TB bargaining update: We’re declaring impasse as Liberals table a 2-year wage freeze

TB bargaining update: We’re declaring impasse as Liberals table a 2-year wage freeze

In our latest bargaining talks, the Liberal government proposed a 2 year wage freeze for the 90,000 PSAC members whose departments fall under Treasury Board negotiations. Following the talks, we declared bargaining impasse and filed for a Public Interest Commission. This means that the Labour Board will convene a three person panel that will look at the situation and issue a recommendation for settlement. I’d like to explain how we got here. PSAC began bargaining with Treasury Board early this summer,
and every time we met with government negotiators, we presented a series of proposals aimed at improving your working conditions. These included measures to reduce precarious contract work, improve work-life balance,
and ensure our members are getting the fair salaries they deserve. Unfortunately, the government did not respond substantively
to our proposals over six months of talks. And when we met them a couple of weeks ago, they moved from delays to insults. The government proposed a wage increase of only 0.75 per cent per year for 4 years! This won’t even come close to keeping up with inflation—the rising cost of living—
which is currently averaging at well over 2 per cent. Worse, the government said no to retroactive payments, and requested that the
new agreement only take effect 365 days after it is signed by both parties which amounts to a two-year wage freeze! It’s outrageous that you’ve been waiting three years to get paid correctly under Phoenix and the Trudeau government won’t even come to the table with
an offer that shows a basic level of respect for you. Well, we won’t accept such an insulting offer and we won’t back down. The Public Interest Commission will now provide a recommendation on resolving the impasse. This process may take a few months, but we’ll be sure to
keep you updated on the latest developments. In the video description, you’ll find the link to bargaining updates and all our demands. We’ve also included the link to update your contact info with PSAC
in case you’re not receiving our bargaining updates by email. Thanks for taking the time to be engaged with this important round of bargaining and
we’ll make sure to be in touch early in the New Year. All the best to you and yours over the holidays.

6 thoughts on “TB bargaining update: We’re declaring impasse as Liberals table a 2-year wage freeze

  1. Hey Chris
    Maybe if psac had jumped on the Phoenix issue from the start the government wouldn't be looking at us as a bunch of chumps who come to work not being paid.
    You have failed us.

  2. Hey Tim,

    Maybe you should check your facts. PSAC has been very vocal even before Phoenix was rammed through. As a victim of Phoenix (no pay for three months) the only time I was able to correctly get paid was with my unions help.

  3. What a joke, they were vocal about everything when Harper was in (remember the infantile “Stephen Harper hates me” buttons?) and did the happy dance when Trudeau got in, and why wouldn’t they, they got the guy elected. They’re acting out of self preservation now. They screwed the members. What kind of union would let this go on? They’re socialist parasites living off the members. They’ll settle on what the government tells them they’ll settle for, probably 1% ish then they’ll tell the members what a great job they did. Shame on you PSAC and shame on us for not putting their feet to the fire.

  4. Tim and catman,
    When (not if) our union gets a better deal than .75 for 2 years, and since you obviously don’t want their help on this file, I’ll be willing to scoop up your undeserved goodies on your behalf. Don’t you love how much ppl bitch when they have zero clue how good they have things isn’t because of a benevolent ruler, but rather strong advocation on their own behalf? The irony there is based off ignorance and hubris. Get a grip on how the real world works. Your current federal government position, if you’re not a poser, is completely due to strong union activists like Chris Aylward. Check your mouth for the gift horse before you open it next time.

  5. It's utterly ridiculous to think that 0.75%/ year would be accepted. If wages aren't kept in line with inflation, the economy will suffer. No discretionary income = less spending by the public = less thriving economy = recession. It's not about how much you make , it's what you can afford with what you make. And when everything is getting more expensive, it's imperative to have wages that reflect life's expenses.

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