I would like to start this interview on a serious note. I would like to ask you why don’t you get tired? Do you take any tonic? You wear simple clothes and lead a simple lifestyle. You are a fakeer. You did so much work, is there anything left to be done? Another important question- Do you like mangoes? I am from Aam Aadmi Party, so I love aam(mangoes) the most. How do you eat mangoes? Our guest needs no introduction. Perhaps one of the few politicians who is talking fearlessly during these elections. We will talk about the issues of the nation. I would like to start this interview on a serious note. Arvind Sir, I would like to ask you why don’t you get tired? You are fighting on issues like corruption, democracy, and statehood. Why don’t you get tired? – I think people who indulge in public life should not get tired. Moreover, they should not boast about it. They should not give scripted interviews. You wear simple clothes and lead a simple lifestyle. You are a fakeer. Why haven’t you started wearing expensive suits after becoming Chief Minister? – Yes, I don’t wear expensive suits and I don’t travel around the world. The people of Delhi have given me responsibility and I aim to fulfill it. Your thought process is fast but cannot match the pace of Delhi’s development. Do you get intimidated by this? – We want to work in the fields of education and healthcare But my bullet train has been attached to the L.G’s engine which decreases my speed We have to work hard to avoid their interference. You did so much work, is there anything left to be done? Delhi still needs a lot of work. We need to curb pollution, build more colleges, create jobs and run for full statehood. Full statehood has been a demand from the last 70 years. You need to answer another important question. Do you like mangoes and how do you like to have them? – I am a member of Aam Aadmi Party so yes I like mangoes. These were our important questions. Let us ask some easy ones as well. These have come from our Patreons who guide us. They are the board of directors. Mannu Singh is asking why did AAP not form an alliance with the Congress? – AAP was founded to battle Congress’ corruption We never thought we would have to form an alliance with Congress Modi and Amit Shah are dangerous for the nation. The duo will not spare the constitution and democracy. -Recently the Prime Minister said that he is in talks with 40 MLAs of West Bengal They will overthrow the Government after the 23rd of May. -This is unprecedented. Never has a Prime Minister openly threatened of overthrowing an elected Government. – What is happening? He is publically warning of horse-trading politicians. He does not believe in democracy. ‘Horse Trading’ – That was considered a dirty word is being used with pride by the PM He will not spare the constitution and democracy. -It’s due to the hatred that is being spread, that we thought of aligning with the Congress. Is the Congress on the same page as you? – I don’t think so. Our volunteers and party workers were against any alliance with the Congress. We started talks with their permission. It started with 33 seats in Punjab, Haryana, Goa, and Delhi Had the Congress agreed, we would have stopped BJP in at least 28 seats. They proposed 4-3 formulae in Delhi. They don’t have a single MP or MLA in Delhi. We have 20 MLAs and 4 MPs in Punjab Despite this, they did not want to give even a single seat to us there. Alliance in Punjab was out of the picture. We did not care much because our primary goal is to defeat BJP and it does not have a stronghold in Punjab anyway We sacrificed six seats in Punjab. Then, they denied an alliance in Goa. Let us talk about the rest of the 18 seats of Haryana, Chandigarh, and Delhi, Ghulam Nabi Azad met Sanjay Singh, discussed the alliance and finalised the alliance. The deal was done. We were to do a joint press conference Suddenly, they stopped picking up our calls. They asked for one more seat. We agreed. I was very happy from this formula that would have wiped 18 seats from the BJP. We agreed on all of the conditions put forward by the Congress to defeat BJP. After all this talk, Congress pulled the plug on Haryana as well. We understood they do not want an alliance. Next day, Rahul Gandhi tweeted and accused us of not forming an alliance. The manner of the tweet consolidated that they don’t want an alliance – Who was responsible for this? I won’t name anyone but I can’t understand what Congress actually wants. In West Bengal, they are harming the TMC They are harming the Left in Kerela They want to show that they care for south India If so, they should have contested in Karnataka against the BJP They are hurting anti-BJP alliances across the country. AAP is a mainstream political party Although defeating BJP is your first priority, people are upset that you wanted to ally with Congress. In Atishi’s case, where people are debating over her caste, don’t you think your ideas of politics are getting affected? Take us through the journey of AAP from India against corruption to mainstream politics You will get stains if you want to clean dirt Anna Hazare opposed the idea of forming a political party. If they question Atishi’s religion, we have to issue a clarification. We would like our caste to be known as Indian and Humanity as religion Students are admitted into Delhi’s schools irrespective of their religion and caste People from all religions are provided with healthcare in Delhi’s hospitals Did AAP compromise with its ideals, we see a different pattern in the election campaigns? The nation will suffer from mob lynching and communal hatred. The nation cannot afford to let Pragya Thakur fight elections. But the opposition can accuse you of playing religion politics when it comes to elections. We are not playing religion politics Do you agree with Atishi’s ‘Vote for goon but not BJP’ statement? BJP is dividing the nation. India and Pakistan are enemies since 1947 Pakistan failed to divide India for 70 years. Modi and Shah have done it in 5 years. They have filled the country with hate. But they are fighting the elections in the name of patriotism and army. This is interesting. Imran Khan sent terrorists across the border in Pulwama and forty army personel were martyred. Our Air Force killed 300 Pakistani terrorists in Balakot. Both the countries were on the brink of war. Why is Imran Khan wishing that Modi continues to be the Prime Minister of India What is going on? Modi is not fighting elections on development issues. He cannot claim that he created jobs or built hospitals, schools, etc He cannot claim any help to farmers. He is boasting about killing terrorists and on the other hand, the terrorists want him to be re-elected This can be Rahul Gandhi’s ruse with Imran Khan. I find this fishy He went to congratulate Nawaz Sharif on his birthday …and he had biryani as well. There are certain protocols which are to be followed before a meeting with two Prime Ministers The uncalled for meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan was unprecedented. Modi and Nawaz Sharif also had a meeting What is brewing between Modi and Pakistan? Pratik asks- In 2015,AAP won because of two major factors- 1.Direct contact with the electorate 2. Apology for previous resignations. Both qualities are quite rare in modern politics. Like the Sri Lankan President apologized for the recent terror attack Indian Politicians don’t issue an apology. Has AAP given up on its down to earth strategy? What is AAP doing to connect with the people on the ground? We are connecting with the people through our work. I regularly visit hospitals to ensure smooth functioning Likewise, I inspect schools and ‘mohalla clinics’ We are building streets in Delhi Delhi’s development was limited to the Lutyens zone until now. Poor people were deprived of development. They lacked basic facilities like clean water, roads and electricity 10,000 streets are being built in Delhi as we speak. Politicians are not accountable for their job. People are upset about this fact. We are petitioning to the election commission to derive a formula so that politicians are held accountable each year of their term in office. Are you willing to support this? Of course, we will. In fact, we do this every year on our annual day. We issue of toll-free number through which anyone can talk to me. Doors of my house are open at 10 AM every day for people to see me Rahul is asking what are the lessons AAP has learned from the debacles of Maharashtra, Punjab and success of Delhi What next for AAP? I am responsible to the people of Delhi and therefore working to make sure I live up to their expectations. Central Government blocked the files of CCTVs and mohalla clinics for over three years. We are an elected Government but need permissions for developmental projects. We won’t need permissions if we get full statehood. There is a problem of state-level leadership in Maharashtra and Punjab Is Arvind Kejriwal a difficult man to work with? Bhagwant Mann is our leader in Punjab We swept 67 out of 70 seats right after formation. This is unprecedented. After five years, we are not facing anti-incumbency. People are willing to vote for us again We are growing at a rapid pace. This can be one reason because of which we are facing a leadership crisis You have reasons to be upset with Congress and Rahul Gandhi has not given a Television interview until now BJP has done a good job as far as their campaigning is concerned. Congress is repeatedly accused of not doing justice to the role of opposition. What would you have done if you were Congress? I would have made alliances to defeat the BJP Maybe they are not forming alliances because they want to expand their party How will they do that if they don’t win? If they don’t form alliances, BJP will win the elections. We have to work as a team to defeat the BJP How are these elections different from those of 2014? There was a Modi Wave in 2014 which is missing now. There is anti-incumbency. Ardent Modi followers might still vote for BJP but not a single person will change to BJP if he/she didn’t vote for them in 2014 A lot of voters will not vote for BJP this time. BJP has not added a single vote because of their work. Do you think the opposition has been successful in wooing the voters? It is sad that Congress did not form an alliance. I believe we are in a strong position and will win all the seven seats in Delhi What next for Arvind Kejriwal? I can die for my country. We have been serving the nation from the last 10 years. I am a diabetic patient and I fasted for over 15 days for the same. I have no larger or smaller ambition. The nation can only develop when we live in communal harmony. Businesses will only galore when we have a robust law enforcement structure. We cannot compete with developed countries when we face communal distress. The nation is like one big family. We need to work together for growth. Thank you Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Bhakt Banerjee has a few questions for you


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