The Age of Aquarius – A New Era of Light

The Age of Aquarius – A New Era of Light

Hello Beautiful Souls of The Light and
Welcome to The Aquarian Call… I’m Elizabeth Peru, Your Cosmic Guide and
right now we’re under the magnificent energy of the Full Moon and the Lunar
Eclipse. Our very first eclipse of 2020 and the decade. To open up the year
cleansed, clear and in our power. Are you feeling these energies? They are infusing
this presentation and your life. Indeed, as well, Uranus is moving direct right
now, which means we have no more planetary retrogrades for quite some
space. It’s full steam ahead for 2020. And this is why we are all gathered here
right now, to learn about the year ahead and importantly ‘the era’ the energy
decade that we are now moving into. And that you and I and all of the souls that
have come before us have helped to accelerate and create. So, when we look at
2020 it really is a momentous shift for the planet, for the evolution of our soul.
You’re feeling this already. Humanity over the next decade will
respond to life in a very different way than they have done over the last few
decades. 2019 of course, was one of the more challenging years
of the last 10 years. It was the final year of the teen decade and the teens
are always about finding your way, your independence, your individualism, dropping
your limitations. And that’s what we were doing right throughout 2019,
especially when Eclipse Season began in December with the Solar Eclipse, with the
New Moon. And of course the Eclipse we’re experiencing right now, closes that
‘Doorway of Opportunity’ we’ve been walking through, as we transitioned from
one decade, one era, into the next. Of course 2019, as well, also saw the
long-awaited entry of the fifth dimensional energy frequency here on the
planet, in June 2019. Finally available for all to use, to uptake and to embody.
Now, I’ve spoken about that fifth dimensional New Earth frequency for most
of 2019 and will continue to inform about it, as we move ahead through 2020.
When we are living with a fifth dimensional knowing, it means that you’re
aware that you are a soul intimately, constantly connected with spirit and the
divine. At ‘one’ with the cosmic flow, operating your life through that lens. Operating your normal everyday, what we
call ‘three-dimensional life’ through that higher lens. That’s what living 5D is
about and that’s what 2019 brought us. We needed that transition
in order to start this year on an even equal footing. Now, we’ve had to face some
hard truths about ourselves over the last 12 months and I’m sure you’ve seen
this occurring in your life. Why? So, we could be free of them. So, that you can
enter this decade ‘unhindered’ with your heart leading. For many years, I’ve been
speaking about the ‘integration of head into heart’ or ‘personality into soul’.
2019 saw that happening at a rapid pace. And it’s not so much about the head
allowing the heart to lead, but it’s about the soul which comes through your
heart space taking the lead and the head following. So, as we move into 2020, keep
that focus, your heart – your soul – the real you, no pretenses, is leading the
way. Let it happen, allow it to occur. You’ll be practicing this year grounding
constantly, being in the moment, being focused and aware. 2020 is a 4
Universal Year for the planet (in Numerology) which is about practical,
focus, groundedness and of course the 2:2 energy is the master energy, creating
great foundations for our future evolution. Now, you may be wondering what
is The Aquarian Era and why are we calling it The Aquarian Era? Let me go
into some detail with you that will explain it. There are great astrological
ages that Earth moves through. Twelve ages actually, rotating ages upon the
Earth, one for each sign of our cosmic zodiac.
It takes approximately 2,160 Earth years to transition from one zodiacal age to
the next. And this is because of Earth’s spin on its axis in our cycle around our
Sun. And it takes approximately 25,920 years, which is 12 x 2,160 to complete
‘one great year’ one great evolution of the zodiac, to move through every sign,
2,160 years each. This is known as ‘The Precession of The Equinoxes’. Perhaps
you’ve heard of it before? Now, each sign of the cosmic zodiac
slowly takes its turn at rising before the Sun at the spring equinox, which is
often called the vernal equinox – the spring equinox. Currently the spring
equinox occurs in Pisces in the northern hemisphere. So, we are in The Age of
Pisces. The Piscean Age though is rapidly diminishing, rapidly shifting and The
Aquarian changeover, transition is coming in because the Aquarian energy comes
after the Piscean. It’s our next great age forming. Within each great zodiacal
age, so within that 2,160 year cycle, Earth and you, all of us that are
inhabiting this zone (during that period) we mature and we grow and we’re
influenced by the qualities of that zodiacal cosmic energy raining down upon
us. Now, The Piscean Age has brought through the qualities that we’re now
transitioning out of, which have delivered control on our planet. And in
many cases we’ve brought through religion (has come through strongly)
and the patriarchy, the secrecy, everything’s been kept very under wraps,
away from the people. The hierarchy has been very strong and in many cases
subjugation of knowledge has occurred over these last two thousand one hundred
and sixty years. The individual, the creative energy has been oppressed in
many circumstances and it’s only really been since the 20th century into the
21st century, that we’ve seen this accelerate and start to shift. And this
is because we’re moving into that Aquarian Era now. We’re coming out of the
dark, into the light. And when I mean ‘dark’ I mean what is hidden and kept from us
and the ‘light’ means open and available. These Aquarian energies of innovation
and science, matriarchy, the mind, higher technology, cosmic consciousness,
people understanding the mind-body connection (en masse) and the spirit of
collaboration and unity, these energies have all been on the rise on our planet
since the 1960s. And have accelerated considerably since the 1980s. Indeed, it’s
been said that we will experience greater advances in technology and our
lives over the next 10 years than we’ve seen in the last 10,000 years. That’s
enormous to contemplate. And you’re here for it, you’re upgrading for it so that
you can absorb it and not be overwhelmed by it. So, each day we embrace, we embrace
our changes, we must to move forward in our power. Indeed, those people (and maybe
you’re one of them) who have been born from the 1960s, so the mid 1960s to the
mid 1980s (we know them as Generation X) they are the ones that have really
brought this Aquarian energy acceleration through. I call these ‘The
Cosmic Earth Bridgers’ because they bridge the cosmos and the Earth for all of us.
They’ve been the way showers and have taken on a lot of the energy and a lot
of the brunt for humanity. Many of these Generation X souls are now really, truly
coming into their own. And if you’re one of them, your leadership skills are being
called for. The very energy of 2020 instills within
us hope, transparency, mastery and an
elevation of spirit. Spirituality and Meditation will be rising, will
be the way ahead, will become ‘mainstream’ in this era. And ‘you’ who’ve been holding
that energy perhaps for decades already, will be able to release a little, let go
because the pressure is coming off, because everyone is going to be tapping
into ‘your spiritual wavelength’. Isn’t that going to feel amazing!
All that work we’ve been doing beloved ones, it really is paying off, we’re
seeing it happen now. On a global scale, when we look at 2020 into this Aquarian
Era as well, it imbues within us the ability to help our fellow humans and be
conscious. And treat ‘all’ as equals. We’re certainly seeing this in a very
conscious movement with environmentalism with veganism,
the rise of this is becoming more and more mainstream. And it will continue to
do so in this era. And of course it is better for our health and is better for
the ongoing planetary dynamics and of course for us to tune into the subtle
energy more, we need to be lighter, we need to be considerate and caring and
understanding and loving of ourselves and our fellow beings of light, no matter
what form they take human, animal, plant. We are respectful of all and honouring.
Now, in 2020 one of the key life themes will be ‘we over me’ – we over me. This is
about us, we’re in this together. We must pull together. Our key life themes moving
into this Aquarian Era of Light will be self-responsibility.
I mentioned that all throughout 2019. The more self-responsible you are, the more
conscious you become. Stability, caring and sharing, opening that heart, allowing
the soul to lead. The expansion of consciousness on a global scale. You must
know this is occurring and look past the breakdown of the old ways. See the
bigger picture forming. That’s what I’m here to help you with every week with my
energy forecasts. Loyalty increases, loyalty to the whole. Self-governance,
looking after yourself, leading by example. Spiritual development of course,
this is only going to increase for everyone. This is why you’ll be needed to
show the way. Focusing your attention to detail, not overlooking the detail. Being
still and in the moment allows you to do that and that is the energy of the 4
Universal Year. Practicing that present moment awareness. Of course Meditation is
pivotal. Enjoying your life path, bringing in the balance. You’ll find that you have
all the time in the world, you really do. And acting of course in the highest good
for all. Now that you have an ‘overview’ of what’s occurring and you can really let
that absorb into your being, we are going to set some intentions for 2020 and
The Aquarian Era ahead. So, now if you have pen and paper with you (that will be
wonderful) if you can find some around you, because we’re going to be setting
our New Year’s intentions and creating the most beautiful visions for our life
moving forward in 2020 and into The Aquarian Era. And we’re going to
be doing this for the globe. Because remember, one the key themes right now is
‘we over me’. And then we’ll also do it for our own personal life for 2020 and
beyond. So, when you’re ready beloved, I’ll take you through a slight
meditative process to allow your visions to come through. And then there’ll be
space for you to write them down, draw them, however you best pull through your
direction and communication from soul. But, all of these visions and answers and
direction and guidance will be coming from within you, from soul, the true you. So, when you’re ready, just close your
eyes and roll your shoulders back and make yourself comfortable. And take a
deep breath right down into your belly of creation. Breathe in through your nose
and slowly release out through the mouth. Take two more deep breaths slowly
in and out. Connect with the stillness and with the great space within you. Now, for the globe, for the entire planet – 2020 the year ahead, beloved one what is
it that you wish to see occur for all of us? Envision it now. What is the ‘highest
vision’ you have for our planet? With each of us
honouring one another, caring, seeing the spirit that we each are, living
authentically, dropping the old heavy personality ways
and releasing the childlike, lighter, friendship based energy. What does the
globe look like to you, in its ‘highest vision’ for 2020? Build the vision up. And when you’re ready, ask soul,
deep within you, ‘How can I help bring this vision about in 2020? How can I help
bring this global vision through? Soul tell me’. Listen. You may be given simple steps or more
elaborate ones. Write them down or remember them. ‘Soul what can I do to bring through this
global vision?’ Now take a deep breath again into your
belly of creation. Fill up all your lungs and release. As we move to a different vision now.
Closing your eyes once again. Invoking a ‘personal vision’. Setting your intentions for
the year ahead, for 2020 and beyond. Asking within. ‘Soul,
show me the ‘highest vision’ for my life this year’. Draw that vision in your mind’s eye. See
yourself flowing beautifully, engaging with life easily.
Doors opening for you. Your visions coming to life. Manifestation is rapid in
2020. Allowing the positives to motivate you. Build the vision up of your ‘highest
life’ for this year. And as you’re ready write down any
keywords, themes, notes, draw it even. And ask soul – you, ‘What can I do to bring through my
‘highest vision’ for 2020? What can I do?’ Listen and record. When you’re ready, just opening your eyes. And take another deep breath, back down
into your belly of creation. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Feeling relaxed and released right now
under this amazing cosmic energy, where we’re setting our intentions for the
year ahead. And you can look over your intentions
now and hold them close to your heart. And ‘keep them’ somewhere where you’ll see
them each day, because life inevitably moves quickly. And these are ‘your focuses’.
Bring your awareness back to them regularly and you ‘will have a year ahead’
that is productive, expansive and rewarding. Next and to complete our Aquarian Call,
I’ll be guiding you through a Meditation Journey to connect with The Aquarian Era
of Light. Beloved ones, and now we come to a Guided Meditation Journey. To infuse us
with the spirit and the energy of the Aquarian Era of Light. To attune you with
it and align your soul with the highest energy available. So, let us begin by bringing hands over
heart. Close your eyes and connect. Take a deep breath into your heart
centre. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your body to relax. And release, breathing into the heart.
Opening up the chamber of your soul. Now, just releasing your hands, palms up.
Just place them in your lap and keep your eyes gently closed. Simply
follow my words and allow your visions to form, your way. Beloved one, before you now is forming a great white
mist. See it now. So, delicate, such high vibration that you can almost hear music
emanating from the mist, from the light. And the more aware you become of the
light, the more you move into it. And, as the light encases you, it starts to become brighter. And every cell of your being starts to
vibrate a little faster. There is an excitement within you. You’re feeling at home and at ease in
the light. And you may be noticing that clarity is
forming. Images are coming into view. These images
are of your life, all of our lives in The Aquarian Era of Light. See these crystalline images forming,
of a society that is helpful, loving, spiritually connected, cosmically
aware, equal. Soul leading each of our lives. You may
be noticing that there are many others around you now. Indeed, there we all are
together. Embracing one another and thrilled at what we are creating for
this planet and for our soul’s experiences. Now, you may also notice
before you, right in front of you there is the great Aquarian Dome of Light. Brilliant colours of aqua and pink
and gold, turquoise – sparkling. Each one of us together, is being called
within The Aquarian Dome of Light. So, when you’re ready, enter through the
doorway that is open to you. In we go. So, many loving excited souls, entering The
Dome of Light – together as one. Keep breathing through this process. And
now as we all gather, we’re all coming in. You will see in the centre of this dome
a great light form. This is The Aquarian Torch of Freedom and it will attune you
to the highest fifth-dimensional frequencies of love, caring and highest
spiritual knowing available. All of us now facing into the light. When you’re ready, simply say within… ‘I am
ready to be activated into this Aquarian Torch of Freedom’. And so it is. The magnificent light now
filters right through you. Feel your body uplift. All of your cares
wash away, aligning you with your highest wisdom, with the knowledge of the
Ancients, your cosmic wisdom. And within this light, there is a special
message for you. See it forming within the light, right in front of you. What is
your message about 2020 and the quality that you with your torch of freedom will
carry for us all? Bring that message into your heart. Breathe
it into your heart space. Affirm and say, ‘Yes, Yes’. Thank the light. As it now slowly moves back into the
centre of the dome. And you beloved are uplifted and transformed and will carry
it throughout the entire year ahead. Now, as we’re ready, we can leave The
Aquarian Dome of Light. Very quietly, very still. In our own beautiful space.
Moving as one, back through the light. Carrying you effortlessly into your
body. And now, bring your palms together again, over the heart space. And take
another deep breath into the heart and release. You are carrying the light of The
Aquarian Era and all that you meet will be activated by it, moving forward. Thank you
for being a guardian of this light and for showing the way for yourself and for us
all. Slowly when you’re ready, just remove your hands and open your eyes. This soul
journey, where ‘you’ have envisioned ‘The Aquarian Era’ is as real, as real. You are
living it now. Remember these energies. They are with you every time you close
your eyes and connect within, you reactivate them. I love you beautiful
ones of the light. Thank you for being with us on this momentous occasion. As
2020 evolves and as we move ever closer, particularly to December 2020, when we
have the great Aquarian meeting of Jupiter and Saturn at Solstice.
Every month, as we move towards this, you are the torch bearer of light for this
new age. I’m here with you every day as I have been since 2000. In 2020, it’s
been 20 years – I love the numerology of it. I’ll be here
with you every day, helping to guide and lead through my energy
forecasts and through all of the work that I offer you and the globe through I love you. Go about your day or evening in this
beautiful wave and carry that Aquarian Era with confidence and love. Thank you…

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