Ted Cruz Tries Creepy Fundamentalism & Nationalism

Ted Cruz Tries Creepy Fundamentalism & Nationalism

Ted Cruz went on a conservative Christian TV show and right wing watch got some great video of him being extremely fundamentalist do you agree as a senator that our founders were under some kind of a powerful umbrella of divine providence and easily it was from the founding of our country America has enjoyed God's providential blessing I mean at every stage when when when 56 men signed their lives fortunes and sacred honor signing the Declaration of Independence declaring war on the mightiest army on the face of the planet that made no sense by earthly logic there was no way on earth this ragtag bunch of colonies could prevail and yet we did when the Declaration and Constitution were drafted they were drafted on the knees of the founding fathers through prayer if you look if you look at the Civil War a bloody war a brother up against brother that spilled gallons of blood it working to expunge the original sin of this nation that was slavery that Civil War should have ripped this country apart forever and it was only with God's blessing that this country came back together World War two standing up against the grotesque evil that was the Nazis again God shined his grace on this nation the American people rose to save the free world you go to the 1980s where with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul the second we won the Cold War without firing a shot at every stage and it is really the source of my optimism today you know there are a lot of people in America who are feeling despondency feeling despair and the threats are great they are there is great or greater than anything we've ever faced and yet I'm convinced James God is not done with America Ted Cruz is the quintessential politician whatever audience he's in front of he's going to play to the audience and try to walk this fine line this middle ground that allows him to pander but at the same time say enough of the stuff to to keep his base happy he really is every single thing about this guy is calculated every single thing about this guy is fake and it's oozing with insincerity even the way he talks I don't want to get too far off onto this but just the way he talks gets under my skin because nobody really talks like that nobody really talks like that but it's this show that he's putting on it's this persona this aura that he's adopted but the bigger reason why I wanted to discuss this is I sincerely believe that that kind of mentality that kind of ideology and thought process that we just saw right there it's dangerous it's very very dangerous not only because it's not true right I mean the whole point of the u.s. was we are a secular nation it's right there in the First Amendment I mean how many times does the Constitution reference Jesus zero how about God zero the Bible zero and the only time it mentions religion is to say you shall not establish one and there shall be no religious test for office so we're explicitly a secular nation okay so they're wrong but it's dangerous because you've decided that we are God's people now that seems too many people that seems benign the idea that well we're just where God wants us to lead the world where God's people know that's a bad thing because when you define yourself as God's people that means what you're saying is we are good by definition we are good from the get-go from the jump we know we're good we're always good so when you think like that you are much more willing to accept atrocities in your name and violence in your name because again you've already decided you're the good people so when you do violence when you kill civilians when you torture people when you have extrajudicial prisons like Guantanamo Bay Ghraib when you spy on everybody then it's okay because we mean well we mean well we're God's people we're looking out for the world so this is what we do and then of course that's what it's that mentality that makes people turn to turn a blind eye to the fact that we have nine hundred military bases around the world we're an imperial power 57% of our discretionary spending goes to the military were fighting not only in Iraq Afghanistan and Syria were also doing drones in Pakistan Yemen and Somalia were killing thousands of civilians it's the it's that kind of mentality that's dangerous because it lets people passively accept what our government is doing because it's okay we mean well we're the good people everybody understands we get a pass whenever we do something bad wrong wrong every single imperial power throughout history told themselves that same lie that lie of it's okay we mean well we are God's people we are the people that have the right value system and we're just spreading the proper values around the world again everybody believed that from the different Chinese dynasties to the Empire in Mali to the Turkish Empire to the Greeks and the Romans everybody said the same thing now it's just the u.s. is turned but the thing that annoys me is it's 2014 we have the internet we have science we have technology how have we not evolved past this or how do we not call our country out on this narrative that so many people believe how have we not stopped this but unfortunately in the grand scheme of things that Ted Cruz argument right there is winning because I think there are more Americans that buy that nonsense then don't

29 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Tries Creepy Fundamentalism & Nationalism

  1. Literally he’s just a far right propaganda machine. He never has real arguments, it’s just making fun of specific things and twisting the words of different people.

  2. The declaration of independence is also the document of satan. For what is a better metaphor for god than the most powerful nation at the time, Great Britain. The most apt metaphor for satan is the angel that was sick of gods tyrrany and decided to rise in rebellion.

  3. I wonder if he knows that the international coalition against fascist tyranny in the 1940s was called "the Free World", including the Soviet Union under Uncle Joe

  4. well by that logic Lenin was endorsed by god, the reds had no bussiness to win ageinst imperial russia after all they where a ragtag bunch of misfits after all

  5. 0:28 fun facts: Only 55 delegates showed up to the Continental Congress, and of those 55, only 39 signed the Declaration of Independence. Some of the most famous framers whose names do not appear on the Dec. of Ind. include George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

  6. Doesn't your Constitution mention God once? "In the year of our lord seventeen seventy six" or whatever? Just a point of order.

  7. "Won the Cold War without firing a shot."

    …The hell is he on about? The Cold War was won by waging proxy wars and toppling foreign heads of state. There were a hell of a lot of shots fired, just not directly at the USSR.

  8. We beat them because we used guerilla warfare and had help from France. Plus Britian was fighting a bunch of other wars.

  9. Let me get inside your mind, Cruz. I will heal you.lol. I will set at liberty the things that you once thought defined you. I am the secular master, and now I will expunge your idiocity. HAHA…..through psychology, philosophy, science, truth, reason, …..haha….we'll all heal you Cruz.

  10. We won the Cold War through patience, not a God. Communism doesn't produce things! It leaves the nation in poverty. It was just a matter of time before Russia was done. China saw what happened and realized that if they didn't embrace Capitalism, then they would be done too. This has nothing to do with a God.

  11. Shine his grace on this nation? You knickampoop. 1 millions Americans died in that war. Let us not stop there, since you are so brainwashed into so called righteousness. It is estimated that 60% of women in America committed adultery back here in America, while their husbands were getting their brains blown out in Europe. Sadly, 50% of the American men in Europe were getting it on with the French and English women. Duh, that doesn't sound like your God is doing anything about righteousness.

  12. Dude, it did rip this country apart. Are you kidding me?  30-40 years of terrible division from 1853-1893. And it continued up until the 1960's. Only in the last forty years have we been united. But sadly, it is becoming more divided again. I hope ya'll in the south don't embrace slavery again.

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