33 thoughts on “Terence McKenna – Ideology is Absurd

  1. It's difficult to admit one's own ignorance, or that the entirety of human knowledge is but a smidgen of the possibilities the universe has to offer. It's scary to acknowledge how unfathomable the universe is, or even terrifying when contemplating the mysterious nature of my own existence. But it's comforting to think I have answers.

  2. You've selected some great Mckenna clips here man, I'll reupload some and credit you soon, if that's cool.

  3. Anyone who is against drugs: cut out your pineal gland if ur so scared. Try dying without dmt see how much fun it is lol

  4. I would gladly go rather than share this planet with deluded, bong sucking creeps like McKenna. You people have NO IDEA what true enlightenment is. Drugs are the SURE PATH to self-annihilation.

  5. If I could cast you out into the infinite vacuum of space, I would do so. You are a mistake of nature and should be treated as such.

  6. im glad we all die..immortality would be so bland…though he is not a piece of crap, i disagree on that view.

  7. i feel you man. it just has to start somewhere. i feel with the coming age of unlimited energy resources we'll have a much better shot

  8. Oh, but he lives forever, my friend =) that's how powerful truth is.
    I'm glad he existed, RIP Terence!!

  9. It's only impossible to escape the system if you think it's impossible. If someone really wants to badly enough, they can get out of the game. Culture itself is never going to go away, and I think it's impossible for humans to not create culture, but you can get back to the true meaning of the word. Cultivate. To grow, tend, care for. Create your own culture that isn't a con game, and let it grow. Grow your own food, source your own power, and share your ideas. You'll be well-cultured.

  10. Anyone finding it difficult to progress knowing all this information. I am in total agreement with the majority of what Terence said. I understand how we're controlled by culture. But it almost becomes a burden knowing this, because it is impossible to escape the system. Unless i work and earn some money, how the fuck do i function? Anyone else on the same wavelength?

  11. For a long time, when I heard the name "Terence" I would think of South Park.

    Nowadays, when I hear the name "Terence" I feel happy and comfortable.

    South Park now often makes me feel happy and comfortable…… (actually it always has!)

  12. @sqweezel if you think you're part of any decent solution, you are kidding yourself. your hate has no place here, you should know better.

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