1. Un esempio di come si provi a guardare le cose andando oltre il pensiero comune. Il pensiero comune è pigro, stereotipato, ideologico…fondamentalmente stupido in quanto si delega ad altrui pensieri mentre quello di Tia, condivisibile o meno, rappresenta comunque il frutto di una riflessione.

  2. The snag lies in understanding or seeking to understand what a fascist expression of art is: the fascist aesthetic is a direct copy of French republican aesthetic which is an attempt to copy Rome ( not particularly succesfully, I think ). You can and should get rid of monuments of Mussolini, but that is about it. The fascist aesthetic is not unique enough to make it's removal practical, unless you want to get rid of skyscrapers and high rise buildings too.

    I think that the comparison with the Confederate statues fails: those are an attempt to dispute the outcome of the Civil War, and as such, they are treasonous. I don't think there are any explicitly fascist monuments built in Italy after Mussolini was strung up from a lamppost exist, but if they do, by all means demolish them.

  3. The Confederate statutes were part of a tactic agreement between North and South at the end of the civil war. The South was never as enthused about the Union as the North as the South did not trust the North and its ability to control the country's finances. With the end of the Civil War, it was kind of agreed to that the South could build it's statues and monuments to their dead.

    The Confederate forces did fight bravely and their generals were among the best the world had to offer (Northern generals recognized this). The removal of the statutes show once again, the South can not trust the North.

    You had failed to note there have been Blacks that had threatened race wars.

  4. It's brain dead to even compare Fascist architecture with confederate monuments.
    Fascist buildings were commissioned FOR THE PEOPLE as ways to improve civil life. That transcends politics.
    It's just like the Colosseum of Rome. You're gonna tear it down because Rome was an Empire? No.
    On the other hand, a statue of a confederate who approved of slavery makes sense to be removed.
    Statues are not buildings.
    But of course the neo-marxists want to remove anything connected to their enemies, even if it means completely remodelling society (social re-engineering). Its insanity.

  5. Perfect example of how some misguided Americans impose their moral standards on the rest of the world.

  6. Italian Fascist monuments are analogous to Union monuments, not Confederate monuments. Fascists were ultra-nationalists, not traitors. The traitors killed Mussolini. The Alt-Right is analogous to Neo-Fascist movements in Italy, such as Casa Pound. The Alt-Right is less organized and influential, but the rhetoric is the same: blood and soil. They both talk about the demonization of the nation and its people, they talk about left-wing subversion in the school system, and both look favorably upon a past paradigm, looking at the world through the lens of Oswald Spengler.

  7. Tia, Homegirl, The first third of the video you spoke about the USA. Sounds like you were worried about the point you were going to make. Confederate US has got nothing to do with Fascist Italy. Fascism was legit nationalistic conservative form of government and Ole Musso was popular in the US and was a brilliant man and a true patriot to his country.

    The term itself took on a different meaning later and is mostly used as an insult by dum dums today. Fascism was more of a state sponsored growth (sound familiar?) than anything racial. I mean… are you on YouTube because you're a pretty black girl? that's the sense I'm getting.

  8. sono espressione dell'arte di una nazione in un determinato periodo storico. Se dovessimo abbattere tutto ciò che è stato commissionato da personaggi "discutibili" allora non rimarrebbe nessuna traccia dell'umanità.

  9. As a proud American and an Ohioan whose ancestors fought for the North; as a kid I also always wondered why there are roads and parks named after Robert E Lee and ETC! It’s its honor to traitors!

  10. Beh comunque non ci sono statue di mussolini in giro per l'Italia cioè ci sono monumenti di epoca e stile fascista ma non esprimono l'ideale fascista. Sono antifascista ma molte costruzioni e monumenti per quanto fascisti sono belli.

  11. Bellissimo video. Un appunto vorrei farlo però. L’analisi fatta dalla testata giornalistica è sbagliata ed incorretta. Sono antifascista nell’animo, ma la memorja
    Storica dei monumenti non va distrutta. È da ipocriti farlo, e semplicemente credo che se non ci fossero monumenti a memoria di un passato buio tenderemo a non ricordarlo più ed a commetterei medesimi errori. Detto questo io vivo a Messina, una città distrutta nel 1908 da un terremoto che ha causato 80.000 vittime ed è stata ricostruita totalmente nel ventennio fascista. Distruggere una città non mi sembra una soluzione antifascista.

    Da un antifascista 🌈

  12. Sulla base di questo ragionamento sarebbero da eradicare anche le costruzioni realizzate dall'impero romano o dalla chiesa nel medio evo, che alla fine erano entità politiche molto peggiori del partito fascista. Sono apertamente antifascista.

  13. You're not Italian. You should have zero say in whether or not they stay up or are torn down. Try not to wear out your welcome.

  14. Italy is not the United States where Blacks have their ways by rioting and causing mayhem. Mussolini and fascism is part of our history same as all the Roman Latin Emperors will remain there. It's part of our history and the monuments will remain where they are.. Mussolini did a lot of good things for Italy and is still revered by millions of Italians.

  15. Tbf Italian fascism was never based on the belief of a 'supreme race', and all the racial laws introduced in Italy didn't happen till 1938 due to the increase influence from Nazi Germany, whom supported the ideals of having a Aryan race. Plus the statues in Italy are just a representation of Mussolini and the Cult of Il Duce rather than fascism, Italy was never truly fascist but rather a personal dictatorship with Mussolini at the centre.

  16. I cannot fathom the ignorance of what you are saying, The human experience is reflected in the arts, it can range from beauty up to despair, whether you think that certain monuments or architectures symbolise bad ideologies dont matter because it becomes part of our heritage, while yanks approach this in the most foolish ways, by erasing and obscuring its embarrasing history, trying to sell a utopistic image of america to its citizens ; substituting culture for capitalism, Racial unity for Racial hatred and so forth
    I hope yankees like you get fucked up by your own ignorance, if you choose to soften the past then the sins of your fathers shall repeat perpetually; starting from The genocide of the Native Americans, which is much worse than fascism and most things your people Demonise (Islam,communism,Russia..)

  17. Sono i vincitori a scrivere la storia. Per tanto ciò che dici di aver studiato è solo la propaganda e il pensiero di chi ha sconfitto l'altro, bisogna scavare molto in fondo per trovare un briciolo di verità, perché ogni vincitore cerca sempre di insabbiare o di riscrivere la storia dello sconfitto.

  18. I think that the fascist years of our country, except for all the , you know, enslave blacks, kill jews and no freedoms part, had good values putten in Italy, like more patriotism, inspiring to be Romans, family values, exc…
    And ,although as said , fascism made really horrible things, it did also really good things, like building infrastructures, making swamps livable (I live in a place where once was a swamp, but Mussolini himself came here and made the "bonifico" making my zone liveable,and then built all of it's infrastructure). Another good thing fascism did was to promote family and it's values, giving more money with the families with more children( if they didn't , I wouldn't be here to tell you this, as in fact, my really big grandpa's family was able to survive only thanks to the extra money that the fascist government gave them).
    So yeah , not all in fascism was good, but wasn't that bad either.

  19. se li butti giù raderai al suolo ciò che ne resta della nostra povera italia. facendo ciò il popolo non sarà contento e ci sarà probabilmente una rivoluzione

  20. i think the point is the difference between "architettura fascista" e "razionalismo" (born in Germany) 😉 btw I quote L'Ideota answer

  21. Just curious. What do you teach of history in America? I mean, the more I learn, the more I think it doesn't look at all like what a western, democratic and developed nation like the USA would, and should, teach its students. Why don't you have a law about what can or cannot be in school texts that's the same all across the country? It's already difficult to keep fascists at bay in Italy. I am honestly surprised you didn't end up doing another civil war yet. Generally the nations that bend history to fit their needs are dictatorships.

  22. In America volevano buttare giù la statua di Colombo…cioè come se io napoletano volessi demolire quella di Garibaldi

  23. You can still spot the fascist symbol on many cities sewer manholes… and that fits just perfectly if you ask me..!

  24. Hey Tia, you're getting on my nerves now. They allowed you to stay way too long in Italy. As Matteo Salvini said "Pack Your Bags on Go". And go back to Africa where you belong and talk about them as much as you want. I'm tired of you making comments about Italy or White people.

  25. There's nothing wrong in there being these statues still standing. There was never a reason for Italy to be ashamed of their Fascist history. Mussolini did nothing wrong.

  26. (la guerra civile in Italia non è mai finita) "la x Mas non si arrende, smobilita" ecco cosa diceva il più grande generale italiano il 26 aprile 1945.
    La guerra civile non è finita perché non abbiamo avuto un processo di Norimberga e ne pagheremo le conseguenze per sempre.
    Nessuno prende sul serio i ragazzi di estrema destra???!!! Apri gli occhi.

  27. USA south is just like São Paulo (Brazil) honouring "bandeirantes" (who genocided and traded indigenous slaves during 1600s) like heroes and going crazy about someone trowing paint on statues build to them last then a century ago.

  28. The confederate monuments aren't for you. And there's no reason to remove them. Wanting to remain the majority isn't wrong. Italy wants to remain Italian. Nothing wrong with that. There's something you wouldn't understand because you're not white.

  29. Incidentally, if you're going to constantly complain about white supremacy, just move somewhere that's not white. At least white people ended slavery in the West. African and middle eastern nations can't even make that claim. Kinda sick if hearing blacks think they're entitled to erase or conveniently forget history.

  30. Democrats voted against abolishing slavery, why is no liberal talking about taking down democrats? I now, it's because liberal hypocrisy has no limits.

  31. The civil war was not about white supremacy, it was about political and economic power. The south was losing political supremacy it had since the rebellion of the 13 colonies cause demographics and immigration, and decided to seced.

  32. monuments are just pieces of material. who likes history, like i do, compares history books, and goes to the library. and i'm a ''liberale'', which doesn't mean ''liberal'', but ''lover of individual freedom''. basically, i dislike extreme positions: left, right, North, South. i'm an italianamerican born in groton, ct, now living in italy, historian and psychoanalyst . you can trust me. by the way, i like black girls a lot. but only american ones, not african. because they believe in strange things, very superstitious, and irrational. when i was 20, i got with a pretty african girl: after 6 months i ran away

  33. I'm sorry Tia even if I usually agree with you this time I can't. These pieces (may be architecture, sculpture ecc.) are historically and artistically important. You may learn history from text books but to make text books you need historical pieces which can explain it to you and maintaining them it's a way to keep inalterated many sources of different informations. I can agree on moving them in indoor places open to the public instead of having them in the squares or in the streets (if we're obviously talking about pieces that permit that not like architecture) but destroy them or get rid of them it's a very stupid thing. The fascist period was not just the fascist period, many other things happened and they deserve remembrance! It's like saying that we should destroy all the art linked to the catholic church just because of all the terrible things that it did for centuries.

  34. Come ti permetti imbecille mangia caramelle,l'Arte Fascista e' ispirata adornamentale e storica
    ed appartiene al Popolo
    Italiano,e se a te non piace in Italy non ci andare,nessuno ti cerca
    l' Italia vera era ed e' Fascista A NOI, DUCE!

  35. Quindi si comincia a distruggere un SJW(P. S. Tia,se mai leggerai questo commento ti prego di rispondere)::
    1-Just thinking,la storia non si può cancellare :/
    La storia rimane,cancellare il fascismo dalla faccia del Bel Paese è come cancellare il nazismo in Germania e/o il confederatismo del Sud negli States.
    2-Sono monumenti,non strutture che inneggiano.
    3-Ti ricordo che per gran parte non sono monumenti storici che contengono frasi razziste.
    4-Il fascismo é un misto di :
    5-Il fascismo non si basa sul razzismo come il nazionalsocialismo.

  36. Bravissima. Un discorso molto lucido e consapevole. Dimostri di avere sulla storia recente italiana una visione più chiara di tanti italiani.

  37. Il we survived to 29 crysis is for fascism, but what do you want to know about italy…you re american, 11/9 is Made by your government, you are worldwide criminals

  38. voi americani non avete storia e non potete capire il concetto storico di qualsiasi epoca e tra le due guerre tutti immigravano da ogni parte del mondo, francia germania polonia irlanda austria italia tutti immigravano

  39. Salvini is going to be the next prime minister. Prepare to go back to your liberal race mixing cesspool in the USA. I hope Russia and China destroy the USA. Death to Jewmerica!

  40. La differenza tra noi e gli americani è che noi abbiamo una cultura millenaria riguardo le opere d'arte e siamo quindi anche capaci di valutarle semplicemente come tali a prescindere da ciò che simboleggiano.
    Dovremmo bruciare tutti i quadri che simboleggiano guerre? Nemmeno il Vaticano avrebbe il coraggio di cancellare quadri che rappresentano l'Inferno… Qui l'arte ha un valore. Chi ha commissionato le statue era fascista ma chi le ha realizzate era un artista, a prescindere dal suo credo politico.

  41. Non credo che in Italia vi siano statue in onore a dei fascisti. Di sicuro sono presenti numerosi edifici dal caratteristico stile architettonico fascista e recanti ancora motti dell'epoca.
    Allo stesso modo per fortuna non abbiamo più strade intitolate a personaggi che hanno dato il loro contributo a quel periodo o a politici che negli anni successivi sono apparsi molto prossimi a quell'ideologia.
    A proposito… sì perché qui da noi, da oltre duemila anni, le strade portano il nome di personaggi illustri del mondo della cultura e della storia, spesso noti in tutto il mondo, della politica o che si siano distinti per particolari meriti civili o militari; tanti ne abbiamo che non bastano le strade.
    Non sterili numeri…

  42. Hello, so interesting article, and your video great! What I can add against this article? One thing over all is that where are this fascist statues? I mean nowhere o extremely rare!! Buildings are buildings, they could built something during 20 years of fascism. (and not all so well) A statue of an athlete is a statue of athlete. Was even the man/model of the statue fascist? lol.. We can't destroy them, even if I don' t like the "900 style" that was one style of art liked at the time by fascism system, but was an art style of the period (can be that art show the soul of things, and sincerly their art seems creepy to me, and statue have idiot/stupid faces, and also created some trouble to the artists themselves because sometimes they painted Mussolini quite as a monster). Could be in a little town some of this buildings? I don't know where they are. Or where there was the last fascism "nation" Repubblica di Salò near Lake of Garda, on the grave of Mussolini himself… you probably will find his effigy. Elsewhere the effigies of Mussolini were scratched away from any buildings, there is a law against symbol of fascism. You can see around in the city of Milano, or in Train Central Station Mussolini portrait with no more head.. when you arrive with the train..Nobody can put anywhere, if there are must be destroyed. Some symbols as "fascio littorio" are so similar to normal things or were taken by the fascism from more ancient symbols, so that survived more. I see a lot on that on manholes in the streets of Rome but you must look for them. The words on the Eur are no fascist words but a typical way we describe ourselves when we want to feel the best in the world..So normal, how they did translate it?!! The "Casa del fascio" in Como was so important in Italian architecture history that for years the name was that. But now changed finally the name. And you know why? Because there are now fears of a real upcoming back of fascism ideology. So It became necessary. I have more fears of that problem that on buildings that aren't fascist, lol, but fascism period built,. This upcoming back ideology is a problem we have in the world, and also this article comes from this fear probably. Fascism is a perverted ideology not a matter of bricks. Normally fascism system destroy buildings and statues of the past… that's interesting also..

  43. If citizens of all eras always had wiped out the remnants of the former eras, today we'd have no past and no history from which to learn. The US is a recent country and its relatively short history is a pretty obvious reason why the American perspective upon this matter can diverge from ours that much.

  44. We have to distinguish between monuments and celebration symbols, from public buildings from the fascist era. The first ones are erased (eagles, fasci littori, images of Mussolini and so on), and it's even a crime to sell small objects that can be considered supportive of fascism in antiquities markets.
    Buildings are another thing. Got rid of specific symbols, they remain just ugly, cold, dim and sad in their flamboyant straightness, reminding us the whole mindset of that era and what we don't want to be anymore.
    One thing I believe they should really erase in Italy are streets names dedicated to the "conquers", the "victories" and the "military leaders" of Italian fascist colonialism. That's not just a reminder of a part of our past, that's plain celebration. Nope. Especially now that in those same places in Libya new atrocities are happening. I mean, I work in a shelter camp for asylum seekers and I feel disturbed by the fact that the street to my former high school bears the same name as the city where tens of people I know were tortured and imprisoned for no reason.

  45. Calling the confederate soldiers traitors is a proof of your complete lack of understanding of the concept of federal state. Look into biography of Robert E. Lee – he almost bacame a military leader for the north, but he came to conclusion that he owes his loyalty to the state more than to the federal government. Conflicting loyalties is not a case of treason.

  46. Tia should read the U.S. Constitution and be educated about the right of states to decide. i.e.,. -There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution mandating that ANY statues of any political stripe be AntiFa fascist (forcibly) removed from cities or states.
    California and NY, etc., would not appreciate being forced to adhere to the monument dictates of politically polar opposite states. Upshot: It all depended on who's ideological oz is being gored.
    Example: Millions of America want no honors bestowed on Democrat Party Obama/Hillary abortionists & partial birth abortionists championing & aiding and abetting the mass exterminations and scientific experiments on over 60 million innocent human beings since ROE 1973. Ditto the same Lib Dems advancing racist identity politics & Third World Imperialist lawless foreign invasions to ethnically cleanse the U.S. electorate to replace with Democrat Party voting demographics so Libs can call the shots and control the purse strings. –Racist.
    Question: If foreign invaders from the most systemically dysfunctional, corrupt and violent countries in the world Latin America, Africa & Islam are such great cultures why aren't they setting the example for prosperity, justice and peace on their own turf instead of invading the West?
     –A History not taught in Tia's Lib universities: There existed FAR more White slaves in the 19th Century than the 2-3 million black slaves in the south. Russian White serfs ("liberated" in 1881) accounted for 23 million slaves in the West who had no more rights than Black slaves in the U.S and who's living conditions were far WORSE. Add to that post Russian Revolution 20 million White Russian serfs were purposely exterminated by Lenin & Stalin. Ditto the enslaved Irish endured British induced mass genocide killing over 1 million Irish. In the last century alone Nazis, Marxist Stalinists & Maoists exterminated tens of millions of White & Asian populations. Note: "White Supremacist" didn't do that to blacks in U.S. However, Black governments in Africa did mass exterminate blacks in African nations which is still ongoing to this day. Africa is currently the leading human traffiker of Blacks in the world.
    The greatest threat to Blacks in America isn't so called "White Supremacists"–it's Black on Black Chicago style systemic violence in Black controlled inner cities–ditto Black very high drop out, illegitimacy, welfare & crime rates worldwide.
    Note. No ethnic group endured a greater history of enslavement, discrimination ,persecution, pogroms, ghettoization than Jews (ditto 6 million Nazi exterminated in the 1940s) and Jews have never hustled the victim industry card and have always had managed low drop out, illegitimacy, welfare & crime rates. –Instead of blaming "racism" Blacks & their 60 odd Black ruled nations globally need to take responsibility for their own destiny. –Culture is key.
    Incidentally, were America's Founding Founders "rebellious traitors trying to rip" the British Empire apart?

  47. Mussolini was a man of great ideas and a person who only lived to create a better society and his monuments and buildings reflect the culture of old italy as it was meant to be to take down these monuments is to destroy the soul of italy

  48. I like this analysis, at first I thought you were gonna be on the opposite side, generally I feel like most Americans are so close minded regarding history and foreign countries, but you are truly rapidly coming along with the european/italian mind set, Can I say Im proud? Hahah I feel like your videos finally talk some sense into many of your (Italian and American) followers' heads

  49. Erasing history will only further the peoples minds away from the truth. And truth and reality isn't always pleasent but as the quote goes "those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it", and potentially not even know it.

  50. In Italia (**QUASI**) tutti i momumenti raffiguranti o immediatamente riconducibili a Mussolini sono stati smantellati dopo la 2a guerra, assieme ai più significativi simbolismi di quel regime. Il "marchio" estetico ed architettonico erroneamente attribuito al fascismo è in realtà un marchio dello specifico momento storico italiano (neoclassicismo/futurismo) e sarebbe esistito anche senza Mussolini, percui sbaglieremmo se volessimo attribuirglielo.
    Purtroppo oggi noi Italiani corriamo il rischio di ripercorrere errori passati, non per l'eccesso di memoria simbolica, ma piuttosto per l'assenza di memoria storica.

  51. Tia, I just don't understand why it would affect only black people, if these were human experiments. I don't think you should limit th eoffence just to a certain ethincity, and separate Americans because of their skin colour. I think if they did harm to slaves, then I don't think AMERICANS want to see it, not just Blacks

  52. basically all the roman emperor and all roman architecture……..go back to america is better for you…there is no place i italy for the kind of foregniers you are

  53. Credo che questo sia l'unico tuo video in cui mi trovo in disaccordo. Il Fascismo è stato una dittatura e un periodo orribile, che dopo un' iniziale crescita economica è piombato negli abissi dell'orrore umano e in una guerra che ha devastato anche l'Italia, impoverendola e lasciandola in macerie. D'accordissimo sul rimuovere ogni riferimento diretto al fascismo o inneggiamenti a personaggi dell'epoca e al duce (tra l'altro esiste il reato di apologia di fascismo, quindi è vietato per legge). Ma un conto è abbattere statue o effigi in onore, cosa che credo sia stata fatta quasi ovunque. Un altro sarebbe demolire edifici storici su cui non c'è un messaggio fascista, ma sono stati espressione artistica di quell'epoca. A Roma c'è il Colosseo. Là i gladiatori perivano durante i combattimenti per far esultare i nobili che li guardavano dagli spalti. E allora che si fa, demoliamo del tutto il Colosseo perchè era teatro di morti cruente? No, perchè è una memoria storica-architettonica dell'Antichità. La Stazione Centrale di Milano – che è davvero notevole architettonicamente- è stata edificata così tra il 1925 e il 1931. La si dovrebbe abbattere solo per il periodo storico in cui è stata rinnovata, anche se non inneggia a nessun personaggio di quell'epoca? Direi di no.
    Cmq subito finita la guerra furono gli stessi italiani a fare a pezzi statue o busti dedicati a Mussolini.

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