert told me. It is known asMulabandhasana. And this is theOmkara Mudra. It is theOmseal. And to show you
how it is related toOm, please see the one on the left, it is the HarappanOm, which is very similar to
Omin Kannada and Telugu. Many Kannada and Telugu letters, you get by rotating
the Devanagri letters by 90 degrees. And the second one
is the DevanagriOm, as you write
in Hindi and Sanskrit. All this has been
available for 90 years. And this is the
famous Pancha Svasti. And Jha’s reading gives you,
Panca svasti mantra:Pancha svasti vidmah.Vidmahmeans knower and
Admahmeans nourished.Svasti nah indro. Svasti nah pusavisvavedah…
That’s the famous opening lines ofTaittiriya Aranyaka.So, a postulated
Indo-European homeland, from which its speakers
are said to have separated, etc. Linguistics moves language
in one direction. These linguistic theories
that is from Europe to India, but I will show you
in the rest of the lecture, our findings based on genetics,
moves it in the opposite direction. Revisiting Indian civilization, Vedic, Harappan, popular etc.
come from a common source. What is this common source? Before we talk
about Indo-Europeans, we should be able
to decide what is India? You know, the thing is,
without any definition.. These people are
not trained in sciences. And most of them were
theologians, priests, missionaries, government bureaucrats
and those kinds of people. They had no scientific training and 19th century science believed
that the world was created in 4004 BC 23rd of October, Sunday at 9 AM,
that’s two hours something of that sort. And so it is pure conjecture.
That is all the science they knew. The main thing is, Indians have lived where they
are today for thousands of years with minimum external input. But have made several out-migrations. Even today,
India is densely populated; we have more people
leaving India than coming into India. Except during the medieval period. So what does
the genetic evidence say? The leading authority on Human Population Genetics
in the world today is Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza. He was a student of Ronald A. Fisher. Another famous student of R A Fisher was our own C R Rao,
the great statistician, who happened to be my teacher, when
I was there, we didn’t discuss genetics, but the basics, once you understand
the mathematics, is the same. The M-17 genetic marker shows the greatest diversity
in South Asia, i.e., here. That means it’s the oldest here. All non-Africans in the world today
are descended from.. Summary of evidence,
here is what Cavalli Sforza says,Indian tribal and caste populationsderive from
the same genetic heritage
of Pleistocene Southern
and Western Asians
and have received limited gene
from external sources.
That means,
50,000 years before present. Data now available
shows that our African ancestors first settled in coastal regions. If they came along the coast,
they must’ve settled in coastal regions. From there they moved to the interior. So there was no invasion from
the North but a spreading out and that was determined by climate. With this background, there is no need to
refute at every stage this Aryan myth
or any kind of.. Let us now start
with a clean slate. So.. India was a major centre for people,
plant and animal domestication, in the last 60,000 years. Especially in the last
10 to 12 thousand years. Most animal domestications, including
the horse, took place in India. Horse domestication took place
in several places, including Spain. And that determination.. All that took place
in the last 10,000 years, when the Ice Age ended. Peopling of the World,
this is a simplified map, I’ll give you a better one. You start from this
slightly erroneous map. So it comes to India. From India it branches out
to other places; both to Australia. This is a more elaborate map by Bradshaw foundation, which has supported
Steven Oppenheimer’s work. So this is the branching, I mean, this essentially including.. 35,000 – 40,000 years ago, people from India moved
to Central Asia and the West, further West, North and
North-West into Europe, to Eastern Europe,
Eurasia and Europe. Two Drivers of Human Movements One was spoken language
80,000 years before present. It doesn’t matter whether
it was 80, 75 or 90 or something. It happened before the Toba explosion
of 74,000 years ago. 74,000 years ago. Toba explosion was the greatest
volcanic explosion in history, so I have some recreations. Obviously no cameras
were around at the time, and if there were
they wouldn’t have survived. But anyway,
this is sufficiently dramatic. To give you an idea
how great it was, just look at the
comparative study. Most of you have
heard about Krakatoa. This was hundreds of times
more powerful. Saint Helens,
most recent famous explosion was unit 1. This was 2800.
Now they are saying 3200. So you can imagine the magnitude
of the damage it could have done. So in comparison is Tambora 1815,
because it is in recorded history. It caused global climate
anomalies and vegetation loss; a long volcanic winter and then it became known as the year without
summer in North America and Europe. Crops failed and livestock died. Toba explosion was about
a thousand times more effective; six to ten year
volcanic winter in India followed by 6000
to 10,000 years freeze. All pre-Toba
human populations wiped out. Most of them could not speak. A small group from Africa
settled in India. We are all
descendants of that group. All non-African humans
descended from this group, dating to about
50,000 years before present, maybe 60,000 years.
We don’t know exactly. They have not yet
reconciled the fossil evidence. Evidence in India. Archaeologists discovered buried
layers of Toba ash in Narmada valley, not far from here; at Bori and Morgaon
sites near Pune, Southern Andhra Pradesh, as far away as Thar desert. Toba was two orders of magnitude,
that means 100 times more destructive than Tambora. Ash layer was around
15 cm, i.e., is 6 inches. All human and
related humanoid species were eliminated. India was totally depopulated.
People lived in India. Palaeolithic people lived
in India 200,000 years ago, but none of them existed anymore. So this is what the scenario
of ash dispersal looks like. Here is one more,
ash dispersal scenario. See how extensive it is. Recently, one of.. There are some who dispute
it could do any damage, but we know how much
damage Tambora did. So something that
is hundred times great would do a lot more damage. Only a few Africans survived. And what did Toba do? It wiped out as much as 99%
of the global human population, reducing the population
from a possible 60 million to less than 10,000. All human species except.. Of these about a thousand
or so made it to India, along the Arabian coast.
Please understand what it means. India is the source of all
non-Africans in the world today, but only a thousand people
existed in all of India. Why only a thousand people?
Not only that. They lived in such small numbers
for the next 10,000 years during the post-Toba freeze, why? They lived in a very small area, so a single language
was sufficient for them. So that means the number of people
you have within one square kilometre that was the total population
of India at that time. All of us are descended from that. Our genes tell you that.
You see the extraordinary thing. That means one language
would have been enough. Hindi is enough for Indore;
one language. So that one language was the language
because they already had language because the..
what you call it.. the transcription gene,
FoxP2 mutation had taken place. We already had language. That shows evolution must have
taken place in only one place. Because every human species today, every human population
today can speak. It is genetically ingrained. So that means,
the same mutation. we’re all products
of the same mutation. So the human evolution
could not have taken place, at least of our species,
in different places, at different times of exactly the same type.
Probability of that is very small. So that one mutation.. And there was
a huge survival advantage. So of these, a thousand or two
are our ancestors, etcetera. 80,000 BP Eurasia.. Many that migrated earlier
did not survive. Only Neanderthals survived
until about 25,000 years ago. There are minor differences. Neanderthals might have
been able to speak. They might’ve interbred with humans.
That is, still disputed. But they have not survived. There were no Neanderthals in India,
at least no traces have been found. If any fossils are found then
we’ll have to change our opinion. We can’t stick like, you know,
these Aryan Invasion theories. Alright there is no evidence,
but still there was an invasion, that kind of thing. As a scientist you can’t
take that kind of an attitude. Neanderthals, we’re now clear. This I already mentioned and.. The world entered
a 10,000 years or longer Ice Age and then a dramatic warming
began about 52,000 years ago. Please note that all these
are facts of science. We have evidence for this. This allowed
vegetation, animals and human population to expand
and move about in India, which is the only
country populated now. Humans in India survived
as a very small group, of 1000 or less,
for 15,000 years. This is known as genetic drift. Some of you,
I’m sure, are aware of it. So, they developed
the first modern language. The language which
our African ancestors brought here, we have called it Afro-Indian. Then the Indian language
came into existence because the population was small. In a small area a single
language would have sufficed. This is what we have
called proto-Gauda-Dravida. Here, I have an appeal
to all scholars, please do not use the word ‘Arya’
to mean North India, or any geographical region. North India,
the traditional name is Gauda; Dravida means south India, whether it is language
or people or geography. Gauda Desha is North India, more often applied to Bengal proper. Gauda Brahmins are Panch-Gaudas. Dravida Brahmins are Panch-Dravidas. They lived by fishing and as hunter-gatherer tribes
during this period. Language made civilization possible. Now we are in South Asia,
i.e., the Indian subcontinent. We already saw that 99% of humans.. Only.. The important effect of Toba is, only speaking humans survived. Other human populations,
humanoid populations disappeared. As the freeze began to thaw, the population and territory,
both expanded. That means, they lived as a.. Animals populations also increased
due to improved climate. A combination of over-exploitation
and faunal extinction forced them to move North
in search of better hunting grounds. This happened about 45,000 years ago. Ok, the first wave after that was about 45,000 years before present. Small groups moved
into Eurasia and Europe taking the Northern route, i.e., the Khyber Bolan passes to Central Asia, Eastern Europe,
Western Europe and all that. They took also the language; this language that had evolved
maybe one, more than one, this was the first
Proto-Indo European (PIE). Not 5000 years old,
45,000 years old. We have no idea
what that language was like. No matter what it was,
but you see the the orders of magnitude,
you see the time scale involved are thousands, ten, twenty and thirty thousand years; ten times more than what
linguists have been telling us. This was the first
Proto-Indo European (PIE). No traces of it survive. But we do have
some interesting things. You have art remains in Bhimbetka,
not far from here, near Bhopal. And you have art remains
of the same people when they went to France
and created similar art in France. Whether it can give some glimpse
into their language, I don’t know. Ok, we have no trace
of their language. All we know is they had language,
which they took with them. Because they had language
before they came here. This was the first Indo-European or more properly,
Afro-Indo European brought into India
by their ancestors, and their offshoot
that moved into Europe. That does not explain the similarity
between Indian and European languages; I will get to that next. Ok.. Here is something
very important and radical. We must recognize that North Indian languages,
which we call Gauda family and the Douth Indian languages,
which we call Dravida family are more intimately related than Indian and European languages. There, the vocabularies
are somewhat similar; here the words
are pretty much the same. I come from the South, I speak Kannada at home. I have a smattering
of Tamil and Telugu also. The vocabularies are very similar. Hindi vocabulary is not very
different from Kannada vocabulary; the grammars of North and South
Indian languages are very similar. You can take a good sentence
in Kannada and translate into Hindi. It becomes a good sentence. That is not possible
with European languages. The grammars are different. And.. Then the next major movement was around 10,000 years ago
when the Ice Age ended. ok, in that..
That means for 30,000 years, from the time of
the Proto-Indo-European, the languages in India
continued evolving and that was the period in which
Sanskrit and Vedic were created. Please note that
these are not natural languages, but that’s why it is called Sanskrit. Two important developments: One, agriculture made
much larger populations possible and many areas that were
uninhabitable became habitable. So, domestication.. Pigs were domesticated in India. Cattle sheep and horse also
was probably domesticated in India and consolidation
of languages by fusion. Vedic Sanskrit
was created by a fusion of Gauda and Dravida languages. The great perfection
of Sanskrit language and grammar is because
of this very great care taken, as you create
a branch of mathematics. Sanskrit means
compiled or constructed. The population of India expanded
into several regional languages and then we called them Gauda (Northern)
languages and Dravida languages. The word ‘Arya’ should never
be applied to a language, because it represents not languages
nor geography, nor people. The sages created
a composite language by combining elements from all
existing languages. It is a fusion. Ok. So this is the reason why South
and North Indian languages share many of their
grammatical features and vocabulary. The second wave of
Indo-Europeans was towards the end and
after the Ice Age ended and they took with them the languages
which by then were close to Sanskrit. That is the reason
you find Sanskritic elements in Greek Latin and
all those languages. So, impact of the
second wave is perceptible. We find the influence of the
second wave out of India in animals of Indian origin,
including parasites like mice. Mice also being a parasite,
moved with agriculture. And the European mice, genetics tells you,
is the descendent of Indian mouse. So it’s an interesting
piece of evidence. And of course,
you find it in mythology which is more nebulous but
in vocabulary of European languages. More interesting instances were when
some Russian friends came there, and pointed out that the word vodka comes from the Sanskrit uddaka,
and both means the same thing. Means, water. Let me summarize
what we have seen so far. Toba in 73,000 years before present;
Toba destroys humans and vegetation in South Asia,
giving rise to a 6000 years volcanic winter. Groups of Africans settle in South Asia
and along the Arabian coast. This raises an interesting point. The Arabian coast,
a small group, founder group, might have prospered giving rise
to languages like Babylonian, the Semitic languages, which are quite different
from Indian languages. But we haven’t yet made
a comparative study of the roots. And.. Then there was the cold period from 65 to 52 thousand years ago, the population
and habitation increased. There was migration
to East Asia, Australia etc. There is another story to be told,
about East Asia. Because what happened was
people moving to Europe and Eurasia gave rise to Indo-European. Similarly was the case in East Asia,
but not the more recent ones. Now, of course,
when you go to East Asia, Indonesia, Cambodia
and all that, it’s practically.. You know,
it is like being in India. Then first Indo-Europeans
around 45,000 years ago, migrated in groups North and West
in search of better hunting. Ice Age and second wave
of Indo-Europeans, animals, agriculture and
also Sanskrit and related languages into Central Asia and Europe. So.. What happened..
this we’ve already seen. The people spread
as determined by science. So this is the spread of people
according to science. Two questions we’ve to answer,
why was India so pivotal? One reason was, of course, fortune.
The blessings of nature. Somehow they managed to survive
because it’s a tropical climate. The freeze didn’t kill people
the way it killed in other places, but geographically
land and sea routes, both East-West and North-South
are accessible from India. That has made India
always a very important thing and because of its long coastline
India has been a maritime nation. The climate is subtropical. It can support both tropical
and temperate flora and fauna. If you come to a place like Bangalore,
you will find alpine varieties like pines and all that
being able to grow. Or go to Nilgiris. Okay. Though a subcontinent, it has a long coastline and
a long standing maritime tradition. It has fertile soil
and abundant rainfall. Summary of methodology. I would say from now on
what we should do. Linguists have tried to
explain Indo-European family by a migration based
on language theories. Here the process is reversed. Science is used to account for
movements of people and languages in response to natural events. Details can change
but no linguistic theory can violate
the scientific framework, unless a new framework is built based on data that is more
reliable and more extensive. On the basis of existing data,
almost to the date, this is the framework
in which it has to go. In conclusion,
I would say that Sanskrit has influenced
both Indian and Eurasian languages. Indian languages can hardly
exist without Sanskrit. So there must have been a very ancient
Gauda-Dravida language family from which Vedic and Sanskrit
evolved, or were created. They did not evolve naturally. Indo-Europeans moved
in two major waves. So.. This one, final word. This is the current picture
of civilization according to science. A gene mutation 80,000 years ago
and a super volcano 73,000 years ago created conditions
for civilization to evolve. All non-Africans and their languages
can be traces to a thousand or so survivors in India
60,000 years ago. This is my basic message and thank you very much
for your patience.

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  3. A brilliant sound logical presentation. This is how we reclaim our Ithihasa! not from the racist eurocentric abrahamic lies that we have been fed by the likes of Blavatsky, The Anglican church, Max Muller and the Nazi agenda! We are members of a human race and most of all WE ARE INDIANS

  4. Okk dravidians ur r the real origin of India… Than hw the fuck u ppl became black having big niggas types lips.. Its mention in scripture that king of earlier king of bharat wer fair and from northern side.. Even arjuna and their family wer all white(not tat much white) like today's north Indian… Who have seen history. How Tey can say tat arya migrated from Europe… History changes from time to time… Even lord kartika was send to South India.. And in Hindu mythology men rule the kingdom but in ur case (dravidians) women are ruling.. Doesn't match with Hindu mythology.. Actually many Christians converted ppl are mainly from South Indian not frm North Indian.. We can say tat u belong to African descendent who converted into Hindu during tat time.. Coz u ppl change religion like cloths wen Christian came u ppl converted into Christian wen Muslim came ppl again converted into Muslim lol.. Northern indian region were mostly attacked. Many Greek came many Muslim invaders came but we never change our religion .. OK wit the theory u hav more brain power but we r also not foolish.. We have beauty, courage, bravery with brain not like u who have only Brian's no looks.. NO OFFENCE #ARYA SAMAJ IS GREAT… NOBELITY IN OUR BLOOD #KHASTRIYA

  5. If Toda explosion happened in India (spreading volcanic ash in Narmada valley, Andhra Pradesh, going as far as Thar desert and wiping out most of the world population), then why the left over African people came and settled in India ? This is unexplained. I could never accept the theory that all humanity descended from Africans. Of course, I agree with the speaker that Aryan invasion is a myth.

  6. The Aryan theory only gives credit to the europeans! India wake up please. Change the text books once the research is based on strong evidence.

  7. wow truly inspiring. Its time to wakeup and debunk western propaganda and their paid historians. The truth should be taught to our generation. thank you sir.

  8. I disagree for one thing India has been invaded by ISLAM… Yes they're Aryans in India … They came from the Caucasus Mountains

  9. Wrong! Aryan refers to a religion of those who worshipped the hare, Osiris. It is not a race. This religion was practiced for 6,000 years.

  10. What a waste of 35 minutes of my time. A presentation full of claims with zero proofs. And a ridiculous map of "Out of India" without exact dates when each movement happened. Out of India model does not work, because all historical sites where R1a yDNA is detected are outside India and cluster in Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular. Oldest known R1a is sample I1819 with Baltic Hunter Gatherer as highest (91.44%) percentage of genetic admixture. It is from a site in Ukraine and dates 8825–8561BC.

  11. Gauda is a new concept. He easily omit the research work of asko purpola and said that he has done for ten lakh money.
    If all human wipes out then who made us. If Africans are our ancestors how different colour races were born?
    Skin colours are genetically transmitted except few cases.
    Are chines Japanese Koreans are from the ancestors of Africa.
    Dravidian tribes DNA is closely related with aborigines of Australia.
    And North Indians Ragi ghari genetic study proves that little bit of Iranian genetics were mingled with north Indians.
    Genetically India don't have clear type.

  12. This guy standing there talking about "science"… He wouldn't know science if it slapped him across the head.
    The Aryan invasion / migration or whatever you want to call it happened. Indians have European Steppe derived DNA, while Europeans have exactly 0% South Asian DNA. Case closed. Just because you don't like something it doesn't make it false! Get over your it!!!

  13. Excellent. Please continue to hammer home the scientific( genetic, geological, climatology) evidence to debunk theological (bible, Torah, quran) based beliefs. I wish to point out one important consequence of the post Toba monolingual society. Any social organization is, at its foundation, a society of Laws. And laws are articulated through logic, and logic is based on grammar. So to have mutually acceptable laws, mutually acceptable arguments based on a common linguistic grammatical structure is indispensable. Thus the ancient Hindu °r't or right actions, developed, and with later lingual diversifucation, led to diversified legal foundations such as English common law, or Roman law, etc.

  14. According to tho these clowns, an aboriginal Australian is generically the same as a chinaman, strangely Jewish people do exist and the royals are separate and more evolved race? If race doesn't exist, I'll be an Eskimo!
    Aryan is an English word that exists in German, a variant of which is present in the name Iran and the Sanskrit text mentions a similar word referring to a lordly race. The same text says the Dravidians invaded India, what seems to be more likely is the darker-skinned Indians invaded white countries and mixed breeding pushed out what was left of the white race, the evidence is further present in modern Europe and the US where the same is happening. We know western Africa and Turkey was once white, now, through mixed breeding and ethnic replacement, they are gone.

  15. Actually the migration of Indoeuropeans from Central Asia to India about 4000 years ago is pretty much a settled fact from recent genetic discoveries. Indians should not fear these discoveries, it doesn't make Indian culture less Indian – from the contact of Indoeuropeans with the Dravidians a great Indian culture and civilization arose.

  16. Among the many anatomical differences between Caucasian and Negroid, the Negroid skull is DOUBLE the thickness of the Caucasian skull. A mere 80,000 years is nowhere near enough time for such physical changes to evolve. The 'out of africa' theory of human evolution is bullshit. Negroids are black, everyone else is white. There has been some racial mixing between Africa and Europe/Asia but Caucasians evolved separately from Africans.

  17. Aryans came from Iran not Europe, Babylonians actually. Chased out of their home by invaders they fled into India. Ellora Caves I think are pretty good proof some sort of travelers were in India that no current culture has a connection too.

  18. seems like you are talking for high caste people, bcoz they are more effected with this theory as they directly become the foreigners in India.

    if you say dravidians and aryans are same then why the discrimination unless the powerful wants to still continue suppressing the dravidians so that they forget their culture.

    Dont give general quotes of science, you have not shown the DNA and genetic reports just your powerpoint slides with random quotes.

    you are the true follower of SSR. hence you are bias.

    dont need your nonsense comparison.

  19. Sir, I want to attend your lectures and want to read your research.. please tell me how can I go ahead??
    Is there anyone who can help me regarding this??

  20. Correction, The Aryan debate is gone with Hitler …
    I wonder why are Indians so desperate for White Supremacists' approval? they are racist, and because they are racist they wont see you as one of them, stop trying to convince yourself your white people because no one takes that claim seriously or people simply don't care. You are Indians, you have a lot to be proud of, things that actually matter and that are indisputable.

  21. Rakhigarhi DNA showed Indus valley civilization people were ancestors of South Indian tribal people. The single most startling revelation of the Rakhigarhi research may be the complete absence of any reference to the genetic marker R1a1, often loosely called 'the 'Aryan gene'.

  22. I'm wondering if the Aryans or northern invaders were the equivalent to third world people coming into first world countries and then multiplying and dominating the culture , similar to what Muslims are doing to Europeans they did to the Dravidians. And while linguistically Europe will speak Arabic they were not conquerors who brought civilization but we're the lesser people who incorporated the dominant culture and in return became dominant. The Dravidians would be looked on as conquered and in a way were but they were the ones who brought and influenced the aryan culture into a more civilized way of being…..just food for thought.

  23. Please go to Keezhadi in TN. Recently they found evidence of a modern civilization lived there thousands of years back like Indus Valley. This guys is suppressing the truth as well.

  24. L. A. WADDELL ]1854-1938] was only intrested in truth and he had studied Sumerian by himself. He claimed in 1925 or so to have deciphered the seals of the Indus Valley by reading them as if their underlying language was Sumerian and an Emeritus professor by the name of Barton who wanted to believe in the Semitic version of the appearance of civilization opposed him with the strategy of the idea being ridiculous and for this reason the Indus Script is still regarded as undecoded. Waddell's decipherment is in my book 'The Rise of Man in the Gardens of Sumeria – a biography of L A Waddell' – Sussex Academic Press, 2009, available from Amazon… Christine Preston

  25. In croatian dialect- Oganj = fireplace, fire, Agni= fire, Vedic fire god of Hinduism. In croatian ( in relation to a God ) -Višni,Svevišni= HIGHEST, MOSTHIGHEST, Vishnu = is one of the principal deities of Hinduism, and the Supreme Being or absolute truth in its Vaishnavism tradition.

  26. Uddaka means water in sanskrit…..which is drinkable…..Vokda comes from it udakka ……so we can substitute vodka for uddaka….to drink,,👌😂😂😂

  27. Oh look another our race is unique speech.

    Interesting nontheless… but the migrations of humans happens ALL the time… it has happened before and will happen now… and will continue forever even throughout planets.

    All humanity is unique… all around the globe we are a species with amnesia. The more we discover the more we realize how wrong our assumptions were/are.

    All around the globe we are finding evidence of advanced civilizations dating hundreds of thousands of years old. But these civilizations are bound to mix because it is how we progress and develop further.

    Yet people are afraid to admit it because humanity is not good at admitting they were wrong, because our history is written by those in power and it is shameful for them to admit they were and are not the dominant race. Then those who've been subjugated come up and say oh hundred thousand years ago we were dominant… so we are dominant… and the cycle goes on and on.

    Who we are now is a result of millions of years of events, Indians today are not the same people who lived there fifty thousand years ago. Neither are the Iranians of present day Iran, neither are the Europeans and so on… we just assume so because we want to feel connected to the past.

    Stop segregating and start unifying.

  28. One thing I learned, every thing in modern world I see is beginning somehow from India. And that's 100000% truth. But this evil people took world by trick or force n get rich then make law n put their knowledge or way of thinking in large ( education etc. ).

  29. 2:13 Aryans ppl is mixed race of Roman +Arabs+mangoliyan . They not belong 2 india . They must match there dna with other race .

    Don't misleading us . We confounded alot

  30. 8:19. So why upper cast and lower cast not marry each other uncle . Am also history student and masters of political . Don't teach what should we do .

  31. Bas*@rds like this always shit from mouth to hide their true evil face. This old shit is a example of shame on humanity.

  32. this is just SO CALLED INDIAN CIVILIZATION , because Harappa and Mohenjodaro are in Pakistan.
    Also where is prove for any bhagwan murti. And 3rd, you guys are shouting so loud with adding in your team people who know Veda's.
    Well Harappa and Mohenjodaro have nothing to do with Sanskrit. 4th And your people still not know what to call the land of India..
    Is it Bharata or India ? chandergupta and chanayak both are terrorists, they wanted conquer the complete world, which is according to Indians they small country India, with having many languages. And Chandra just saw other bush people just as jungle bush nations
    Stupid Indians want the world to believe that Chandra knew 10000s of languages, first you guys need to fix your fake history of Alexander the GREAT. poor Dananand just was like Surya Putra Karn, the Greatest 2 names of your fiction and reality historical figures… You people from high class are so called high class. Dananand "the best there was / is / ever will be" who gave poor and low class to be called humans.

  33. If "Race" is not a "scientific concepe" then how does mapping genetic haplo groups make any sense??…Why do people look differently and why do they have different blood types?…Is Pluto still a planet today?🤔

  34. Shri Rajaraam… Namaste 🙏💐⚖️🕊️🔥 Namaskaar to you. For Revealing this Aryan myth…6 years before. ..Wow .. 🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥⚖️🕉️🏹🕉️🐬🌊😇✌️🙏🔥⚖️🕉️🏹🙏

  35. 1500s everybody in Europe wanted to know where India was. After 500 years, they almost forgot. Any explanations?.

  36. Who the fuck that guy sleeping at 27:40 …how one can sleep when the most interesting conversation going on…shame on him…

  37. This gentleman is basically saying that Indian fore parents after the toba explosion is from the same race

  38. History is so interesting but only unbiased. If these things r taught in secondary and senior secondary level students will like it very much. People should not create confusions for political gain. But we have to politicise
    everything. Very interesting talk got to know a lot.

  39. If the Aryan Invasion/Migration is such a myth, then why is the most common Y-DNA haplogroup in India R1a? R1a comes from the Pontic-Caspian Steppe, which is the Indo-European/“Aryan” homeland.
    It seems as if modern opposition to this theory truly stems from anti-European, Indian nationalist sentiments, accompanied with cherry-picking certain evidence while ignoring or denying other evidence.

  40. Thank you sir a lot for sharing your knowledge and hard work with us…I have seen a number of vedio on such topics but could not conclude and link them and was often confused …but you made everything clear with you facts and theories and now I am able to manipulate more other things…👍

  41. This guy is wrong because he said the British basically told elite Indians that they came from the same branch , the aryan branch , but he is super wrong because Iranian people in Iran , Afghanistan and Tajikistan have claimed claiming aryan ancestry for thousands of years …

  42. Sumarian Indus scripts are Tamil. Aryans are from Below Turkey their language in Ishlk.This man has an agenda to prove that veda is great and also like to prove that Indians are non African.That is utter bull shit.

  43. Rajaram morphed a indus artifact and claimed that was horse only to prove that horse was there in Indus valley. International historian trashed his argument and exposed his fraudulent ideas …Horse play in Harappa…. Agnihotri RAMANUJA Thathachary, an educated Brahmin  Iyengar, in his book on " Engae pokirathu Hindu Matham" wrote " bramins are educated but not intelluctuals"…nowhere in the world one can see worst morons who consistently and persistently spreading lies..

  44. Your theory is shattered Rajaramji (whether you are Alice).There is a civilization similar to Indus in Keezhadi .

  45. Northern India was conquered by the Aryans. Southern India is largely Dravidian. There is a clear color distinction from this invasion. Hence the caste system.

  46. There are probably hundreds of cultural linguistic racial genetic evidences to prove that scheduled tribes are original inhabitants of India that we know of today. The evidences you provided are not convincing enough also you simply discarded so many things without any scientific reason, you just said genetic can't prove this and that, and we are supposed to believe it because you said so ??? Give us a reasonable fact to discard genetics.. So many counter questions can be asked…. But it seems like rather than producing a scientific study you seem more interested in politics and debate of Aryan. It shows in your temper….

  47. This man said genetic can't prove ancestry and racial evidences and then goes on to construct his story discarding hundreds of evidences that proves otherwise and he gave no explanation to discard them. In fact he mentioned none

  48. So basically our ancestors did not migrate from Europe but they migrated from Africa and occupied the Indian continent?

  49. Not convincin , becoz if people migrated from india to thailand regions they may b looks like Indian not like Mongolians with small eyes

  50. Most of the timings, I am able to see his curious cunning mind and speak. He is trying to proof of on his own comfortable theory and tries to make separation in south India to save on his own community. So for 2% people community saved lot more than Indian tribes and their rights.

  51. no one is living where they are from. migration is a part of life and is why turks are in turkey and spainards are in south america.
    some of what hes saying is against the international opinion.

  52. The "Aryan invasion" did not take place in Europe either. Only 12% of European ancestry came from outside Europe after the last ice age (11,000 years ago). The indigenous European languages were Basque, Finnish, and Etruscan – all non Aryan. The Aryans were a small group of early farmers from modern day Turkey who gradually moved West peacefully at about a mile a year, and co-existed and traded with the native European hunter gathers. The Indo-Aryan language took over in Europe mainly because it was adopted by the European natives who traded with them at first but then intermarried and settled down with them. Indo-Aryan became dominant in Europe because their farming lifestyle became adopted, not because Europeans were genetically "Aryan", nor because they were conquered by the incoming population. Language was simply adopted for convenience as it is today.

  53. It’s so sad actually to see a elderly gentleman who is also an ‘academic’ yet resorts to lying.

    It is sad.

    It’s now clear today Eurasians of R1a from the steppes, also known as Aryans did go to India from the north.

    The most people with R1a DNA can be found in Central Eastern Europe.

  54. Here are the facts….

    The caste system was set up by the ‘Książę’, Slavic-Aryans of R1a DNA….still to this day the Brahmin have that DNA.

    You discuss the….

    Kshatriya (from Sanskrit kṣatra, "rule, authority") is one of the four varna (social orders) of Hindu society, associated with warriorhood.

    In Slavic countries like Poland, the nation with most R1a DNA up to 65% have the following…..

    A ‘Książę’, or a prince who would rule a ‘Księstwo’

    Amazing how linguistics and now science now proves this.

    Here have a look…….

    What does the paper conclude?

    In simple terms, the mixing of Iranian agriculturists and South Asian hunter-gatherers first created the Indus Valley population.

    Then around the 2nd millennium BCE, Steppe pastoralists moved south towards the subcontinent encountering the Indus Valley population in a manner that was likely to have caused some amount of upheaval.
    What appears to happen afterwards is that some of the Indus Valley population moves further south, mixing more with South Asian hunter-gatherers to create the Ancestral South Indian population

    Meanwhile, in the north, the Steppe pastoralists are mixing with the Indus Valley population to create the Ancestral North Indian grouping.

    Most subsequent South Asian populations are then a result of further mixing between Ancestral North Indians and Ancestral South Indians.
    This also means that the people of the Indus Valley Civilisation are the bridge to most extant Indian populations. “By co-analyzing ancient DNA and genomic data from diverse present-day South Asians, we show that Indus Periphery related people are the single most important source of ancestry in South Asia.”

    What does all this mean?

    Some form of “Aryan” migration did take place, even if that term is not used. The introduction of Steppe pastoralists into the subcontinent might have been the way what we know as Indo-European language and culture spread, since it was the same lot of Steppe peoples that also moved West into Europe.

    Moreover, there may be connection between the Steppe migration and priestly caste and culture. The researchers say they found 10 out of 140 Indian groups with a higher amount of Steppe ancestry compared to Indus Valley ancestry. These two were titled “Brahmin_Tiwari” and “Brahmin_UP”. More generally groups of priestly status seem to have higher Steppe ancestry, suggesting those with this mixture may have had a central role in spreading Vedic culture.

    The Out-of-India theory is now even more unlikely, at least at the genetic level. The researchers say early Iranian agriculturists did not have any significant mixture of South Asian hunter-gatherer ancestry, “and thus the patterns we observe are driven by gene flow into South Asia and not the reverse”.

    There you go, that was nice and simple.


  55. Hope the researchers will come up with some endorsement and also show the research for the different views. However what we need to agree is that before we get into gene and ancestors, the colour of skin is determined by the set off between the quantum & intensity of exposure to the Sunlight and its balance of vitamin D. I prefer this to the gene theory

  56. The man is clearly educated and im sure his work comes from a pure place and means well. Buy like he said,
    "This is from the most recent framwork, and until a better one comes along then we will have to change everythig."

    Its always going to be these past, present and future methods of they use that are constantly changing, which change everything, sometimes. The reason why they never change the history books is because they know they will have to change them every year so why bother. Its all theory, everything that i get told and others are taught will never really be able give us a 100% of anything. Not one method used has a 100% results, dating methods really dont. Everyone always says "thats what science tells us"
    science is the study of theory.

    So when they say because of science is how they came up with the big bang theory, i think it sounds about right, wrong on the creation of the universe but right on the name they chose by including theory. If you use the the study of theory your results will most likely be nothing more then the new latest theory that will change a few months later.
    I know there are certain things that we know to be true, but i give the credit for those truths to man and women themselves.
    He said a few times
    "that we know 45 thousand years ago they for sure had language, we dont know what it was or anything about it because they left no traces of it behind"
    But i guess volcano's can give that answer.

  57. This guy is twisting facts smartly
    If Harappans were vedic then how they don't know writing vedic languages while vedic civilization is horse centric whereas Harappans hardly knew horse as remains of horse is not found from Harappan sites

  58. Majority of Indians and Bangladesi are dravidian ..brown or dark skinned and ither dravidian features. We do have admixture of fair skinned aryan features among us. A 4,500-year-old skeleton from Rakhigarhi, Haryana, settles, we may have the answer to a few questions that have vexed some of the best minds in history and science — and a lot of politicians along the way:
    Q: Were the people of the Harappan civilisation the original source of the Sanskritic language and culture of Vedic Hinduism? A: No.
    Q: Do their genes survive as a significant component in India's current population? A: Most definitely.
    Q: Were they closer to popular perceptions of 'Aryans' or of 'Dravidians'? A: Dravidians.
    Q: Were they more akin to the South Indians or North Indians of today? A: South Indians.
    All loaded questions, of course. A paper suggesting these conclusions is likely to be online in September and later published in the journal Science.
    These revelations are part of the long-awaited and much-postponed results of an excavation conducted in 2015 by a team led by Dr Vasant Shinde, an archaeologist and vice chancellor of Pune's Deccan College.

  59. Cuban underwater city that it would have taken 50,000 years ago for such structures to have sunken to the depth .. maybe 100.000 year ago so about Indo-European full of crap from English universities too

  60. looking at the diversity of Indian people, an unmistakable similarity of some of the sounds in words (Sky Akash = reverse similarity, Nose Nasika etc similar to European languages) , the deities (Indra, Zeus, thunder as a weapon etc similarity with Greek), the facial morphology, complexion all lend themselves, to conclude even without any DNA evidence, to a certain amount of genetic mixture with aboriginal natives and subsequent isolation to preserve their genetic purity. some more research findings using DNA …suggest Vedic /Aryan Hindus came either from Central Asian steppes or Iranian plains …to India which was populated by aboriginal Dravidian people that can be found in greater numbers in the southern part of India. Migration always takes place from hard to live (cold) places to comfortable (warmer) climes with abundant resources, not the other way around as this speaker claims. What is evident, even without research, is that the invaders brought their culture and imposed it on the natives and wiped out any competition ( e.g. Buddhism flourished all over Asia other than India) … by claiming that Aryan Hindus are indigenous, they want to legitimize their culture which is nothing but an attempt at self-preservation, but we need to understand that though some people may follow foreign religions ( Islam, Christianity), they are mostly natives who converted (since they were probably denied a place in a Hindu hierarchy), while most endogamous Aryan Hindus themselves may not even be native to India as these DNA tests seem to unravel.

  61. Tamil was much more advanced even in 300 BC and the only language with huge volume of literature including Thirukural which is translated into more  global  languages next only to Bible. Thats why its classified as a classical language. Hindutva deliberately ignored this point just like the Hindutva fanatics.

  62. Nice Perspective feels good as a southerner! but there are a lot of things that dint add up.Some 1000 fortunate people, Homo-sapiens with FoxP Mutation ended up in coastal India fanning out all over!. All languages having same origin!!. (How come Chinese and Japanese are so different phonetically, grammatically and notoriously writing vertically). Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayans were all descendants of 1000 Afro-Indians. there should ve been some clue archaeologically. I firmly reject Aryan invasion theory and this too. Thing is we can never be sure like whats beyond space an another space??

  63. This guy is a crackpot spewing pseudo-historical nonsense. Yes, a lot of textbook history from the 20th century was biased due to colonialism, but since the 1990's a great deal has been done to correct the record. Aryan Invasion theory is no longer accepted, but has been replaced with Aryan MIGRATION theory, NOT Aryan originating in India. There is ZERO evidence that east asians are descended from Indians.

  64. Pretty mind blowing stuff…it answers some questions and clarifies certain issues while raising many more of both. Can we ever really know for sure…unless hard and concrete evidence is found?

  65. I think on the map at 17:32 is something wrong. The northern part of the map fits perfectly with my investigation of the vedic literature especially my understanding of the war of Sudas with the ten tribes in the Rigveda. But the map also shows people going from the south of India to the east of Asia and this is in my opinion a mistake.

    The ancient indian scriptures show that Manu Vaivasvata (the founder of the indian society) after the flood (which took place according to Berossos about 33.500 BC!) came by ship to India from outside. It is my believe that he came from Kumari Kandam (scientifically called "Sundaland") which fits perfectly to the statement at 7:03, that "all non-African humans in the world are descended from" the indian group of people. This is because they all came from Kumari Kandam.

    I can say this firstly because Manu Vaivasvata was called "king of the Dravidians" in the Srimad Bhagavatam and secondly because he came by ship to India. The other point which supports this is that the tradition of the northamerican Hopi Indians also tells that they came from another continent which they call "Kaskara" to the american continent and they also tell that this continent Kaskara sank beneath the sea and this the tamil people say about Kumari Kandam.

  66. King Darius wrote in Stone his people come from the Aryan people aka Tocharians/Scythian/Slav etc.. Western Pyramids of China. The first new zealanders have Persian dna they escaped mahabaratan war of dark skinned people.

  67. Dear Sir Thank you. I have mentioned some of the things learnt from this video in my FB post

  68. INDIA had at least TWO HUMANITIES, yes two eras, the first, the RIG-VEDA is ESTINCT. The second developed in GUJARAT, see here:
    (Please connect the brain before reading)

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