37 thoughts on “Ted Cruz to Zuckerberg: Is there Facebook political bias?

  1. I am against sharia law. I am not conservative. The only thing in common i have with the people they are banning is that i believe i have a right to my bilogical gender. On the other hand i support the lgbtq community but i am more concerned that intersex individuals are not recognized as a biological reality. They should have their own restroom and gender selection box. I listen to both sides of controversial topics like abortion and that should not be considered dangerous. I have a variety of types of friends. As an American i do not feel some social network site has the right to sever those ties and steal my content. They targeted me and were even going through my content after i deleted all my friends and limited my past posts. I feel like they violated my privacy without warrant. Also my data was compromised via Cambridge Analytica. I feel like i should have compensation for the emotional and social turmoil facebook caused. I also dont feel like it is unethical to point out late term abortion should be illegal. I think this guys lying under oath

  2. Senator first Well Senator I am not No Specific specific Asking me thought oh Well that we proud of discourse Senator.

  3. Conservatives love using liberal platforms and complains because they can't come up with their own platforms.

  4. The questions facebook,s out side poss good images and competitors and self and your tick up poss the poss good images why good for business and mark zuckerberg the good life facebook,s images

  5. Facebook and WhatsZap Is Not the real world wide web, only privacy villains. It's just an despicable social network. The internet needs to be redesigned eliminating all surveillance and espionage monopolies from Shadow Government. Is the Zuckerberg's personal life an open book? Has a skeleton hidden in the closet? Why not to share it with everyone around the world, including all genealogy secrets? Or something else, that can be used against you by malicious person? Why not undress yourself in public Mark ?: 'Nothing is sacred. Nothing is secret […] Bregna in my hands […]' ( Trevor Goodchild )

    The most terrible thing about expose your personal life for all is abdicating your freedom of speech to receiving threats from governmental, stalkers, corporate or from unknown nature. It's a police state. I hope Facebook has the same fate in the stars as Orkut, Myspace, Geo-cities.

  6. Zuckerberg is an IDIOT. He refuses to give a yes or no answer. They are left wing assholes who try and block or silence ANYTHING even remotely conservative. Oh, and he has a face that just makes me want to punch him.

  7. United State is lucky to have a person like Mark Zuckerberg. Created Facebook, donates tons of millions to poors, helps around the world to end child poverty, this guy is a man version of Madar Teresa. And what does Zodiac Killer did ? Let me answer, want to take the health care away, ban the government funds that help woman health organization, want to drag US to another war with Iran . So we are seeing a bad person against a good person. But somehow this comment section cheering for Zodiac Killer ! I mean what's up ?

  8. Are you aware of an ad or page that has been taken down form planned parenthood? killer question Ted!, respect from Argentina.

  9. Social Media is extremely biased. I reported something asking for Personal Information on the Covington Catholic kids. and it replied saying it doesn't violate their rules. It's disgusting how biased they are against conservatives. Putting biased political views before bullying. (this was Instagram though not facebook)

  10. He does seemingly NOT. sturring I I! Any whom Does Answer "YES or NO" same "YEAS or NAYS" "Oh Well"!

  11. CNN actually showed this..? I'm impressed.
    Never once did Zuckerberg answer straight on to the questions by Sen. Ted Cruz. Great questions. Zuckerberg danced around every subject.

  12. now its 2019 and the american government just grilled Mark Zuckerberg's ass lately and then again i wanna see some more attempts of Mark Zuckerberg to over-glorify his own public self image. hes probably not gonna stop doing it pervasively all over and over again, and hes really not gonna stop even if his nose will bleed.

  13. 0:53 "it's a simple question, the predict for section 230 immunity under the CDA, is that you are a natural public forum" NICE! ONLY protects IF…they are under a natural party. Interesting!

  14. I was BLOCKED twice regarding my POSTS. It was considered a HATE, which it was not . It had to do blaming OPOSSUMS for diseases. I made a STATEMENT that it is the ILLEGALS that bring in DISEASES, which is the truth. None of them have MEDICAL RECORDS to prove that they are entering with CLEAN HEALTH. Then to ACCUSE me of hate for defending the POOR OPOSSUMS. I thought it was very unfair.

  15. Really? Because ISIS was recruiting on this platform I post a fucking deer rifle to show my friends and I get banned??? This couldn't be more of a biased platform!! Its insane the lies from the media and these damn liberal platforms!! Suckerberg

  16. my message to all of you little Mark Zuckerbergs:

    generally speaking from where i sit, if Mark Zuckerberg wants some attention, oh ok there you go. thats what he got.

    and them people comparing Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates? well at least Bill Gates is not an overrated attention whore. well at least again, thats from where i sit.

    yeah i know facebook has a lot of employees.

    anyone wanna talk about Steve Wozniak? i bet a hundred billion-guhzillion dollars that you people really dont know who Steve Wozniak really is. 🙂

  17. Notice how Zuckerberg gets away with dodging the questions and not giving straight answers. Here's my answer. Delete Facebook It is unfair they cater more to the left than they do the right so the answer is to delete Facebook Facebook is in unconstitutional entity that won't acknowledge America's First Amendment rights delete Facebook

  18. Facebook is also anti HIndu…. it block HIndus vs Muslims. Facebook is in the business of taking sides depending on who is funding them. We need to check ho they get money.
    I have personally reported Facebook, is anti Hindu.

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