*flashbacks* I love you, *reverbed mumbling* I don’t love you anymore. It’s over. Goodbye… *mumbling* *It hurts me so deep* I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the things I want to apologize to you for, all the pain we cause to each other I’m sorry for that I’ve just wanted you to know That you’ll be a piece of me always I’m grateful for that… *flashbacks* Song: Pixies – Where Is My Mind

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  2. I find this offensive because it shows a man in a sympathetic light and a woman in a negative light. This is 2019 you can't do that anymore.

  3. Just do it bros…there really isn’t any point in prolonging your suffering it’s okay to give in its okay to give up sometimes it’s too much and I understand from what I know there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the people you think care about you give a lot less of a fuck than you think

  4. Автор русский? не поймую.. панелька типикал рашн

  5. The amount of failed men in this comment section is astonishing. Find meaning.
    Get a solid worldview, explain the world around you rationally.
    Get some long term goals. Give meaning to your life, reasons why you NEED to be alive in concordance with your worldview.
    Grow as a person. Become the person you have to be in order to achieve your goals.

    Make it worth it.

  6. I was like this until I decided that I don't actually give a fuck about women and what they think, so I stopped pursuing them and focused on myself, and my favorite things, like reading, videogames and doing sports. And even if I'm still a social outcast/borderline hikikomori, with 3-4 actual friends, even if I rarely go out, even if I probably won't have another woman in my life anymore, I found happiness again, because I discovered that to be happy I don't need anyone but myself to love me. And this thought alone allowed me to enjoy life to a degree never experienced before, when I was blinded by women's expectations and demands. Maybe one day I'll meet a decent female who deserves my time ane effort, but not today, and honestly I couldn't care less. Now I'm a Bloomer!

  7. why do people care so much about having gf's are you really that much of a loser that you have to have someone tell you how good looking you are and how special you are every morning? when you are not special you are an average joe just like 90% of us. Girls are good for 2 things pleasure and reproduction if you are a believer in reproduction.

  8. Don’t be a doomer. Suicide leads to nothing but pain and emptiness. They may not love you anymore, or you might never get than job, but you can damn well get on with your life and make you and your life better. There is always a way for you to create a fulfilling and happy life. The only thing that happens if you kill you self is that the people who love you feel bad and you look like a damn fool for resorting to it.

  9. For best results in life, avoid school as much as possible and at the end of the year take a lot of adderal and pass with Ds….

  10. Two years ago (or maybe three) I broke up with my girlfiend. Sometimes I feel like I've lost some signifitcant part of my life, but fuck this, such things are 100% not the reason to give up.

  11. I'm not into this meme stuff about labeling people different things but I gotta say that part where the backwards hat wearing macho man walked away with his girlfriend was so spot-on. So "doomers", let that be a lesson. Work out, turn your hat around backwards, get some tats, and become the "bro" you always knew you could be. A lobotomy might also help.

  12. U wanna know how to tell if u really love someone and really fw them? Think about them the next time u jerk off. If you start questioning and regretting all your life choices post-nut, then something is amiss.

  13. There is more genuine artistry and power and creativity on display here than in all academy award/emmy nominees and winners combined.

  14. Suicide is never the answer to those who have real faith in a greater good, be strong. Rejoice in that this is not all there is and that there is a just plane for the just. You have meaning, you would not be here now if you did not. It matters what you do. Peace be unto you.

  15. we had it so good back then, little did we know it wouldn't last forever and our days where only growing shorter.

  16. i had some really wonderful experiences with ex gfs and yet i still ended up kinda irritated by them and wishing i was free from them. right now the only thing i miss is regular sex, i dont really seem to need the romance element. Sure, i am not against it and enjoy it when it happens but the trade-off of constantly having to keep a woman happy is so not worth it… need to find a stable and self-reliant woman i think

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