TDP MLA Adireddy Bhavani Superb Question To IT Minister | Daily Politics

TDP MLA Adireddy Bhavani Superb Question To IT Minister | Daily Politics

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councillor this contradiction if they find prima facie evidence they will request the government of the India that's a federal the Government of India for a permission to investigate today Government of India said since it's a statutory right of the gasser the the country we will not let you do this and Chaplin there again the diction I put a why so on a minute a picture World Bank has found some evidence of Malphite intentions underwater they grow to Government of India there is corruption element of corruption chapters are again the diksha war at the much both America World Bank apart o me the power banks below general context ie a World Bank and a cascoon operative process this one operative remaining institutions they follow the natural path in the kind of World Bank Department process an ad it's one of the most highly efficient system addiction they are dealing with that of the more than 200 countries in the world in the process and ID it is a very thorough blade process if the cable of manage if they wanna play I in the god addiction they have following some intention of mollified intentions on the GAR birthday they heard the Government of India he would like to take it up further and but since the other end of India wanted to protect that we do not want to be no lose our face in front of the World Bank and check me why would they said they were doing permission for this investigation that is my world bank has been on the load that is another fact of the shell underworld unemployment good interdiction to address the unemployment I am very proud Japan and Rose along with this state government under the dynamic leadership of Sri Balaji Anand and Guru we are we're not today law saying that 75 percent reservations for youth to employment in the picture your question of unemployment is here addressed at this point addiction another one who Nikko impressing will not get a picture what are we doing about industrialization addition that I the sounds wrong there has been a serious deficit in transparency in this state of nature that is why my our Chief Minister has said you have lost that deficiency value put in the gravity that transfer insular layer gravity we want to bring back transparency to the state and to the administration gravity he is made governance as a cornerstone of this administration on the Kenai picture heroes who we are very proud under the dynamic leadership of vice dragon no not a guru we are announcing the opponent's voice on our German being with water Navajo eighty-six thousand units of MSMEs are going to be revived as it generated knowledgeable the photos requirement one-time resettlement and a renegotiation Jesse we are again pouring life into this institutions of that sha Allah Galaga we learned a technical term we are going to come back with a comprehensive industry policies where transparency is going to be the cornerstone of this administration and they can evoke pavement repair the return please stick to the question and will not let's not waste the time of this precious Houston Thank You Alicia

12 thoughts on “TDP MLA Adireddy Bhavani Superb Question To IT Minister | Daily Politics

  1. Please stop reading. Madam you should develop subject knowledge. Unfortunate is that by seeing the writeup you are not able to read properly. How can you represent the Rajamundry city?

  2. Osi bodidana…. You are in young age to grow. Don't choose CBN route… Stop watching / following yellow media., So that your maturity levels will grow and you will see actual growth., rather than being in hopeless dreams..

  3. Madam.. U r in opposition. Please remember and stop praising cbn and getting him more trouble from public 😄

  4. Mr.amaranath reddy 40 eojullo 4lakhs iste already job chestunna valllaki salary ivvatam ledu. Nuvvu jobs gurunchi matladatav kurchovayya Sami.

  5. Amma meeku knowledge chaala akkuva anukonta…… Five years lo CBN garu chesina abhivruddhi chusi thattukoleka prajalu vote tho buddhi chepparu. Jagan garu cheyyakapothe prajalu jagan ki istharu jalak. Meeru abaddalu chepithe prajalu nammaru..

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