15 thoughts on “The 99 Percent Economy: How Democratic Socialism Can Overcome the Crises of Capitalism

  1. "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
    – Thomas Jefferson
    America will never be a socialist county PERIOD!!!

  2. I am by definition a millennial. What socialisms means to me is to do away with the current employer employee relationship that is not that much different from feudalism, only difference being is that a king and lords have been replaced by the employer and major shareholders. They all wield the same control. To be replaced by a more democratic, process of voting how, what, when to produce and how everybody is paid in the company, is what socialism means to me. This is how interpret the socialist tradition.

  3. Good lecture. Figured if Mark Blyth introduced the speaker it would be informative. Mark needs a book out sooner rather than later.
    Ordered the book: The 99 Percent Economy Good to hear Paul Adler say how people need to be more aware of the misery of many Americans.
    Socialism has been a scare tactic word for a long time. But it also has a history. book: The S Word: A Short History of an American Tradition
    Robert Reich: Socialism: The Same Old Scare Tactic https://youtu.be/B6BYlFmRtLw

  4. democratic socialism never worked cuz america always sabotaged/monkey wrenched it. but clearly american style capitalism has failed repeatedly over the past few decades.

  5. Alright, who gave this guy a black eye? The instructions said to punch Nazi's… not Dem Socialists. You're doing it wrong!

  6. demanding that citizens work 2-3 jobs just to survive is pretty much the definition of CLASS WAR. and if you aren't a good slave, you are welcome to live and die in the gutter. this country disgusts me, I am now destitute and homeless, however my contribution to this cruel and inhumane society is ZERO. I was able to put a roof over my head for over 20 yrs, I guess it was MY fault for thinking that so long as I worked my ass off I deserved the basic means of survival.

  7. Lol all the comments here against socialism are literally addressed in detail in the video. Psst, you're making it too obvious you commented but didn't actually watch.

  8. The right response to socialism, or communism, or anarchy, or fascism, or monopoly privilege (i.e., what we too easy refer to as "capitalism") is found in the writings of Henry George. Remove all monopoly privileges from the systems of law and taxation and the result is cooperative individualism: full equality of opportunity, full individual liberty, within a cooperative social framework. To paraphrase Adam Smith, the role of government is to ensure that a fair field with no favors exists. Markets operate efficiently and fairly when none of the participants enjoys privilege. Few understood better than Henry George the true nature of privilege and what must be done to remove all forms of privilege from our socio-political arrangements and institutions. Of these, he counted "rentier" (i.e., landed) privilege as the most destructive to the
    promise of democracy.

    Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A.,Director

    School of Cooperative Individualism


  9. Please read, why Socialism does not work: https://mises.org/library/socialism-economic-and-sociological-analysis (Main problem is economical calculation…)

  10. capitalists sacrifice the positive liberty of the majority to protect the negative liberty of the minority, and then claim socalism is anti liberty. what a joke.

  11. I was hoping for something more illuminating than this hopeful rubbish. Socialism doesn't have the same correcting forces of consumer choice so a government run like Keiser for instance ultimately will end up caring about themselves, the corporation, and not the consumer/citizen. Look at the NHS in the UK, the NHS cares about the NHS and only passingly about the patients. This isn't a reflection on the staff but on the organisation as essentially corporations and governments are psychopathic in nature, they respond to dictats and targets, not people.

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