The 5 WORST Financial Advice Of ALL TIME (Dan Lok)

The 5 WORST Financial Advice Of ALL TIME (Dan Lok)

32 thoughts on “The 5 WORST Financial Advice Of ALL TIME (Dan Lok)

  1. Watch how Dan Lok's high-ticket closing course changed this 20 year old's life forever:

  2. Number 1 is so true. If your mindset is to save, save, save or pay off debt as quickly as possible – it is pretty much a guarantee you will not invest in learning a skill. That has been my battle for 1 solid year.

    My mentor who is wealthy told me this is an unhealthy mindset and would stunt my ability to increase my income. He was spot on.

  3. Don't get me wrong, you guys are cool, but please don't become a Lambo Guru selling first-grade advice. I like your older videos already just sitting in your room talking about careers.

  4. First video I've seen Dan Lok. Every word that comes out of his mouth is logical, makes sense, and is life advice. You don't get that from college….

  5. The documented truth about millionaires. Read the book everyday millionaires. The most comprehensive study of 10k millionaires! Most have college degrees and made their money in company retirement plans investing in mutual funds. Lol!

  6. if i know jackshit about finance, where do I go to learn the basics. i dont even know what a mutual fund is lmao

  7. Something is fishy about this business model. Typical faces those phony sales people have, always beaming

  8. He’s giving advice that might make a very little percentage of people successful. I don’t see this as helping the vast majority of people. The advice that Mr. Lok went against works for a lot more people than the advice he followed. It’s kind of like a lottery winner telling others to buy a ticket because they can win

  9. The invest in mutual fund is partly wrong. I have invested for years and made a lot of money from it. The key is to know what to buy and when to buy. They always say do not time the market….bullshit. Always time the market always know when to buy n when to sell. To know this go take up a course invest in yourself first. Perhaps the mutual funds in Canada and Asia are different I dont know. Always have 1 fix job that cover your basic expenses…so you can spend time doing other business and sales.

  10. coding boot camp and in 90 k in a couple of months … first u need to be computersavy and have some logical thinking talent, then maybe, then you need proof for your capabilities, maybe after 3 years for really talented ones, i.e. maybe 3 %, maybe another 10-20 % will get by, and the 75 % rest … well …

  11. FALSE , I AM A TECH RECRUITER, NO WAY IN HELL YOU WILL GET 80k-90k from a coding bootcamp. Maybe in los angeles, maybe get 70k , BUT in that city that IS LOW TO BE LIVING COMFORTABLY IN LA, HERE IN TX YOU ARE LOOKING AT 50-60K FULL STACK DEVELOPER IF ALL YOU HAVE IS BOOTcamp exp. even ppl with actual 1 yr exp full stack are getting 60-65k.

    here in tx. PLUS companies want exp, not bootcamp even thought it is nice, nowadays the market is flooded with developers and actually getting a job will not be that easy. You need at least 1 yr exp plus the bootcamp to get you that 60-65k in tx.

  12. Dan, quick question. Should I get a life insurance for myself at a young age or better do it when you have accumulated cash thru your HIS?

  13. Awesome discussion! It’s so true. Saving sucks (except for cutting down expenses), until you can get your income up!

  14. Great video, found out about you because of Dan Lok and am very impressed. This is the first video of yours that I have watched and I have already subscribed.

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