The Armenian Pagan Neo-Nazi Problem

The Armenian Pagan Neo-Nazi Problem

When I was in university, there was this
guy in my Plato’s Republic class who I will never forget. It’s as if his purpose
on this earth was to ruin any discussion as soon as it started. Anytime anyone
made an intelligent, articulate point, he’d put up his hand and say “I agree with her”
and then completely misstate what she had just said. I don’t even think he knew
he was doing it. I think he actually believed that the things he was saying
equated to the things that she was saying. And it didn’t stop the moment the
bell rang. That guy is out there somewhere right now, misunderstanding you and later repeating it to somebody else in that misunderstanding. And he’s
probably the best symbol I can think of to explain why are the Armenian pagan
religion is having trouble holding back its Nazis. My wife’s father is a scientologist. Wow,
that’s an uncomfortable thing to say. Not just for me, either, but for my wife and
for you. Ooh. Anyone who follows this series can probably guess that I’m not
on board with Scientology, and neither is my wife. But while she’s never actually
taken part in it, family has a way of influencing you, even when you don’t know you’re being influenced. So when we got engaged, there was a period of deprogramming we went through that piece by piece deconstructed the lies she’d
been fed in childhood. And while this video has nothing to do with Scientology,
and while I don’t believe my father-in-law is either a bad or
unintelligent man, that experience taught me a great many things about how
religion works. About how you start one. Because to help her understand the
history of the cult her father had been sucked into, I invented a religion all my
own, and started to get my friends on board as followers. It was essentially a
joke, but within the comedy, meant as a real attempt to show how these sorts of
things begin. Plus, I’ve always been sort of a prick. And here in Armenia, I’m
interested to see that in 1991 another person had a very similar idea. Only
instead of trying to divide a family, as I was doing, they were trying to unite
one. The religion they invented, or should I say, reinvented, was meant to give the
Armenian people a unified, endemic, national religion. Not so much a
replacement of the Orthodoxy as a supplement. Many of its adherents,
including the man whose writings it was based off of, were devout Christians. They
saw no issue with being adherents of both. But despite both being called
religions, their purposes weren’t actually at odds. Most of the time, they
walked in lock step. They call it the Armenian Native Faith, although for the
sake of brevity I’m going to equally referring to it as Paganism. They also
call it Heathenism, but I feel like there’s connotations to that that don’t
translate very well. The origins of the faith go back to a man we’ve mentioned
before in our Armenia episodes, Garegin Nzhdeh. He’s one of, if not the most important names in the modern history of this
country. But he’s a complicated figure. He fought with the Nazis, and truly believed
in the idea of Armenian racial purity. Modern paganism in Armenia branches
directly from the roots that he planted a hundred years ago, as do much of the
politics of this country. Only, it’s not that simple. Because while yes, he fought
with the Nazis, and yes, he supported a national political religion that was meant to highlight and promote the purity of the
Armenian people, it would be incorrect to say that he was a true supporter of
Hitler, or that he had any animosity against non-Armenians for their lack of
connection to the bloodline. His beliefs grew out of a genocide so brutal that
for a time it looked like it might wipe out his people completely. His words of
unity were a call to people who had no country of their own, and were being
slaughtered wholesale by their imperial masters. It was less about their racial
superiority, and more about their survival. He was trying to draw in a
diaspora that had up until that point little cause to find themselves united. His writings were meant to build back a historic people. And in the mind of most
modern Armenians, it worked. In 1991, with Armenia in the midst of a war with
Azerbaijan that again endangered their national existence, an Armenian-American by the name of Slak Kakosian decided that he was going to update Nzhdeh’s works. Building off the principles of the racially based religious nationalism of
his predecessor, he began to codify the laws and beliefs of Armenian paganism.
They hold services at the pre-Christian temple of Garni, the last
standing Greco-Roman building in not just the nation, but the entire former
Soviet Union. And I can see why. It’s an absolutely beautiful building, and serves
as a very clear example of Armenia’s long and storied connection to these
lands. For a society that has been forced to reject Orthodoxy in the face of
Soviet atheism, for many people this temple, and this religion were able to
fill the gaps left behind. But the religion, from the beginning, was pretty heavily wrapped up in politics. After all, it was an attempt to create a nation out
of little more than an idea. Even though on paper it has no political leanings, in
practice it’s pretty heavily associated with the nationalist right. And given
their espoused beliefs, it’s not all too surprising to find that most of the
members of the leading right wing party of Armenia are believers of the Native
Armenian Faith. Which brings me to my point now two-thirds of the way through
the episode. Because a ball pushed by nationalists tends to roll down a very
ugly hill whenever it’s not meticulously kept in line. Despite many other positive
and non-controversial beliefs, it’s undeniable that the Armenian Native
Faith relies on the principles of racial identity, hyper nationalism, and the Aryan purity of the local people. On top of that, despite it being a little more than
a way to hold back the Soviets, their ideological founder fought with Hitler.
You can probably see where I’m going with this. Since the beginning, it has
been very hard for them to stop the neo-Nazis from completely taking over
their religion. It would be inaccurate to say that paganism in this country is
supportive of Nazism. It would be inaccurate to say that the founders of
the faith did so as a means of targeting minorities, invading other lands, or
harming those who disagreed with them. Considering the massive diaspora of
Armenian people around the globe who have intermarried and mixed with
ethnicities of all types, it would also be inaccurate to say that their true aim
was any sort of blood-based racial purity. They just want a national
religion. They want Armenian people from all around the globe
to feel united. But just because that was their stated aim, doesn’t mean that
that’s what happened in practice. Just like in that Plato’s Republic class all
those years ago, at some point it was inevitable that somebody was going to
put up their hand and say “You’re right. We are Nazis.” Within a few short decades, the paganism of this country had an undeniable neo-nazi problem. Most of the
practitioners disagreed. The head priest disagreed. And yet, it was still there.
Bit by bit, a religion already considered somewhat extreme by the general
population found itself being taken over by people they themselves considered
extreme. In the late 2000’s, things came to a head. With the founder of the religion
recently dead and no high priest put in his place, an internal uprising began to
put a Neonazi on his spiritual throne. In direct response to an attempt from
within to guide the religion further right, the pagans of the Native Faith
attempted to exorcise their demons. They cut ties with the most extreme elements,
in effect raising their own hand to rebut the words that were being put in
their mouths. And out of this, the Armenian Aryan Order was born. It exists
today like a distorted mirror, shining back to its counterparts the lessons of
stopping that ball in its tracks. They know full well that if their experiment
is taken over by its most extreme elements, it will never be able to unite
the people in the way it was always intended. Ideology isn’t static. Ideas are
rarely perfectly reflected back, especially when they contain an extreme
amount of nuance. Nationalism certainly has its place in
this world. The right wing has its place in this world. But if you are one of those two things, it is very much so in your best interest
to keep an eye on that ball. Because the moment that hand goes shooting up in the air to reframe your point, if you’re not there to correct it, they’re speaking for
you. Neonazis will rise on your back. Whether
that’s what you intended, or not. This is Rare Earth. and this is a peach. Are you filming? Yesss. I didn’t touch it.

100 thoughts on “The Armenian Pagan Neo-Nazi Problem

  1. But Armenians are Caucasians, not Aryans. Iranians and Kurds (the latter also being responsible for the Armenian genocide) are Aryans.

  2. the Armenian genocide all so killed of the last Armenian Zoroastrians .These were the Ardorwic or the children of the sun . Zoroastrianism was the religion before christianity and the one that replaced Armenian Paganism

  3. Your assertion that the natsi's were and are extreme right is absolutely wrong .They were and are an extreme left ideology.

  4. I mean all sides in politics have a slippery slope and I think we far too often neglect that slope of the left.

  5. Nationalism for people without a country: good
    Nationalism for people who wish to preserve the country they have: bad
    I got it, thanks

  6. Here is a small question to pose, I believe it is clear and we all can see when the right has become to extreme, ie ethnic superiority. What is not so clear in my opinion is what is the canary in the coal mine when the left does so, just something to ponder. Either way both sides of the political spectrum have their place and their purpose and a well functioning society cannot be had without both, again in my opinion.

  7. It seems neo-paganism in general draws in Nazi types, also in Asatru and Varg Vikernes' boat. I suspect due to the 'ethno-nationalistic' tribal basis that pagan beliefs had, and also Himmler's own adoration of cultish esoterism. Pre-Christian and pre-Islamic paganism is a symbol for nationalism in most countries.

  8. The idea of rephrasing what someone said is to confirm your understanding, not to push through your own agenda. Indeed if done subtily, can be very dangerous to unattentive folks

  9. So, is this why the politicians in Nordic Countries are calling Nordic Runes racist? Or do they just want their race of tan?

  10. Imagine being the daughter of a Scientologist married to the son of an astronaut who goes around the world making mini documentaries. That must be quite the life.

  11. If you are worried about being misunderstood, please don't leave the impression that Nazi is just a word. And if you are not just a very subtle globalist (which is a rare thing and should draw respect however grudging) then don't sell globalism.

  12. Why would 'devout' people of one religion/idea/philosophy follow another r/i/p that may stand against the first r/i/p?

  13. World war means exactly world at war. Lots of nuance. Lots of confusion. Then the victors feast on the spoils and embellishments abound. Wash,rinse,repeat.

  14. Neo Nazis are a blight on pagan faiths everywhere. Heathens against Hate, Heathens against Capitalism.

  15. Any nation under threat will withdraw within themselves and embrace a following where they can identify as a one nation people. This is true of Native Americans, Aboriginal peoples, Boers in South Africa or Armenians who faced a genocidal threat from the Ottoman Turks and found their identity in a Nazi philosophy which gave their people meaning. Knee jerk Western reaction to anything Nazi should not judge these people.

  16. Everyone saying that Armenians didn’t fight with Nazis is dead wrong, there were many Armenians in the Ostbatalionen, and even the Waffen ss. I have a friend who is very enthusiastic about this information who is Armenian, and is proud of his peoples collaboration and fighting alongside the Nazis

  17. Now do one showing how the left wing and their identitarian politics need to keep their ball rolling straight; and avoid class and racial conflict and slaughter. You know, just for fairness. We know well what the right wing becomes when it goes too far; Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot show what happens when the left wing goes to far.

  18. Muslims believe that only Arabians are True Muslims…. Everyone else are just Islamic believers. Arabic Muslims are racist toward Black lslamics and or Asian lslamics. Yes there is a class system within Islam. With Women on the very bottom.

  19. Where is the problem you just made me think Armenian people are with the shit. As in they are not too bad Haha these guys on this channel are some soy boy pussies.

  20. Not sure about le fin avec le peche…kind of nazi…great video tho..good points to reflect upon

  21. 1.1k dislikes are people that deny the Armenian genocide and probably listen to the young turks.

  22. Your videos are challenging and thought provoking and… "educational" (I don't really like that word in this context, but to explain: I haven't done much traveling and I enjoy the experience of seeing the world your way – the same way I enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of a good photographer). Thank you for the effort you and your associates put into making them. They are a pinch of reality and a whiff of truth in a cauldron of confusing disconnection.

  23. Dude you're a jerk! Why would you do that to your wife! And the same goes for the commies if you in the left don't speak up the most deadly political system in history will be restarted!

  24. Armenian "Neo-Nazi" music is most soulful music in the world>>

  25. Yea personally as a pagan, I'd say paganism isn't a religion its a spiritual path and anyone who follows a Nazi bonehead ideology will never be a true pagan, the gods created us all not just a select group of people and then the rest of us just appeared out of thin air. Or if you don't believe in the gods which is no problem think of it this way, were all children of mother earth all brothers and sisters all humans with the same loves, hates, hopes, dreams and fears.

    To anyone reading who does judge people by race, you should really reconsider your thoughts on race, put your belief to one side just for a couple hours and meet some of these people its not going to kill you! You might just be surprised at what you find. If you still don't like them you haven't lost anything but if you do like them you've gained so much more of this world.
    Take that from someone who ashamedly started going down that path in my early teens, fortunately I quickly woke up and saw through the bullshit people spewed out into the world. since that day I've made good friends of multiple races, religions and spiritual paths all around the world and I'll never look back, and I promise you wont either.

  26. Believe it or not, most of our symbols and meaning are based on paganism (mostly animals/nature). Just have to dress up as Christianity because the biblical religions are tolerated as tools by all governments. People are not aware. Many Countries flags have pictures of animals, and many of our avators are not christian.

  27. the amount of armenian pagans in general is less than 0.1%

    also, would love to see you go to turkey and start talking about the Armenian genocide and see how they treat you.

  28. In my mind, racism and nationalism go hand in hand. But in my concept of a less imperfect world, both have a prominent place because of what others see as drawbacks.
    I envision a world containing small enclaves – no more than villages and surrounding fields. Each enclave is based on an ethnic, racial, or ideological purity. And there's nothing better at enforcing that purity than racism and/or nationalism – a sense of superiority and perhaps even entitlement. Naturally, there would be thousands of these enclaves. But they would all remain enclaves, socially isolated, small, largely self governing and self policing. People who embrace what that enclave represents can move there. But also, those who wish to leave would be free to do so. And those people who leave would continue to infuse the world at large with their uniqueness. This prevents the world from becoming too homogeneous, genetically, spiritually, ideologically, politically. It will continue to inject new ways of thinking into the society at large, while not allowing any race, creed, philosophy or ideology to take over the world. Nations would disintegrate into a one world government protecting, preserving, and fostering these enclaves – and perhaps even forming new enclaves as some unique people emerge.
    If there is a concept that should be stamped out, it is the concept of exceptionalism; the idea that some characteristic justifies an exception to the rules of morality or ethics. No person, city, government, state, nation, power, or principality should ever be allowed to elevate or surpress the rights of one personal characteristic over another – except within an enclave. Your skin, eye, or hair color, gender, sexual orientation, genetics, height, religion, philosophy, politics, or anything else about you should matter at all to the general governing body – unless you live within an enclave.

  29. This is nuts.
    As a pagan, i can find nothing more insulting then my gods being remotely associated with Christianity

  30. "Nationalism has it's place in this world." – One of the dumbest statements I've hears in a Youtube video that pretends to be serious. So, the rise of Nation-states and social relations resulting from such, were an inevitable, evolutionary advancement? What is implicit behind that statement is volumes thick, and to accept it without critique/examination with such a statement is terrifying.

  31. Armenia was The first country outside the Middle East to embrace Christianity…and Mt.Ararat is the resting place of Noah's Ark..
    Armenia is a great country…

  32. Ironic that Nzhdeh started his movement due to the Armenian Genocide and yet embraced Hitler's Final Solution.

  33. No no the hedonism is right its the worshipping on the heath or hearth or before the fire on your ass. Its remembering the lord and lady in your own way. But what that is that they do is more than a little fucked. May they have peace and love and may the hate just END.

  34. I think I met your old school mate yesterday in YouTube comments.

    Whatever I said he misunderstood and said I meant something different.

    I was talking about "fifth columnists" so he assumed I was talking about "filthy communists", I mentioned Hong Kong and Malaya so he took it that I was talking about China.

    He knew everything, or thought he did. But he knew nothing.

  35. I have a problem with your phrase, fought with Hitler. I really think that you should say, fought alongside of Hitler.

  36. My parents told me to stay away from drugs and alcohol when I was young, as I got older i began to experiment. Found out that drugs and alcohol were actually pretty nice. Now I'm automatically suspicious when people tell me stay away or something is bad.

  37. I've watched many of your videos and it is always the way you tell a story in an honest, simple but yet convincing manner that hooked me.
    BUT there is one statement in this video wich casts a shadow on your great work. To say that nationalism and the right wing have a rightful place in this world is bullshit without doubt and simply wrong on so many levels. Think about it for a second regarding the big problems of our time wich won't be solved by isolated countries full of national sentiment and you'll see just how wrong.

  38. Whats exactly wrong with defensive nationalism? Our only aim is to defend our people against evident external threats.

  39. What's the chances of you mentioning Trump in this one? 95%? All I know is that I've watched ~10 videos from you and that you've managed to bring him up in 5 of those.. if I recall correctly, you even did so during a video about Albanian (or whatever) bunkers..?

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  41. I love that Armenians are reconnecting with their pagan roots. I’m very supportive of this! I’m half Armenian, half Russian. Was born in Russia, raised in Russia till 13, and then my family moved me to USA. So I don’t know anything about my Armenian heritage. I only know that Christianity was introduced in Armenia through sword & fire like it was everywhere else in the world. Christianity is ani-ethnic. Christianity & Islam are tools for globalization, its anti-native spiritual heritage, traditions, way of life for all different ethnic groups around the world. I’m definitely interested in learning about pagan/ pre-Christian Armenian roots. I have done years of independent study. Sort of like a hobby of mine, but at the same time it’s much more than a hobby or an interest.. It’s a calling. A burning flame of curiosity and desire to learn the truth, and reconnect with my native ethnic roots. Unfortunately I only know Russia culture & language. Well after living in USA for over 20 years, I also know American culture and English language as well. I don’t know anything about Nazis or neo-Nazis. That whole story is very unclear & fuzzy, and I’m not sure what is true and what is not. Done enough research to know that our entire mainstream historical timeline, and official history in general has been falsified and actually fabricated very recently a few hundred years ago. It appears, that around 17 or 1800 they were doing a global cleanup of history. They were systematically erasing all of the ancient history/ancient roots of humanity. After they erased enough genuine history, change the calendar, changed our maps, destroyed, hidden, or alter books, artifacts, or any other form of evidence that can point people to the past, to the truth, they began to fabricate a new version of history, and then through the educational system they have programmed this new version of history into the minds of the next generations

  42. Many neo-nazis don’t even consider Armenians white, fucking idiots(just some pagan groups( not even all pagans let alone Armenians)

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