The Art of Political Power, with Robert Caro and William Hague

The Art of Political Power, with Robert Caro and William Hague

33 thoughts on “The Art of Political Power, with Robert Caro and William Hague

  1. Mr. William Hague was very much correct in suggesting the publishers to publish the original work on Robert Moses comprising about 1 mn 50 k words. Readers of the works of Mr. Caro must join together their voices for publication of the original and uncut version of "The Power Broker" as a collector's edition. At least now, the publishers can rest assured of the commercial success of the original unabridged book. It's my earnest request. Mr. Hague may certainly chose to lead our voices. Thanks.

  2. Does Robert Caro write about LBJ corruption, about to be on Life magazine detailing corruption, about to have to resign from office in early 1964 and face jail time. Bobby Baker, Estes, Malcolm Wallace etc. Only assassination of JFK saved him. Of course this leads to LJB role in assassination and coverup, which should get several chapters. Very nice man and great historian Robert Caro is, but honestly I would recommend Roger Stone book.

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  4. Fascinating conversation. I cant imagine reading a book so large. I guess if its good enough reading you will enjoy it. My reading is sadly only books with a lot of pictures.

  5. It's fascinating to see this brilliant historian, this gentleman, being asked questions as if he is also some sort of political or cultural guru. He is right to say that he can't really know the answers to such questions. One wonders how differently he would answer these questions now, after the election of Donald Trump and in view of Trump's modus operandi. Roughly on the hour mark he talks to the possibility of someone coming along and doing something different with the system. There is another video on youtube in which Caro speaks about Trump, and it's well worth looking up. He takes him seriously as a politician.

    I wonder however how well the idea – that the more we know about political processes the more informed choices we will make – will wear, or indeed the idea that things will get better. It's obvious that social media doesn't lead to more informed choices (after all it's not just access to information, it's also about the information being accessed); and transparency will only encourage other forms of obfuscation.

    The several questions that wondered if great deeds in politics can be achieved with an unblemished character (always stated generally as if 'good character' means the same thing in all places and at all times) struck me as naive and ahistorical.

  6. Master of the Senate is the best book I've ever read. But if you really want to enjoy it and understand it I would suggest (even more so than reading the previous volumes of the autobiographical series), you need to understand congress and the basic mechanics of it and how it works. Truly do your research before you read/listen to the book so it makes sense without making you think too hard about it.

  7. A liberal lovefest here.
    Johnson was a nasty, mean-spirited, foul-mouthed womanizer who disdained blacks (using his very words). How this author does not know this is hard to understand. This is ridiculous, absurd revisionism.

  8. Why is this moderator talking like that?? He is making us look bad. Hey, person watching from the distant future. This moderator is talking funny to us too.

  9. It's amazing to see how gracious Caro is with his audience. The amount of time he prefaces his answers with "I don't know" — his intellectual humility is just so genuine! I would think that I pretty much knew everything there is to know about LBJ and Moses if I spent my entire adult life studying about them the way Caro has. Yet, he treats every question as if it's the first time he's heard it, like he's really happy someone asked him the question. Truly, a great biographer.

  10. William Hague is really a quite peculiar character, in an amusing sort of way. He is a sort of melodramatist: all those soaring tones and linguistic flourishes and so on. And yet his slightly quirky (slightly muted) South Yorkshire vowels make him sound slightly less like the caricature of a Tory politician. I don't know what to make of him. That said, I'm an American, so my perception is not freighted with the same political baggage that it would otherwise be, so anyway, take this comment for what it's worth. (It's worth almost exactly what you paid for it, in fact.)

  11. This is one of the rare moments a mainstream commentator talks about the power of Zionist mafia. Otherwise, the ultimate tabu, silenced as conspiracy theory. And the name of Robert Moses is virtually unknown. Just imagine if the Italians owned Hollywood and mainstream media, how many movies would be about him, making him more famous than Al Capone and Don Corleone.

  12. Holy cow! What an introduction!

    One day of Caro's press conferences is many lifetimes for normal schlubs like us.

  13. Caro's a bit of a mystery. Brilliant mind, so knowledgeable, yet he seems to be completely in the dark about just how corrupt LBJ was. By comparison Moses was a Boy Scout.

  14. It is very difficult to recreate a certain time in America. I remember when President Johnson, first lady and entourage came to San Antonio for Hemisphere '68. Everyone was so excited, and the visitors were very happy. They went to several events. The climate, era and feeling was just so different.

  15. Always wondered why he's never updated The Power Broker, to cover the last 10 years of Robert Moses' life.

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  17. It's so funny how Hague SAYS he'd like to keep the question parts brief, but is adding the most time by adding so much small talk between questions and repeating each question in the wordiest way.

  18. What a great author, and what an evocative interview. Wish I had another lifetime to read all of Caro's books. He really recreates history in a precise, fascinating way: making the past come to life. And what a fantastic life Robert Moses had. Astonishing how he could accomplish so much. A great story.

  19. I’d have asked him how much of Johnson’s success could be attributed to a backlash from Kennedy's assassination.

  20. That's one of the best discussions I've seen so far! Hague made it really interesting by posing brilliant questions and swiftly shifting the audience's attention towards different subjects. Of course Mr Caro did a terrific job as well! He seemed very interested, frank and joyful.
    Thank you for uploading this video 🙂

  21. Irony of a bureaucrat talking about power. William Hague is part of the biggest crony-capitalists supporters in England.

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