13 thoughts on “Terence McKenna – Ideology Has Poisoned The Last Thousand Years

  1. Beg1n transm1ss10n
    End transm1ss10n

  2. "i probe weirdness…but rationally.
    Most people who are attracted to weirdness want to convert and believe it and take it in and exalt it.
    I don't. I don't want to believe anything.
    I hate ideology. All ideology.
    That's what I why I'm so casual about the possible crushing of my own, because ideologies are a lesser resolution of our dilemma than we are capable of.
    The higher resolution lies in real feeling and real community and affection.
    Ideology has poisoned the last thousand years. All of these ideologies have ultimately done more bad than good"

    "The truth does not require your participation in order to exist. Bullshit does!"

  3. From what I understood is, your ideology could be wrong? I believe that when we die we, our soul which is our energy goes on forever and it never stops flowing, but your speech just questioned your own idea, which isn't a bad thing, so where do you stand now? Do you negate everything you said before or am I not really listening correctly

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