The American Nightmare: 10 Years After the Financial Crisis | Full Documentary

The American Nightmare: 10 Years After the Financial Crisis | Full Documentary

38 thoughts on “The American Nightmare: 10 Years After the Financial Crisis | Full Documentary

  1. I was there, at the siege of America, two-thousand and eight. I lost a job, which later led to a lost home, which led to a lost marriage. I joined the military at the age of 30 as a last resort. I served six years, and when I got out I immediately started school, which I can only hope will help with earning a good wage.

  2. Predatory government sponsored usurious capitalism, free market slaughter of working poor wage slaves. The love of money assassinates, kills, murders, forecloses, defraudes… Hell invented Usury, i.e. Compound Interest Bank Loans they say are 5%, when they are in fact over 200% and more. Everybody's in debt Trillions of dollars into these people, nothing's changed. Freedom, liberty are a pipedream…america is a business nothing more, nothing personal…so they say. Until you are Personally ruined by their market capitalism, forget the government, they own that too and prop it up for the love of money.

  3. Dont worry forks the next global financial crisis will be even bigger than the one in 2008, a bigger bubble, less tools to fight the downturn and a trade war between the two biggest economies in the world that is eating the profits of companies left, right and center.
    bring to you by central banking monetary policy.

  4. I was the proverbial hillbilly with the "fat hawg, and a few chickens in the yard". I'd built my own home, and did just fine. I was able to buy quite a bit of property dirt cheap. However my daughter found herself upside down in a very expensive town house in down town Charleston SC. i talked her into tossing the keys over her shoulder and coming home with old Dad. We just traveled for 2 or 3 years. I built her a home here in the "sticks" and she teaches at two local colleges. Life is very good.

  5. Anybody ever notice that only the Black women are single and these types of documentaries…..
    Just saying…

  6. Florida went for G.W. Bush in 2001 and 2005. Bush invaded Iraq in 2003. The U.S. troops murdered countless of Iraqi civilians and destroyed their homes for no reason at all, maiming children, and creating misery and homelessness there. Karma says what you put out there (or quietly consent to) you get back. Think about that. Regarding the end of the video, why don't Steve and Christy Bagasao, family of 10, invest in contraceptives? They are poor because they think poor. Countless of rich people with rich thinking have lost it all and gained it all back and then some. The potential is there to recover, it's all about reprogramming your mind to think and grow rich.

  7. "american nightmare" like that shit americans started havent negatively influenced the rest of the world, like other shit americans do…gg wp

  8. Why would anyone live in a house worth $500,000.00 when your income calls for a $195,000.00 ? what nobody expects a crash? or as was mention, a market correction? when market crash I did not loose my $145,000.00 house, even loosing my job i was able to pay $945.00 a month….. i do fell for those people, yet ultimately we are the owners of our destiny, financial and lives. So no i do not feel as much cause they did not planned……

  9. They can afford braces for Melissa 👀👀

    Besides most people here are lucky. Almost all had savings. Some of us don't have enough to last past a month.

  10. America: Kiked to DEATH by the JEW World Order.
    Enjoy your hyperinflation
    100+ years of Jew owned central banking.

  11. What these people never understood is that they never lost their home, when you take a 100% mortgage the house is not yours, you are simply leasing it from the bank on long term uncancelable lease.

  12. This is why nobody has a nest egg anymore because they spent threw it trying to survive and yes wait and see what's to come as this Country is in hardship and crises from one corner to the other where as when '08 hot half the folks were pretty good compared to today. It's the end times and we have Government/NWO/BigPharma/HomelessnessLikeNeverBefore/HighestDrug,Murder&Senselessness=It's called Three days of Darkness. Look it up. Hard times are ahead before over.

  13. The teen at the 27:52 mark has some mad skills! I teach illustration at the graduate level; if she reads this, don’t bother with art school young lady! There are great online sources like or smArt school that will give you as much training as any college, without the insane tuition costs.

  14. Not only did the government not do anything to prevent another crash, Trump and both parties have doubled down on the policies that caused it.

  15. We were offered a loan that was very risky in 2006. Thank goodness we could see its dangers despite what the broker was trying to talk us into. Just months later, the whole thing came unraveled, and we would have been cleaned out. Meanwhile, that broker still goes on her merry way, even after leading untold dozens to their financial ruin. SHAME on her!

  16. Financial regulations – across states; is a "millionaires" game. In other words, when you hear something that screams money — you probably don't have enough. If it sounds to good to be true, than it probably is.

    Dog eat dog world… you know if you win this argument — your a dog!
    People could have gotten out in time — that's just a catch 22… right?
    If you live like a "king or queen" — surrounded by paupers — "What are you selling?"
    What would you do, if this was your world?

    Financially speaking, the rules are made by those in power — adjunct ( the rich ).
    Feed the rich, and starve the poor … cause that has proven to work.

    A credit score for the poor… what a novel idea!
    How about a greenhouse tax for the rich, on a scale they recognize.

    The next time we bail out the banks — think about what they have done for us.

    And when you are asked about whether you are an optimist or pessimist…

    Remember this – Those that die on their knees – have succumbed.

    Live proud and die sad.

    ondapc 🙂

  17. The only people who suffered were the idiots who over extended themselves an/or made large investments with bad credit.

  18. So there's people who only make 30k a year who think they can afford a mortgage? And what is it with people who make 6 figures who don't save money yet they have line 6 kids. No wonder the rich elite exploit all these idiots. They're all idiots. Stupid Americans.

  19. 1) Dont carry debt 2) 6 months living expenses. Yeah, it's incredibly difficult, a lot of people literally CAN'T do it (because even living on beans and rice they don't have any extra income) and it's not foolproof (medical expenses will bury you however much you have saved) but it's the best single preventative we have until we get an economy based on socialist principles.

  20. how do you mean after?it is till going on but for now it is survivable..expect any day in coming 2-4 years to flame up and engulf whole planet starting from usa again.after that nothing will ever be the same on this world.economies crashed before and nations stood up again but…there were never 8bil. people on the planet with such intertwined economies,so much weapons,nuclear weapons,etc..there will be NOTHING to rely upon except your fellow man,your friends and neighbors, matter how well you prepare yourself you won't make it alone.nurture you friendships,have a plan and share it with them…

  21. All engineered by the people that run the central banks. Wake up everyone – We are all slaves, break free from your chains. The banking system is owned and controlled by the Rothschilds. The truth shall set you free – RESEARCH

  22. I bare no sympathy for obese mongrels that shit out kids they can barely afford, "work" at make-work government jobs, and make piss poor financial decisions. They deserved it.

  23. Sorry to say but the common denominator of many of these story are children. Some people have no idea on how expensive it is to raise one let alone two or five. I just never bought into the American belief that having and raising children is the most important thing in life. The other is, live way below your means.

  24. Another good idea is from Jeff Yang, the Freedom Dividend, is a Universal Basic Income that would be paid by the largely untaxed profits of Jeff Bezos.who pays shit too.

  25. The University system is about to implode just like the housing market did, because they are practicing predatory lending there too, channeling functionally infinite amounts of money between banks' hands and univeristies' hands and govts' hands, with middle class students left holding the bag (a worthless graduate degree with tens of thousands of debt)

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