TERMINATOR: DESTINO OSCURO – videorecensione di Roberto Leoni [Eng sub] NO SPOILER

TERMINATOR: DESTINO OSCURO – videorecensione di Roberto Leoni [Eng sub] NO SPOILER

Imagine a mysterious, legendary country: the Colchis. A country that rises beyond the limits of the known world. For ancient Greeks and for ancient Mediterranean peoples Colchis was the land of the golden fleece because a magical and winged ram called Chrysomal had landed in this land bringing two young king sons to safety and it had been sacrificed. Then his mantle of gold wool had remained like a trophy in this country and it was magical because it healed every wound and for this reason Jason with the Argonauts in the first great adventure of the Greek myth went to get it. In the Colchis there was the origin of Amazons and after watching Terminator Dark Fate it is impossible not to mention the myth of Amazons also because James Cameron, to whom we owe supervision of the film script, frequents, plunders and always draws from myths and in this case we see how it is all done. In fact, don’t be fooled by advertising… Because there is no human struggle against machines, but machines struggle against woman because woman in this film represents humanity, at least the new humanity, the humanity that must be saved. The struggle between machines that regenerate against woman who generates and therefore is able to continue the human species. The man at this point is put aside. In Cameron movie the men are either bad or they are like skittles in a giant bowling alley where one often strikes among cars, trucks, tanks, armored vehicles, pick up that spill and men are only puppets that contrast this war that takes place between a machine played, not surprisingly, by a man and these women who are modern Amazons, because they are determined, courageous They are exactly what women are every day and that we generally do not discover because they tend to embellish and cover themselves and to hide their determination with a form of coquetry which serves for our virility The problem is that all over the world a mindset is developing on the toxic virility that poisons the man: “the man who must never ask” he is also the one who must never cry and also the one who cannot have tenderness, and who cannot cultivate within himself a germ of sweet love that represents him He is no longer the ancient knight who saved the damsel and he is not the samurai who must have the hand strong enough to hold a katana but also so skilful and delicate to be able to describe the ideogram. Today this part of true virility is forgotten according to this toxic virility where man is overbearing, strong, violent. Against this type of male, against this fake protective figure, but in reality oppressive, women have rebelled and rebel through the myth of the Amazons. The first quote is in Homer with the myth of Bellerophon, but then they are mentioned by many other historians in antiquity including Herodotus, Plutarch, Pliny and Virgil. In 600 AD also by Isidore of Seville who is the author of the first encyclopedia and for this reason he is the patron of the Internet… There was a referendum among Catholics and also Pope John Paul II proclaimed him patron saint of the Internet because he is the author of the first encyclopaedia in 630 AD. Dante cites Isidore of Seville as an example “Beyond see flaming the ardent spirit of Isidore” precisely because of his quality and his extraordinary encyclopedic abilities. This myth of the Amazons has another aspect even more interesting: one of the great myths of humanity is the saving woman, the woman who carries with her the germ of a rebirth who is the Messiah and in fact we find the Messiah in all major monotheistic religions: in Christianity with Christ, in Judaism with the figure of the true Messiah, in Islam with the Madi that would be he who saves Even in the religion of Zoroaster there is this figure of the savior. For the first time this concept flips completely and it’s extraordinary that it turns upside down in a movie, and not in an essay or in an important literary work. But perhaps films are the literary works of this time. Because this time the woman does not bring the Messiah, she is the Messiah. As you can see, this reversal is so strong to generate a change completely in the mindset and at this point man is no longer the author, but only the guardian of this new humanity. It is practically as if he were a Saint Joseph of the Christian tradition and in this case this guardian, this Saint Joseph, I don’t want to be blasphemous, I say it with a lot of respect, he is Schwarzenegger who finally returns. The film directed by Tim Miller would be the sixth of the Terminator saga, but in reality it practically skips the last three and reconnects directly to the second Terminator, the one in which our deadly and indestructible cyborg, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger T-800 advancing in all his strength. Now we find him again as if he were an obsolete old friend, but in Rome we could say still “gagliardo” (strapping) ready to support and help these three Amazons who fight to defend the world We find Linda Hamilton, the heroine of the classic Terminator, aged in appearance, but certainly not in the determination and in the strength with which she manages. There is a new Amazon because from the future comes a new cyborg which in reality however is a woman. They are 3 women together with the third one. And there is also a very important political note certainly inserted by James Cameron because the third protagonist of this adventure, the one that must be protected to save the world she is a Mexican girl. So right now, with all the controversy of the Mexican wall, that to bring the salvation of humanity is an ethnic minority it is a teaching for all ethnic minorities looking for a new and different life and in my opinion it is also a message of great suggestion, one of those famous contaminations which I greatly appreciate when in a consumer and adventure film a note of civilization is entered, a small note, but which nevertheless is capable of being conveyed through millions of viewers, instead of the big message made in an intellectual movie which precisely for this reason is hard to understand and sometimes it’s boring and therefore has no circulation Terminator also uses the special effects of Eric Barba, Oscar winner for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and therefore a man capable to transform whatever in any way and in this case this new form of the cyborg, that is a plastic-mechanical capacity to empathize with things and to regenerate itself it’s really remarkable, besides extraordinary special effects of chases, bombings, planes and helicopters collapsing, overturned trucks, bulldozers that roll, pick up jumping in the air All this great packaging is spectacular and emotional, but as my new friend Alessandro Crea said, he is a cyborg expert, the film has that classic flavor of vintage cyborgs brought back to modernity. So really a guarantee compared to the disappointments of Terminators 3, 4 and 5. So the film brings back this extraordinary myth… And it’s very interesting that Colchis is the land of Medea the famous heroine of Greek tragedies who for the love of Jason killed her brother, who to safeguard herself and Jason induced the daughter of another city king to poison her father through a trick, who had eliminated his rival in love giving her a dress that burned her, who killed her children to take revenge on Jason when he had abandoned her… Furthermore, Medea was related also with Circe the famous sorceress of Ulysses who turned men into pigs and moreover she was the aunt of Parsifae, Minos wife, who had generated the Minotaur So a land where, in the chauvinist and paternalistic mentality of the Greeks, women have a myth. Amazon comes from “a-mastos” that is “without breast”, “mastos” in Greek means breast, therefore without a breast because the legend says that to shoot with a bow the Amazons cut off a breast, however it may also be that it always comes from “a-mastos”, but in the sense of “without milk” because in the ancient mentality it was believed that breast milk weakened males and therefore real males, those “who must never ask” were not fed with breast milk: For this reason, the Amazons also grew without breast milk. When Francisco de Orellana in 1541 ascended, after Amerigo Vespucci, this extraordinary river in Brazil which has a 200 km estuary and in some places it is also 20 km wide, he called it Amazon River because it is said he had met the tribes of female warriors. But Orellana was looking for Eldorado and then again there is the myth of gold and sex, In the myth of the “male who must never ask” probably the materialistic paradise is made of women and gold. But we, on the other hand, know very well that we should not look for women like sex, but women like love and we must not seek gold for itself, but as a form of well-being, as a possibility and ability to improve ourselves. Beyond the sermons I want to tell you a funny anecdote about “Amazons” I was on business in Israel, I was in the Gulf of Aqaba descending towards Sharm El Sheikh. Yet all the big hotels were not there and we stopped in an oasis a splendid oasis called Nuweiba with the ruins of a 16th century castle, with the crystal clear sea full of extraordinary fish. We only had to stop for 2 or 3 days for a location scout and one night in a bar I and my collaborator made friends with two beautiful girls who invited us to take a bath. It was night and we found ourselves on this deserted beach with two girls. I asked, “But aren’t you afraid?” Because they were two girls that we had never seen and known and they were taking us to the beach to swim half-naked. “But you are not afraid of these two foreigners that you don’t know who they are or where they come from, you don’t know what intentions they have and you take them to a deserted beach at night, beautiful beach and splendid starry night, but nevertheless … ” The girl looked at me with her green eyes, she smiled, opened her purse and extracted a 12-shot Beretta two-wire, she deftly challenged her and told me: “I am a lieutenant of the Israeli army sappers, I conducted seven war missions, I am capable of launching myself with a parachute, of staying underwater like a diver, I know karate and Krav Maga – the famous fighting of Israeli special troops – You should be afraid. ” And I in the starry night on the shore of Sharm El Sheikh I surrendered to the sweet violence. Thanks

11 thoughts on “TERMINATOR: DESTINO OSCURO – videorecensione di Roberto Leoni [Eng sub] NO SPOILER

  1. …dopo aver visto Terminator Dark Fate è impossibile non citare il mito della Amazzoni anche perché James Cameron attinge sempre dai miti: il film non è la lotta dell'uomo contro le macchine, ma la lotta delle macchine contro la donna, la lotta tra le macchine che si rigenerano contro la donna che genera, cioè la donna che è in grado di continuare la specie umana…

  2. Finalmente una recensione che scopre molteplici chiavi di letture a questo film. Complimenti davvero Signor Leoni.

  3. Pensavo di guardare una recensione del film ma credo di aver trovato un sofista che non vedeva l'ora di sfoggiare la sua "coltaggine".. Complimenti per la libreria

  4. Parlare di un blockbuster partendo da Medea per finire alle donne dell'esercito israeliano, l'anti banalità per eccellenza.
    Grazie di cuore per le sue recensioni.

  5. Concordo su diverse cose, ma scrivere una sceneggiatura del genere non è accettabile; i temi sono presenti, le analogie pure, ma non è un film in grado di fruire questi contenuti in quanto si scontrano troppo con elementi chiave dei film precedenti, e non riesce quindi a svilupparli davvero. Si chiude da solo nelle ovvietà, e non intendo di contenuto ma in quanto comunicazione, e questo è un problema nel cinema perchè si chiava Sceneggiatura a groviera.
    Gran recensione comunque, film non all'altezza secondo me. Ottima messa in scena e lei molto bella, ottima colonna sonora, ma basta. Male

  6. Ho appena visto questo film da appassionatissimo di film di Terminator e dovo dire che sono rimasto abbastanza deluso. Un T1000 che diventa cosciente, si sposa e vende tendaggi proprio non si può ne vedere ne sentire. Anche se non mancano azione ed effetti speciali.

  7. Bellissima recensione piena di cultura e riferimenti storici, complimenti! Volevo sottoporle anche il tema dell'invasivita' e pericolosita' della tecnologia, che e' presente nel film e che e' un altro filo conduttore importante del film e della saga in generale, contrapposta alla forza dell'umanita', che rispetto alle macchine e' fragile ma che in se ha anche coraggio, speranza, amore, fratellanza e spirito di sacrificio, cio' che sempre di piu' sta venendo a mancare nel mondo di oggi.

  8. Non ho visto il film in questione ma ascoltando quanto si diceva a video mi e' venuto da chiedermi come mai non si citava anche l'incontro-scontro tra Pentesilea e Achille. Viste le armature e il contesto di lotta, oltre la profanazione, non avrebbe stonato. Forse pero' e' stato escluso proprio in virtu' della storia narrata nel film che non ho visto.

  9. vorrei consigliarle un film visto oggi, e so che le piacerà!!! si chiama "l'ultima ora". lo guardi e mi dica cosa ne pensa….saluti.

  10. Bellissima recensione, ricca di riflessioni e approfondimenti culturali, che va oltre ciò che semplicemente si vede e si sente e punta diretta a ciò che si prova, a ciò che si dovrebbe sentire dentro, a livello emozionale… Forse però, purtroppo, stiamo acquisendo tutti un po’ troppo quel comportamento da ‘macchine’ , sempre connessi via social coi nostri chip smart senza fili, una sorta di Skynet reale che ci rende sempre meno umani… Iscritto immediatamente, signor Leoni, le auguro una buona giornata.

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