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  1. Stop writing books your books are are stupid. I do not even want to hear this bull crap. Go dig a hole and die in it.

  2. soros is one of joe rogans pod cast sponsors, my question is why would soros give lots of money to anyone that is actually doing good for humanity, they majority are being lied to on so many levels and they all seem to be ok with that

  3. non the wiser , rocket science.This WILL send you too sleep lol.. Coming out of war time is the key/secret.

  4. When does the chapter start? I can’t tell if I’m still in the intro or if I skipped the beginning of the chapter

  5. Uhhh this was very confusing and I listen to ALOT of audio books. I wouldn't recommend to anyone but a philosopher weirdly enought. Yes I listened to the whole thing.

  6. People that tried out this product said it helped them grow their money


  7. 1 eyed King = PTSD. A child growing up in 2 world wars becomes a monster that sees out of his 1 eye, to drag the world into Hell. Soros is someone i could help but, he's been there too long. Exposure and Duration. A brilliant, damaged child.

  8. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Home > Home Page > Reflexivity

    Reflexivity is an attitude of attending systematically to the context of knowledge construction, especially to the effect of the researcher, at every step of the research process.

    "A researcher's background and position will affect what they choose to investigate, the angle of investigation, the methods judged most adequate for this purpose, the findings considered most appropriate, and the framing and communication of conclusions" (Malterud, 2001, p. 483-484).

    The perspective or position of the researcher shapes all research – quantitative, qualitative, even laboratory science.

    Beliefs about research bias

    There is an assumption among researchers that bias or skewedness in a research study is undesirable. As Malterud (2001) writes: "Preconceptions are not the same as bias, unless the researcher fails to mention them" (p. 484).

    Different researchers will approach a study situation from different positions or perspectives. This might lead to the development of different, although equally valid, understandings of a particular situation under study.

    While some may see these different ways of knowing as a reliability problem, others feel that these different ways of seeing provide a richer, more developed understanding of complex phenomena.

    Understanding something about the position, perspective, beliefs and values of the researcher is an issue in all research, but particularly in qualitative research where the researcher is often constructed as the 'human research instrument.'

    Steps to foster reflexivity and reflexive research design

    Designing research that includes multiple investigators — This can foster dialogue, lead to the development of complementary as well as divergent understandings of a study situation and provide a context in which researchers' – often hidden – beliefs, values, perspectives and assumptions can be revealed and contested.

    It is worth noting that the idea of involving multiple investigators in a study and fostering a reflexive dialogue is most often not to reach consensus and foster reliability.

    Develop a reflexive journal (c.f. Lincoln and Guba). — This is a type of diary where a researcher makes regular entries during the research process. In these entries, the researcher records methodological decisions and the reasons for them, the logistics of the study, and reflection upon what is happening in terms of one's own values and interests. Diary keeping of this type is often very private and cathartic.

    Report research perspectives, positions, values and beliefs in manuscripts and other publications. – – Many believe that it is valuable and essential to briefly report in manuscripts, as best as possible, how one's preconceptions, beliefs, values, assumptions and position may have come into play during the research process.


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  9. Hey guys. I'm Patrick Stark, I'm new and excited to get lots of books! I can't wait to start my new home library. Anyone has a book that to share that'd be awesome. Become a gate keeper so the circle may complete. Thanks guys.

  10. The Alchemy of Finance is you and your friends hijacking America through her "privately owned" Federal Reserve Bank. Lol. See the videos : "The Titanic and Federal Reserve Connection" and "Who Controls the Money Controls the World" (by thew3t).

  11. "My approach works not by making valid predictions but by allowing me to correct false ones." ~ George Soros

  12. Get money out of politics! Stop the corporate consolidation of media & information! The only way democracy will ever work is if we are well informed! Protect free speech & the free press (free from advertiser money & their influence on content)! Understand what propaganda is & how it is used to shape our perceptions! Always consider the source & if there's an agenda or bias behind it (influence, privilege, wealth, power, etc)! Could it be a distraction from something important (like from an agenda or action taken)? Knowledge is power! An uninformed public is powerless! Power to the people! We the people outnumber the plutocratic oligarchs! Wake up!

  13. In separating the "fact" and "thought" of death, i think Soros is really just separating death into the two classes of "my own death" and "other people's death"

  14. "My approach works not by making valid predictions but by allowing me to correct false ones." ~ George Soros

  15. I hate money making YouTuber. You can't tell which videos are honest or videos just trying g to make money.

  16. "Soros and Me" by Alex S. Gabor, coming soon: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=Soros+%2B+Me+%2B+Gabor

  17. Thank You George Soros for writing up your "Hat" on the subject of reflexive finance. I read your book, now I'm hearing it. Hopefully Soros and Me will become the Movie and Documentary. Google it if you don't know.

  18. Thank you for sharing for people interested in gaining greater knowledge.
    Mr. Soros, however, does not take into account the idea of Chaos. Study the company Transocean, and in particular the stock RIG. This is a very good example of Chaos in the free markets. Comments welcomed, kind regards

  19. Thank you for uploading the audio version of the book.Love the fact that I can have access to finacial IQ via youtube and not only books and seminars etc.Helps alot.

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