Ted Cruz | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 54

Ted Cruz | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 54

in our house you know it wasn't that politics was something you just kind of read the paper and oh that's interesting I mean there was an urgency to it it was having principled men and women in office that's how you protect yourself from tyranny and and so that's what I wanted to do my whole life hey hey and welcome this is the Ben Shapiro show Sunday special we're joined by Senator Ted Cruz we'll get to that in just a second but first you know what I hate I hate when people take my data and then use it to make money off of me it's my data why are you just taking it and making money off of me instead you should join big token it is an app that you download you share data about yourself your interest in habits and then you get paid for it right now you share an enormous amount of info with tech companies they make money off of it you should too that's where big token comes in here's how it works first download the app and sign up for a free big token account next complete actions to 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was in Northern California it is amazing the time travel I mean I was at that point just a sparkle in my daddy's eyeball but but but at the time I'm blamed for all sorts of things I go see a killer joke guys it's a joke he's not actually dead yet so I will tell you on the presidential periodically you'd get college kids that would come up with a sign saying are you the zodiac and more than one time I pulled them aside and said son if I were really the zodiac would you want to bring that sign here so let's start from the premise that you're not the Zodiac killer and let's talk about your how you got into politics in the first place so a lot of people kind of know you from the last seven eight years since you've been in the Senate but not everybody knows kind of your origins story of the superhero Ted Cruz so senator Cruz where did you where'd you get started in power well look I was a science student and I was bitten by a radioactive spider and you know the rest of it is history now grew up in Texas and and for me politics is my family story I mean look all of us are products of our family story and and my dad as you know my dad fought in the Cuban Revolution I mean when he was a kid when he was a teenager he was fighting alongside Fidel Castro fighting against Batista who was a corrupt dictator and and was thrown in prison and he was tortured and and my dad came to Texas when he was just 18 and and I grew up as a kid hearing stories hearing stories about being a freedom fighter and it actually works out my father fought with Castro didn't know Castro was a communist one any time I really want to yank my father's chain I'll call him a communist guerrilla it drives him nuts what he knew was that Batista was corrupt he was in bed with the mob you know Godfather too you know that whole I mean that was that was what it was it was a completely corrupt dictatorship and the revolution as my dad describes it we're a bunch of 14 and 15 year old kids who didn't know any better my dad left in 57 and any fled Cuba because Batista's army was gonna kill him the revolution succeeds in 59 so 59 Castro declares as a communist to begin seizing people's lands begins executing dissidents and my aunt might the asagna who I'm very close to she was still there she's my dad's kid sister and she fought in the counter-revolution she fought against Castro she ended up being imprisoned and tortured by Castro's goons and then she she ultimately fled Cuba to came to Texas and so my cousin Bibi and I Bibi is Sonja's daughter the two of us as kids we literally grew up sitting at the feet of my dad and my aunt and listening to them tell stories of a fighting for freedom and and and that's what I've wanted to do my whole life for as long as I can remember since I was a little kid is is in our house you know it wasn't that politics was something to just kind of read the paper and oh that's interesting I mean there was an urgency to it it was having principled men and women in office that's how you protect yourself from tyranny and and so that's what I wanted to do my whole life so you ended up going to law school and then being a for a while so you kind of moved out of the wall did you ever want to stay in in the legal profession you're going to the judiciary for example you know I enjoyed being a lawyer I had a fair amount of success at it and I liked it a lot of my practice was was arguing in front of the US Supreme Court and I have to admit of law practice that's probably the piece I miss the most the Supreme Court is it's a unique place and and it is it is stunningly fast I mean one of the wild things about the Supreme Court if you go and visit the courtroom and you and you know you know how it is idiot you are surprisingly close to the justices if you're standing at the podium is counsel you can almost reach out and shake hands with the chief justice the Chief Justice is probably two feet further away from the council than you are right now and you have nine of the most brilliant lawyers and judges on the planet and and you know an argument at the Supreme Court it's not you standing up there giving grand oratory it is rather you stand up and say mr. Chief Justice and may it please the court and and almost immediately the justices are firing in question just coming at you from every direction that was a ton of fun that that's that's something I miss but but that being said I'm very glad to be where I am which is which is in the arena of the Senate and fighting for issues and in principles that matter so how did you get into elective politics you make the move from the legal profession you decide to run I believe your first run was against David Dewhurst uh yeah it was and so Senate was the first first office I was ever elected to first the first office you know I joke when I was elected to Senate in 2012 the last thing I'd been elected to before that was student council but but that's that's really the truth I mean I I had been the Solicitor General of Texas which is an appointed position it's the chief lawyer for the state in front of the US Supreme Court and I had done that and then I was a lawyer in private practice but but when I started running for Senate the prohibitive frontrunner was the sitting lieutenant governor of the state who was worth a couple hundred million dollars who had universal name ID who had I mean every lobbyist every special interest everybody was with it and and when I started I mean I was literally at 2% you know I've joked before the margin of error was 3% but that's actually not a joke we did a poll at the outset of the campaign to see where things were and that was those were the first results was 2 percent support below the margin of error and in that campaign we just we ran a grassroots campaign I mean we just worked around the clock traveled the state we you know going to forums going to Tea Party groups going to Republican Women groups you know and the coalition that came together it was a incredible coalition it was young people it was Hispanics it was it was police officers and firefighters it was working men and women and it ended up being a grassroots tsunami where we can't went from 2 percent to winning the primary by 14 points winning the general by 16 points and it really was a breathtaking example of what the grassroots can do when they're energized and engaged and active well you came in as kind of the leading edge of the the Tea Party wave and obviously at the time there was a lot of talk about Obamacare a case in which you became incredibly active what do you think has sort of happened to the Tea Party there's been a lot of critiques of what happened to the Tea Party because obviously it was primarily driven by small government concerns Republicans have been in charge of Congress ever since or at least in charge of the Senate virtually ever since and yet the government is not getting smaller it continues to grow what do you think happened to to the Tea Party well I think the Tea Party made an enormous difference and and the Tea Party was part of movements that we've seen in this country for a long time you know several years ago I wrote a book called a time for truth and and each chapter profiles in the front of it truth teller someone who stood up often a great risk and then told the truth and made a difference one of them one of the truth tellers that I highlight is Ross Perot who Ross Perot when he ran against Bush 41 and Bill Clinton I think that he ran a populist campaign he ran a campaign that was defending working men and women and I think actually that Ross Perot campaign where he got 19% of the vote nationwide was the initial embers of what became the Tea Party and it also is the initial embers of much of elected Donald Trump in many ways the biggest divide we've got in Washington it's not even democrat or republican or left or right it's socio-economic a divide between working-class men and women in this country and and the elites in Washington in both parties and and I think for a long time there was a disconnect the Tea Party was an expression of that of working men and women who were fed up fed up with economic stagnation fed up with lack of opportunity fed up with with both parties embracing unchecked illegal immigration and then looking for real opportunity I think the Tea Party made a difference now where are we today well the last two years we saw some big victories for economic growth we saw the biggest tax cut in a generation we saw job-killing regulations repealed and we're seeing booming job growth got the lowest unemployment over 50 years that has benefited working-class men and women we're seeing manufacturing jobs coming back to America for the first time in a long long time that's a victory of the tea party um if you look at Donald Trump's election listen Donald Trump's election was in many ways a giant screw you to Washington and and that that was a frustration with the career politicians in both parties that that elected Trump to begin with now you're right on government spending we haven't reined it in and and the reality when it comes to spending is on any big spending plan you get all of the Democrats and about half the Republicans in favor of spending and spending and spending and so that is going to take ultimately I think strong presidential leadership to change it but I do think what we're we are seeing progress even though we're not restraining spending we are seeing progress on the economic growth side that the tax cuts in reg reform is a big big part of solving the problem and then I think beyond that we need structural solutions we need things like term limits I'm a passionate advocate for term limits because it structurally changes how Washington works let's talk about term limits first for a second because yeah I know that this has become a big talking point on the right I'm personally pretty ambivalent about term limits just in the sense that to me the the final powers and the people if they feel like electing a congressperson 11 times I suppose that that's their their right I would prefer they not but do you think that what why do you think that that restriction is necessary as opposed to simply saying to the people you know vote somebody out I mean you took out a guy who is much more favored in your Senate race so look I understand that sentiment and there are times even when I've I've been pretty amenable to it I don't think it recognizes the reality the political process today number one they're massive advantages with incumbency incumbency in terms of free media in terms of money in terms of infrastructure it's incredibly difficult to defeat an incumbent but but number two you know it's interesting I used to be a supporter of term limits until I got in the Senate and now I'm a thousand times more a supporter of tournaments because what I've seen the dominant instinct been in the Senate is through the house also is risk aversion you know there's an old joke that that politics is Hollywood for ugly people there's enormous truth to that you've got old fat bald guys who were the unpopular kids in high school who suddenly get elected to Congress and they go to a cocktail party and their hands some of their weedy and they're wise who they tell a joke and everyone laughs and it becomes like a narcotic and what happens is incumbent members of Congress their dominant focus is I must get reelected no matter what and so on any big issue on any big choice if there's a a serious solution the reasoning often is you know what if we do that that entails risk and if there's risk I might not get reelected if I don't get reelected who am i and and so one of the big virtues of term limits is is that it ends the phenomenon of career politicians I've introduced I'm the author of a constitutional amendment in the Senate to term limits senators to two terms term limit House members to three terms and the virtue of that is is that at least you throw the bums out and bring new people in and I think you're more likely to have I hope a Congress that is responsive to the people because the the elected officials are not just obsessed with staying there for life so I'm gonna go back to the tea party question just one second because the fact is that if you look at the left perspective on the tea party the way that the left describes the tea party is it was effectively a racist movement that disguised itself as a small government movement in the proof of that is that once the Republicans took power there was no move toward small government at all there was just a move toward all the other stuff the tax cuts and maybe some regulatory reform so what happened to the priorities was it really just an anti Obama movement or explicit a principled movement about the growth of government well look number one the left's response to everything is that it's a racist attack that's their standard they don't want to engage in ideas they don't engage in substance so they just scream bigot and anyone who disagrees with it I mean look I saw on Twitter recently where someone was accusing you of being a Nazi or encouraging that's like the hell are they talking about maybe that's that's lunatic fringe stuff but it but it's mainstream media so you had the tea party if you have a gathering a rally of tens of thousands of people you know what many gathering of tens of thousands of people you can find one or two with tinfoil hats who are nuts and if you go with a TV camera and look you're gonna find someone who thinks that and that's who the media focused on they'd go and find one or two people who are on sort of the outer fringe and say this is the whole Tea Party I could tell you who Tea Party activists were there were regular people they were working-class men and women they they weren't the people who had lobbyists they were they were the people who you know T stood for taxed enough already it was a movement that was focused primarily on taxes on spending on debt and on economic growth I do think we've moved away from some of the corruption of Washington from some of the swamp and I think the Trump administration has been positive in that regard it's still the case that government keeps growing and growing but you know look one of the things the media never covers we passed a major tax cut in December of 2017 federal tax revenue since that tax cut have gone up in other words the federal government is taking more money in more revenues in with lower tax rates now now that doesn't surprise you and it doesn't surprise me in part because we know something about history if you look back JFK campaigned on cutting taxes he cut taxes in office and federal tax revenues went out Ronald Reagan campaigned on cutting taxes he cut taxes in office and federal revenues went up now the reason that the deficit and the debt keeps growing is that spending is growing even beyond that but but I do think the first piece of it the economic growth is important and and I'm gonna continue fighting for both pieces of it so in one second I wanna ask you about the possibilities of some form of entitlement 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president Trump said in 2016 has no interest in touching entitlements do you basically see this as just a train that we are going to drive into Eastwood Gulch I mean is now is that where we are going or is there a possibility of jail look I think to see real entitlement reform we're going to have to see leadership from the top and you're right Donald Trump didn't campaign on entitlement reform and and he doesn't seem focused on leading in this regard without that it's not going to happen I think ultimately it's critical to the solution I'm you know two-thirds of the federal spending or our entitlement programs or mandatory spending that grow we can eliminate everything else and that still doesn't solve the problem of course we're not going to eliminate everything else I will say also I think it's possible to engage and engage proactively on entitlement reform up so for example for a lot of years let's take Social Security Social Security was treated as the third rail of politics you touch it you get electrocuted well I can tell you in 2012 when I got elected to the Senate the first time I campaigned on in 2018 I campaigned on it and and I think what politicians in Washington are doing right now is irresponsible both parties because they're allowing Social Security to careen towards insolvency and I think it is a critical bulwark that that millions of Americans rely on so how do we reform it for specific principles number one seniors those on Social Security or near retirement no changes at all nothing zero not a penny we've made promises people have counted on it they've ordered their financial affairs we need to honor those promises but but for young younger workers people you're at my age it is hard to find someone in their 30s or 40s who believes Social Security will be there for us that's an incredible opportunity to for reform if we've got a generation who understands this is headed towards insolvency three critical reforms for younger workers number one gradually increased the retirement age when Social Security was enacted life expectancy was much much less people are working a lot longer gradually increase the retirement age for younger workers and give us time to plan on it and arrange our finances accordingly number two change the rate of growth of Social Security benefits so that so that it matches inflation instead of exceeding inflation those two changes bring Social Security and solvency but the third change for younger workers I think is is the most important allow younger workers to keep a portion of our tax payments in a personal account that we own that we control that we can invest and the end that we can use in addition to the retirement payment and that we can pass on to our kids and grandkids that that is transformative it is something I've been fighting for since I arrived in the Senate I intend to keep fighting for so I want to talk about the kind of future of the Republican Party from from two particular angles I want to talk about it from the conservative angle like where the attacks are coming from on the right and where the attacks are coming from on the left so let's start with the right it seems like at least in 2016 there was this emerging gap between the quote/unquote populist conservatism of President Trump and sort of the classical old-school conservatism that you were representing in the 2016 race and in the end it seemed as though the populist conservatism was was ascended I never really bought into the idea the populist conservatism was an ideology it seemed like more of an effect to me and in terms of policy president Trump has basically governed like a conservative with the absence of any sort of spending cuts do you think that there is such a thing as populist conservatism and how much how much I guess attention should be paid to the prevarications of people who say that the future of the Republican Party lives and things like tariffs and government involvement and subsidies and all that sort of stuff you know look I do think there is such a thing as populism but but but I'm gonna a little bit fight the hypo and then reject the characterization I you know I'm very much a Reagan conservative but I think Reagan was a populist if you look at free-market principles they are all about working men and women they are all about opportunity they're all about folks like my dad when he came from Cuba with nothing having an opportunity he washed dishes making 50 cents an hour but he was in an economic environment where you could climb that economic ladder and and so you know if you look at 2016 we've talked a little bit earlier about the socio-economic divide 2016 Republican field there were 17 Republicans running and and if you were laying odds in DC or New York at the beginning of the campaign who was gonna be the nominee who was gonna win the election nobody would have bet on Donald Trump and actually nobody would have bet on me either we might have been 16 and 17 in the betting odds there were a bunch of other candidates that were supposed to be the dominant juggernauts if you fast-forward of the primaries if you look at almost every state and if you look at working-class voters working-class voters in almost every state either Trump was one and I was 2 or I was one and he was 2 and it is almost perfectly correlated the states where I was one and he was 2 among working-class voters are the 12 states I won the states where he was one and I was two or the states he won and none of the other 17 candidates won more than a single state Kasich won Ohio Rubio won Minnesota and Trump and I won the other 48 now that utterly upended Washington conventional wisdom but the reason that happened I believe is because Washington politicians both Democrats and Republicans were not responding to the Ohio steel workers to the truck drivers to the waitresses to the to the cops and firefighters to the men and women with calluses on their hands so when I hear populism that's what I think about is who are you fighting for and and look big government and socialism the Democrats fight for the elites for the special interest under Obama the rich got richer big government and big business do great together because big business gets in bed with big government Miami you listen I'm very skeptical a big business I'm interested in small businesses I'm interested in the next generation of creative destruction and entrepreneurs and so I think breaking the corporatist cronyism of Washington was a very important issue in 2016 and those same working-class voters by the way that decided the 2016 primary are also the voters who won the general election who gave Trump the victory over Hillary Clinton so I think in that regard now that doesn't mean as the media pundits want to say that you suddenly have a whole dramatically new agenda if you look at what Trump is actually enacted I've worked very closely with the President on this tax cuts repealing job-killing regulations securing the border rebuilding the military those are conservative values but they respond to the working men and women in this country so the these sort of left-wing critique of republicanism is that if you look at let's say the 2016 primaries where you're finishing high and Trump is finishing high and you look at your economic theories your economic theories are very dissimilar you you went into Iowa and what I thought was an incredibly brave move you said no more subsidies for ethanol which in Iowa is basically political suicide then you proceeded to win Iowa whereas President Trump went in there and basically said look at senator Cruz he's the one out there saying that or lyin Ted as he put it and he's the one out there saying that you know he's gonna take away your subsidies so in other words you guys were sort of at odds on economics so putting in the same basket economically the critique of the media and the left would say is is not supremely accurate what they would say is that this is a culture war issue that basically there are a lot of people in the middle of the country who were sick of being disrespected at the by the media elites on both coasts who had treated them as the great unwashed masses and that you were giving them respect and President Trump was giving them respect that's the nice way of putting it from the left the bad way of putting it from the left is that is obviously that all these unwashed masses are in fact unwashed masses and that you unified them because there was a covert racism to to your campaign or to president Trump's campaign that gets back to what we were saying earlier but it does raise a question which is how can the Republican Party reach out beyond it sort of traditional constituency I know there's a lot of talk about this leading up to 2016 obviously you're Hispanic senator Rubio's Hispanic there was a lot of talk about this kind of the new faces of the Republican Party and then the guy who wins the presidency is is he a 70 year old white guy from New York and so there's a lot who was making some appeals that that were certainly you know controversial to say the least what do you make of that critique and how does the Republican Party move into new audiences well I think first of all I remember down at South Carolina right before the South Carolina primary I was doing a media gaggle and one reporter asks that what do you do about the fact that the Republican Party are a bunch of old white guys and I just started laughing at this it excuse me have you looked at if you looked at the field we we have an african-american world famous physician we have Carly Fiorina a fortune 50 CEO we have two sons of Cuban immigrants both both in both in their early to mid 40s compare that to the Democratic parties like that 70 shows you had a bunch of septuagenarians battling it out and by the way fast forward to today it seems now they're they're you know octogenarians by the way if all of these folks can run want one word I'll say to our democratic friends you know jimmy carter still alive only served one term i mean if they're if they're going for yesteryear i think they need to recruit Jimmy Carter look the Democratic Party is a throwback to old and failed ideas and they're galloping that way now one of the challenges we have is we have a one of the great virtues of the age of Trump is his fake news has been exposed you know you remember a few years ago people used to argue oh the media isn't biased nobody argues that anymore I mean they're so plainly unhinged you watch the these reporters foaming at the mouth you watch these networks that they hate Trump so much now listen you and I both had our disagreements with Donald Trump but but you look at just the naked irrational hatred of the media left directed at Trump and and that is revealing of who they are now the challenge is and this is that this is a challenge for you and for me and for everyone it is to get folks that are not living and breathing this everything get young people and Hispanics and African Americans and suburban moms to understand and focus on the substance and the issues these policies matter listen if you're a young person it matters when you come out of school whether you have booming economic growth and lots of job opportunities or whether you move into your parents basement because the economy is so stagnant as it was under the Obama years that you can't get a job but we've got to communicate it we've got to get it around the the media filters that don't want anyone to hear that truth so what sort of message do you pervade there so one of the things that's been fascinating to me I'm from California the Republican Party has been eviscerated among Hispanic voters in California that is not what has happened in Texas in Texas what is it a 55/45 or 60/40 split in favor of Democrats but it's certainly competitive with Republicans here at something like 8020 in favor of Democrats if that it maybe higher so what has been done in Texas what have you done in your races to help draw Hispanic voters so look in Texas in 2012 I got 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2018 I got 42% of the Hispanic vote and then and that is despite the media demagoguing like crazy and listen I think the Hispanic community is a fundamentally conservative community if you look at the values in our community that resonate faith family patriotism hard work you know a friend of mine years ago asked interests in question he said when's the last time you saw an Hispanic panhandler gonna tell you I don't think I ever have because frankly in Hispanic culture would be seen as be shameful to be out there on the streets begging and yet you look at hard work individual responsibility and and it those are conservative values and you also look at what unifies the Hispanic community which is the immigrant experience coming to America seeking freedom that is a message that resonates but I'll tell you I had the exact same message in the Rio Grande Valley and overwhelmingly Hispanic communities that I had in deep East Texas and and the message of jobs and freedom and security that's a message that resonates now listen California is a special place I'll tell you it's interesting when I'm out in California I'll get together with conservatives with Republicans and and it's almost like like conservatives in California are beaten down I'll tell you a point though that a lot of people don't know you know what state has the most Republicans by numbers we do I mean state populous state yeah there are more Republicans in California than there are in Texas every California Republican eyes tell that to is shocked and amazed now there are even more Democrats I'm not saying that conservatives are not outnumbered here but a lot of the California conservatives and Republicans are just beaten down they don't believe that they can change the state politics but look I think the Hispanic community is a conservative community but we've got to respond to the needs and interest in values in the Hispanic community if you look right now today we have the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever recorded we've also got the lowest african-american unemployment ever recorded now the clown show that is the Democratic 2020 primary none of them are going to admit that they're gonna go to Hispanics and african-americans that are seeing the lowest unemployment every record and they're gonna say these policies are terrible for you you should go back to the Obama era policies where you had much higher unemployment much higher poverty that is nonsense let me give you one of my favorite stats the last two and a half years the last two and a half years five million people came off of food stamps five million and and look as Republicans we've got to be able to articulate that and explain it in a way that that's not just a number on a pie chart those are five million real human beings those are moms and dads the two and a half years ago they were dependent on the federal government for the basic food needs who now presumably they've gotten a job they're coming home tonight they're carrying a bag of groceries they're setting it down on the kitchen table and those moms and dads are looking their kids in the eyes they're having the dignity of work the self-respect of work that is what the American Dream is all about being able to provide for your family achieve your dreams but we've got to communicate and tell you this panic community that is a powerful message Hispanics don't want to be dependent on government and what what what the Socialists what the Democrats say is they want them to be dependent on government they want them to be a vassal dependent state vote for Democrats and be trapped in dependency what I what I know Hispanics want is the independence to chase their dreams that is a conservative message so you're somehow able to defeat the second coming himself the greatest candidate in the history of American politics beta O'Rourke whose skateboarded in from the heavens well apparently not smoking a doobie was shocking to me but but a parent and then you defeated him and relegated him to eating dirt and then he actually did this he went to New Mexico and he ate ceremonial dirt and then he decided to run for president apparently the dirt didn't do him any good because the media have fallen out of love with Beto's so to me this is a media story they created him from nothing and now they have sent him back to the dust from once he but what what is what is your take on how that race went and how much of that was just media hype what listen I think he is a talented politician I also think that the heart of his base was the media who were just enthralled with him that there was I think a macro in every stir if you're writing a beta profile it automatically populated with with the adjectives kennedy-esque in fact I think your publisher wouldn't wouldn't your editor wouldn't publish it without Kennedy asked they talked about his hair and his teeth and his smile and it was just it actually read like like you know Teen Vogue I I mean it was talking about the latest heartthrob um and look at yet Inc complicated if you're a leftist journalist and you could beat one Republican in the country was on the ballot in 2018 it'd be me you know you and I are not supposed to exist you're an Orthodox Jew who is not a hard leftist that that from from their perspective how dare you embrace a different view I'm Anna spanic son of an immigrant who believes in freedom and believes in conservative values that drives the left out of their mind and so you saw the media just rush in with this glowing adulation now you can trace the point that changed and it was the day after the general election when suddenly bado is not running against me but is running against a bunch of other leftist is running against Bernie Sanders is running against Kamala Harris and the media turned I I mean it it is stunning I mean they turned our here is a classic illustration Reuters in 2017 had evidence that O'Rourke was part of a hacker cult as a teenager and may have committed multiple felonies they went and interviewed Reuters interviewed beta in 2017 he admitted it all said yep yep I did that and Reuters said I'll tell you what we will embargo this we won't publish it for a year and a half we won't publish it until after the November 2018 election because you know everyone knows we got to do everything we can to beat Cruz after that will publisher so they came out now you know the the sort of weird fan fiction he wrote as a kid the the bizarre stuff like fantasizing running over children all of that came from Reuters is reporting that they just sat on they put on ice for a year and a half until after the election now what do you think of the odds been if they had evidence that I'd committed multiple felonies that they'd say gosh we'll just sit on it for a year and a half and not publishing it it's this is in fact the best proof that you're not the Zodiac killer because if you were there's no question that would have uncovered this and and brought it out against you true okay so what let's talk for a second about sort of your image as portrayed by the media over the course of your career so you start off you win the stunning victory against david Dewhurst I remember I was there I remember you coming from nowhere to win this victory against a very heavily favored opponent and then you start kind of climbing the ranks in a sense that you were getting all sorts of media attention you're you're giving speeches on the Senate floor and then came the point where it seemed like the world turned against you and that was when you decided to filibuster the Obamacare vote where he got up and he started talking about how the Republican majority leader had failed to stop Obamacare properly what was your motivation for doing that I know that the take from from cynical politico's was that it wasn't gonna be effective so it's basically you just grandstanding and then there's the take from from other conservatives who are basically saying no somebody has to stand up and do this or it's gonna get funded it's never gonna go away why did you do that look I did it for two reasons number one Obamacare was going into effect and once it went into effect it was going to prove incredibly difficult to unwind and number two I had promised the people of Texas I told the voters of Texas in 2012 I said if you elect me I will fight with every ounce of strength in my body I will lay in front of a speeding train to stop this disaster that is Obamacare that was a promise and and so what I endeavored to do each and every day and I still do is keep those promises you're right the media pound of the heck out of me Republican leadership pounded the heck Adam II the Left pounded the heck out of me but to be honest I really don't give a flip and part of it is because I try to remember who I'm working for you know I remember back in 2012 I remember a little old lady up in East Texas grabbed me by the shoulder she said Ted please don't go to Washington and become one of them um you know in many ways being elected with with a grassroots movement it's liberating because when I was elected every lobbyist in the state was against me just about every major corporation was against me every major trade association was against me that means I'm not holding any that what I am beholden to are the truck drivers and oil field workers and and college kids and all the working men and women who knocked on doors who worked their hearts out and and so I tried to on every decision say alright how would I explain it to the men and women that I sat in town hall after Town Hall after Town Hall with and when it came to Obamacare what what Republican leadership was content to do is do nothing that was not acceptable and I and I'll tell you you know in the middle of that that Obamacare filibuster where I spoke for 21 hours and the Senate floors the phone's lit up millions of phone calls went into Congress Republican leadership hated that because the because the American people said we don't want this disaster that is Obamacare if you remember the Wall Street Journal didn't did an editorial where it called me the minority maker said Ted Cruz is gonna single-handedly keep Harry Reid as Majority Leader now if in the 2014 election Republicans had been decimated and Harry Reid of remained majority leader how quick do you think all those media pundits all that Republican leadership would have been to victory lap and said AHA see we told you this fight is destroying our majority which they said every day in 2014 Republicans won nine seats in the US Senate we've retired Harry Reid as Majority Leader and we won the biggest majority in the House since I believe in 1928 and not a one of the folks in leadership thought gosh maybe the fact that we were standing up and fighting on Obamacare and finally doing something and finally trying to honor our promise maybe that has something to do with people showing up and voting I think the way you win elections look the Washington conventional wisdom is you win elections by standing for nothing by getting along and going along I think the way you win elections by giving people a reason to vote by standing and saying look we're going to follow through and do what we said we would do that gives people a reason to go knock on doors that gives people a reason to make phone calls you know 2016 in in the presidential race my campaign 326,000 volunteers knocking on doors making phone calls sending emails to get as a way of perspective the Hillary Clinton campaign talked about their target for the general election was ten thousand volunteers with three hundred twenty six thousand we ended up raising over ninety two million dollars which is the most money any Republican has ever raised in a presidential primary in history that came from one point eight million contributions that's what happens when you actually just you just do what you said you would do none of this is rocket science it's actually why look there's some Republicans who run in their states as moderates for those Republicans I'm not mad at them when they vote as moderates think that's honest I may disagree with him on a policy issue but if they tell the voters here's where I stand and then if they vote that way art that's democracy what I think the voters resent is those same people that were blasting me when they're out campaigning they tell people I'm just like it and then they get to Washington said I don't know let's not actually do what we said we would to and look when Trump astonished the media class astonished Washington by winning I think it was right at the heart of the American people fed up with people in Washington not doing what they said and then they believed this guy is gonna blow up Washington and I think we've seen some good results not all good results but a lot of good results is because of it so you run this very knock-down drag-out race with President Trump honestly you have a lot more wherewithal than I would have I mean he attacked you as lyin Ted he attacked your father he suggested that he was involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy he attacked your wife and and you kind of took all of it in he was calling you lines and now you're beautiful Ted so how exactly did that how exactly did that relationship shift in morph over time look you can't take any of this personally you have to have a thick skin and it is I guess a virtue in politics or the media to be able to be whacked in the head with a stick and keep on going then I like what Trump said in the primary now that being said he not the first person to have thrown insults to me he's not the last person that's that's the environment we live and I try not to respond in kind you don't see me vilifying and insulting the character of others whether Republicans or Democrats I engage with the mind on ideas I'll talk to you about why Bernie Sanders ideas are terrible but I you know I I don't I don't play that way you know when it came November 2016 when Trump won I faced a choice at that time it would have been easy to have my feelings hurt there there it is very difficult to find something that will piss me off more than going after my family so I was not happy about that job to do I'm elected to represent 28 million Texans and and and if I had taken my marbles and gone home I wouldn't be doing my job and and so you know look I got on a plane I flute flew to New York went to Trump Tower the week after the election in November and I said mr. president this is an historic opportunity we've got both houses of Congress and the White House we've got to deliver on our promises and I told him that I said mr. president I want to do everything humanly possible to help bring Republicans together so we can do what we said we would do that affinity that's why I ran for Senate I believe this stuff I believe in low taxes low regulation I believe in Liberty I believe in the Constitution these principles work and and and if we had wasted that window of opportunity it would have been a tragic missed opportunity that might never come again by the way if you're given control of both houses of Congress and the White House and you blow it and do nothing nobody would fault the voters for saying you know why vote for these clowns they don't do anything we at least in the two years we had it we delivered a great deal I wish we delivered more and I was pressing very hard to deliver more but I'm really grateful for everything we did deliver and and so that's why I work with the president I don't like everything he says I wish she would say some different things and do some stairs different things but I do like the policy victories that we've won for the people of Texas and the American people in the booming economy and the improved national security that we're seeing are both direct results of that so I don't turn you into political pundit but I would be remiss cuz I've been asking everybody this and I think everybody's asking this how do you think that the 2020 race goes because you know from my perspective the president's got a very good record he's got a lot to run on at the same time he says things that alienate vast swaths of the American population where do you think this is going in 2020 listen I'm worried about in 2020 I think it's 50/50 I think it's a coin flip I think the country is deeply divided it is an incredibly polarized country and I think it all comes down to turnout I think the left is going to show up in massive numbers and it all comes that down to who shows up on the center-right if conservatives stay home if working-class voters stay home we could seek devastating losses week we could see losing the White House and losing the Senate with massive harm to the country as a result on the other hand if we turn people out we could have a great victory we could retake the house and and and and and hold hold the White House and have the president re-elected you know I actually think a very good crystal ball for 2020 is what happened in 2018 in particular in Texas in 2018 so if you look at the Texas Senate race where the media was all in beta or or crazed over 80 million dollars he outspent us three to one now some people say you know it's interesting I hear sometimes oh come on money doesn't matter in politics really you typically hear that people have never run for office because money is the tool by which you communicate particularly when the media is all in on the other side let me give you one example of how money matters in politics my campaign in 2018 had 18 full time campaign staffers baito O'Rourke's campaign had 805 18 to 805 try any other battle with that kind of mismatch in terms of resources and and what ended up happening the Democrats increase their turnout in the state of Texas more than 100 percent 1.8 million Democrats showed up in 2014 the last off-cycle election 1.8 million this time around four million Democrats showed up they increased from 1.8 million to 4 million now thankfully what we did is we turned out 4.2 million Republicans and that point to was the entire margin of victory now how did we do that part of it was at the end I did a barnstorming tour of the state got in a bus and we did 50 town halls and rallies in the last six weeks all over the state and and rang the bell and said to any common-sense conservatives in Texas if you want to see low taxes low regulations lots of job if you want the border secure if you want the Constitution and the Bill of Rights protected show up in public I think that's exactly what we're gonna see in 2020 every leftist in the country is gonna show up and they're gonna crawl over broken glass they hate Donald Trump with a white-hot passion you're gonna see Democrats in areas you didn't know there were any Democrats there they're gonna crawl out of the Woodworks which means we've got to give everyone else a reason to show up and vote and this is where the DC instincts are so dangerous because if the DC Republicans say oh it's a close election let's stand for nothing let's just just let's not do anything let's not have any fights let's avoid standing for anything that's how you depress the voters and that's how you lose the election the way instead we win 2020 as we give people a reason to vote we stand for big bold you know Reagan used to say paint in bold colors not pale pastels I think that's the key to winning the election so let's talk about Texas Arizona another state where we are seeing movement toward the purple in Texas obvious that's been at the top of Democrats list the reason that yours Harrogate number one is because they saw that as indicator that they could finally turn this kind of deep red state blue do you think that Texas is moving in the direction of the blue it looks right now like a lot of folks are moving into Austin a lot of folks moving into urban areas that are much more to the left the voting the voting records tend to show by more Democratic turnout is Texas in danger of turning purple absolutely I think Texas is a battleground and you know they're too broad there are a lot of different movements going on but too broad political movements that are cross-cutting one thing we're saying in recent years is working-class voters are moving right that's making states like Midwestern states trend more Republican what we're also saying however is suburban voters in particular suburban women are trending left that means states with big suburban population states like Texas states like Georgia states like Arizona are trending left they're becoming more purple you know Texas people think of Texas as a rural state you know the sort of the cowboy ethos but we're one of the most urban and suburban states in the entire country three of the ten biggest cities in America are in the state of Texas and four of the eleven biggest cities in Texas are in the country are in Texas in Texas between Houston Dallas Fort Worth Austin and San Antonio over two-thirds of the voters in the state of Texas are in those those four major metro areas we have massive suburban populations basically the way the Texas voting typically works is you have the cities which have been democratic for a while the core of the cities and then you've had these bright red doughnuts around the cities that have been submerged is what's kept Texas solidly Republican well what happened in 2018 is those bright red doughnuts became purple as suburban voters moved heavily left by the way that's what decimated the congressional Republicans in in California California has a lot of suburban voters as well places like Orange County that used to be very Republican and they moved significantly to the left if we're gonna stay competitive we've got to be reaching those suburban moms and making the case why these policies matter why why socialism and open borders why that is bad for for suburban moms why that's bad for your kids why that's bad for your future the media doesn't want any of those messages to get across and and so that means it's our job and and we've got to do it in ways that get around the gatekeepers because the gatekeepers they're not pretending to be Walter Cronkite anymore they are full-on partisans they will put on their hat and they will cheer for whatever leftist wins the Democratic nomination and they will do everything they can to collate the information and to in a propaganda war for those of us who value freedom we've got to counteract that so if you look in the Democratic field is there anybody in the Democratic field who you find particularly scary for the general election as opposed to the other candidates I think the Democrats are going to nominate someone from the far left you know right now Joe Biden's having a moment I don't think Biden will be the nominee because all of the energy all of the passion in the Democratic Party is on the extreme left I think it's likely it's probably one of four people that it that it is Bernie Kamala Harris bado or Elizabeth Warren and maybe I throw mayor Pete into that he's kind of having a moment he's stolen some abidos thunder I think the nominee is likely to come from from that group because that's where the fire is now some on the right conservatives when I say something like that think oh great okay those guys are so loony of course we win that ain't the case at all listen the terrifying thing is I think America is entirely capable of voting for on on abashed wild-eyed socialist we are divided 180 thousand votes which in 2016 and Hillary Clinton's the president this country is divided on a Razors inch and so that means we've got a job to do you know between those candidates I think Bernie and Warren are the least good at hiding just how out there they are I think Harris and bado and and Mayor Pete to some extent are better at seeming reasonable while embracing lunatic left positions but whoever whoever the Democrats nominate I believe will be formidable because everyone left of center is showing up in 2020 their base to be honest their turnout tool is Donald J Trump in the race against bado they don't rarely mention mine you didn't run against me you're ranting it's Donald Trump in this election that's gonna turn their base out now the good news is if we turn just center-right voters out people who believe in common sense that's how we win but we got to turn him out so I want to ask you about sort of the checks and balances in the system so one of the critiques of the Republican Senate particularly and the Republican Congress more generally when the Republicans held the house was that they were delegating too much authority to the executive branch I thought for a very long time that that the legislature is becoming a vestigial organ of American government everything is being done by bureaucracies and that the Senate and the Congress are deeply unwilling to take back any of these statutorily and constitutionally granted powers they're grants it's take an example when it comes to trade Authority the idea of delegating one way trade authority to the executive branch and then not being able to pull it back right when it comes to the making of war not pulling back any of that authority what do you think about the possibility of Congress at any point in the future starting to take back some of that power look I hope we do I'm a big believer in revitalizing article one having Congress take the responsibility to be accountable to the people again there's strong structural incentives that Congress doesn't want to do it it's much easier to to kick the responsibility over to the unelected regulators you know last year in 2018 I made a very hard pitch to Republican leadership I made a very hard pitch to the White House that we should take up on other budget reconciliation now you'll recall budget reconciliation is the procedural tool that we used in 2017 to pass the tax cut the only thing that's relevant for this discussion is that budget reconciliation can't be filibustered it only takes 50 votes to pass so the Democrats can't stop it and I urge we should take up a budget reconciliation in 2018 win some more victories and and therefore things in particular that I said we should do number one we should build a wall fully funded we could have done it with only Republican votes the Democrats could not have stopped us number two we should have made the individual tax cuts in the small business tax cuts permanent both of those are set to sunset we could have made in permanent forever number three we should have passed what I call the Obamacare consensus reforms in the Senate last year we didn't have fifty votes for a total repeal tragically I fought hard for that but we had fifty votes for a lot of the reforms that would have increased competition increased choices and lowered premiums for working men and women that would have been a great victory and then number four this goes right to your question is that I urge we should pass what's called the reins Act the reins Act would be the most sweeping regulatory reform ever passed by Congress it would say that no economic regulation can go into effect unless it receives an affirmative up down vote from Congress if its impact on the economy would be a hundred million dollars or more we could have done that with only Republicans the Democrats would have screamed they would have yelled but they couldn't have stopped us now I made that case I did a long powerpoint to all the Republican senators I pitched it over and over and over again for the last six months of 18 I made that case directly to the president I made that case the vice president I made that case the chief of staff at the end of the day Republicans didn't do it and and and frankly the answer as to why was never never very satisfied it's just now it's too hard it's not worth it I don't understand why we had a golden opportunity yes we've accomplished a lot but if we had taken up those victories it would have been truly transformation on the only thing lacking was the understanding of how to do it and the willingness to actually stand and fight you know that's kind of an example of where I said the Washington instinct is oh we got an election let's not take on anything consequential what I urged the president and Republican leadership I said you know what let's do this imagine if we had done this in October October of last year we're fully funding building a wall on the entire border you've got Elizabeth Warren screaming on the Senate floor you've got Bernie pulling his hair out you got the media going crazy and we have the votes and get it done imagine how many Americans show up to say my god these people actually made a promise that they did what they said we might very well I believe have held the house not made Nancy Pelosi speaker if we had taken up that fight and won that fight and gotten another victory but unfortunately the the leadership wasn't willing to do that what do you what do you fear most I mean right now there's the possibilities you say a 50/50 shot that the President Trump loses the presidency if that happens then Democrats have at least a decent shot at taking in the Senate what is what is the proposal that you see from the Democrats that you fear the most right now that they're pushing look to be honest it's all of the above if Democrats win the White House there is a very good chance they win the Senate as well if that happens if they have control over both houses of Congress and the White House I think their objective will be to try to make structural changes to make their right rule perpetual so what will that mean that will mean a number of things number one all right let's start economically tax cuts immediately repealed but we're not going back to the status quo ante I think they will jack up taxes dramatically particularly if they get elected on the angry howl of socialism just think for a moment you got Democrats talking about seventy percent tax rate or higher I think you'll see those policies pass by the way I believe if Democrats take the White House in the Senate they will end the filibuster within a month of taking office which means the Republican minority won't be able to stop it just the Democrats together will be able to do it on immigration I think you will see a massive open borders proposal all designed to ensure Democratic control so the 12 13 14 million people here illegally I think Democrats will grant every one of them amnesty and try to give them citizenship as quickly as possible because they believe that that most of those people here illegally will vote Democratic and that's designed to ensure they're controlling and just to underscore that you know we're sitting here in California California for a long time was the heart of the Republican Party California had voted in six consecutive presidential elections Republicans California had given us Ronald Reagan Richard Nixon in 1987 Congress passed the last amnesty proposal three million people here illegally grant amnesty the last election California ever voted Republican was 1988 the year after that and Mistie proposal it has gone democratic rats take control they will in ever to do that in the whole country so that no Republican can can win again I also think there's a very good possibility that they vote to stack the Supreme Court so you know one of the areas where we're very grateful for the victories we've had has been strong constitutionalist judges on the court you're seeing Democrats right now embracing expanding the court from 9 to 15 if they have six Supreme Court justices immediately you would see a radical left wing Court and and all of that look one of the problems the left they're all in they believe in this crazy stuff you know Bernie and Carmel Harris we're talking what a few weeks ago about the need to give every convicted murderer the right to vote now let me ask you Ben who in their right mind looks at the United States of America and said you know what our democratic process needs Charles Manson's voting like that is bat-crap crazy but they're all in on this the problem when Republicans when we have unified control you know you know we're sort of like like like Thurston Howell oh my goodness we wouldn't wanna do anything like that no no we're in a cricket match no no no like we need to have the same focus the same zealot re4 freedom that the left test for government that's the fundamental fight and and and I think if they take control particularly if they get the Senate to it is unbelievably dangerous in a second don't ask your final question which is I need to get your take on the Game of Thrones finale because I know that you're watching but if you actually want to hear a Senator Cruz's answer you have to be a daily wire subscriber subscribe head on over to daily we're calm click subscribe you can hear the end of our conversation over there senator Cruz thanks so much for stopping by I really appreciate it good to see you sir good to see the Ben Shapiro show Sunday special is produced by Jonathan hey executive producer Jeremy boring associate producer Mathis Glover edited by Donovan Fowler audio is mixed by Dylan case hair and makeup is by Jessa alvera title graphics by Cynthia Angulo the Ben Shapiro shows Sunday special is a daily wire production copyright daily wire 20 19

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