The Anointing Of The Scepter of Esther and What That Means For America | Dr. Lance Wallnau

The Anointing Of The Scepter of Esther and What That Means For America | Dr. Lance Wallnau

I want to talk to you about the
supernatural power of prophetic timing revealed in the book of Esther, revealed
in Nehemiah, revealed in Ezra because those chapters in the history of the Jews
struggling for their existence are exactly prophetically where we are right
now as America is in it’s great battle and the church is in its throes
of understanding its responsibilities and how to respond, how to pray, how to
engage. We’re going to talk about the scepter of Esther and what that
symbolically, means what the anointing is that is the scepter, what the signet ring
anointing is, what the power of decrees are as they go forth for or against you,
and all of that is in the study we’re doing right now. So I look forward to
sharing this with you in the story of Esther. I want to
show you these sequence that we’ve been looking at. So in the
sequence we have the era of Jeremiah prophesying and so Jeremiah prophesies
and he speaks about his seventy years and then of course Daniel has to go into
prayer and intercession we saw that in Daniel chapter nine and he literally
gets angelic warfare going on in the heavenlies. Gabriel comes in and this is
kind of amazing because Gabriel when Gabriel comes in he says that there’s
going to be a period of years and then the wall will be built in troublesome
times. So there’s a wall that’s going to be surrounding Jerusalem. By the way,
what’s the prophetic meaning of a wall? It’s when God is restoring boundaries
when God is restoring the sovereignty of a nation when God is restoring
definition. Look at how the left is smashing the definition of what a male
is, what a female is, what a marriage is, definition of what freedom is, what
free speech is, the definition of religion itself is its going to be
challenged. What I’m saying is the walls restore the boundaries. So what we have
here is we have Jeremiah prophesies seventy years but this speaks of the
prophets who prophesy Daniel goes to intercedes and like I just said Daniel
has an angel that comes breaks through and says alright you broke through the
prophecy of Jeremiah is now fulfilled what’s going to happen
Cyrus comes to power. Most people don’t realize this but Cyrus who I’m saying is
a secular ruler who comes into power for the sake of God’s people.
This is Viktor Orban from Hungary, this is Bonasera in Brazil, these are the secular
leaders like Donald Trump in the United States who accomplished three things. The three things that Cyrus accomplished was the protection of religious liberty for
Christians and Jews, including a good relationship – a better relationship with
Christians and Israel, it’s going to be economic stability, and protection from
terror. Those are the three things that Cyrus boasted of having accomplished. Now
after Cyrus comes along we have a decree and he makes this decree and this
decree commemorates the fullness of 70 years just like Donald Trump made the
decree at the fullness of 70 years in the existence of the State of Israel. You
see the 70 year connection there so Trump makes it a decree and it has to do
again with Jews in Israel and so we have an embassy established. Netanyahu even
comes the United States, the Prime Minister of Israel, and
tells President Donald Trump you’re a modern-day Cyrus you are what Jewish
people remember you even though Bill Maher forgot because he’s an illiterate
Jew when it comes to his own history doesn’t even know his own his own
history but he he thinks he’s an intellectual commentator on all things
evangelical and faith – what hubris this guy has –
anyway Trump comes along seventy years cycle is complete he makes the
proclamation regarding the embassy move and at the same as this happens we are
now hitting this line here boom this green line here this is the line for the
reset in America will we have a reset or will we not these prophetic things are
taking place during the feast of Purim which we’re going to talk about today
and it’s broadcast what happens the the president here makes another decree the
Golan Heights the boundaries the boundaries you get at the wall
surrounding Israel are being restored the capital and the boundaries this is
prophetic fulfillment capital government boundaries this is what the wall is it’s
about sealing the border the boundary and protection of the modern nation
state that the Soros and various other dark money machines and activist
organizations pursuant to the formation of the democracy alliance etc that
they’re all about dissolving the sovereignty of nations and creating a
kind of a global Babylon where it trust me those elites rule now will the reset
work for America well that depends because the next stage right after Cyrus
is this guy Zerubbabel see Cyrus says return to your lands Zerubbabel goes he’s
the governor of Judah he leads with Jonathan who is the high priest son and
so you have a unique collusion of the government with the believers at that
time so you have the Jonathan who is the high priest it’s the priestly in the
political working together but the priestly and the political catch this is
is so forgive me for saying it this way it’s so profound and and it was a Jack
Hayford statement the priestly the political and the prophets got together
because hey guy comes along and starts to prophesy the Prophet comes into the
mix and the Prophet says stop being intimidated stop delaying
build build build and the government and the believers began to build which led
to the the the chapter which we covered yesterday which has to do with Ezra
showing themEzra comes along and began completes the structure of the house of
god which is made up of people so as the temple is built
Ezra comes along and begins to lay out the the word of the lord to the jews
that they’ve been intermingled and compromised in terms of peace and
prosperity they were compromising for a false peace
just to be left alone and they were pursuing the prosperity of the wrong
system and so when they got circumsized in the heart they repented the joy of
the lord came there was an outpouring of the spirit even physical like rain was
taking place the Levites talked to them about the meaning of the word they had a
revival a restoration and the beginning of a reformation so Ezra has to do with
the restoration of the house of God and Nehemiah comes along with his wall
building project and he completes the Reformation that has to do with the
boundaries of the city you could say the church the house of God is where the
move of God takes place that activates the capacity for the recovery of the
nation and the reset is we are stalling right here right now where is the move
of God the Zerubbabel. Where is the right now we’re in the chapter of these
things coming together now reason why I want to hit Esther today I want to go go
to the subject of Esther it’s because Esther falls into this timeline you see
this is the drama that’s going on in Israel but while that’s taking place
parallel to that we have the book of Esther if what I’m teaching and what I’m
saying makes sense to you it’s because it’s coming out of a fresh revelation I
believe the Lord saying that the major game right now is in seven mountains of
cultures not politics it’s not America it’s an assault
on sovereign nation states literally you’re living at the time when
nation-states are being attacked patriotism nationalism is actually being
branded as fascists my god what is happening well what we’re covering in
our Bible studies were recovery in our news broadcast we’re covering a social
media is the rise and fall of nations and you’re right now in the front lines
of a redefinition of the conflict I don’t know if you know it yet but life
on Earth is going to be changing over the next two to three years radically
because nations are rising and falling depending on whether the people of God
can exert their influence through a sustained pattern of persuasion to
maintain or expand their freedoms and right to exist sheep and goat nations
are being formed right now we’re in the moment when nation-states are rising and
nationalism Patriots is and the emergence of Cyrus rulers are actually
on the front page of The Morning News every day but nobody’s given us a
language to interpret the template this series will do it for you you’ll never
misunderstand what’s happening in the news once you have the rise and fall of
Nations look at this so Cyrus comes to power around 550 BC now check this out
Ezra comes and begins to teach with the Levites the word of the law Zerubbabel
preceded that Ezra shows up. Now Nehemiah is going to come and you know what his
assignment is it’s going to be building that wall restoring the boundaries of of
the walls and the gates of Jerusalem so that the people of God can be secure
here comes after check this out Esther falls right in here and this is
why is Esther such an important book because in the continuity remember in
our phases so the prophetic into intersession into government into the
move of God the house of God and the wall of God there’s a stage here where a
group where the majority of the Jews did not make the journey back to
Jerusalem they were in Persia they were in the capital they were still in the
other place and so the story of Esther talks about what took place while they
are struggling it’s so interesting while they’re struggling to get the house of
God remember this is the work in the house
and this wall is the work in the nation as the house of God goes so goes the
nation as the church goes so goes America so goes every nation watching
this so that the move in the house and the restoration of reformation of of the
Jerusalem or the nation run in a connected pattern but while that’s
taking place in the land of Persia which is modern-day Iran where the kings are
who have this continuity of power from Cyrus on the government has still actors
in it such as Haman who want to shut down and annihilate the move of God and
the people of God by securing a hostile deep state regime that can control what
is happening from the government so that makes sensitive so what’s happening in
the book of Esther Persia is ruling over this this whole process and what happens
is the building process gets stopped and they have to keep on going back to a
decision at the government level if they can continue on the process of their
building project and so the Bible says and Daniel said it the house will be
built even in a troubled time okay so having said that we go to the book of
Esther you’ve got your book of Esther I really want to encourage you to get a
Bible because the the degree of of biblical illiteracy that exists in the
church is scary because you know the the Word of God is actually the safest way
of preserving yourself against error the only way that you can protect yourself
from error is by the word and so the so the errors
that are that are in our day can only be counteracted by people that are
biblically literate and so you don’t want to live off a sermon series and
powerpoints and books by your favorite prophetic teachers you actually want to
learn the word yourself the feast that Ezra brought that remarkable visitation
and Ezra hosted that feast of tabernacles the revival it took place
which is parallel to what we are praying will happen now the outpouring the
revival the Great Awakening everybody’s praying for well it happens when the
books are opened when the Word of God is opened when the word is opened so let’s
take a look at what Esther is all about Esther is the story of of a king who
replaces a queen because she doesn’t honor him and that queen is Vashti then
when when she’s replaced with Esther we find that Esther sneaks in so to speak
now Esther as a book in the Bible was almost rejected in the Canon of
Scripture it was considered to be written we believe that Esther Ezra and
Nehemiah were probably penned by Ezra the scribe but the problem that the
canonical canonical on scholars had with putting the book of Esther in the Bible
is the fact that God’s name isn’t mentioned once what does that tell you
well it tells you that Esther is the ninja sheep of the Old Testament
Esther’s the ninja because she was told to keep her identity secret from the
King Mordecai said don’t let them know who you are now watch this Mordecai is
an out-of-the-box bananas for Yahweh elder so he’s a he’s like a flaming
evangelical he’s like he’s like a preacher and Esther is like somebody is
working in government who is not waving a flag saying that there you know
that there are card-carrying NRA member evangelical in other words Esther is
covert Mordecai is over now that’s her uncle Esther’s an orphan
Mordecai’s raising her Mordecai’s advising her
but God’s name isn’t mentioned once in the book
that’s the problem that these scholars had with whether it should be even the
Bible but fifty years earlier before Esther comes on the scene Cyrus made its
decree these are the Jews that haven’t left yet
and they’re gonna have to fight for their survival so what happens is the
number two man comes up in the kingdom his name is Haman Haman hates the Jews
and so he makes a proclamation that is going to wipe out every single Jew in
the country unless Esther can make her appeal to the King if the right time and
the right way and get him to help them to protect themselves when the attack
happens this is so so feast of Purim is so prophetic because the feast of Purim
actually in our day this was this sign I started to notice I got a friend of mine
left her Summerall his grandson whose name is Lester when Billy Graham was in
the Capitol and he was laid out there and the Capitol and all of the
dignitaries were coming to see him while he was there in his coffin in Donald
Trump was there touched the coffin five times and prayed that God would raise up
a new generation of a young male and female Billy Graham’s it’s amazing
prayer that happened right during the feast of Purim and I said to myself as
Lester and I talked my god that is a prophetic statement right now that the
evangelists who prayed for America now left this earth at ninety nine years of
age and that when the intercessor left it would be the end of an era he had
covered America for his lifetime now a new era had begun and you’ll have to
fight you’re right to exist I wish I had a
voice that reached fifty million Christians right now because Donald
Trump in this battle that has involving him that you hear Rush Limbaugh and and
you know Hannity and Mark Levine and the secular voices of the conservative
they’re talking be listen this thing ain’t gonna be won by might or by power
but by God’s Spirit but that requires God’s people to know we’re in the fight
for our life but you can’t get a lot of Christians to believe that because they
don’t want to get involved with politics they don’t want to get involved with
news they don’t want to get involved with civic engagement they basically
willing to give their inheritance over to Haman and that’s why the book of
Esther is so important so let’s talk about this prophetic feast of Purim that
happened when Billy Graham was there and what what it means that we’ve entered
into a new era during the period of Cyrus Trump in office and and what this
means for us right now prophetically chapter one so in the third year of of
the reign of the king he makes a feasts get your Bible watch this underline it
underline it read it with me and he makes he makes a feast and he calls it
verse nine and we find the Queen Vashti who’s the real beautiful gal herself
made a feast for all two women and on the seventh day when the heart of the
king was Mary he calls for the Queen to come now many Bible teachers teach that
Esther is a type of Christ who’s submitted to his father and that what
they would that’s what the scholars say is that Esther is similar to Jesus in
several ways she lived in submission and dependence and obedience to God given
authorities she was submitted to the king and she was submitted to Mordecai
Mordecai gives her direction the king makes the decrees she wants to please
the king she’s listening to the direction of Mordecai what does that
tell you the type of Jesus here is that Esther is the type of Jesus who wants to
please the father and who has led by the spirit Mordecai becomes a type of Holy
Spirit Esther becomes a type of Christ or body
of Christ led by the spirit serving the king now think about this
who’s Vashti well Vashti evidently is the person who was called to be queen
who wouldn’t answer the summons of the king this gets into some deep waters and
I know that this is like a conjecture point but that’s why the Bible is
written so that you can you can derive some it’s a meaning from it what does it
mean is it possible that God could call Saul and Saul doesn’t obey God and God
us to raise up David it’s a is it possible Vashti represents a church that
doesn’t respond to the invitation of the king what if God wants to do something
in your day in my day and the church decides it doesn’t want to do it because
it’s more interested like solved in its own Kingdom than in the interest of
God’s kingdom and so God has to raise up a David or God raises up an Esther to
take the place of the disobedient who had been given the blessing of promotion
but who wouldn’t respond to the Kings summons when he wanted them to do
something so anyway here you’ve got Queen Vashti refuses in verse 12 to come
much like I think many this could be this could be a parallel for the the
church that will not answer the call of God like a Saul and so God has to then
raise up a new wineskin and and we’re always hearing about new wine new
wineskins alaijah and joy well let’s dig a little deeper people because it’s all
worked out in the warp and wolfmann substance of the political era and the
battle of your lifetime in the real world you’re in
so then understand then the King talks to his wise men and these are wise men
Oh understood the times this is kind of an interesting idea here because the
word four times actually refers to the the word yet and the word it means the
season or occasion or current time so this is a word that is describing the
period of time that has to do with the immediate moment that they were alive in
and so God raises up advisors or individuals who happen to have wisdom
for the times and those will be and I believe it’s written in
here for a reason because this refers to like it’s a car had understanding of the
times so they said to the king they said were you’re gonna have to have another
you’re gonna to get another Queen because this is a really terrible
illustration of rebellion especially since Vashti was having a woman’s
conference and all of the wives of the of the rulers are with her while she’s
defined the king everyone’s going to pick up on that virus of domestic
rebellion against Authority so we bought we got to protect ourselves so the king
says well what do I do the wise men say you have to find somebody else to be
queen so this is where Esther comes in so Esther steps into the vacuum now made
by Vashti the disobedient Queen and so now Esther comes in and of course in
Chapter two we have these these exotic preparations that she goes through in
order to be prepared to be brought before the king and so this is similar
to the way in which you could say the Lord prepares people for their call
their assignment and she goes into the King there but now we find the in verse
15 and in verse 9 we start to see the word favours starts to show up now when
the word favours shows up that means something important so here we come into
a subject that everybody loves to talk about let me go with a bigger font here
this is the word l4 so everybody loves that word favor been popularized over
the last ten years in a big way I define favor as the attraction of God to you
that releases an influence through you so that other people are inclined to
like you or trust you or support you in the assignment God gave you
so favor in one sense is not something that’s in your power it’s something
which God releases to you because of a quality that he senses sees or perceives
such as David was a worshipper so this is a bit of a mystery but we probably
need to talk about this as some Daniel as he’s praying and wrestling the
angel Gabriel comes say oh man greatly beloved now everybody thinks the greatly
beloved I don’t believe that I believe if someone’s greatly beloved they’re
other people that are not as beloved it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a
disposition of goodwill towards all men it means that there are some that please
him and some that displease him and those that please him he is inclined to
release his favor to favor is the attraction of God to you that releases
that influence through use that other people are inclined to cooperate with
you in the assignment that God gave you so assignment is a big deal
who knows Mordecai said but if after you were brought to the kingdom for such a
time as this always think of favor in the language of what did God assign you
to do that’s where the favor factor is so now it is in verse 8 in verse 9 we
find chapter 2 she obtains favor with the person who was in charge of
preparing all the women who are in the beauty pageant who are going to be
auditioning so to speak hmm same thing happens in Daniel chapter 1 in chapter 2
of his own life he has favor with someone who’s preparing the young men to
go before Nebuchadnezzar you don’t always want favor with the king or the
president or were the ruler or the head of the studio
you want favor with the appropriate mid-level manager who has access to that
king all the favor I’ve ever had that opened up a great door for me never
opened directly with a king it opened with somebody that king appointed to a
task which is why God reserves the right to surprise you and how he opens up
doors for you now Esther goes ahead and she is being she’s told not to reveal
her identity in verse 10 poor Mordecai our uncle’s pacing back and forth like a
nervous Jewish guy always worrying about Esther’s welfare while she’s in this
great audition process but she’s going through the perfume
in preparations of verse 12 and then in verse 14
she asked advice from another leader as to how to go in and what to wear and
what does this King like she’d just assumed she knew smart girl and then in
verse 15 she obtains favor again in the sight of all who saw her the favors
multiplying favor actually can be multiplied and so now she’s taken into
the King at the tenth month it’s kind of interesting on the book of Esther it
always talks about a specific month so if you’re into the Chuck Pierce schema
of every month as a prophetic meaning and a and that the year has a prophetic
meaning in the Hebrew calendar and and the month has a prophetic meaning then
then it makes sense that every month is written for a reason I mean it’s written
for a meet reasons I’m curious what it is so the king loved Esther more than
all the other women why because she obtained Grace in favor o favor favor
actually in a strange way favor is God will put his affection for you into the
heart of someone else so the King now feels especially she’s especially dear
to him and so he has this feast now at the meantime verse 19 we find out that
Mordecai’s gathered at the Kings gate why is the Kings gate such a big deal so
the Kings gate is where the leaders will sit down and so people will meet at the
Kings gate and who’s going to meet there it’s only the important people are at
the Kings gate these are the people that have to do with the welfare of the city
and Mordecai evidently is sitting at the Kings gate and so two of the Kings
eunuchs and names where they are and these two are furious for some reason I
don’t know whether the king made a decision and affected them economically
or in their careers but they aspired to assassinate him Mordecai hears the story
tells it to Esther and Esther gets it to the Kings so that the King is spared an
assassination on these two characters are hung now it’s just two or three
verses that are there but it’s going to be a remarkable
an important moment loyalty I want you to think about this this act of loyalty
to a ruler to a leader that preserves and protects the interests of this
person this isn’t a Jewish King this isn’t somebody you would think that that
the Jews would care about I mean why do they care about what happens with the
heathen king that took over their country anyway well it’s interesting
because Jeremiah the Prophet said seek the blessing and prosperity of the place
where you go because in its prosperity you’ll be prospering Oh
so Mordecai is actually working with the city to try to bless it in prosper and
he’s being as loyal as he can to the king and exposes an assassination
attempt and he’s doing it on pure loyalty he’s not doing it for personal
gain and promotion as a matter of principle and so I was in other word
what you to catch it has to do with has to do with principal over personality so
this this is the behavior of Mordecai that’s outstanding Juna stay with me
here because what happens next is Haman gets introduced now Haman comes into
this city gate and when Haman comes into the gate he likes to have homage he
likes to have people bow down and it says here in verse 2 the king’s servants
who are within the Kings gate bound and paid homage to Haman for so the King had
commanded concerning him but Mordecai would not bow or pay homage now this is
kind of an interesting thing what we know from verse 1 chapter 3 verse 1 is
that King estuaries promoted Haman the son of Hamad otha the Agra guy the Agra
Gaytan well if you look at some research on the a geek a guide so the Agra guys
you find out that they’re related to the amorite and the amorite SAR almost like
the Palestinians of the Jews they have a long-standing deep-seated enmity that is
in the bloodline and in and so in the old testament situation here what you
have is the Hatfields and McCoys and worse yet you have this bowing down and
doing homage which is an act of worship now when the Hebrew children were told
to go to down and worship the image that
Nebuchadnezzar built they refused to do it
so some scholars see two problems here one it’s the Jew Mordechai doesn’t want
to bow down and worship a man let alone a man who is a descendant of the tribe
that is the sworn enemy it’s like bowing down before al-qaeda
it’s the sworn enemy of your people and so for some reason you know Mordechai
refuses to do it and then of course Haman becomes obsessed with this and he
is all he can do no matter what how prospered he is he wants to destroy
Mordecai and discovers that Mordechai is a Jew and he decides in verse 6 that
since Mordecai the Jew he seeks to destroy all the Jews it’s like a spirit
of Hitler he wants to annihilate all of those people now I promise you that same
spirit wants to annihilate Christians it wants to annihilate the people of God
it’s not just Jews whether it’s anti-semitism that’s the first shoe that
drops the second shoe will be against all better Christians I don’t know if
you know this but the first century Christians that went to the arena and
died that were burned alive and and and torn asunder by for the entertainment of
the Roman mobs with lions and such those Christians were primarily gathered
because they would not do homage to the political correctness of the government
laws it’s exactly where we’re getting into right now in America where if you
don’t bow the knee to certain government laws you are guilty of a hate speech you
can then lose your business be fine be lockd be in prison and the day isn’t too
far off where the punishment can be more severe so let’s talk about this the
Christians would be brought before a magistrate with a sacrificial offering
there there’s basically it’s a pan burning with incense and what the
Christians had to do is take a scoop of the incense
and say Caesar is Lord and throw the incense into the fire by doing so there
was a simple act of submission to the state to the government and what
Communist China insists on right now that there’s no authority higher than
government that you can never have sedition or rebellion because there’s an
authority higher than government now in the reason why American is exceptional
American exceptionalism which is still a subject which a lot of politicians are
ignorant on is that government which in the British monarchy was God and
government are equal the Lord Himself actually chooses who the governor is and
so they would have basically god save the queen god save the king the idea was
that God himself was the king or that the king was the person that God put in
there therefore to rebel against the king was to rebel against God and you
could find a biblical argument for that if you want to twist the Bible around
and so that people would basically have to be you know in service to the
government and the government of the king would be the one who would tell us
people in his subjects what they could do what the American experiment did was
they said no wait a second so we are a lot we are a Protestant nation we are a
different kind of a culture we believe that God Himself is ruler over the
government and that the people can vote based on their perception of the will of
God they can vote in or remove their Kings from office they put God in not as
the one who was empowering the ruler but they basically said that God will be the
one who we seek first it’s one nation under God that’s what that means and the
government we will elect every four years for a president every
six years for a senator and every two years for the House of Representatives
so we basically will decide as we understand the will of God we will elect
our kings I wasn’t heard of in the world up until
democracy arrived in the United States now I do understand how dangerous it is
how dang crazy it is to eradicate the word and God from the equation because
what you’ve done is you’ve made God illegal and you’ve empowered government
once again to control the people and make them bow before government and what
the government decrees they could take away your house they could take away
your freedom they could take away your speech they can find you and imprison
you if you don’t say what government wants you to say that’s what tyranny is
that’s by the way what China is right now man no I say here we go we’re back
here in the in Lord living in this time of Haman right now and once again verse
seven thoughts but now we’re in the month of Adar and all these months are
being written as though it’s a code language for Hebrews and it’s the month
of Adar so now we go down to what takes place next why is it that Haman wants to
destroy the Jews well here you go and it’s just what I just said a minute ago
because if let’s take China for example or any dictatorship or it could be I
don’t want to I don’t want to torment too many people here and talk about
progressives in America China’s easier to talk about but let’s just say verse
eight it says what they what they don’t like is their laws look at this look at
this language here it says here for their laws are different from all the
other peoples they do not keep the Kings laws therefore it is not fitting for the
King let them remain see if you are if you are called to submit to God over the
over the party then what is going to happen is the party is going to try to
remove God from the equation so that you only are submitting with them because
they’re afraid of the competition you understand why it is that China
right now is tearing down churches and doesn’t allow anyone under the year of
18 years of age to go to church with their parents and is basically trying to
create a future generation of Chinese agnostics they’re afraid of the
competition for power not unlike progressives in the United States or
constantly tearing down the freedom of religion for evangelicals and
challenging their right to a job a business whether you’re a baker a
photographer a florist and they will come after you for for hate speech
violations and and and you just watch where this goes unless we do the feast
of Purim thing so here we are the feast of Purim by the way I tell what I’m
going to do I’m gonna I’m gonna pause right here because I I don’t want to
rush the next point but do you see where we are right now and they and the vital
point that we’re at right now in America it’s going to be a challenge for us to
break through this Haman situation but God’s already begun the reversing of the
decrees and the Spirit of the Lord is already moving a remnant into position
for breakthrough and I want to talk about that in our next broadcast you

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  1. Thank you for not disconnecting the comment section. I am questioning those who do………,I am suspicious. They are doubting Trump……..who knows what God is doing……..He has access to every option…who are we????? Timing is everything!!!!!!! Our job is to trust God the Almighty…….stop thinking and pray.

  2. Never mind China, Europe!!! and pray for us in Canada too!!!! With a couple of exceptions, (Poland and Hungary…): can't talk about (censored) .. truth is the new hatespeech…

  3. HAAAAYYY MAN! I believe my last name is somehow loosely related to the actual cematary where satan, yes old lucifer himself, will takes his last dirtnap!!!! WWOOOOO HHOOOOOO, Im counting on it, my Brother!!! BTW Digging the orange threads. Im blazing my safety orange slap wrist bangle. It kind of make me feel like one of the wonder twins….Form of…A WATERSPOUT! Bliiiiiing. Form of…A FIREBALL! Bliiiiiiing. FORM of…AN IMPENETRABLE WALL! Bliiiiiiing. LOL LOL.

  4. I like your backdrop. The stack of books, the double helix, mega mondo hat feather, and Im not too sure about the bust. Who is that anyway. John Adams I hope. Surely not Adam Weishaupt or Albert Pike! ha ha. I don't really have my Bible open when you preach. Is that b'yad? I bust out the hand weights cuz I cant sit still for very long. Add that with staring at your face the whole time and I've got a multitasking extravaganza. All jokes aside. I hear you loud and clear. 10-4. Roger. Understood. I'm up for the task, Mr. Wallnau.

  5. Great color sweater Lance! Excellent Teaching sir! I have always loved The Book of Esther….this really illuminated her appointment in time along with Mordecai her Uncle ( at least I thought that was who he was). Looking forward to the continued teaching on this book of the Bible!!

  6. Does the 'prince of Persia territorial stronghold' mentioned by Gabriel the archangel have anything to do with this?

  7. Kim Clements said that in the middle of his presidency a woman would enter the picture, a woman like Ester, with beautiful eyes who will pour her oil out on the nation and heal it.. Melania??

  8. Nehemiah, connects with US IMPERIAL measurements (along with Watergate in the east)
    It's the 16th book, of BIBLE and
    16/16= one inch
    16 tablespoons = one cup
    16 cups = one gallon, etc.
    In book of NUMBERS, if the person couldn't take the Passover on Nisan 14. Seeing a dead body, unclean,
    He had to wait until the 14th of Iyyar. NUMBERS 9:11
    What's cool about that,
    It's like Israel's "reset" since May 14th 1948, is, 6 Iyyar 5708

  9. Nehemiahs wall, changed the 7th month, into the 1st month? A "reset"
    Tishri, used to be the 7th month
    Now it's the 1st..Rosh Hashanah
    Tishri 1
    Both are Cyrus'es
    TRUMAN started it, TRUMP made Israel the capitol.
    Media didn't expected them to win.

  10. In the Dutch Language, "wall" means Moor. The Aboriginal indigenous sovereign Moorish American Nationals are the true Israel. We are not "Jews" as that word does not denote Land Heirship.

  11. I'm sorry but is there any time you can just pronounce His word…will not god supply and reward your heart and efforts?

  12. Wow! That light jacket is cool. It is hard to see if it is orange or bright red. If it is orange, it can mean: hope. If bright red, it can mean fire of God. May God's💒will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Arise and shine, true believers. Stand for truth & righteousness. Keep America🇺🇸 Great, 2020👍.

  13. Hi Dr. Lance Thanks for being zealous for the kingdom of God and the nations for such a time as this. This Bible study is so important for the people of God in all nations to prophetically intercede and pray for Gods will to and government to prevail through the seven mountain influence. I stand in agreement with you and decree that God will bring forth the sphere influence for you to touch more than 50 million Christians in the US. Would I suggest and submitt that you have Your beautiful prophetess wife Annabelle to prophesy the key outcomes that you perceive by the Holy spirit of the Bible study in agreement with us according to Mathew 18:19 so that angels are assigned for the outcomes. God Bless you a thousand fold for standing up as a Nehemiah of our times. Agape`.

  14. Thank you this was very inspirational and parallels to my family life along with the nation on boundaries.

  15. What's going on here is the preparation of the Anti-Christ system to take its place in the world. We aren't fighting the 'Democrats', we're fighting principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places, who at this time have and are undermining the principles of truth and righteousness world-wide, in an effort to prepare for their Godless system. This is being allowed by God because this IS the day the Lord has made, when the battle of righteousness against evil, Christ against Satan, will be fought. Michael has not yet thrown Satan out of the heavenlies as so many believe, but he will when this battle between the righteous and the Prince and Power of the Air has been fought, group by group (I Cor. 15: 24 – 28). That's why in fact, Satan is still the Prince and Power of the air, because he hasn't been thrown out of the heavenlies yet. That's why Jesus is WAITING until His enemies be MADE His footstool. If all that was necessary to throw Satan out and put Him under Christ's feet, was what Jesus Himself did during and after the Cross, there would be no waiting necessary. What was done through Christ must come into actuality in and through us. Many Christians are making the mistake of simply waiting for the rapture, but it is a mistake indeed. There is coming a battle royal indeed and we need to press into the Kingdom to fight it.

  16. since the bankruptcy of June 1933, there is no more government. It is now a private ly owned corporation, owned by the federal reserve. and the federal reserve is a privately owned bank, owned by the trustedf third parties of the vatican. So it is the vatican that owms government. I recommend VATICAN ASSASSINS by eric jon phelps, the 5 ex priests he ddicated his book to and some of his 1000 book bibliography The vatican is the one world ruler, the one world religioin, the one worldeconmic system. separate nation states is the only viable set up for freedom and following Jesus Christ. Donald Trump is a gift from God. we dodged a bullelt with the witch, but thank God, we have donald trump. Literallyl, thank you Jesus christ for donald trump. PS I believe the witch is dead. go to "utsava the psychic medium youtube" for some interesting info from a military intelligence about the death of hilary and soros.theyhad to kill th witch. she was an abomination. she's dead.

  17. Tearing down Protestant achruches is different from teariang down the churches of the one world religionn, which is the vatican. that is the danger, the vatican's o e world religon.

  18. Lance, your ORANGE PULL-OVER, bespeaks a rather timely pseudo message for the dems…'You WILL BE PULLED-OVER to 'that place' where ORANGE is THEE 'fashion'! Intriguing message! Just make sure you take it off, in good time! (LOL) God's Blessing on you and yours!

  19. The boundaries are going up…not only PHYSICALLY but SPIRITUALLY. The Lord is dealing with people's hearts. He is NOT going to let this NATION fall.

  20. People need to STOP calling their CHILDREN "KIDS" because it is a WORLDLY DEMONIC nick name. The BIBLE says they are CHILDREN. KIDS are young GOATS.

  21. PLEASE, You MUST begin teaching the people of the dangers of the NOAHIDE Laws. They are NOT real, but man made laws of the Talmud. They consider the worship of Jesus/Yeshua to be BLASPHEMY, for which the punishment is death by beheading. It is already on the books (unconstitutionally) in the USA, located under public law/Education (check out Education Day). This was warned about in the Revelation. Warn people NOW, before it is to late!!! Big deception!

  22. Wonderful things to share dear Brother Lance But that introductory frenzied music that sounds like a game show just really needs to be replaced with something good.

  23. sheep and goat nations is stupid theres are good and evil people everywhere so it is generalising. eg There are alot of great people in Iran who just want peace

  24. Lance, you’ve gotta get the correct Messianic perspective on the scriptures. In the English translation where the original, words, meanings and translations disappear or is unfortunately altered, tampered with, if you will, the word God is not seen. In the Hebrew Scriptures, written in the alef bet, the Tetragrammaton Y-H-V-H can be read in Ester 5:7-8 – Yavo haMelech vav Haman el hamistah. He is there as the Hidden Messiah. Check out Messianic scholars Tim Hegg, etc. Shalom brother.

  25. Sounds like the Gentiles receiving the blessing instead of the jews because of there disobedience in believing that Jesus is lord

  26. Oh you are wearing my sil favorite color. Beautiful. Good harvestime color. Don't forget to give this lesson a thumbs up people. thanks.

  27. Not being critical Mr Wallnau, but your “set” looks “off? Suggest it might be your lighting . The White stature on right looks out of place. Suggest dim lights in the background and focus lights on you. Have someone check your kelvin color levels. A warmer tone would be eye pleasing. These ideas are just suggestions. Composition is the key to your TV set.

  28. When the real messiah comes he will end all wars.All guns will be destroyed.World peace will prevail.All folks on the earth will be in harmony with each other.Our true history will be know to all.Anything less than this would be unacceptable.

  29. Great Lance, can use some of these points when talking to these so called highly educated political correct tyrants, as to telling them, history is repeating itself, and what the bible can do to teach them as the greatest book in any of the books they have read.

  30. Thank you for your insight…it has helped me to understand where the Chistians are and need to stand up for OUR RIGHTS before they are taken from us. PRAY for ALL AMERICANS, our President, the people who advise him, and his family. Thank you.

  31. YOU LIE OBAMA is Cyrus, Trump is Pharaoh, the most important thing is announcement that the JEWS are here, God is establishing this move.

  32. Trump 2020, he is not a politician, he is one of us, keep America great ty, Trump 2Q2Q … Remember the powers that be do not want the problem fixed they r making 2 much $$$$$$$$$$$$ off this broken system, lol … what if they r doing this all again because someone got them to do it again, OMG here we go again ouch? … What u wanna bet, when the Dem went all these different places, they planned all these little things, just to set the people off and get their everlasting wars restarted, wow The trap is working so very well. They can twist the truth any way they want, sad to say the truth is becoming a rarity any more. God Bless u all, Amen

  33. Dr. Lance, I was at your July taping of the Jim Bakker Show this June. Every time you mentioned the Trump Cyrus connection, as well as every time Pastor Pena mentioned support for Trump, I felt electrical shockwaves like lightning. If it would have been physical thunder, it would have shaken the entire building; cracks of thunder and strikes of lightning. During the first taping, it was if there was a window behind the stage, and the Heavenly Father was sending lightning forth in that anytime Trump support was mentioned, His power came forth. During the 2nd and 3rd taping, it was as if there was a window above the building, and Heavenly Father was sending forth lightning that was striking everything in the room: Powerful blue lightning. The anointing was felt the strongest coming from the TV monitors. I was holding onto my seat, at one point, because the power of God was so strong, even stronger than when we were at Mar -A -Lago March of last year during the feast of Purim and the Billy Graham Funeral. It was like holding onto a live wire. I had one confirmation about what was happening from a woman named Carlean from Arizona with Patricia King Ministries. She was sitting behind me and we chatted during the breaks. Even the power of God was coming from her as she began to prophesy over myself and the couple I was with. The Lord showed me a giant pencil colored red, surrounded by many smaller pencils that were colored red, when I was looking at you. I believe it's something to do with more written material covered in the blood. There is something MAJOR about the TRUMP & CYRUS ANNOITNING and the IMPORTANCE of the upcoming elections. Every time Jim held up the DVD and PAMPHLET, the power of God beamed forth. God literally sent His lightning through this broadcast between you and Ramiro Pena on that day June 20th 2019. I feel even the anointing on this broadcast here on youtube.

  34. We have a Mighty God & He has ALL Power….Thank You Father…I Trust only in You, Father God!!!

  35. Christine Gavin/Mooney

    1 second ago

    Have you read Margaret MacDonald's prophecy yet? I am only getting 10views per day now so there is no sense me carrying on, but I came across it on my verandah just now & the words 'now shall it be known what it is for man to be glorified' & it struck me anew. This is Trump, this is what is happening, man is being lifted up (raptured) Paula White's opening prayer at Orlando. Did you ever think you'd see that many people hold hands & pray in Jesus name? Hallelujah 2 days after Hong Kong!!!

  36. LOVE the orange! Love the Bible study too. Thank you for obeying Father as He is showing you so much about what the Church needs to despretaly learn in these days. God bless you and your precious family.

  37. Can you comment on Track with you Trump's spiritual advisers. These were always a kings downfall why Paula white??

  38. Yes, I know we are in the fight for our lives! I keep trying to warn Christians of this, and to READ their Bibles! I agree with you the churches seem to be so shallow. There doesn't seem to be any real growth.

  39. I love your teaching. However, I do have to disagree with labeling what Esther went through as a beauty contest. It had to be terrifying for the young woman that were forced into harem life. They were taken from their family by force and then each had to spend a night with a man they didn't know, the king. Esther had a future of being stuck in a harem or being picked as the new queen. What all those young women faced, including Esther, wasn't even close to a beauty contest.

  40. 360
    Catholic Church and House of Israel will be persecuted
    Sunday, March 4th, 2012 @ 15:30
    My dearly beloved daughter, the time for the opening of the Seals, which will result in you opening the Seventh Seal, is almost upon you.
    Because of your prayers, much upheaval is being averted.
    You, My followers, are accepting My Cross and you will unite with the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, as you march towards My Glorious Kingdom.
    As the falsities and depravities of the world escalate, so too will the faith of those who lead My Army.
    The churches will be persecuted. Namely, the Catholic Church and the House of Israel.
    Many will be pleased. These two religions will be tormented and every effort, both externally and within, will be made to eradicate any trace of either.
    There will be great rejoicing around the world when they have fallen.
    Many will consider them to be destroyed. People will then ignore their corpses.
    But this would be foolish. For they will rise again to form the New Heaven and the New Earth as the Gates of My Paradise are opened. No one can nor will destroy My chosen people on Earth.
    They may inflict pain, torture, death, and demolish the very buildings and temples set up by them to honour My Father.
    But, then they will rise and reclaim their rightful thrones, when they will reign with Me in Paradise.
    Never reject God.
    Never reject His churches, for if you do you will be following the path of deceit to eternal damnation.
    Your Saviour,
    Jesus Christ

    The Book of Truth online
    Messages from God Jesus and Mary to last prophet Maria Divine Mercy from Heaven. Second Coming of Jesus Christ

  41. 470
    God the Father: I reveal My future plans for the New Heavens and the New Earth.
    Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 @ 20:00
    My dearest daughter today I reveal to all My Children My future plans for the New Heavens and the New Earth
    When they merge into one glorious Paradise there will be twelve nations.
    These nations will consist of some nations in the world who have shown allegiance to Me, God the Father, My Son Jesus Christ and the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven.
    Those scattered will be brought together to join those other nations as one, united as one Holy Family.
    My Will, will be honoured. You will all have the gift of free will but it will be entwined with Mine. Only then will the truth of Paradise be truly revealed.
    My Twelve nations are signified in the twelve stars on the woman in the Book of Revelation.
    The woman is the Mother of God and she wears the twelve stars to signify two things.
    The twelve apostles helped My Son to set up His Church on Earth.
    The twelve specially chosen nations will form the one true apostolic Church on the New Earth when Heaven and Earth merge as one in My New Glorious Paradise.
    This is the moment I have been waiting patiently for.
    My Divine Will, which created Paradise for Adam and Eve and which was thrown aside caused by temptation by the evil one, will now be done and the this time Paradise will be perfect.
    My Son, King of Mankind, King of the Universe, will reign over My New Paradise on Earth.
    He will appoint leaders in every nation all joined together by My Divine Will.
    The people of those nations will honour My Son in the way in which He must be, the only way, in peace and love for one another.
    His Blessed Mother, the Mother of Salvation, was crowned Queen of Heaven and will also reign as Queen of the New Paradise.
    Her Coronation in Heaven was a very special Divine Manifestation of her role in the future of the salvation of the world.
    She was crowned in great honour and splendour for the role she played, not only as the Mother of God and as spouse of the Holy Spirit, but as the Mother of Salvation given the power to destroy Satan.
    It was My Beloved Son who lovingly placed the crown of twelve stars on the head of the Mother of God at her Coronation.
    It will be My Son who will place the crown on her head in the New Paradise as Queen of all God’s children.
    My Divine Plan to save humanity has already begun.
    It is My desire that this Mission will help Me gather lost souls in every corner of the earth and save them from the enemy before it is too late.
    My Divine intervention will prove My love for all of My children.
    Nothing is impossible. Nothing is hopeless in My battle against Satan’s army.
    I will bring you a new world that will astound you in all its magnificent glory. It is ready.
    Its beauty and splendour is beyond your human capacity to envisage.
    When you do witness it, you will have eternal life.
    Pray that those poor children of mine who do not believe in Me, God the Most High, who do not obey My Laws and who commit terrible atrocities against each other, repent.
    I do not want to lose one child of Mine.
    Help Me to bring them this wonderful glorious inheritance. Unfortunately it must be by their own free will.
    I love you children with a passion unknown to humanity.
    Come to Me through My Son as one.
    The time for the New Paradise on earth is very near but you have been accorded the time to help convert humanity through this Mission of the 7th Angel on earth who works with My Son to bring My family to Me.
    Your Loving Father
    Creator of all things visible and invisible
    God the Most High

    The Book of Truth online
    Messages from God Jesus and Mary to last prophet Maria Divine Mercy from Heaven. Second Coming of Jesus Christ

  42. Because… wait for it… God even being Supreme Being does not interfere with earlier decrees that He made and He does not in Anyway mess with the free will of Humanity. Everyone used in bible History partnered with God and came in agreement with whatever He wanted to accomplish.

  43. does anyone else see all thing being made manifest so all can see whom they follow so they can repent

  44. I have read all 4 books of Blackstone's Commentaries on the laws of England. At the beginning of book the fourth which is criminal law, Blackstone says that treason against God is worse than treason against the King. The entire 2 chapter of book the first is very much worth reading but here is a paste summary. Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, Book 1, Sec. “2 Of the Nature of Laws in General, ” page 41 states "This law of nature, being co-eval with mankind and dictated by God himself, is of course superior in obligation to any other.  It is binding over all the globe, in all countries, and at all times: no human laws are of any validity, if contrary to this; and such of them as are valid derive all their force, and all their authority, mediately or immediately, from this original." and in the fourth book which is criminal law, Blackstone said that the highest crime is treason against God while treason against the King was second.  If you look in current books on legal analysis they totally ignore God and the LONANG (Laws of Nature and Nature's God).  I have read that this is due to the infamous Erie v Tompkins case.

  45. Insightful teaching. I think the Agagites were descended from the Amalekites not the Amorites as you stated. Agag was to be killed by King Saul and Saul spared him. Amalek was a grandson of Esau. Mark Biltz has a wonderful teaching on Purim and how Adolf Hitler and his cronies were like Haman and his ten sons. You can find it on Youtube.

  46. Trump 2020 He is an amazing President. The LORD told me the day he was running for President to vote for him and I did and I will again in 2020. I know for a fact Trump is GOD'S man 💪🙏😇
    People who don't are deceived. This President is the best one America has ever known. I don't care what anybody else says he is!!! So save your writing and don't comment nothing nasty on here cause it won't change my mind just waste your time🤨

  47. All this will depend on the church uniting and not calling each other a cult but uniting in the fact that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father.

  48. So, Lance. SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Jesus, will separate the sheep and goats. OK. Here's Satan's smoke: but we're a Christian Nation separation…..this is an eye opener for me and I will talk it up. Its THE COUNTER POINT to rhetoric like " you tube wont search the word Christian or you tube wont allow Christian in the title….instead use SHEEP…..we''re sheep and We Have A Shepherd!!!!

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